Friday, March 30, 2012

Faulty Watch, or Just Slow ?

Into the park again this morning and decided on doing 12ks all up that included a 4k warm up then 1k hard, 1 k easy x 4. The 1st & 3rd ks on the same stretch of the park as was the 2nd &4th.
Armed with the new(ish) GPS Watch and after a lap warm up it was straight into the 1st rep, Felt i was travelling OK on a beautiful Autumn morning but was surprised when i saw a 3.58 recorded. A further k recovery and the 2nd wasn't much quicker,
Now i know I'm not in career best form at the moment but surely i was travelling faster times then what this watch was telling me for today ???????
The 1k reps were, 3.58, 3.51, 3.55, 3.52, recoveries were around the 5 min mark.
Jeez what with the pin flying out yesterday, dodgy times and satellites today .......... not sure of this watch at this stage.
It could end up being on eBay by the end of the weekend, if it doesn't get its act together.

12ks all up in 54 mins - average 4.34 pace.

Will be out running long tomorrow with Kanser in and around the park, not been done for a few weeks now but will be worth his carry on if the 'Good Wife' gets the Bacon & Eggs on the go at the conclusion :)


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Friday Cruise

Into the city to meet up with Tom and Tucks and a new guy Joel(?) for a cruise 14ks. Pretty easy pace although Tom was feeling the efforts of having a tough session in beating me last night. Caught up with Kanser half way around who then told me he's off on another break - this time to QLD and said he will be bringing the 'dry Needles, and Strassburg Sock with him in the hope of curing Master Sweeney when he pays a visit :)
Had an unwelcome stop around by the Hyatt Hotel when the pin snapped out my watch and nearly sent it in the Harbour, a bit of D.I.Y from Tom (think he was glad for the break) and we were back on our way
14ks all up average 4.39 pace
Day 1 of the new program DONE :)

Oh the big NEWS from last night - Again Enda hits the front page. A couple of weeks back he was giving it large ones on his Woolongong Olympic Distance Triathlon he did in a record time of 2.01? .... and raving on how he did so well in the 10k run..........What our little potato friend DID NOT tell us was that the bike leg was SHORT and only measured 36ks and NOT the regular 40ks .................SHAME ON YOU :)
Got me thinking and Toms on the same wavelength here..........but rumour going around is that Melbourne Ironman run leg was only 39.8ks in distance. I have my little man walking around there now with his wheel measuring it as i write.
Hold the Phone..........there could be more

Also heard that a few of you can not open or read the Blog on your computers....????? not sure why, i will check it out and hopefully fix the problem. May be the reason why readership has dipped under the 2 million for the first time :)

Have a great weekend

Biathlon Wrap Up.

Last race of the Biathlon season before the clocks go back and what a BIG letdown it turned out to be.
Had drummed it up for the past fortnight, but with people going down like flies with excuses coming left, right, and centre i went along thinking there was only going to Pete Walker and I. Was surprised then when i saw Christian, Mark Milligan (Milly), The Mermaid, Taffy, Ronah, and .....wait for it..... Chairman Tom making a late entry:)
The normal banter and trash talk before we set off, and Tom was first away, I sat in about 4th for the first k, and then seemed to have nothing on the first hill as a powerfully Milly came flying by. Got to the turn in 7 mins, and hoped to bring it home on the downhill................Wrong, Pete Walker was next to fly by at the 3k mark and worse was to follow as Christian and Taffy came up to me and tried to push past. Hit the pool 5 seconds behind Walker in 14.03, but knew i was goneski at this point.
Stood on the side of the deck whilst Christian flew in and i waited for the Taffy lad to enter the water whilst i was taking in the 'Big Ones'. Swim was then very uneventful and didn't make any ground on anyone as a few people swum over the top of me, Did 5.14 for the swim and touched the wall in a disappointing 19.41.
Tom was like a Cheshire Cat at the end and he hasn't been as excited since his Dad took him to see the 'Karate Kid 2 in 1986 :)
Pete Walker blitzed it (as expected) to get 2nd overall, and the Mermaid took out 1st girl for the night.
Me.... well, its a case of getting down to some serious training - Starting today, no more messing around and decided i need to get into town more and do the hard yards if i want the rewards. Will meet Tom for 15ks today
Last nights times were;
1.Peter Walker    18.29
2. M. Milly           18.58
3. Christian           19.21
4. Tom                  19.26
5. Timmy              19.41
6. Ronan                20.22
7. Mermaid Em    20.36

HuRTs number 1 Biathlete of the Year, Pete Walker having a beer and showing off his Tigger T- Shirt he stole from his youngest son :)

The only good point of the race was i smashed the Irish entry and didn't suffer getting 'Chicked' by the Mermaid :)

Over to the Tilbury after for a few scoops, True to form Lisa (L.L) was already there with her half empty bottle of  Bolla Champagne, as was 'Westie',' Norman' Stickman, Wildman - Stevie T, some good chat and i even took the first 'Wager' for the Gold Coast Festival, with L.L taking me on for $50 that she can get within 15 minutes of my time in the Half Marathon come July.

