Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Long as Kanser returns


Up early for the 6.30am start to meet the gang although NO sign of regulars Leech, Hoey. Laura or Corky O’Conner and the whereabouts of the ‘Weetbix Kid’ Renaud still remains a mystery, as his long layoff continues.

Still good to see ‘Tea Towel’ Tony Fats back with us for a trot as so the Prodigal Son Dave ‘Kanser’ Kane who joined the likes of C.T, Enda, Jeet, Birch, Sweaty Sock (Craig) and a few others. Regular 6k loop at easy pace of around 4.42s to start and it didn’t take long before Enda was spinning his garbage wanting a scratch bet with me for the next 10k due to him missing so much training (as we then later find out he’s now done 12 days straight)

Picked up a waiting Kanser at the cafe at 7am and it was a case of ‘Double Trash’ as him and Enda were rambling whilst I was happy to talk to Tony and Jeet for the 10k loop. Pace was honest and it was Craig Wiseman of all people who was working from the front before Jeet, Tony and I took over as we pushed the Woollahra Hill section coming home in 45 minutes at 4.30 pace.

A few drop outs and people falling behind at this point and after looking around it was only Fats and Kanser that remained as I still had another 4ks to go, Pace quickened again for the final stages of the run as Kanser gave me his latest David Bowie CD review all the while Fats was planning a Pub Crawl around the local area of all the Craft Beer Breweries for sometime in March.

20ks done again in 91 minutes averaging 4.33s for the session.

Happy enough with that and pleased to get through the month of January knocking out 20 for each Sunday, will aim now for Feb to pick it up a little and start getting through 24-25 from here on in.

Finished off with a coffee and chat with Birchy and Jeet, where our English friend was beaming telling me all about his latest girlie friend.


Some of the HuRTS group who were out running this morning, guess who ?
and more ?
and who could forget this young man.


Felt less than ordinary to start another week thanks to a fine afternoon up in the hub of Newtown enjoying some fine beers, so was happy to hit the pool at lunch more in hope to clear the head than anything else. Crossy Lad, Angus and Kroney were on hand and if Mondays are supposed to be a recovery day then someone forget to tell these lads. I got through a 500m warm up by myself before declaring a 1 x400, 4 x200 and 8x100 set. Just about sat on Crossy Lads feet for the 400m effort stopping the clock in 6.27. Before the pace quickened for the sharper 200s where Kroney and I took it in turns sitting in 3rd wheel on Crossy’s feet. If Crossy wasn’t  whinging about his Achilles injury before then he certainly was after I nearly sliced about 8 of his toes when I slapped on the hand paddles for the extra speed. Averaging around 3.10s for the 200s with the fastest 3.03

100s to finish off and was able to keep them all under 1.30 which is pretty good for me

2.3ks all up.


Sad weekend just gone, first up Stoke lose in the FA Cup to the Tin Pot Palace, We Woz Robbed is all I can say. Still, it could work in our favour as we can now just concentrate on the Premier league and get that all important 4th spot that will take us into Europe next season with the big boys.

More sadness overnight with the passing of TV legend Sir Terry Wogan, I along with many was brought up with Wogan on the telly either with his chat or gaming shows. Very clever man ( I know it’s unusual for an Irishman but there you go) and his quick dry wit especially when hosting the shocking Eurovision Song contest was legendary.

Wow, January certainly proved a big month in the passing of many of the greats.

RIP Terry Wogan.


Will be back out tomorrow for the HuRTS 2 x 20 minute efforts. And I may even try to fit a bike session in first up as well.


I think Kroney forgot his shoes to get back to work after the lunchtime swim today.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Double Combo Set - 20 minute Hills & 5k Tempo.

