Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hello. Hello its Good to be Back.

I'm Back... after a 3 week break where i went away to try to get back some regular training and find some much needed form that has deserted me since my calf injury back in August last year it was time to get the head down and get some hard work done.
Anyway the fans have demanded a return (well Enda's been sending me a thousand photos and Master Sweeney has even taken to posting 'Please Don't Go songs on the blog, and even Mr Abdul at the corner shop was asking what was happening ) so here goes. :)

As mentioned just been tipping away mostly by myself in the park with a little speed work a couple a days a week , as well as a medium to long run with Kanser on the Wednesday's and then hopefully getting out for a 24-25k runs of some description with the lads on the weekend. First couple of weeks were tough but last week i felt as if i was running free for the first time in a long time - even getting out last Thursday to do the Biathlon at the A.B.C Pool.
No sooner was i starting to feel OK then i started to get a recurrence of my right Achilles once more that saw me back to Physio Nick at Bondi - hopefully nothing major that a bit of rest wont fix and he just seems to think i maybe have pushed it a tad to much over the past 10 days. It in turn has meant that i have taken the rest of the week off, but i still plan on running the 2nd race in the Strider's 10k series out at North Head Manly in the morning.
Not sure who will be out and running  as both Tom & Kanser are scheduled to run the State 10k track in the evening but i am also hearing they are both struggling with Achilles problems as well, and with Slim Sammy Agnew still on crutches and J-Fen in Perth it may be left to Enda and Mikey to lead the charges home. Both are flying with Mikey a certain for sub 35, and Enda is in the form of his life (he must be as he has agreed to give me 60 seconds start) so watch out for him to give Macca a run for his money?
Got a few $$$$ on the result of tomorrow with the Chairman giving me a lofty 4 mins, Kanser 3 minutes and Enda a mere 60 seconds all for a friendly $20

So what else has been happening? Tom's in the form of his life running P.Bs on the track, Tucks is getting bigger on the Pie & Pints in Wales, Fats has wiped his tears and is back on track for 6ft in winning last weeks Striders Equalizer, Mikey is in top form, Fentons on hols, Kanser's running .....Late again, and Enda still has his cold (surprise surprise)........aah, it's good to be back, and some things don't change.
The title of today's entry takes me back to the early 70s and Enda's good mate 'Gary Glitter' blasting his way to the top of the charts with this take a listen (is that Master Sweeney on the Guitar i see as well?). Quality.

Well what timing for a return,  with Sydney and Enda's biggest Party weekend of the year tomorrow evening in town with the annual Mardi Gras. Enda has begged me to get the blog back up in time as he is in need of help from the readers on what to wear for the parade and has asked for advice on what costume fits him best. He sent these to me - you decide :)

1. Is it a Scottish Dress?

2. Or as a Pink Fairy?

3. Very fitting .....may need to shave down for this outfit mind you?

4. Hello Sailor Boy?

Send your preferred in to me and i will forward on to our Irish Buddy.

Just out now to brave the weather and head into town for the lunchtime swim with Walker, Mikey and Company.
: 2.5ks done in the pool at lunch with Mikey, Enda, and Brendan.  Was feeling OK .... that was until C.A.B ( Corporal Angus Boyd) jumped in and the pace increased big time that saw Enda and myself gasping for breath at the completion of each rep.
Will forward a full report on the Strider's race tomorrow.

Also, Happy Birthday to HuRTS # 1 Social girl the Lovely Lisa (L.L), who is celebrating her 25th, make sure you get out and shout her a drink to help mark the occasion if you see her in any one of about 14 pubs she has scheduled in tonight  :)

Have a great weekend

Friday, February 8, 2013

Ronan's Defence

After the Lance big story number one lady Oprah wasted no time overnight getting to the heart of the big Aussie/Irish Revelation. And here is an extract that hit the  TRASH desk late afternoon
(many thanks for Ronan on his honesty and providing )

My Oprah moment.....

So, this has been getting a bit of coverage over the last few days .....

I have no choice, but to tell the truth.

Oprah: Did you, during the 2012 season train and race with colour in your hair?
Ronan: Yes

Oprah: Did you race the 2012Gold coast marathon and 2012 Noosa triathlon with colour in your hair.
Ronan: yes

Oprah: have you, on many occasions spent more time at the hairdresser than most women.
Ronan: yes

Oprah: can you tell me about the types of colours you use:
Ronan: American crew, loreal
Oprah: just for men?
Ronan: no never, always at the hairdresser.