*** Got a startling revelation that was revealed to me last night, that will cause more embarrassment for one of our Irish friends AGAIN..... will tell all in the next blog


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Big ks & Brick Session

Very busy morning working, and i had a client who is training for Triathlons and wanted a session on the bike, problem there is its his strongest leg and bloody strong on it that meant i was working hard even to keep up. Session i had for him was 5,10,15, 15, 10, 5 minute efforts, and with the warm up lap or two it meant i was up to 50ks before i was due to do my Brick session straight after with Roger.
Met Roger and the session was
1x lap (bike), 1 flagpole (500 mtr run)
2x bike,         2 x Flagpole (1k)
2x bike,         2x Flagpole (1k)
1x bike,         1x Flagpole( 500 mtr)
Very tough for me and was wrecked by the end, struggled and barely got through the last couple of laps on the bike, although i was OK running holding sub ~ 3.30s
90 odd ks on the bike for the morning , most of it was done in efforts - Most i have ridden for ages.

Not many coming forward for tomorrows Bi at the Pool, although i did hear from Mermaid Emma, who is keen..............Oh GOD (Please don't let me get Chicked, or else I'll never hear the end of it for the remainder of the year), it really is a strong possibility though especially with her fantastic swim leg.
*** Lets hope she can pip J-Fen though *** :)
Pete Walker is unbackable favorite,


Monday, March 26, 2012

2 x 3k Reps - Centennial Park

Busy morning with work so was on the bike for multiple visits to the Park this morning that saw me rack up over 50ks for the morning , but it also meant that i was to miss the HuRTs session once more.
Got a break in between classes so did a session i did a couple of weeks back - 2 x 3ks reps with a 600mtr float after each rep.
Perfect morning to run (unlike the last time i did this) so no excuses today, felt OK running the first k in 3.24, then just tried to hold the pace after that. Always slightly tougher last k as we come back to the rise by Fox Studio gates but was happy to stop the clock in 10.24. Floated the recovery (very , very easy) before trying to replicate the 2nd lap. Pace was slightly slower on the 2nd although didn't lose to much overall. Good session this one, and was happy to see that i was faster then 10 days ago when i last did it.

1st Rep = 10.24 Ave 3..28 pace (3.24, 3.28, 3.27)
2nd Rep = 10.29 Ave 3.30 pace (3.26, 3.32, 3.30)

Saw a tired and stressed out Kanser just about to start his 10k tempo, had a quick chat and the chaps a wreck at the moment, I tried to lift his spirits by telling him 'Not to worry to much - he'll beat Enda one day and regain the Irish title that Enda is currently holding'
Don't think it helped much as he then went and struggled trying to hold 3.45 pace - Still he remains confident and was even talking up his chances for the Striders Lane Cove on Saturday week:)

Still getting a million and one calls/texts from Enda about his performance on Sunday, Its got to stop , i might even have to change my mobile. Either that or i will have to race just to keep him quiet :)

Biathlon next on the program for Thursday........Still a little quiet from all so will have to check out who's in ?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Swimming Cure

Woke to a thumping head after one to many yeasts last night and decided early a swim was going to be the order of the day as a means of getting right. Went down more for a cure then a workout, but was fine once in the water
Got there early again and repeated Fridays effort by doing a 1k time trial before the boys arrived, getting quicker as well as i knocked over 17.42 today before M.C, Pete W, Mark M, Christian all arrived to do the 4 x 100s, and 8 x 200s session working off 1.45s
Did the 100s , and the did every 2nd 200, Coming in under 1.40s for the 100s and did 3.20, 3.18, 3.19 and 3.25 for the 200s
Feeling better in the water in the last two swims , so hopefully i can continue to improve.

Well , what can i say.......... Can not finish of without reporting on the Melbourne Ironman yesterday, Huge Congratulations go out to all the lads, in particular old training partner Richie Palmer, and old foe Enda Stankard who both had the races they dream of. Enda has been on the phone and text me 187 times (in 30 minutes ) letting me know all about his race, and even demanded that i write about it on today's blog :) to get off the bike and a run a 3.05 marathon was unreal, he even told me that he smashed Charlie Low as well. Anyway i think he was still drunk as he happily agreed to give me 4 minutes start in the Sydney Half Marathon on that effort ( did tell him i only 3)
Think i got my pre race predictions pretty spot on as well, with Charlie and Hardman J.C both booking there Kona spots - Great effort guys
Even had Enda sending me photos of his race , and has even asked me to put this one on as its one of the better ones he has:)

Enda (left) in his proudest moment.... not quiet sure about his eyes :)

Suggest we all go on holidays for a couple of weeks, as when Enda is around you know he is going to be unbearable now :)

This Thursday is the last Biathlon of the series and bragging rights will be up for grabs within the HuRTs team, Pete Walker is unbackable favorite, With M.C already withdrawn with injury, Kane will be putting his swimming skills on the line, and heard J- Fen will be making his much awaited debut.any other takers please email me to let me know,
A full report on all runners will be submitted later in the week

