Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Back at P.A.P

Prince Alfred Pool (PAP) reopened on Monday so I was keen to get my regular Thursday morning swim set going. To be honest my swimming has been very poor since the China trip back in May and apart from a set here and there with Crossy Lad its been non existent. With my usual swim partner back blasting a few home truths I committed to 3 swims a week going forward with the Thursday 3k set the key one.
Was struggling from the start but just kept plugging away until the 3ks was done mixing it up where we could. Times were less than average even just trying to sit on feet but it was never about the times today.
Tough set but it did make the coffee and Turkish toast taste all the better after.

Its been a while but I thought it time to bring back the Timmy Movie Review after getting myself out to watch the latest blockbuster 'Baby Driver'. Heard so much of the hype surrounding this one especially with all the car chases etc, but sadly I failed to see why it got so much praise. OK, The car action is very good and makes 'The Italian Job' look like the Magic Roundabout and the music tracks are very cool but I found I was getting bored with the story line by the half way mark.
Go and see if it car action movies are your go, but for me I wish I'd have gone to see Dunkirk instead.
2.5 Boxes of Popcorn out of 5.

Will continue to rest up tomorrow and probably turn the legs over by spinning around the park on the bike in the morning.

Tomorrow I will review the City to Surf contenders from the team and who I'm tipping to be first home, as well as who to look out for.


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