Oprah: can you tell me a bit about how did it started?
Ronan: it started with just a bit of colour at the sides to hide some of the gray hair. It then became this big lie that was out of control.

Oprah: did you gain advantage?
Ronan: sure, when contract renewal time rolled around at work I might have looked a bit younger.
I'm not going to name names, but it's the great unspoken about amongst men.

Oprah: I'm going to show you a picture from 2012.
Ronan: I don't even recognise that guy. He's an ass.

Oprah: How are your family?
Ronan: The hardest part was telling Oscar. He was standing up for me. The other kids at childcare were saying "your dad puts colour in his hair". Oscar would stand up and say "no he doesn't".
I had to tell Oscar to stop defending me.

Oprah: What about your friends and training partners.
Ronan: it's ok for the guys with black hair. They will be back to normal in six months. Nobody will remember or even notices.
I had fair hair. This is a life sentence for me.

Oprah: What about the people who believed in you?
Ronan: there are some people who I will never get back. That's ok. I'm going to try and get around to all my friends and try to say sorry.

Oprah: What about Niamh?
Ronan: Niamh's been great. She said she will support me this year if I go back to the way I was.

A Little Extra with Dumb & Dumber.

Just finishing my first class of the morning around the park and who should i see warming up beside the Fox Studio gates? non other then Jim Carrey (Enda) and Jeff Daniels (Kanser) care of Dumb and Dumber Fame.  Well i never received an invite to join them prior to today (on there secret session) but wandered over for a chat and to find out what was going on. Kanser had worked out a 1k route on the grass they were all set up for, so i thought i may join in and knock a few out to help improve on a bit of speed work.
They told me they would just roll around at 3.30 pace for the first few and go from there.......
My first rep time was 3.21 and the boys must have been a good 6 or 7 seconds ahead, Unreal. (talk about the blind leading the blind)
Second rep was slightly faster and was just happy to hold from there for the 4 i did.
Rep times were ; 3.21, 3.19, 3.20, 3.19
Enda then came out with an accusation that my times that were reported on yesterdays blog were "Pure fabrication' and saying that i was making them up.  (No mate, they really are that slow these days), but he still wasn't haven't it and in turn i have since been audited by PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PwC) and even had to leave my watch with Kanser at the completion of today to clarify all.
On the plus side ( and Kanser is my witness)  - Enda has agreed to give me 110 seconds start in the next Striders 10k race at North Head Manly, for $50 (personally i don't think its enough but I'll take it ....)

Kanser was a little agitated this morning and seemed to have something on his mind, not sure what that's about but he kept referring to the front and back page of today's papers and asking if i had seen the Sports news over the past 24 hours?
He seems to be keeping a low profile staying away from all the HuRTS sessions this week, so lets hope the poor lads not got caught up in anything sinister.

Big Game this week in the 6 Nations over in Ireland with the visit of England, sure this game will decide the championship ( and even the Slam)
Timmy's Tip - Back the English Rose,on a score of Ireland 13 vs England 21
Managed to get a little bet on for this one, so lets hope the boys do us PROUD :)

Chatting to my old mate Ronan the other day around Kansers house and something seemed a little different about him and he looked about 8 years younger,  I thought it may have been all the extra training and healthy living he is doing lately. I was all but convinced, that was until his BEST mate Kanser revelled all .......................What a mate he is :)
Don't worry Ronan, your secrets safe with me mate. I'm sure the Trash readers wont notice either?

Something different Ronan....Can't put my finger on it though?

Well guys i am also thinking of putting a self exile on the blog for a while and taking a break from it for a few weeks. Give me time to focus on getting a little form back as well as getting some new material. Anyway with Kanser returning to form - who knows he may even get his blog back online :)
Hopefully PwC will have given me the all clear on my times by the time i return.

Have a great weekend
Train Well

..And Remember , 'to Swing Low Sweet Chariot' on the early hours of Monday morning.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hic Cup at Hickson.