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sri Chinmoy Half Marathon

Was graced this morning with some of the HuRTs boys from the Northern Beaches and over the bridge for the Sri Chinmoy Half Marathon in Centennial Park. On the start line was J- Fen, Ben, Mark Mill, Dicky G, M.C, Elvis ( aka, Rob Costello) and the 'A team Boys' Paul Macca, and Slim Sam who decided the pancakes were a better option then having to run and listen to the Chairman for two hours around Manly.
A little warm up with J- Fen, before hitting the start line with plans to hopefully run a steady pace between 3.50 - 3.55s per/k for the morning .
Settled early and went through the first 5ks a tat quick in 19.12 ahead of the boys, who were soon on my tail, Slim Sam caught me about 8ks and we run together for a while as i hit 10ks in 38.37.... He was showing me no mercy though and dropped me big time as he went in search of bigger fry. Struggled from here for the next section of the run and blew out even further for the 3rd 5ks. Hung on though and crossed the line in 83.16, averaging 3.54s for the mornings work
5k splits were, 19.12, 19.25, 19.44, 19.58, 4.56
So faded a little in the second half of the run but was generally happy with the run and time overall. Reckon another 4-5 weeks and I'll be stronger again.
Some solid runs from the boys as well, non better then Dicky Green , who run a fast 80 (?) Macca, picked  the pace up and finished strong despite him doing 10ks before, Slim Sam showed his class and put in another solid run before London to finish in 81.xx . The big disappointment to all will be the sad sight of Mickey Conway walking back to the finish line after 'Pinging' his 'Heart...sorry Hammy for a record 16 time just as he was showing some strong form:(
At the finish area it was on for young and old as the breaky and pancakes were served up, Slim Sam racked up a PB for the morning and was looking good to smash Kanser's record at one time when he demolished 9 pancakes in 12 minutes before pacing himself better for the next 6:)
Highlight of the morning was seeing J-Fen get 'Yellow Carded' by the lady serving breaky , as he had his feet on the food table, Oh Dear........ 'Would you do that at home young man' she said. wasn't helped by me saying 'Yes, he would that's the norm in Nashville' :)
No sign of Kanser for the morning mind you , rumour was he slept in? Boys weren't happy as they were looking for a good 'Cuppa ' to finish of the mornings work.
Need to pick up the training now for the next 4-5 weeks in April in order to be ready for some racing in May.

North Shore Boys, J-Fen, Dicky G, and Ben. Please keep 'your feet off the table next time, though :)

Class Acts, Macca and Slim Sam, loading the Pancakes on for a PB effort:)

Macca, J-Fen Timmy, Slim Sam, Ben and Dicky.
Sorry, no Mikey in the photo he was back home having treatment on his famous Hammy.

Out now for a few drinks at another Irish BBQ for the afternoon , thank goodness i don't have an early start tomorrow.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Melbourne Ironman Review

Not something i would normally bother with (on the bases that i don't do em) but with a good team from the HuRTs squad competing i thought i would do the right thing and give it its 2 Min's of fame.
Well represented down there with Charlie, Richy Palmer, Enda, Hardman JC and Angry Clyde all set for the task ahead. Found it amazing that Enda has made the start line without his usual cold excuse, and Richy P is also there despite him training injured on one leg for the past 8 months.
Just had word through that there are high winds and Enda has just done his first interview (being the Pro he is) to the waiting media

This is a post race interview that has been released.
Press;  - So Enda, Do you realize that this is an Ironman and not a rugby game? (see bottom photo)
Enda; -  Really, i have a VO2 max of over 70 so i am classed as an elite athlete so can have a crack at anything

Press, Why are you so fast Enda?
Enda,  Because I'm genetically supreme!
Anything else?

Press; Hardest opponent ?
Enda, that Timmy Lindop, kicked my arse all last year, in the Half Marathon, smashed me in a time trail on the bike, Be glad when he's retired

Press, Favorite training partner
Enda,, ooohhh that'll have to be 'Richie High, but dont tell the wife, i have a photo here if you would like to see?

Press, any sponsors?
Enda; Yes Klennex Tissues make sure i get through my years worth of colds every time.

And this was the man an hour earlier with his Life Coach on the couch when he heard the swim was
 not going to be flat

Tips for the day
1, Charlie Low, Simple - if he finishes the race he goes to Kona -
tip is, Kona Bound
2, J.C Hardman, Quality and still showing the young ones how its done, improved his run leg, but wont have to worry about that as will be that far ahead after the swim and bike he could walk backwards and still beat Enda
Tip is Kona Bound
3. Richard Palmer,  Trains more hours then the HuRTs boys put together, due a big race and this could be it, that's if he doesn't drop his Salt tablets again
tip is; PB time , but Bondi K.F.C bound
4. Clyde Rozza, Well if gets his nutrition and doesn't forget his angry pills he may go well, could be scarred though with the Husky defeat of Young Timmy still on his mind
Tip is - Bondi K.F.C Bound
5. Enda, Has had a great preparation and no sign of a cold (although he still has another 48 hours before the race), Been seen many times with his life coach since his heavy defeat earlier in the year in the time trial. should have at least one good race in him before he retires, is it this one??
Tip is - 10 hours, but Bondi K.F.C Bound

Good luck to all , and we wait the results, reports and excuses come Monday


Enda facing the media for the first time :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A.B.C Swimming