AM – Back in the pool and knocked out 2.8ks, slow and steady was the order of the day – averaging 1.45s



Lunch. Must have done this session about 6 times now and it still never gets any easier. The ‘double’ compo set of 20 minutes of hills followed by a 5k tempo around the Domain is perhaps one of the toughest on the calendar and certainly isn’t for the faint hearted. That said a good turnout was out despite the hot and humid conditions once again with Enda even making a rare appearance and nice to see Old Warrior Charlie back for the first time in 2016.

Marked out the 125m hill and was soon into it sitting in about 4th as Tommy H and Prince Ho were battling well ahead, I found Razor Wareham come flying past me on the downhill and wondered what the hell he was doing? Works out he wanted to run the ‘downs’ fast and ‘ups’ easy, that meant we’d be seeing each other plenty during the course of the next 20 mins or so.
Enda came past me around the 6th minute marker and pulled me up for one rep, as I was then surprised to lap the slower guys so early in Hannell, Gleeso and Corky. The talented Frenchman Jerome was next to drag me around for a lap but my legs were pretty much gone at half way and after that it was pretty much over for me. A quick drink at the bubbler at the 11 minute mark and then in all honestly just went through the motions to get through the remainder.

A regroup at the Stone Gates before splitting into 2 groups for the 5k tempo and found despite the legs feeling like stumps was grouped with Enda, Leech and Razor moving OK going through the first 1k in 3.42. The boys started to pull away down to Mrs Macs Chair and from that point up the hill I was in survival mode. Back up the final hill at 2.5k where we turn again to do the 2nd lap but I just continued back to the starting point to register only 3ks. Mind you if I thought I was in the HURT box poor Charlie was in all sorts – sitting on the side of the road ‘Kaput’ at about 2.4ks ....Welcome back Warrior.

Back to the Stone Gates in 11.30 for the 3ks – averaging 3.50s, that meant one of the final 2ks was done close to 4 minutes if the first was 3.42

Recovered and waited for the team to arrive back and The Chairman Tommy H was the first home, powering looking bloody brilliant covering the 5ks in sub 16 I think he said ? The man’s on fire, although as I said ‘HuRTS P.O.T.Y isn’t handed out in January’ and my concern is he’s peaked and doing too high a mileage so early in the year.

Great effort once again from all those at the session, not one of my best although my legs were still cactus from Tuesday’s bike ride.

Will rest up completely Friday and try for a trot Saturday and get out for a long one come Sunday.


A big weekend on the cards, F.A Cup time in England and I can’t believe we have drawn the ‘Tin Pot Palace’ and are forced to go back to that $h1t hole Selhurst for a 2nd time this season.  They are ‘Pony’ at the moment although Stoke are coming off the back of a tough midweek game that included Extra Time so it will be a close affair.

Timmy’s Tip. Crystal Palace 1 vs. Stoke 1 **

Good mate Slim Sammy Agnew may even get an education on how supporters get behind their team and learn a thing or two from the travelling Stoke army.


Also in other news, there appears to be a few NEW blogs flying around, Hoey was rambling on about his and that he’s gone all fancy in trying to break into the ‘Elite’ market (Top 5) and now I see Tea Towel Tony Fats has brought his rag back. Didn’t used to be a bad read in truth, especially when he blogged about his Home Brewing. It’s bad news for our Geordie Blogger who will find himself dropping down the official list.

Old C.T has decided to post some of his words of wisdom as well that will see Insomniacs of the world  rejoice, Still it adds a bit of value to the Sunday long runs and gives us something more to chat about instead of the usual ‘ I run yesterday, I’ll run tomorrow and yep I run today’ ritual we normally get from ‘Pommy Toms Times’ like adventures.

I must get Kanser on the case for me to put a link up to all blogs on mine to help them out ...... hopefully that way they may get readership into double figures ?


Have a great weekend

Train well and stay safe


** Stoke to win the replay

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Running, Long Rides and Happy Haggis Day.

Monday. Usually a rest day but with NO run on Sunday I thought I better get back out and promised Corky I’d run with her. Good crew out though with the group basically splitting into two as I held back and it was like the Irish invasion with Enda, Super Kev, his brother Mark as well as Corky from the Emerald Island with Prince Ho also keeping us company.

