Monday, July 25, 2016

Squashed Car to 'Hero of Waterloo' Hill Repeats (330m)

Tommy H pulled his authority and called for the ‘Argyle Street’ Hill repeats with City to Surf in mind, what he wasn’t to know was the roadwork’s and construction going on that left about 1 metre to squeeze past under the bridge and when Taffy rocked up it then made the call easier to switch the starting location. Armed with a big team (tell its City to Surf) we headed down to the famous squashed car on Hickson Road  and run back up the hill finishing at the popular ‘Hero of Waterloo’ pub. Worked out at 330 metres, probably a little short for a hill rep but with over 50 runners it was at least safe with no cars or tourists to fight.

Run them all strongly both the ups and downs and sat in with Angus and Skippy Heyden. Anywhere between 73 and 75 seconds for the Up’s and around early 80s on the downs. No match for the front guys with Special Q and Fats both looking strong and Frenchy Jerome not too far behind.

Got a big weekend coming up so despite working hard enough I did the sensible thing and pulled the pin after the 7th rep, whilst most of the team went on and completed the 10.

Nice touch from the team when once done everyone to a man/woman stayed back and clapped and supported anyone home that was coming in after them, just shows the strong spirit and camaraderie within the HuRTS squad.

 A nice couple of Ks warm down with Warrior Charlie, Jerome and Hardman J.C, got me up to close 10ks for the lunchtime set that also included catching up with Anton Yule for a warm up beforehand.

Easy week ahead now for me.



Sunday, July 24, 2016

More City to Surf, with 3 Big Hills.

Yet more City to Surf training and with the big day only 3 weeks away we had some big Ins and Outs.

IN – welcome back Renee, Brucie Lambert and Hammersmith boy Nicky Roberts

OUT – after a fall out with best mate Birchy, Jeet gets the flick for the morning and forced to run with the soft NOTB for his troubles.

Decent team to start at 6.30am with the above mentioned as well as Birchy, Jac, Pearson, Sweaty Sock Craig, Sammy J, and Irish pair Super Kev and Enda. Easy 6k loop before heading out the park down Ocean Street and onto New South Head Road.  Heartbreak Hill is the first test of the morning but I find I’m moving well and pretty much running stride for stride with N.Roberts all the way to the top. A regroup before we descend down Hopetoun Street to Watsons Bay before the 2nd of the big climbs back up to the Lighthouse that surprised many of the group and certainly got a few hearts working hard.  Pearson wasn’t holding back, and I was happy to sit in with Super Kev & Roberts. Again got the top without too much damage done before a steady 9k return to the park coming back via Heartbreak. Still running as a group we have one more hill to do to complete a solid session and the final one out of Double Bay to Edgecliff and then back up Ocean Road nearly finishes me as the group spread and I reckon most were happy to get back to the cafe just as the watch ticked over 26ks for the morning.

All up 26ks in 2hr 04 minutes.

1st – 6ks 29 minutes

20ks on City Surf course 95 minutes average pace 4.43


Great session and probably one of my stronger ones in the current block of training

Enjoyed the usual coffee and chit chat with Birch, Jac, Renee and Neil P, with Birchy full of remorse as he then shocked everyone telling us all about his antics from the Friday evening social.


Well earned rest day to come on Monday.




Thursday, July 21, 2016

Friday Swim to end the week.

Warm day to end the week so headed back to the pool for the 3rd swim of the week. Joined by Pete Walker, Angus, Kroney and girls Phoebe and Belinda so I knew it was going to be a fast set. Started with a 400m and just sat on Kroney’s feet the whole way and despite us  been dropped by the others was still coming in on a respectable 6.40. Another rep followed in the same vein before sets of 200m went up followed by some fast finishing 100s

Saw the former great triathlete from Ireland sneak in the next lane to us in Paul O’Doherty ( PLOD as he is known by many) making yet another return. Sad, as even without training he was still smoking us in the pool J

2ks done for the day , and making it a healthy 7 for the week.

Whinge of the Day, Goes to myself who threw the toys out the cot after the guys weren’t giving poor Brendan and I the proper recovery breaks in between 200s. Poor form from Walker and Angus who should know better, letting an ‘A Grade’ swimmer (in Belinda) come down and dictate the session and going ‘Red Top' all the time is just not on.  Despite coming in on 3.02 for one of the reps they were wanting to go again within 10 seconds.