Great day in Sydney so was down to the Boy Charlton Pool at lunch to catch up with the boys, Mikey, Todd, Angus, Mark.M and a few of Mikey's work mates for the session. Also good to see Laura in the next lane and 'Mr Technique' Fenton getting some training in before next weeks Biathlon:)
Mikey had calmed down from yesterday enough to tell us today's session was;
5 x 100s, 5 x 200s, 5 x 100s.
I purposely arrived early and decided i wanted to do a 1k time trail before anyone arrived, felt pretty good ( for me anyway) and was happy enough to touch the wall in 17.54. As comfortable as i have felt all summer in truth. started with the boys on the 100s going every 1.45, and managed to hold on for all 5 , but on the 200s i was only doing 100s and taking a longer break. Joined back in on the final 5 x 100s and made it although it was getting tough for the last couple with me only getting a maximum break of about 4 seconds:)
Still, good set and all up 2.5ks - the longest i have swum in one hit all summer i think.
Going to do the Sri Chinmoy Half in Centennial Park on Sunday, should be a good hit out and better then just doing a 2 hour plod i reckon.Both Slim Sam, Mikey have signed up already and there is talk that J-Fen and Kanser will show as well. Won't have to bother going around Kanser's at the finish as the Chinmoy Crew put on the best breaky I've ever known for races. Pancakes galore...... just hope i can beat Kanser in the run and in turn get some before he scoffs the lot:)
Had a morning off work today , and was delighted that i was able to watch probably the BEST televised sports there is on the box. Premiership Darts........ Absolute Quality, Live from Dublin with the crowd going 'Ape Sh!t' , it looks the best atmosphere you can get. With 3 of the best players all coming from my home town of Stoke ( i know we supply everything... think Stanley Matthews, Robbie Williams, Lindop and Wedgewoods). If you have Fox, check it out one Friday mornings. The nicknames and the songs the players come out is great, there is the 'Power' The Hammer', Jackpot, and the Artist (named Painter) :)
If you were fortunate to see it - you would have seen one of the HuRTs members as well, Talented and former 6ft track winner Tony 'Fats on stage. Fats in his early Uni days was a top player but gave it away when the drink was becoming to much and they banned alcohol on the ockie
This is a picture the Trash has been sent of the 'Talented One' :)
Tony Fats, 12 months before his 6ft Track Win

Have a great weekend

Ps. Will also be giving my Melbourne Ironman review later, still receiving all the latest info and photos coming through, And it's hardly surprising to see Enda will be making front page news once again. Last i heard he was on stage  giving a press release as one of the fancied Female athletes:)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Welcome Back....... to Hills

With news filtering through from the 'Arthur Allens' boardroom that chairman Tom had withdrawn from tonight's Biathlon challenge against me, (despite me allowing him to change the original date) i was left with the option of returning to the HuRTs session at lunch. Another new one on the calendar that sees us head down to the Rocks and do 10 x 550 mtr hill reps - Up Argyle Street, then a sharp turn that sees us  finish up at Observatory Hill.
So into the city it was on the bike with Mikey allowing me to park it at his work, Good crowd in attendance with a return for Slim Sam (used to be Big Sam), and nice to see Mermaid Em back as was a welcome to party girl herself Aine. No sign of the 'A team' Tucks, J-Fen, or the Chairman Tom though, with J.Bartles forced to work solo from the front.
Set off on the first with a big group just behind and hit the top in 2.12, came down pretty quick and was 2.13 for the 2nd rep. Started to get interesting then when i heard cries of 'Wait, wait, wait,... from Mikey demanding we start together ?????????
Times blew slightly on the next few in the middle stages with Sam and Mike a couple of seconds ahead, only for me to fly back down.................. Thought Mikey was going to have an Epileptic at one stage when he again made the call, A few eyebrows were raised, and i even made the comment that would he require me to also wait for him in the next Striders at the top of the hill  :)
With the prospect of overhead showers, it was about this stage in the session that Slim Sam decided he wanted to rob an old pensioner of his trusty umbrella who was passing by and nearly caused a 'Bit of 'Biff',.... Sam was last seen being bashed over the head with the sought after umbrella.
Started to feel the pinch on 8,9 and 10 and it was a few kind (or was that abuse)  from J.Worsick that got me through it. Didn't lose to much overall and was happy to get through such a tough session.
11ks all up in 47.40 average for the session was 4.20per/k
Times for each rep were,
2.12, 2.13, 2.14, 2.16, 2.20, 2.19, 2.18, 2.18, 2.18, 2.14

Tough cycle home after, and now pretty glad Tom has conceded in tonight's race (word was that he couldn't do the 300m swim before it went dark). He knows the rules about not racing or withdrawing (he should do -  he made them up ) so it looks like a walkover for young Timmy:)

I see a new blog has hit the stands, Old Johnny 'B Grade ' Binfield has replaced Enda in the Premiership, Should be interesting and sure to bring the crowds back with his action filled pages. If nothing else it sure will prove a cure for those who are having problems 'sleeping at night' :)  Also see that he is now been coached by 'Tiger'Howard himself......... Very nice.
 Bookies have already opened the book and starting to take odds on what week he will be on the 'sidelines' in the 'Broken Wing Club' injured :)

Might try to get to the pool tomorrow and join the boys as i need to get some practise in before next weeks final Biathlon for the season, Walker, Angus Christian, Todd, and even a confident Mikey Conway are confirmed starters, and Kanser is also playing with the idea.


PS. Can someone please confirm that was Kanser out there labouring today as well,  didn't get chance to talk because in true Irish style they can't seem to count to 10 :) Mikey seems to think he pulled up lame at 7, when the Mermaid went past him ?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Centennial 2 x 20 min tempo.