Busy day at work but first found the time to ride with Ireland's undisputed #1 Triathlete POD, I say ride with..... i basically saw his back from about 200m for and hour  as he was simply too strong on the bike for me to get anywhere near. This time last week i was feeling like Lance Armstrong on the bike as i flew around on someones wheel, today i felt more like bloody Louis Armstrong when POD made us do the Double Laps working on our own.
Was really conscious of not sitting on The Laughing Policeman's (Samsy's) wheel so let him go a little but basically struggled all the way around after that coming in on 12.09. a quick regroup for half a lap and it was on again. I managed one lap in 6.00 minutes and then had nothing so waited for the lads to complete there 2nd effort.
Had permission from POD to sit on the wheel (if i was good enough) for the 3rd, and did exactly that, coming in on 11.05, and hoped i could repeat the effort on the 4th and final rep. Unfortunately that was as good as it got and i was 'out the back door' within the first 500m which made for a battle to get around the last 2 laps. Just managed to sneak in in 11.58.......... But buggered after that and was soon out of there after in search of a strong coffee and banana bread.
I've said it before and will continue to say it but POD is a machine on that bike, he is just so strong and does every effort by himself from the front unlike EVERYONE else in that group that is happy to sit on each others wheel and its little wonder he gets the rewards come race time.
Samsy also cycled well, although he was more then happy to sit on POD for as long as he could as well.

Into town at lunch and after sending out many emails yesterday asking how Hickson Road was in terms of work being carried out, i was reliably informed all was well. Big crowd on show once more on another hot day, but one notable absence was that of Tommy H who i hear was doing a 2k Rep? ....Whats all that about? Not sure that's going to help his Marathon times any come Berlin.
Anyway with Mikey in charge he made us all move further down to under the Harbour Bridge so we could run into Barangaroo due to the works going on at the top of Hickson.
Set of on the first feeling comfortable and turned into Barangaroo only to be stopped in our tracks at 900 metres.....Great.
A quick discussion and it was decided we would run back to the Park Hyatt Hotel (1.2ks) and then repeat for the remainder of the session.
Was moving OK, even if i wasn't exactly flying  despite having heavy legs, and the times were;
3.00 (for just under 900 m), 4.08, 4.02, 4.07, 3.59
Mikey continues to run well, and i reckon he was about 15 seconds ahead on some and running about 3.12 pace - impressive, and a sub 35  MUST be on the cards come March.

So no sign of the Chairman today - rumour is he wants to put the poncy 150s and 200 metres on the HuRTS calendar to replace the 1.2 and 2k reps that we now do .........the mans gone mad :)

A couple of solid days training and might give myself a recovery day off tomorrow and just enjoy the sunshine down at the pool for a few hours and sample the nice sights :)


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Medium Midweek Run - 15ks

With Kanser running late (again) and a little short on time we curtailed our first 6k loop by 2ks and picked the HuRTS/Hardmen up at the 2k mark and run with them, Enda ,The Leech (Eoin) and J.C in tow the pace was on from the start and we covered the remaining 4ks at 4.14 pace and that included the Woollarha Hill. The pace was that sharp even the Leech failed to hang on to us, although it still wasn't enough to stop Enda in his tracks talking sh!te, and continually baiting Kanser on what he is going to do to him come Berlin.
With the Hardmen dropping out, Kanser and I continued with another loop at a more sedate pace of 4.29 per/k, and as he then continued on to work i stayed and did another flat loop that brought up just under 15ks for the morning - averaging 4.26 overall.
Felt surprisingly good today even after yesterdays tough session and will also get out for the original Hickson Road 1.2k reps tomorrow.

Some sad news came out of yesterday's session and that was Slim Sammy Agnew's injury was worse then first thought - After a trip to Manly Hospital it was revelled that he has a broken foot and will be out of action for up to 8 weeks. Not good at all, but knowing Sammy he will be back firing on all cylinders and be more then ready by the time Berlin comes around to kick all our @r$es in September.
Big lose for the English team for the upcoming Churchill/Sands Cup in May, but after an emergency meeting with the team we have banded together and promised to WIN the Cup again and dedicate it to Slim Sammy ... and make sure he gets to the celebratory drinks post race:)
Here's to a Speedy Recovery mate.

Talk is slowly turning around to 6ft Track as well as its only about 4-5 weeks away, and at the weekend i heard TRASH talk of the highest quality that saw Mild Man Macca almost choke on his Choc Chip Cookie on Saturday morning when some 'C grader' told him he was going to spank his @r$e over the trails?........... Yeah Right!
Anyway my top 3 tips /bets for the big adventure race are as follows,
1. Chairman Tommy H to beat Terence Bells P.B ( easily)
2  MaccaMcClarnon to beat our Robert DeNiro ( Taxi Man) by 10 minutes or more
3. Kanser to break 4hrs

Nothing to left of field there i don't think, but go for the treble - you wont win a fortune but as my old dad used to say to me 'A short price winner is better then a long priced LOSER :)


Monday, February 4, 2013

HuRTS 10 x 3 minute efforts ( 60 sec break)