Anyway made my feelings known and told them I’ll be doing my own stuff in future as will others if that malarkey continues, Like in the running we have different times and paces depending on your level and I feel that the swims should be no different. Point made,  - time to move on.

Good week training all up, will take it easy tomorrow before heading out for the long run on Sunday over the City to Surf course as the big day is only 3 weeks away now.


Have a good weekend

Train well

Stay safe




Barangaroo 6 x 1k Reps (rolling every 5 minutes)

Wet morning and really seemed to struggle with my 3k swim today, very heavy arms and sore shoulders made it a real battle to get through and the coffee and banana bread couldn’t come quick enough once done.


With the past two days of rain I made the call to switch the HuRTS session from a soggy Rushcutters Oval over to Barangaroo for the 6 x 1k reps, and after then arriving late (thanks to Jac O’Connor)  to find Barts of all people giving instructions we were set to go. Big group and once again Barts and Special Q were way out in front and I was surprised to be in the 2nd pack that included Skippy, Fenton. Hipster Mitch, Angus and Frenchy Jerome. Came home in 3.18 that surprised me, even more so when most were calling it long by a couple of seconds?

Return leg was similar as I found  I was leading out Skippy only for him to come past around the 700m that then resulted in me trying to tuck in and hang with him over the last 300m

The next two were slightly quicker and after the 4th I really thought I was done and contemplated in helping out girls Renee & Jac for the final two but then decided that would be the easy option out and fronted up to end the session even stronger once I’d give myself a good talking to.

Times for the 6 were; 3.18, 3.18, 3.16, 3.17, 3.15, 3.14

Another tough session and delighted to get through it in the way I did. It seems a long time since I’ve managed ALL 6 that quick and consistent, especially after the past two days.

Think I’ve earned my rest day tomorrow now, although with temps due to hit 25 I think you may well find me down at the pool at lunch.





Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Rainy City to Surf Training Run - 15ks

Stark contrast to yesterday and with plenty of rain it meant only 7 of us for the midweek run up to the top of ‘Heartbreak Hill’ and back. Joined by Brendan (Trigger), Hipster Mitch, the Branagan Brothers (Mark and Super Kev), Jac and Hoey (once he was persuaded) we set off at what felt like a more gentle pace.  Once at O’Sullivan Street (5k marker) I upped the pace and with everyone else deciding on keeping an even pace I was solo by the time I approached the base of the hill.  Tried to work it all the way to the top and was happy enough to complete the 2k section in 8.08 (4.04 pace).

A quick regroup before the return that felt easy enough until the dreaded Double Bay/Edgecliff Hill section that always gets the heart rate back up, before getting back with another 15k in the bag for the day in 68 minutes.

Pleased to get out on the course once again, with everyone starting to look comfortable throughout the run.


Will be back out tomorrow for the HuRTS standard session 6 x 1k reps.




Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday 2 x 20 minute efforts (3 mins recovery)

Yet another 24 degree day in Sydney brought a big group out for the 2 x 20 minute session. Had already done about 12ks (easy) in the morning so was already thinking that 30 minutes would be enough today even before the start. Once Barts and Special Q had gone I found myself tipping along at a decent clip with Jeet. Hipster Mitch, David Tonge  and Razor Wareham reaching the squashed car at 5.45k averaging 3.41s

A 3 minute standing recovery before the return trip and basically just tried to sit in with the guys coming through the busy Quay area and the Opera House, Got back in the Domain at the 10 minute marker but kept it going until the far side gates before stopping with 12 minutes completed still averaging 3.42s (3.3ks). Then did a slight detour whilst the lads carried on around Mrs Macs Chair and rejoined at the A.B.C Pool when I saw Jerome coming through knowing we have 1k to go from that point. Jerome’s a great bloke to sit with at this stage of any run as he always offers good encouragement and despite feeling tired I was able to hang with him to run the final stretch at 3.39 pace.

Just shy of 10k for the set that I was happy with, and even on heavy legs I feel as if I’m moving OK.


Will be back out tomorrow for the usual Midweek City to Surf trot back up the hills.




Sunday, July 17, 2016

Monday P.A.P Swim.