Usual around the Domain/ Passenger Terminal and the Wharfs turning at the 7.5k mark. Pace was easy, banter less so with the first of the Churchill/ Sands trash already starting some 4 months out.

15ks all up averaging 4.52s – perfect.

Evening was spent at the Wisemans care of the annual ‘Burns Day’ better known to me as ‘Haggis Day’  Fine turnout over at the family home in Cloey, with a top BBQ and hosting by Craig himself. The Haggis was cooked (to perfection I’m told) and brought out, but before we got into it Craig gave a great poem about it (we had no clue what he was rambling on about), very intense and Birchy and I got a little worried when he had the knife pointed and something about Englishmen that looked very intimidating.  Only polite to try the Scots finest dish....... Acquired taste that’s for sure, and it’s certainly not mine. The Scottish sausages on the other hand were the business as was the chicken.  A fine evening capped off when the 12 year old Glenfiddich was brought out, Very smooth to put away and enjoyed by all .....even Greta sampled.

Quote of the night came from Greta herself though when she asked me ‘ Why do the Scots have and celebrate ‘Burns Day’ so close to our own Aussie Day?

Many thanks to Craig and wife Anne for hosting.


Tuesday. Turned into a rather late Monday evening and when the alarm went at 5.30am in order to meet Kroney for our long ride it was touch and go?  Still, made it and along with my regular long ride partners Kroney and the Leech we were set for the morning. Honoured to have Angus ‘Curly’ Boyd along with us for his debut as we settled on the 3 Gorges ride over the north side. Along with the West Head and Akuna Bay this is perhaps the best ride you get in Sydney although with plenty of hills and over 100ks it was more than I was capable or should be attempting with no bike work done over the last 6 weeks once again.

It’s a tough enough start for the first 30k until you get out of town, but once out its stunning and before long due to the wet roads we make our way cautiously down to Cataract Gorge. First challenge of the day on the uphills but we climb together as we then head to Berowra Waters. Another great section as I open it up and fly down to the waiting ferry hitting speeds up near the 70 ks per/hr.

I may have been first OFF the ferry but I was certainly last up the 2nd of the hills as the legs with lack of biking was starting to show. Meanwhile the boys in particular Kroney flew up.

Pretty fast section along the highway before heading back into Kuringai National Park, but any slight hills and I was getting dropped big time, Angus took pity on me and towed me along for about 10k and I just sat on his wheel the whole way, even on the decent.  The 4ks climb out was torture and had to do solo with the lads that far ahead I had them pre order my coffee at the local brew house at the top.

Recovery time over coffee and banana bread chatting to Travis Shields before I was forced back on the bike for the final 40ks or so back home.  Tagged on to a group along the Pacific Hwy, that included gun cyclist Stuart Dangerfield that helped but I was close to breaking point as the distance tipped over 100ks for the day. Was forced into an unscheduled ‘Pit Stop’ as cramps set in and a ‘Coke’ was ordered as I was in a world of pain.

Happy to get back to Nth Sydney where we dropped Eoin off and then proceeded across the Bridge into town and then home with 120ks done for the mornings work. Average pace all up for me was 26ks per/hr that may not seem that fast but it was bloody hard enough for me over that terrain.

For a full on course description and times best check out Kroneys info care of the popular Strava link that everyone seems to be on these days.

Was supposed to head to an Aussie Day BBQ hosted by Kroney, but in truth I couldn’t venture off the couch all afternoon it was that bad.

Many thanks to Eoin, Kroney and Angus though for the ride and getting me through it, makes me think that I need to do more on the bike over the next month or so if I’m even to attempt these bigger tri races.


Wednesday. Rest day, although did do an easy 7ks with clients first up .