Massive crowd out there today on what turned out to be a beaut of a day, and probably easier to say who wasn't there - Kanser ( on School duty with his new job) , J-Fen (still celebrating the Ravens win in the Superbowl - and NO we didn't get an invite AGAIN), Fats, (still sobbing at the school gates waiting for the bell to see his daughter ), and  Enda ( what else?....cold)
Tough old session this one and i find there are a couple of ways of approaching, either do the whole 14 but work them all between  your 10k race & Half Marathon pace, or do a couple less and work them UNDER your 10k pace and push it along a bit more?
I thought anything in or around my 10k race pace and i would be delighted today so took it out slightly easier sitting just off Johnny 'B Grade' Binfield who incidentally should have been charged by the Fashion Police today - you should have seen his singlet. It was a mixture of Bob Marley on drugs combined with the laid back tropical islands that you would wear around the Whitsundays. The return leg was quicker and kicked it down to about 3.26 pace as i struggled to get past the masses towards the end.
Slim Sammy Agnew took a nasty knock at one stage in the early reps, when we started to talk about the upcoming Churchill /Sands Cup and team Ireland sent one of its 'Hatchet Men' in Eamo Kenihan down to take one of our big hopes out when he almost crash tackled him was he flew by.
Held the next few all to pretty much the same pace feeling OK, even though Mikey was going barking mad at one point - Not sure what about , but going on about people not going through the gate, Over the Gate, Climbing the Gate , even writing graffiti on the bloody gate over on the far side? (you sure he won the HuRTS Spirit Award last December?)
Got to number 9 and decided in the 60 second break that one more would do me for the day so put in  an extra kick to see what i could finish on, Was happy to find i actually did have something left in the tank for the first time in months when i got down to 3.16 per/k
Average Pace per/k for each rep were: 3.34, 3.26, 3.29, 3.26, 3.30, 3.27, 3.30, 3.28, 3.31, 3.16
Should be back out in the morning for the Medium to Long run and knock out my 3 x 6k loops around the park.

Talking about the Churchill / Sands Cup - the S.M.H  Half Marathon in May is now open and i mentioned to the Irish lads they best start to get there house in order. Already had comment from them that they can't win and we need to adjust the rules to give them half a chance.  I told them we'll enter our 'C team if if helps captained by Champagne Charlie who will walk with the aid of his crutches. Sure Enda will come up with some hair brained scheme though to get the odds back in his favour.

Got my first BET lined up for our Berlin trip, C.T who is renowned for being the tightest/stingiest man to get a bet on with has rorted me and agreed to give me 16.45 start in the race with the loser paying for the first 2 Steins in Munich at the festival.

Hachet Man Eamo Kenihan (right) back for the HuRTS session today and made an immediate impact taking down Slim Sammy Agnew - this is what the English Boys are up against once more when we play for the Churchill /Sands Cup in May.


Sunday, February 3, 2013

STOP Children Crossing.

Just an easy 10ks early doors today with one 6k Woollahra Hill loop and a flat one around the park, average pace 4.30 per/k, A little stiff and sore to start and i reckon the first 500m or so was about 8 min per/k as legs felt pretty heavy to begin with.

Took in a little of the Super Bowl but i really struggle with it to be honest. Happy enough to see the Ravens get up mind and hope you followed the tip on Friday that also ensures the Legend/Tosser of a guy Linebacker Ray Lewis goes out a winner despite the blackout that also occurred. Highlight for me though was the performance of Beyonce.... my God - Some women she is, and a great pair of pins on her :)
In the 6 Nations the Irish provided an upset and turned over the Taffs despite getting loads of vocal support from 'Welsh Tucks' whilst England proved too strong for the Jocks and now prepare for the BIG one next week against the Irish over at the 'Greenhouse' that is also known as Aviva Stadium.

On the journey home this morning after my leisurely stroll i was abruptly stopped in my tracks going through the local school zone when one of HuRTS favorites suddenly jumps in front of my car waving this bloody big stick.  Yep, that's right i called it yesterday but our Davie Boy has called it quits at Macquarie Bank and traded it all in as the local 'Lollipop Man' Check out the latest photo below, was even on the blower to me earlier today and says he wont be at training tomorrow as he has to do the school lunch session for the kids that go home.
On a final note from yesterdays debacle, the comment of the day came from Kanser himself when we were all scratching ourselves wondering how the hell we were going to get the house through such a small gap? .....(remembering we had ALL just finished out 24-33ks run, and in singlet and shorts) , Kanser then asked if any of us had a saw as he wanted to shave a little of the roof',
"Sorry Kanser, I've only got a GPS Watch if that's any help" came the quick fire reply. As we all just stood and shook our heads at our Irish friend.