Again due more to time i avoided the HuRTs session  but did the next best thing and copied the lunchtime session that was 2 x 20 minutes (with a 3 minute break) first up this morning.
This is a new session on the calendar and one I've not done before, so was keen to see how i went as i normally struggle more on these type of sets.
Beautiful morning in town today, with not wind ( please note Tommy H), settled down for the first k and the aim was to just try to run each k about the same time.  Went through the 5k mark in about 19.12 and looked for the break at the 20 minute stage of the run, retraced the steps on the return and went further on the way back so was pretty happy with that overall.
10.55 for the 40 mins, average pace 3.48s
K splits were: 3.58, 3.47, 3.52, 3.48, 3.53, 3.36, 3.43,3.46, 3.50, 3.49 and 3.32 for the 550 mtres
Not a bad session, will do again and think its easier with a good crowd around to carry you along.

Will be there on Thursday for the HuRTS hill session that is planned, although have agreed to do the Biathlon, think Tom may pull the pin before then though. Even Kanser is keen to try to turn Young Timmy over in this one. Heard he has been having private swimming lessons to help him along :) Pete Walker is keen to take out line honours for the night.
I will give my honest assessment and odds tomorrow once i get a confirmed starting list :)


Sunday, March 18, 2012

STUFF PAT, its all about ST GEORGE

Easy day today, in fact was easier then that - nothing done after a pretty wild weekend on the social front. Went out early doors on Saturday afternoon to help celebrate old "Paddy's Day' with the lads, with Kanser making a rare appearance for few beers. Wont be seeing him again though as he stayed for about 5 beers when he told the good wife he would be back after 2 , and has meant he has been grounded for a week now :)
Kanser was in my ear about his marathon, and after talking to his mentor (Uncle Dave) he has decided to pull the pin(read his rag for a full report) ,and now its Gold Coast bound for him i suspect
Went home and watched the boys against Ireland in the rugby - Smashed them is all i will say, forward pack were brilliant and nearly pushed the Irish lads as far back as Hounslow. As good as performance as way back when we won it in 2003. Even better i collected of Kanser for $20 (gave he 4 points start ) and $20 from Enda (ended up giving him 15 and still won)
Yesterday backed up and went into the city but couldn't face the shame of watching Enda get his Aussie Citizenship so stayed clear. Sent the Trash photographers though who got a few good snaps.

Will be back into training again in the morning , not sure of the session yet, may even see what the HuRTS crew are up to - anything but a bloody tempo  :)

Enda. just about to give the Queen a big Kiss, nearest he will EVER get to being English :)

...and an hour after getting his award , seen here with his Life Coach, Apparently he forgot the words later in the evening :)


Friday, March 16, 2012

Tapaigh an Deis

Bucketing down again this morning that saw the park deserted with hardly a person in there, With a big couple of days ahead i knew i wouldn't get out tomorrow so decided to go today and do 2 x 3ks reps with a 600 metre float recovery.
With lashing rain and wild winds it was never going to be easy, so it was a case of head down bum up and try to get though it best i could.
Felt i was working far harder then my times suggest, but at least i know where i am with my training now. Times were.
10.35 (3.31, 3.36, 3.27)
10.37 (3.37, 3.32, 3.28)
10ks all up including warm up and down for the morning.

Just out now for a few beers and a laugh with the boys to help celebrate St Pats Day, now where is my Union Jack? :)
As a mark or respect to the Irish i thought i would post a photo again of HuRTS Number 1 Irish lad.... when he was a little lad. I know many of you have already seen this, but its a cracker:)

Enda back home in his younger days :)
Slan abhaile

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pyramid Swim.

Felt tired this morning but was keen to get my 2nd swim of the week out the way so ventured down to Vic on the Park at Broadway Pool. So it was there i hit and decided on the 'Pyramid' session that works 1,2,3,4, 4,3,2,100s going every 2, 4, 6 and 8 mins.
Struggled from the start and as early as the first 300 i was thinking of pulling the pin, i know i am a poor swimmer but this pool is definitely a lot slower then say the A.B.C Pool - kept with it though, although my breaks were getting shorter. The last 600m (3s, 2s and 100) were torture with the last 100 labouring with a 1.53.
Had planned to do a couple of laps of drills that Pete Walker was helping me with, but was stuffed by the end of 2ks and that idea went out the window at about the 600mtr mark :)

Just had a crook Kanser on the phone again (honest) still undecided on his latest Marathon and if to do or not. Thinks his chances of a 2.41 are gone but is confident he can easily do a 2.48? That in turn brought Enda into play who said he has no chance of getting near that? ..........this left Enda last seen clearing out his desk and heading to find a new job, after given his marching orders out the door:)

Will try to get out in the morning for my run as i have a big afternoon/evening on Saturday out celebrating with those less fortunate then us English. It's our poor cousins from over the water, St Pats Day for our Irish friends so will be hitting the town for a few drinks. Will be starting in the Trinity Bar Surry Hills if anyone is around.
On Sunday it is the Parade in the City and i believe Enda is going for his Aussie Citizenship and getting his other half of his brain removed...........should be a fun day out.