Craig with Haggis, flanked by Greta, Sonii, C.T, Lindop, Birch and Corky O'Connor.
Not sure if the knife was for the Haggis or Englishman Birch & Lindop?
I think I'll stick with my Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, thank you.
I always try to fit into the local culture.
Although I think Corky wears it better.

Cycling buddies on the ferry at Berowra Waters - Leech, Kroney and Angus Boyd.
'Elite' Leech trying to come to terms once shaking on giving me 60 seconds start at Homebush next week in the 10k, alongside Angus with his own 'Home brand sponsorship - Boyd shirt.


Friday, January 22, 2016

St Peters Park Run - 18.30 5th Overall.

Another rush around to make the St Peter’s  Park Run on a killer of a hot and humid morning and  rocked up to find HuRTS Nick Roberts, C.T (in the middle of his long run) and a nice surprise to see the ‘Mermaid’ Emma looking good with bub #2 not that far away. No sign  of Fats though after he laid the bet on Thursday deciding to sleep in and sending Mrs Fats over to race instead (that has now cost him $20 for the privilege) . A talented Stankard was out, although it was ‘Angel Ange’ doing the hard yards whilst I have it on good authority that Enda was training on hills earlier (although he’ll tell you he’s done no training )

C.T said prior he was only going to run around 19 minutes and with me running 18.20 last week I tried to get him to run with me, but didn’t seem that keen. So I took off with him somewhat behind,  Fast first k and go through in 3.26 with C.T then sitting right on my shoulder, slow it down a little after that and happy to see the 2nd go through in 3.37 The first girl (no idea who) comes past with a kid about 12 soon after and just at the start of the hill C.T makes his move and tells me to stick with him. Easier said than done, as I’ve goneski and offer nothing once again as I get to the top.  A slight increase in pace coming down the other side but disappointed to see a 3.57 go through for the 3rd.

Survival mode from here on in I’m afraid, somehow make the 4th respectable but the final one was ugly as I cross out in 18.30 – some 10 seconds slower than last week and one place down in 5th for my troubles.

Ugly splits were; 3.26, 3.37, 3.57, 3.41, 3.49

Apart from the 1st kilometre I never felt good at all, not looking for excuses but the humidity was the major concern not only for me but for most by the way everyone came over the line and I doubt there were many PBs flying around today.

C.T ended up putting 16 seconds into me over  2.5ks (18.14) and I bet he was just holding a steady pace throughout and Nick Roberts took the win with a time of 16.53

I was hoping ‘Prince Ho’ was going to come out and pace me for the morning, but that was a NO go as he decided to walk his dog instead – I think he must have known something?


Overall disappointed, but we keep plugging on.



Thursday, January 21, 2016

HuRTS Elite Biathlon..... without the swim leg.

Morning. 2k really easy swim set down at PAP, didn’t do the usual 3k as didn’t want to knacker myself before the ‘Big Battle’ with Tommy H at the Biathlon later in the day. Followed it up with an even easier 5ks around the Domain as I marked the run course out for the event. Then finished up the morning with coffee with the Chairman whilst trying to work out how much of a start I needed in the swim leg only to be told that he was ‘pulling the pin’ and wouldn’t make the start line.


Evening. Rolled up early to find Laura already waiting so decided on a warm up and went over the run course with her,  The team started arriving soon after and just around race start time so did Sydney’s recent Rollercoaster weather. 40 degrees throughout the day but bang on 6.30pm the heavens opened and the thunder and lightning struck that resulted in the pool closure. Stood around for a while deciding on the best course of action, but with no sign of stopping we had to sadly rearrange and just do a 5k running event. Absolutely pelted down and with floods galore it made the run leg that much more difficult.