Stunning day in Sydney to start the week so took the opportunity to get the swimming back on track. Led my Phoebe we knocked out a quick fire two Ks. Pete Walker, Angus and Brendan ‘Trigger’ Krone were the others who were hanging on for dear life whilst Pheebs just seemed to cruise each rep.

2Ks for the day, and feel 100% better for it as well

Back tomorrow for the hard stuff with the HuRTS 2 x 20 minute session pencilled in.


Doing it Tough - Sunday Long Run.

Tough to make the 6.30am start after a massive Saturday afternoon /evening but the pain was eased slightly when ‘Sweaty’ Craig Wiseman handed over $20 care of last Sundays efforts where he couldn’t get within the 1.40 handicap time.

Small team to begin with only Jeet, Brendan, Mark Branagan, Craig and later Hoey to do the usual 6k loop before returning to collect Jac, Fats, and ‘Twins’ Sammy J & Birchy both in bright yellow headbands and socks –WTF? Pretty easy pace as we made our way down Ocean Street and then onto the City to Surf course, Group split here and I was happy to run in the back group with Birchy, Sam, Craig and Jac. The boys started to pull away heading up Heartbreak and with Jac battling a week of the flu I run at her pace before the turnaround point at the Lighthouse at Watsons Bay 9ks.

Returned the same way getting back to the park with another 18ks done.

24k all up in 1hr;54

Felt shocking all the way and was thankful that the pace was easier or else I would have been struggling.

Enjoyed a double dose of coffees post run with Jeet, Birch and Jac


Rest day for running on Monday, although I hear the weather is picking up so may start back with the Monday lunch swim.



Thursday, July 14, 2016

Double Set - Timmy Hills and 3k Tempo

Dubbed the hardest session on the HuRTS calendar, so only fitting that Hoey was seen heading in the opposite direction with his new gloves on, what’s that about? (must be going soft) and Enda Stankard lining up only to last what must a record 34 seconds before leaving head bowed in a sorry state back to work.

Double set again that included the 20 minute hills followed by the 5k tempo that saw a big team out with a few new faces and nice to see Tony Fats make his debut for the session (great runner he is, but didn’t realise he was so useless at following instructions on where to  turn at the top of the hill despite having about a dozen cones marked out?). Fats was first to break away followed by ‘Bastille Day’ Jerome whilst I tried to settle into a decent rhythm in the first 5 minutes or so. True to form I was knackered by about 7 and had the misfortune of Fats lapping me by the time 9.13 on the clock went by.

Soon after Angus joined me that was a blessing, as I then found he was running the hills slightly faster but I was coming down quicker. It helped big time and I felt I was even finishing it off strongly as “Mountain Goat’  Fats didn’t manage to pass me again during the second half.

Covered 4.85ks in the 20 minutes averaging 4.08s

A quick regroup before the 5k tempo but I had it in my head to take the easy option and just be happy with the 3k after such a heavy week and was then satisfied to hold 3.43 for the first k, and basically just hold after that coming home in 11.01

After a tough week I’ll take a well earned  rest day from running tomorrow


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

More City to Surf Training -15ks

Continued with the City to Surf training, but first had to endure 10 minutes of whinging from some ‘Pom’ who bleated on about a 12.10pm start as I waited for the others to arrive. Hoey, Leech, Kroney, Hipsters twins Mitch & Chris, Mark Branagan, and whinging  Worswick.

Pretty easy pace to start but with a strong tailwind we found ourselves moving pretty well along New South Head Road that then brought out complaint #2 from Pommy guy.(nightmare), Worked Heartbreak although no match for Ho or Mitch as we then regrouped at the top covering 7.5ks. Pace didn’t ease much on the return although certainly felt it more due to the headwind. The climb coming out of Double Bay to Edgecliff is tough but went with Hoey for this section and was happy to hit the lights with him before then easing off for the final couple of Ks back through Rushcutters with the lads.

15ks all up in 68 minutes averaging 4.36s  

Great session, made even better by not having to listen to the whinging on the return by our ‘Pommy’ mate(who had been long dropped by then) J



Tuesday, July 12, 2016

HuRTS 10 x 3 minute efforts (60 seconds recovery)

Feeling pretty tired and heavy but didn’t want to miss my favoured session of the 3 minute efforts so headed in to find a big team fronting. ‘Tammy Tourists, school holidays and strong headwinds made a for a tough day straight from the start and decided to get 10 reps done all under 3.30 per/k .