Also noticed Clyde has been posting, only waited about 4 years for him to have a decent run. Kanser tells me he is training hard and that he is going to try to win the 'Clydesdale' Division (over 90 kilos) at Melbourne Ironman. Well with a bit of extra work on the chocolates and Hot X Buns it wont be a problem for our Kiwi friend.
Still waiting for my winning bet from him at Husky to be paid, where i spanked his ar$e in a triathlon of scratch:)

Have a good weekend, and early next week i will give the rundown and Tom's chances in the Biathlon for Thursday in the big SHOW DOWN :)


Finally: England vs Ireland in the 6 Nations this week, and Enda just been on the blower, wants $20 bet and i have to give him 1.5 points start, (and this after they have won the past 7 wins out of 10 against us?)
OK bet taken :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

McKay Oval 10 x 400s

Scheduled to go to Rushcutters today to run with the boys for the 400s , but seeing as i was in the park and finished at 7am i thought i would save time and get them done early. Beautiful morning again in Sydney town but was ruined just moments before i was due to start when i see 7 Muppet's getting of there bikes preparing for what looked liked a cool down - But more on those clowns later :)

Rolled around the first 400 and thought i was going faster then the 76 seconds recorded, Knew after the 2nd that i wasn't going that well when i saw 75. Had to endure the boys constantly giving out abuse each time i passed them on each lap that didn't help. Tried just to get through the session and hold the pace i was running for the remainder.
Rep times were;
76, 75, 75, 75, 75, 74, 74, 75, 74, 72 - Starting every 2 mins.
Not my best session but after two tough days, and only getting back into it i should be fairly happy with those times.

As mentioned above, i run into the 'Lycra Hardmen (Plus Marshmallow Men) just about to run around the oval as well. Had a quick chat before i started with the guys that included 'Sniffler'Stankard, 'Ireland's#1 (POD), Marshmallow Man (Clyde), Hardman (JC), Captain (Josh) and the 'Laughing Policeman' Samsy. Well i haven't seen a softer bunch of wasters in the park for years, they did nothing but take photos of one another and anything they found interesting .The highlight for me was seeing Clyde posing with his new 'Chain Tattoo' on show, and then Enda standing proud as punch with his new 'Drinking Straw' :)
Only bloke there with any credibility was the 'Original Hardman' JC who will smash Enda by about 45 minutes in Melbourne despite being some 10 years older.

Marshmallow Man complete with his new tattoo, and this was as hard as they run around the Oval this morning .


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Brick and Run Sets.

Very busy morning with work that saw me run 15ks at a good pace overall, with one client pushing his 6 x 1k reps on 3.45s (he'll be beating Enda next race) then met up with training partner Roger for our brick session (bike/run).
Felt tired even before the start, but it was only a smallish session today with reps that consisted of;
1 x bike, 1 flagpole (500m) run
2 x bike, 2 flagpole (1ks)
1 x bike, 4 flagpole (2ks)
Beautiful morning in the park but was windy and the bike proved tough overall, still unable to get under the 6 minute laps i was doing late last year, but getting there. Runs were OK, holding sub 3.30 pace on all of the above.
Legs tired now and can't believe i need a rest and it's only the 2nd day of my return :)

As promised yesterday - News of old Favorite HuRTS member Mikey Conway, and his constant disappearances lately.  Trash spies can reveal (once again) that Mikey has fallen on hard times (once again) and has taken to getting a second job to subsidise his 12 million dollar Bondi pad.
It has come to our attention that Mikey is fronting his own Jazz Band in order to earn extra. HuRTs are planning on putting a coach on to the Blue Mountains for all those that would like to see Mikey on stage, tickets are $5 and phone Dave Kane to book a seat on the coach.
Tommy H tells me that Mikey was struggling at yesterdays session - lets hope he hasn't peaked already for the season and that his recent 36.52 will be his fastest for the year? :)

And in late breaking news just in Sniffler Stankard (Enda) has invited ALL the HuRTs boys to witness him take out his Australian citizenship ceremony that is  locked in for this Sunday at the St Patricks Day festival in Hyde Park....!
Wouldn't miss it for quids.......... :) get down there for a laugh and the old Pint of Guinness with the men in Green where you really can talk an afternoon of $hite.

This if for REAL.......... 28th April, HuRTS team will go and support Mikey :)


Monday, March 12, 2012

McKay Oval 6 x 1k Reps

It was time to get back into it today after a few weeks with a sore calf, bad weather and any other Enda like excuse i could find and i was determined to crank up the training starting today as i gear towards running a good Half in May.
So it was back to my home office at McKay Oval Centennial Park to knock out some 1k reps and to test out the calf post 6ft weekend. Beautiful morning as i started and armed with my NEW GPS it was off i set - Felt good on the first, and not sure about the readings on the Garmin but it said i did 3.03 (miles out) , so i took the 1k mark where i usually run to and stopped the watch at 3.18, A little quicker on the 2nd & 3rd reps and wondered then if i could get through all 6 as i thought i was starting to struggle. The new Garmin was all over the place and i think i need to go back to HuRTS #1 Tucks for some more lessons on how to use:)
Surprisingly held the remaining reps to all the same time so was very happy with the overall session, I did take some of the Master Sweeney's old advice and was taking longer breaks in between reps mind you with 2.5 min recovery.
Times were: 3.18, 3.15, 3.14, 3.17, 3.16, 3.17
Will get back and rejoin the HuRTS boys for more of there sessions now as well starting on Thursdays 10 x 400s at Rushcutters.

Had a phone call from 'The Good Wife' this morning (Liv Kane, Dave's Wife) - pleading with me to show the photo that was taken of Old Kanser crossing Cox's River on Saturday, as he was disappointed it was left of yesterdays blog and he wanted to show everyone in the office. So to keep him happy and to make sure i get my Sunday breakfasts, this is for him :)

Kanser crossing the Cox's River - think he was a bit scared of the height to be honest :)

Tomorrow, The Trash reveals Mikey Conway's new side business as hard times fall and he is forced back out on the streets to find extra cash :)


Part 2 - Snooker Championship.