Kanser on his new career move seen outside the local school.

Will be back out tomorrow lunch for the HuRTs session that is the 14 x 3 minute efforts, normally one of my favorite ones this one but fear that may change tomorrow around rep 8 :)


Saturday, February 2, 2013

"A Team' Comes out to Centennial for Long Run.

Today's entry will be split into two parts because of what unfolded during the 2nd half of the morning is worthy of a 'Mini Comedy Series' in itself ... you really had to be there to witness what went on to be able to fully appreciate it .
Part 1. The HuRTS Long Run.
Welcomed the boys Tommy H and Mild Man Macca over to join us that even saw Razor, #Lady Laura, Kanser, Enda, J-Fen (in parts) C.T, and even Fats who had wiped the tears from yesterday to be able to knock out his 30k plus.
Knew it was going to be a fun morning when Kanser (with the help of Tom & Macca) rocked up dead on time and wanted to leave straight away. I said 'hang on a minute Enda is joining' And Kanser replied without drawing breath 'F@rk him , we can't be waiting around all day, he knows the route lets go' ....Charming.
Chat was on from the start as we cruised around for our normal 10k loop that we do sitting on a sensible 4.30 pace, it was then suggested we go out of the park and take in some scenic views care of Coogee, Cloey and Bronte. Worked well heading down to the water but once in Coogee the hills around there are pretty tough heading along the coastline. Group split up a little as Enda and myself brought up the rear. Dug in there and was thankful to make the top of Bronte Hill before dropping back down across Queens Park then returning with just under 24ks to my name at the cafe.
The boys continued around for more ks to get over 30 whilst Enda and i sat sipping the Best Twinings Tea the Park has to offer whilst waiting for Angel Angela to arrive with the young guy.(Baby Cillian that is -  not her fancy man)
Stood around for a while after, having a chat to people who flew by at different times, although Enda got a little upset when one 'Young Cub' walked by and Blanked Him....Mmmmm, wonder whats that about?
Solid mornings run even if the ks were down a bit, but after racing yesterday i am more then happy with that and will hope to build it back up over the next 4 weeks before the March Striders Race, where i will need to improve as i will take on 'Bigger B Grade' Fish like Mikey, Slim Sammy Agnew, Enda and the likes after seeing off little 'Fishfingers' yesterday in my effort to regain some form:)
Will be back out in the morning for an easy 10ks.

Part 2 - The HuRTS Removals Team ....."The Cubby House".
Once the run was over Kanser kindly invited the team all back for one of his now legendary breakfasts that has all of a sudden seen the numbers starting to swell. Lovely new house he has and the breaky went down a treat as normal. It was just as i was moping up the last bit of Bacon & Eggs and on the 4th cup of tea for the morning i saw the Chairman and Macca make a quick departure that i thought strange. It was only when Kanser stood up and said 'Right Boys, you've had your feed, now i need help moving a little Cubby House' that i knew why they did. A smile from C.T to me saying he didn't see that in the fine print and we were soon walking 10 houses down to be met by the 'Bing Lee Brother' Removalists who were sent to do the job. Well, this Cubby House is that BIG i reckon my Inner West residence would have fitted in this thing and it took all of about 8 men just to get it on the smallest of trolleys that was available. This is where the first hitch of the morning came as the bloody house was bigger then the gate/shed we had to get it though, and throw in a Wasps nest that was sitting pretty on the nearby washing line then disaster was only ever going to be minutes away.
And when one of the Lee Brothers (Removalists) started screaming at one point in his best Cantonese " Ai Bing Mai Ni' and the other replied "Li Ying Fuc" ... I replied "Hi I'm Tim' as  i thought they were being polite and telling me there names, it was only when Chris ( Big Bear) with his limited knowledge of the lingo that he translated it to mean that one had just smashed his knee whilst the other was running down Anzac Parade in pain after being stung by the wasps.
Order was restored - and after picking myself back up of the floor in hysterics the march was on for the hundred metres into the new place along the street. Ronan, C.T , Big Bear, 2 x Lee Brothers, and I all doubled over pushing this 2 tonne building that i swear had more wood in it then what was in the Tasmanian Forest'  whilst Kanser with his Yellow Lollipop stick was holding traffic up and taking photos along the way.  Managed to get the Cubby House in position before i needed a rest and more tea was orderd and normal service was resumed.
Fun Morning all round.
Normally go for a few pints Sunday arvo , but i think i need a trip to the local chiropractor first and lets hope i don't need a sick day off tomorrow now :)

Ronan, Big Bear and one half of the 'Lee Brothers' in action.