Worked in with a great group alongside Macca, Hipsters Chris & Mitch, Fenton, Jerome, Skippy, Angus, Leech,  Brendan as well as a few others working into the wind bang on 3.30 pace. Quicker return with the tailwind although it was getting a little crowed as the group bunched up towards the end that saw poor Warrior Charlie getting a little irate at times.

Felt better as the session wore on.

Pace per/k for the 10 went, 3.30,3.27, 3.29, 3.23, 3.22, 3.22, 3.27, 3.21, 3.26, 3.21

A good warm down with Sammy J and the Leech to end whilst the others continued through to either 12 or the full 14 reps.


Was keen for a rest day on Wednesday but will head back into town to head out on the City to Surf course for another 15ks including ‘Heartbreak’



Harbour 10k - 36.28

Into town for the fast Harbour 10k and after a good warm up with Enda, Jac, The Love Doctors Craig & Vic’s and Flake I made my way to the starters line to find a decent turnout from the HuRT team.  With about 90 seconds before the off I’m still without my trusty ‘pacer’ for the morning in young Ho, and just as I’m about to think he’s let me down again he appears from nowhere. Instructions given we are let go to a fast start and I’m keen just to sit on his shoulder and let him control the pace. After seeing a 3.26 first k I’m wondering what the Boy Wonder is on?... Holy Cow it seems fast.  Settle for the 2nd heading up Hickson, saying my ‘Hello’s to Razor and Mikey Lichtwark on the sidelines, The hairpin comes and slows us down slightly before the 2nd and I give a shout out to Jac and in return then get a blast from Hoey to concentrate and save my energy. We then gain our own little group as Hipster Chris and a few others like the idea of me having my own timed pacer and jump on board the train. Feels good for a couple of ks around the tricky Darling Harbour on the slippy boards as i go through half way in 18.05

Soon after I have my first bad patch of the run just before 6ks coming up the hill towards the bridge and feel the band snap, Hoey comes good though and with his sad puppy eyes tells me to ‘dig deep and stay Strong’. Manage to get it together again coming back down the top of Hickson and just as we approached Barangaroo Hoey’s wise words would help yet again ‘C’mon Timmy, just a two k rep that we normally do’ was just the lift I needed and I felt myself getting stronger and reeling Chris back in. Out of Barangaroo towards the famous squashed car and I found I still had more left in the tank and was now running side by side with pacer boy. Into the last 300m at the Passenger Terminal Hoey decides his morning is done and as he can’t risk been beaten he kicks for home (3 min per/k pace)  as I try to do the same to cross out in 36.28 for an 18 month best time.

36.28 – averaging 3.37s. Happy with that, not just the time but the fact I didn’t take the easy option when the going got tough (about 4 times we reckon)

Not sure how precise my splits were, but I got; 3.26, 3.42, 3.22, 3.37, 3.36, 3.43, 3.47, 3.38, 3.34, 3.26, 29 seconds (for the extra 150m)

Many thanks to Prince Ho for the pacing duties, much appreciated. He’s a good man for the job, even if it did probably cost me a brekkie (although Hipster Chris should pay for 50% of it I say)

Morning got a whole lot better when news filtered though that ALL the bets were successful. I got within the 2.03 of Enda, Sweaty Craig got nowhere near covering the 1.40 given and Welsh Craig had a shocker and not only didn’t get near my 2.35 handicap start but had the misfortune to even get spanked by partner Victoria – oh dear.

Love to say a nice brekkie followed but with Enda shouting mine to cover the bet, I received my muesli  served in a thimble and must have cost him about $1.75 – shocking.


Day was then complete with beers taken served with the best Sunday Roast over at the Love Doctors, Managing to get Birchy and Jeet an invite as well. Beers, wine and G&Ts were consumed as we blasted out our favourite tunes on ‘Spotify. With a decent selection of Bowie, Waterboys, Pulp and Jam (from me) , Madonna from Jeet whilst poor Birchy brought Taylor Swift to the table.

With the night kicking on Jeet was out of control (as well as out for the count at one point) and had the indignity of getting put in a cab home – I’m worried about that man.

Many thanks to both Craig and Vic’s, great afternoon and I’m just praying that Jeet didn’t leave too much of a mess.