Quentin and Biathlon Champ Mike Leichwark battled it out at the front , with Lachlan Oates in 3rd way ahead of Leechy, Kroney and myself. I was the first to drop off as early as about 2ks in truth and I was only  running about 3.42s at the time. Ambled my way around Farm Cove to the Stone Gates and managed to check where everyone else was on the turn and just prayed I had enough left to get home without getting overtaken. The rise coming out the Domain back to the road is another tough section with 1k to go as I then made my way down to Mrs Macs Chair and I nearly needed my snorkel to get through a flooded area. Little easier finish heading back to the pool but by this stage there was no way any sort of kick down for home was happening as I crossed the line in 18.42

Solid enough effort I thought in the circumstances, but looking at it I reckon Tommy H would have beat me overall as we worked out prior that 90 seconds would be the magic time difference in the pool.

Quentin took line honours just ahead of Mike, although I believe Mike would have taken the comp had the swim leg been completed, and I’m sure  ace swimmer Dave Butcher would have also been in the mix.

Good  hit out all the same, pity the weather stopped what would have been an interesting little event, On the plus side I’m $20 richer care of the Chairman’s NO SHOW – that I’ll happily put in the betting account for the season ahead.

Ventured over to the Tilbury after for a few beers with the gang to farewell old mate and #1 blog reader ‘The Italian Stallion’ Durante (when he eventually showed up), plenty of banter and laughs along the way, Enda rocks up full of excuses, Tea Towel Tony Fats arrived, C.T staggered off and left early, Taffy was running late missing the run leg and looked like Harry Hill with his NEW collared shirt and the Stallion hit up Harry’s for a final time for another 4 hot dogs and Tiger Pie........ Yep, some things just don’t change with the HuRTS team.

Fun night brought to a close as I shared a cab home with Fats who then took advantage, getting me at a weak moment with me agreeing to a $20 bet for Saturdays Park run with me to get a measly 60 second start



Rest day on Friday but will try to squeeze in another Park Run on Saturday plus a few more ks as it’s another busy weekend ahead.  Saturday sees my good mate host the popular Irish/ Aussie Day BBQ party, normally one of the best of the year so Sunday’s long run is a certain no go.

In the footy Stoke back up after an impressive display last week against Arsenal with a trip to highflyers Leicester who have taken the league by storm this season. Very tough game but have a few quid on the Potters to come away with a point.

Timmy’s Tip; Leicester 2 v Stoke 2


Elsewhere my mate Slim Sammy Aggers has gone very quiet on the footy, I see his Tin Pot Palace outfit haven’t scored a goal in over 5 matches – Oh Dear. Take one man out the team and they start to play like a championship team. Roll on the 4th round of the F.A Cup I say.
Biathlon team (L to R) Mike, Hamish, Dave, Lachlan, Jono, Laura, Quentin, Timmy, Hoey, Leech, Greta and Kroney

Have a great weekend
Train well and stay safe


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Midweek P.A.P Swim in the Heat.

Near 40 degrees again and worked in with Crossy Lad to head to P.A.P again for the second swim of the week, also joined by old client Alex and after a 200m warm up we decided on a quick 5 x 300m rep set.

Crossy led the lane out and as soon as 150m I was dropped and basically laboured home in 4.55 and thought I was already done before we started. Decided then to get the toys out for help and with the hand paddles I was able to sit with the boys for the remainder of the session.

Next 4 reps ranged from 4.43s to 4.47 that I was happy with. Neither Alex or I could get anywhere near Crossy Lad mind you on the 5th as he kicked it down for a 4.30 finish – the lad is certainly getting stronger in the pool that’s for sure.




Monday, January 18, 2016

Early Morning 3 x 3ks Efforts in Centennial

Monday ,
Normally a rest day but stunning day out and when Crossy Lad came calling for a swim it was a good opportunity to start building the ks back up. Was looking for an easy session although once Angus and Kroney rocked up I knew I was in for a tough 40 minutes ahead.

A couple of hundred warm up followed by 2 x300, 4 x 200 and 6 x 100s was the go and I was battling to stay on Kroneys feet throughout, Was pretty happy to do the first of the 200s in around 3.10 but the last two were far quicker in 3.05s.