C.T 'This was not in the fineprint' helps out as well.

Kanser working out a way on how to beat Enda in Berlin.

...And even the 'Good Wife Liv' has to show Kanser how its done.

Finally - The famous Cubby House in position, and 'No' we won't be moving it again in 6 months.

Tomorrow - Kanser QUITS his Job at MacBank, Tune in to see what his next career move is :)


Friday, February 1, 2013

Striders Homebush 10ks - 38.15

With it hammering down with rain all through the night and early morning  i had the pleasure of giving HuRTS Performer of the Year Man Tony Fats a lift out to Homebush for the first race in the Striders 10ks series of the year. Must say it was by far the best conversation I've had on the way to a race in years and i arrived in a more relaxed frame of mind rather then having to listen to that Irish twaddle i normally put up with.
Had a very good warm up with him even if we were saturated by the time we lined up for the run, Met some friendly faces before the off that included the Chairman, Macca, Elvis, Laura, The Leech, MaccaMcCreadie, MrAce, and many others.
After a sharpish start it was the normal battle to get around the tight 500m car park before we settle for the long stretch up the straight and towards the footy stadium. Think Elvis was trying to play mind games and he went ahead of me early but i was more then happy to just sit with him and get into a nice rhythm, Had the Leech come by soon after and i thought that was my queue to tag onto him for a change and did so for the next 3ks or so. Battled my way around the very muddy 'Common Area' and came around for the completion of the first lap in 18.46. Felt that about right as i thought i was in about 37.45 shape before the start and just tried to keep it ticking over from there, Had a quick glance over the Car Park as i was leaving and could see Elvis and the more dangerous Laura about 20 seconds behind.
Felt OK at times and bloody terrible at others in truth and was delighted to come from the even muddier Common area for the second time and hold for a relatively strong finish  (even if i did look like Dog Sh!te) stopping the watch in 38.15
Time was slower then i anticipated but conditions weren't great and that probably represents where i am in training at the moment. Looking across the board i think everyone times were down (maybe up to 45 seconds?) although it didn't stop Tommy H at all, as he crossed in 5th spot with a very impressive 33.52 ( and cleaned me up for the easiest $20 he'll ever get)
The Timmy's Run of the Day goes to The Chairman - super effort that mate
Timmy's Flop of the Day - David Kane for his 36.46 ( although he missed the start but lost ONLY 20 seconds)
The Anthony Mundine Trash Talk of the Day - Robert 'Elvis' Costello, for his 38.46 after telling all of  N.S.W he was going to smash me and then even failing to beat Young HuRTS Girl Laura.
Notable solid runs from Fats, The Leech and Dicky Green.

I in fact actually run with the I Pod today, which i don't normally do but i figured i needed something different for a change and just got my Top 10 songs on playlist to keep me motivated - Worked wonders as well, as the end of the 10th was just finishing as i crossed the line. Take a look to see if you know any, (if not ask Mr Elvis:) )
1. Shipbuilding
2. Beyond Belief
3. Everyday i write the Book
4. Love, Peace and Understanding
5. Watching the Detectives
6. I Don't want to go to Chelsea
7. Pump it Up
8. Radio Radio
9. Alison
10. Oliver's Army

Handed Tom his winnings at the end - and as mentioned HUGE congrats to him but i really do think he needs to get his 'Fair Play Character' back as i told him prior that 4 mins would have been close on the handicap and so it proved???
Anyway that's the first race down and although certainly nothing to shout about, Old French Geordie Jimmy James will have to better it before May time :)

Return journey was again with Fats, and boy this lad is pretty easy going, not only is he a fantastic runner and great company when out socializing but he is an even better family man. Telling me how he Bakes Cakes for everyone when at home, and how excited he is to have his eldest daughter starting school on Monday and is all set to take her for her first day.  It was about this point he started to get all teary eyed and i needed to pull over and get the hankies at the ready - Nothing Wrong with that Fats, and i won't be telling anyone :)

Out in the morning for the long run that will bring the Dark Side boys over to my office (Centennial Park) , Kanser will run as will Enda( although i suspect there will be an excuse come 5pm) , and HuRTS #1 Girl Laura is venturing up from 'Gods Country' for a trot with us.
Breaky on at the (NEW) House of Kane's after.....wouldn't miss that one now.

Results here -