It's never pretty - but happy to cross out in 36.28 for the morning.
Hoey and Hipster Chris were not taking any chances.
Job Done.
Two Boys were not happy mind - Sweaty Craig and Enda forced to pay out $20 each. Other Craig not in photo as he still had not finished
Jeet, Hipster, Craig, Leech and Enda.
Enda brought me brekkie OK.... a thimble of muesli.
Jeet in fine voice blasting out Madonna with Vic's ..... moments later he was carried out.


Thursday, July 7, 2016

400s and Rorted yet again.


Surprised to see such a big turnout at Rushcutters for the double header so soon after Gold Coast weekend but good to see Birchy, Angus, Barts, Enda  and girls Eastside Elle and Laura turning the legs over. Had to move from field #1 over to #2 and marked out a makeshift 400 metres (that was actually found to be 440m).

Quentin was leading the field, with a few others who I still don’t know just ahead of me.  Found myself battling away with Barts, hipster Chris and Fenton whilst Angus was pushing to overtake over the final 150m

Came home in 78, and some of the lads were saying it was about 8 seconds long but I think closer to 6 to be honest as I was pushing hard and 72s are about right for me. Kept all 7 bang on the 78 but not before ‘Me, Myself and I (Barts) gave poor Angus a short shrift on rep #5 for pulling up 40 metres short when his watched beeped –oh dear, thought Angus was about to cry.

Once again all consistent with 78 done for all 7 reps.

Was happy with that and with another race this weekend I decided to sit out the tempo part of the session.


A good few beers in the evening with Birchy, Kanser and Enda, ensured a top night out although I may pay for it come Sunday. Enda took advantage again and hassled me for another wager for Sundays event. Don’t ask me how but we’ve come to a 2.03 minute handicap start for me. Think I’ve been done as I’m expecting him to run 34.15 and me 36.30 (at best). Still, I took $20 from him after he backed Hardman J.C over my man Rich Large at the Gold Coast so it’s only fair I give him a chance to win back.

Also give good client ‘The Love Doctor’ Welsh Craig a healthy 2.35 start for another $20



Missed my Thursday morning swim yesterday so did the right thing and backed up and got it done this morning. Usual 3ks done mixing it up and I feel it’s getting easier.


Out for a few beers with the lads, Birchy, Enda and Kanser.
Always nice to take Enda's $20 - this time I didn't even have to run. My man Rich Large turns over Hardman J.C in the Gold Coast.

Have a great weekend
Train and Race well
Stay safe

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Midweek City to Surf Training.

Midweek jaunt into the city to start the City to Surf training. Had arranged to meet Frenchy Jerome and Hoey (but no sign of Hoey despite waiting over 5 minutes), Whilst waiting though we were joined by Super Kev, Crossy Lad, Birchy and a few others. Geez, even Brendan ‘Yum Cha’ Wong fronted but decided he couldn’t be away from his spring rolls for long and went on his merry way around the Domain instead.

Sat up front with Crossy and the Frenchman heading out on a decent pace and by the time O’Sullivan Street came (5ks in C2S) I upped the tempo and tried to work the usual Heartbreak Hill, Surprised no one came with me at first but it wasn’t long into it that Jerome flew by, Super Kev was next just before the school whilst Crossy Lad was happy to run at my pace to get to the top in 8.13 for the 2k section before we turned for home.

Meet Birchy on the way down and was then happy to run at his easier pace (as he did run Gold Coast), couldn’t believe we then passed Hoey who finally joined the run and must have only been about 10 minutes late to begin with.

15ks all up in 70 minutes, good hit out and will try to lock this in as a regular midweek run leading up to the 2nd weekend in August.






Monday, July 4, 2016

Sunday Long - City to Surf Course. 25ks

Only a small team with many up the Gold  Coast and with only Super Kev, Fats, Brendan and Ant we did the usual 6k loop in the hope of returning to the cafe at 7 to collect a few more. Only Kanser and Prince Ho added before we started our official City to Surf training that saw us head out the park onto New South Head Road on the course.  Pace was kept pretty easy before we hit Heartbreak for the first of the climbs. Chatting away to Kanser one minute, look over my shoulder the next and no sign?? Not sure what happened but never saw him again all morning after that.