One of the selling points in doing 6 Ft this year was that Tom had promised me a stay at Megalong Valley that came complete with a snooker table. Well in my younger days Snooker was a close 2nd to footy for me (mis spent youth) so i was eager to get back on the Green Baize and take a few bob from the boys.
My excitement soon turned though when i saw possibly the worst excuse for a table i have ever witnessed, it was in fact a pool table and it was that rough a 'Victor' Lawnmower wouldn't have looked out of place on top of it. The Cloth was that long i thought i saw Tarzan swing through it later in the evening (found out it was in fact Conor Kane dancing ).
Anyway after a good feed and enough beer on board to sink a ship we were on for a few frames. Biggest improver of the tour must be Tucks who first whipped Tom and Kanser in no time. Tom was struggling, said he couldn't see the table due to him forgetting his lenses. Personally i think it was the 17 bottles of beer he had consumed throughout the evening. Started the evening ranked 2 , but was sliding quicker then his running and come Sunday was only just ahead of son Charlie ranked at 6.
Kanser was next up and looked good - well he was setting up the table before it all went pair shaped and was soon reading the days papers on another break, cursing and nearly wrapping the cue around the coffee table.
A good old night had , and think i have been rewarded with my patience with HuRTS #1 Tucks on the pool table and look forward to our next HuRTS night out , Pity old Richie High when he gets back though and i suggest he starts looking for a new partner after witnessing Tom's woeful performance. :)

One Final highlight of the weekend , was the supply of the weekends DVDs, Annie the Musical was the favored for the kids ,and was surprised when Tucks told me he didn't know the story of our young Orphan?
That was soon rectified when it was played constantly for the next 48 hours on high rotation - So much so that Tucks hasn't stopped singing the theme since, So don't be to worried if he runs by you singing 'Tomorrow, tomorrow' at Tuesdays session :)

Thanks All involved for a great weekend away and look forward to next years event as well - Lets just pray it rains as heavy next year as well :)

Our Top of the Range Snooker Table -

Biggest Improver of the week, HuRTS # 1 Tucks

One of a few shots Tom actually got to play.

Kanser doing his best work of the evening - Racking the Balls up.

Check out the style.......One eye closed:)

The current Megalong Valley Double Champs, Tucks & Timmy

Hope we managed to leave the table in its original condition as we found it ?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Six Foot Weekend Wrap Up - Part 1, Running.

A late drive up to the Blue Mountains on the Friday afternoon due to work that then saw me get caught in traffic, plus some dodgy directions from Kanser meant an even later arrival at the beautiful Megalong Valley where we were set up for the weekend.
Up early on the Saturday and despite the cancellation of the race we were going to run part of it anyway - I had decided early that i was only going to go to the Cox's River and back (approx 12ks) due to the calf problem i had. After a few photo's we were off (for 1 minute and 32 seconds to be precise before our first water stop) soon got going again at a leisurely pace and soon made the river crossing, I was feeling that good at this stage ( i was actually first across the water) that i continued on, Made the tough climb up Mini Mini and was even more surprised how well i was feeling - leaving Tucks and Tom complete with his life's belongings in his rucksack puffing behind.
Started to feel the pinch at about 13ks, but was then caught in no mans land - Do i turn and go back by myself or tag along with the boys? Laboured big time up Pluvi, with loads of walking ,whilst Kanser and Tom powered ahead. Rest stop at the top with a mouthful of water ( Tom was being tight ) and a quarter of a banana from Kanser and we were soon on the way again. Thought my new GPS was faulty when i saw a couple of 8 & 9 min/ks flash by. Was thinking at one point how good the track was when all of a sudden i was knee deep in mud with the boys stopped ahead with cameras in hand just waiting for the moment for me to fall ar$e over t!t :)
The last 5 ks was torture for me and Deviation Point couldn't come quick enough as i had decided with Johnathan Worsick's help to stop there when we saw his wife who had food and drink supplies. True to form she wasn't there and was forced to walk a further 2ks up the road before her much sought after arrival.
So with about 30ks under the belt the call went out back to our house for a 'Pick up'.........Well I'm not sure what happened next as we walked for hours (a further 7ks at least) waiting for Senior Highnams arrival. Not sure where he was coming from either Manly or the North East of England but i do know Kanser had lost it by this time and was doing his best Mr Angry Clyde Impression :)
Thought we might stop of at the boozer on the way home that Tucks talked about for 5 hours non stop - but our driver was having non of that............It was at this point that i thought Kanser's head was going to explode :)
A lovely afternoon spent with the crew playing footy and a few beers, before Kanser cooked up a storm in the kitchen ................and he had settled down enough by this stage to even fed Roger Highnam :)

Kanser, Tucks, Tom, Timmy just before the start.

Tucks, Tom, Kanser at Cox's River. Tom saying he would swim it if he had brought his 'Floaties'

Heavy Track, with the boys waiting for the Big Fall to happen.

It was all getting a little too much for me by 37ks and waiting our lift.