The 100s all done in sub 1.30s that I was also happy with, first bit of speed work back in the pool since before Xmas and forgot just how hard it is.



Temps up around 30 degrees again so put out my email to go early morning, unfortunately regular morning guys Jeet was working, Laura struggled to get to the park, Corky was hung-over and Birchy said he was going for a manicure (what’s all that about?) so was left to go solo for the morning.

Planned session was 3 x 3k reps at a controlled pace, just did a 2k warm up and was set to go for the faster first 1k on each rep. If the first k is the fastest the 2nd is the flattest and the 3rd by far the toughest as you come around near Fox Studio gates heading back to the cafe.

Happy enough to complete the first in 11.01 averaging 3.40 pace put was certainly working hard enough to even achieve that in all honesty. Went out slightly harder on the 2nd to take advantage of the easier start but by half way had to dig in and just managed to finish on 11 mins dead.

Really contemplated not going out for the 3rd and it was only the Stoke Heart that saw me complete the session, Pace was down straightaway but just tried to run it as even as I could. Thought about running it at less than tempo pace but kept a sustained effort up and although the slowest of the morning I was happy enough with an 11.14 finish (3.45s)

Times. 11.01, 11.00, 11.14


A 6k cool down (working with a client) meant 17k for the morning.


No sign of any of the others this morning although I did see ‘Mr & Mrs Kenny in #1 Renee and James flying around on the bikes,  Renee always offering encouraging words as I battled away, whilst Kenny was less encouraging hurling abuse and telling me to cover my fat gut up.

It was noticed though that Kenny was sat on Renee’s wheel ‘Drafting’ all the while – shame on him J


Rest day tomorrow although with high temps once again I may see if Crossy Lad is up for another swim set?


Thursday is the HuRTS Biathlon at the ABC Pool,  should be a good night, 500m swim followed by 5k run – Tommy H is going down in this one, get your money on the little Stoke battler to take him out.

Drinks to follow at the Tilbury for Durante’s leaving do.




Sunday, January 17, 2016

National Park Long Run in Shire Town.

Passports ready, money changed up and vaccinations all done – yep, it was time to head South and pay Laura a long overdue visit for out a Sunday long run in ‘Shire Town’.  Called up some support in Jeet, Birchy and Taffy James for the morning as we made our way to the National Park where Crossy Lad had made the effort to join us as well for a pretty cruisy 20ks.

Stunning little track that sees plenty of undulating little hills that makes it a solid run although I resisted to up the pace at any stage of the morning deciding to run with Taffy and Birchy whilst the others couldn’t help themselves to go ahead.  Great little chat heading out till the top of the hill at 10k before basically just repeating for the journey home.

Taffy run well for his longest run since his injury and Birchy got through it well despite his dislike for trail running due to his dodgy ankles.

20ks done in 1hr; 40 mins exactly working at 5 min per/k pace, certainly wasn’t  the fastest run on record but certainly very enjoyable and sometimes you need to do these kind of sessions as I reckon it builds great strength and endurance up without smashing yourself.

Finished off with Laura’s mum Lyn making it down as well to deliver her Banana Bread and more famous Scones that went down a treat,  Taffy made a show of himself again when he started licking the cream bowl, although I think Lyn was just happy to see that old ‘Potty Mouth’ Tommy H was a no show after his shocking language last time around.

Coffee drunk and Scones destroyed it was time for some beach action down at Cronulla and the water was stunning and proved a good recovery for the tired legs. Watched a little of the ‘Ironman and Women in the ‘Nutri-Grain series (man, those are super athletes) before heading over for an afternoon at Cronulla RSL for a few scoops.

Great 8 hours in total spent in Shire Land and many thanks to Laura for hosting the morning as well as her Mum and Wol who made us outsiders feel welcome and didn’t throw the schooner glasses at us at any stage of the afternoon.