After much deliberation we continued on down into Bondi Beach, and with 20 odd ks done I was feeling OK right until you come off the beach and start the climb up Bondi Road when all of sudden I just felt my legs and strength drain away from me. As the lads continued on I was forced into a 60 second breather before the long slog back up to the junction. Fair play to Hoey who u-turned near the top and rejoined me and from there it was a straight forward last 3ks or so back to the park.

Another 25ks done in 1hr55 mins averaging 4.41s for the day with the last 19ks (city to Surf including the hills) in 95 mins at 4.37s


Pretty damn tired at the end but very happy I was able to get out and back up especially after yesterdays efforts.

A good chat and coffee followed with Fats, before heading over to the best brekkie in town around at Kapos Street cafe with Hoey and his family where I made a pig of myself wolfing down the quality Bacon and Egg Brioche on offer.

A quick turnaround followed as I was then over to the ‘Dark Side’ to meet up with the Taffy Lad for a few well earned ales in Manly.


Gold Coast never fails to throw up some fast times and this year was no exception, WOW... nearly everyone I knew PBed for the day. Some great results from the weekend and I stated yesterday  that I didn’t think Tom’s 10k would be bettered? Well I think it may have been (certainly on a par) with news ‘Me, Myself and I’ Barts fine run in the half to come home in 69 minutes. Stunning effort. You know if must have been a good day when Enda finally puts a good time on the board with his 75 minute PB run, and other PBs worth a mention were the Leech in the full (2.43) , Rich Large (2.48) and Jeet, Angus, Lambo, Elle and Jac over the half.



Saturday, July 2, 2016

Homebush Striders -36.49

Rolled up to the 6th Striders 10k race with a solid 4 weeks training behind me and was in good spirits and hopeful that today was the day that I got back in the 36s. Very light on with many heading north but it was a good turnout from those that had remained in town with Fats, Prince Ho, Hamish and NOTB boys Macca, Benny Boy, Craig, Dicky and Geoff Cooper on the start line.  A short  warm up with Fats before the off on another bitterly cold morning.

Was keen to run a smarter race, that meant NOT going out too hard , that said I went through the first 1000m in 3.29 Settled after that and worked my way into the run. Caught Benny Boy around the 3.5k marker as we approached the common area for the first time and was happy he came with me as we then seemed to work together for 4 minutes or so before I felt he dropped off before coming back onto the bus lane.

Can’t remember the exact time  I came through half way but knew I was still on track and concentrated on just taking one k at a time. Splits were pretty consistent (bar the 7th) and around the 8k mark I started to do the maths and realised basically I had 8 minutes to run the final 2ks to break what has been the elusive sub 37 . K #9 down in 3.36 but then realised I was still a long way down the path and upon hitting the final hill the clock was already on the 36 minute marker. Got a scare and it then meant I had to lift for a final time although in doing so it meant I passed Craig Mac with about 50 metres to go as I hit the line in 36.49

Splits I had were. 3.29, 3.41, 3.36, 3.36, 3.39, 3.34, 3.42, 3.37, 3.36, 3.35 – average 3.37s

Delighted with the way the race went and nice to get back in the 36 time frame .Felt pretty good throughout and pleased to see all the recent training paying off. Will now back up next Sunday for the Harbour 10k around the City on a fast course to see if I can knock that time down even more.


Will be back out in the morning for the Sunday long run, have lined up Hoey and Jerome for help and may take in some of the City to Surf course along the way.


Good luck to all those up the Gold Coast either in the Half or Full marathon, expecting some good fast times from the gang, although I suspect we’ve already got the Timmy Run of the Meeting? Step up Tommy H again who smashed his way to a 30 odd second PB in the 10k event to record a stunning 31.30 – absolutely brilliant and I can’t see anyone beating that time this year.


And finally huge congratulations to my mates Taffy James & Craig who’s Wales team knocked out Belgium this morning in the footy. Fantastic result that now sees them in the semi final and means I may have to head down to get my Welsh Dragon shirt for the next game.

Dicky, Coops, Hamish, Fats, Timmy, Craig Mc, Macca and Benny Boy.
Hoey, feeling a bit under the weather didn't have one of his better days but still found himself at the pointy end of the race.
My team were send packing from France, but not without one final photo - Useless fxxks.
...and the papers didn't miss them either.