Tom at the start of our run after finding out he forget to bring his lenses with him for the weekend :)

Part 2 - The Megalong Valley Snooker Open, coming soon

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Six Foot 2012 Marathon - Cancelation

Well its official that this years race will NOT be run due to the exceptional wet weather we have had (all summer), and for safety reasons.
Despite me only being a less then 50% chance of running i am disappointed although i fully support the decision made by the right people. Many will be more then disappointed especially all those coming interstate with flights and accommodation booked - but really SAFETY is paramount in these situations.
Personally, it makes my decision easier to make as in truth i was struggling big time, and thought only last night that i wouldn't race as it would place the remainder of the season in jeopardy. Will still venture up to the mountains as 'The Chairman' has us booked in for a few nights and at least the 'Megalong Valley Snooker Open' will NOT be effected :)

Just out over to the Acupuncture place now hoping to help the calf out, and also just got the call from Sammy telling me our NEW GPS watches have arrived :)

Have a great weekend, safe training
See you next week with the snooker pixs

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Time Running Out

Well i am faced with the real fact that i may not make the start line for this weeks Six Foot Track up in the Blue Mountains this Saturday with no improvement or even signs of improvement in the calf :(
Been trying to nurse it over the past week although with my work its sometimes tough to do, haven't done any form of training for two weeks now and was itching to have a trot yesterday when i called into the city and saw the boys starting there 14 x 3 minute efforts.
Will go up and support the boys even without a run and make a weekend of it, rumour Tucks could also be struggling with illness, and it wouldn't be a blog report if our mate 'Kanser' said he wasn't sick as well and he is also not 100% starter?

More important then the run though is the 'Megalong Valley Snooker Champs' held on the same weekend - A.Tuckey & T Lindop vs T. Highnam & D.Kane for the official title, Got the waistcoat out last night and the old 'one piece cue ' last used against Ray Reardon has come out again to give it to these Muppet's :)
Camera's will be out and all pixs will be published next week after we clean up.

Got Acupuncture treatment tomorrow for one last chance to see if there is hope for me, Wont risk it otherwise as it may ruin the season ahead and its not worth it.

Disappointed, but these things happen

Friday, March 2, 2012

North Head Striders 10ks

Rolled up this morning for the 2nd race of the series and thought I'd walked into the Tuesday HuRTS session with every member it seemed in attendance apart from #1 Tucks who was sat at home, feet up watching the Disney Channel.
With a new course start and finish i knew i was in for a tough day with not being able to train all week wasn't expecting great things, and things were to get a whole lot worse after a warm up with Laura when my GPS Garmin battery died. Lined up on the start with with the gang and Mikey even kicked Chairman Tom OFF the front line in his quest to beat me today.
Had no idea of times but knew i was struggling as early as the 3ks mark with the calf giving me grief, and Sammy flying past. Soon came up to the half way mark that saw us turn under the 'Stone Arch' and back up Highnam Hill ( named after because he seemed to have his whole family in tow there, Dad, Wife, Kids, sister in law, Grandad, second cousin removed?), Struggled here, and saw Kanser sitting on the side of the road after giving himself the early mark for the morning and not waiting to get stuck into the Doughnuts on offer for breaky :).
Mikey Conway was next to fly past as was Pete Walker and Angus, and even Eoin, (nearly cried at this point) , tried again to stay with them and exchanged places a few times with Mikey, in the end though he was too strong for me and crossed the line some 12 seconds ahead as i finished in 37.02
Not the run i was looking for - but hey , always said you need the tough/bad races to enjoy the good ones even more. The Head to Heads took a battering as well with nearly everyone cleaning me up this morning , except Kanser and the Irish :)
Good banter at the finish with Big Sam demanding i get the camera out and forced Laura to get in the picture, So Sammy the pixs are for you today mate - well done.
For me , its not looking good for next week, will rest again for two days and check it out then.
Have a good weekend
The Team at the end of the race.

.... And Big Sam giving it 'Large Ones' and demanding this picture be taken after beating 'Young Laura :) Cheers

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Friday Wet Swim

Had to pop into town to get some calf compression guards, and will wear and test them out tomorrow for the 10k Striders run, whilst in there i decided to drop in to the A.B.C Pool for a dip. Running a little late and was surprised to see such a big crowd in attendance on such a terrible day weather wise, so big we had 2 lanes to ourselves. Another of Mikey's pyramid sessions, and after missing the 1st 100mtrs i joined in for the remainder. Went along OK and was holding under 1.45s for each rep sitting on Christian's feet the whole way.
By the time we had finished i looked across a lane to find it empty, with the fast boys all done and dusted and already probably back sitting at there desks :)

Well a big hit out tomorrow at North Head, really don't know what to expect as the calf is still sore, and only done one run for 47 minutes all week, hopefully those guards will keep me within 2mins:22 of the chairman, rumour going around is that Kane is OUT (*another mystery illness/injury), Big Sam has been quiet all week, think he is concerned about young Laura to be honest, whilst Mikey kept snarling at me down at the pool today and reckons he has me beat.

Talking Kanser(again), Tucks, Tom and I are heading up to the Blue Mountains next week and have arranged a snooker table at our home stay and a challenge has gone out.........Well you'll never guess what Kanser has been up to the past week? Yep... he told us a lame story about swimming with sharks, but our eagle eyed reporters spotted him at a 5 day  "Learn to Play Snooker' crash course.

Dave Kane again going to any lengths in order to gain ANY advantage over his rivals. Check out his eyes once more .................Think the boy has been on the sauce again :)

Have a great weekend