With the deadline for our passports running out it was left to Jeet to get us back over the Captain Cook Bridge and back to the safety of Erko for a few quiet ones to finish off a top day.

Many thanks to Jeet as well who was on driving duties and had to put up with a rather intoxicated Paul Birch on the return journey.



Post Run treats, with Taffy, 'Lumberjack' Birchy, Jeet and host Laura.
Think Taffy enjoyed himself ....... possibly a little too much.
It was suggested to bring Tommy H one back, but that idea lasted about 3 minutes before Birchy demolished it.
Perfect hosts on home turf - Lady Laura and Wol enjoying an ale or two.
and Taffy Lad James with Jeet didn't go without either.

Friday, January 15, 2016

St Peters Park Run 18.20 - 4th Overall.

Had a window of an hour so scooted over to St Peters to line up with a record crowd of some 477 to take on the ‘Worlds’ toughest Park Run over 5ks.

Massive crowd and saw two of the latest HuRTS legends from Thursdays sweat fest in Mike Liechwark and ‘Hipster’ Chris (beardy guy). Super fast start from everyone and at the 500m mark I’m positioned no better than about 10th, Get a shout out from spectator Kanser at the 1k mark as I slowly  move my way through the field into 7th by the time I get to 2ks. Still about 400m away from climbing but already dread what’s coming, spirits are raised though when going up the hill I pass a runner as I High 5 some joker all dressed up in fancy dress at the top (swear it sounded like Enda?).

Try to up the pace on the downhill and soon after the 3k mark I pass another runner that sees me now into 4th with 3rd place only some 30 metres ahead and despite feeling average at least it keeps me true to see the final stages out. The final k is a very tough but keep plugging away as Kanser reappears with 200m to go as I finally get on the 3rd place guys shoulder. I wait before I try one last kick for home and as I come level he decides to do the same as we begin a battle to the line. Unfortunately (for me at least) he takes it by a mere second as I stop the watch in 18.20

Still very early in the year but I’m pretty happy with that and hope by Feb I can finally start breaking that 18 minute barrier.

Splits for the day were; 3.31, 3.36, 3.43, 3.35, 3.37 ( and 13 seconds to run the extra distance over 5ks) average 3.37s

Well done to HuRTS boys Chris who just held out Mike Liechwark by a second as well I heard both coming home in around 17.50 (?)


Great hit out and wish I had the chance to do more.


Heading down to Shire Town tomorrow for the Sunday Long run...... Or more importantly heading down to stuff my fat face of homemade Scones care of Laura’s dear mother Lyn post run, Happy Days J


Have a good weekend

Train well, stay safe




Thursday, January 14, 2016

800s in the HuRTS Hurtbox as the Heat comes.

Wednesday. Caught up with Crossy Lad for the first time in the New Year and hit the pool on a stunning day, Crossy must have been reading up over the break as he has all these new sets to try and seemed super keen. Me on the other hand was dreading it as I have let my swim go downhill over the festive season.

A small warm up and then it was 500m straight and then 20 x 50m with the first 10 strokes as strong as you could to see how far you got down the pool. I was rolling every 60 seconds but even then I wasn’t doing it easy and had to battle my way through.

A quick cool down and jumped out with 1700m done.


Thursday. Like Tuesday it was due to be a scorcher again only about 10 degrees hotter, But unlike Tuesday I didn’t have the luxury to get out early for a run due to work.

Was back down at PAP though which was a perfect start to the day, and after a very long warm up of 700 metres I was then told the set for the day was going to be 1 x 400m & 4 x 100m that I thought was OK until he added x3 after it. Was almost defeated before I started but it wasn’t as bad as it sounded as the 400s were done very easy and we were rolling for the 100s every 1.50

With a couple of hundred cool down I was more than happy to hit the coffee house with 3.3ks done


Jumped in the car to head to Rushcutters and nearly turned straight back around when I saw 40 degrees showing. Rocks up and finds the Oval in tip top shape once again and after marking out the course for the 8 x 800s for the day I couldn’t believe to find 15 of the HuRTS Hardcore ready to roll despite the heat, 3 Englishman (Tom ,Crossy and yours truly), Kiwi (Mike Leichwark), Frenchman (Dom), Sweden’s finest export in Erika and a few token Skippy’s were set to go.

With the big 5 way ahead,(Tom, S.O.C, Crossy, Small Tom and 'Mr Personality' Darren ) I found I was pretty well tucked in with M.Leichwark but even coming in with a 2.45 I was spent. A bit of chat after the first rep but went very quiet after that with very little conversation in the recovery as we all seemed to be in the ‘Hurt box’

Managed to get the next 2 done without losing much but the 4th was a killer, harboured plans to pull the pin at this stage but then went to plan ‘B’ which was to go to 400m reps and try to run strong for a single lap with the front guys. Didn’t really go to plan on the 5th as I was still in recovery mode as we were rolling every 4 minutes but for the 6th,7th and 8th I tagged onto Tommy H and Scotty that worked perfect.  Even managed to kick the final rep down with a strong 70 second lap.

Times. 2.44, 2.44, 2.46, 2.50, 79, 73, 73, 70


Everyone and I mean everyone looked wrecked at the end (even Erika Ekland) and it was a monster effort from all those that run that will surely go down in the HuRTS ‘Best Of’ book. Kudos to everyone that run.


Friday rest day



Big weekend ahead, will head down to Laura's hometown this Sunday to do the Long run in the Shire, looking forward to that, before that the big game in the Premiership as on at the ‘Brit’ with Arsenal the latest to hopefully cop a beating (must remember to phone Master Sweeney on Sunday) , The Arse never like coming to Stoke as we normally beat them up and this week won’t be any different only we'll do it in style this season.
 Get on the Potters in a tight one
Stoke 2 v Arsenal 1

Best bet of the week (and i told Toon Tommy last night) is to get on his Newcastle boys to beat high flying West Ham. Both shite but i think the North East boys will get the 3 points.


A few photos from last Thursday evening and Friday morning from when I got the opportunity to catch up with the Liverpool Legends, got a few tips from old mate Bruce Grobbalaar on how to bet for the season ahead and all the old heads were great craic to chat with.
Liverpool's #1 in the 80s - Great keeper and some character Bruce Grobalaar

True Liverpool boy Jamie Carragher only recently retired with over 700 games for the great club.

3 Plastic Paddy's - Legend John Aldridge with Jason McAteer

Tried to educate the boys on footy, but it was no use, Still, a good night out with Enda, Kanser, Ronan and Tom. With Jeet also out but on photo duty for this one




Monday, January 11, 2016

There's a Starman Waiting in the Sky.

Busy morning and with temps due to hit mid 30s with killer humidity the smart money was to get our early doors and so the ‘Magnificent 7’ of Birchy, Sonya, Corky, Laura, Jeet, Gleeso and I were set to go at 6.30am.

A few sessions to choose from but we decided to go with the 2 x 20 minute efforts (3 min rec) and after a 2k warm up (did we really need it?) we were off.

Led out with Jeet tucked on my shoulder through the first and second k before Jeet had a spell from the front, pace was pretty honest but as early as the 10 minute mark I was sweating pretty heavy and knew it was going to be a bloody tough old set.  A little climb around the 15 minute mark nearly saw me in the bin but held on for the whole 20 minutes getting back past the cafe for 5.2ks all up averaging 3.54s

Turned around and retraced my steps for the second half only this time Jeet was the one leading out, I made a break on the downhill at 5 minutes but it didn’t take him long to cover that and from that point I was chasing all the way.

Once again I was struggling with about 8 minutes to go but figured everyone was going to be in the same position due to the conditions and with about 1k to go I sensed Jeet was slowly coming back to me.  It helped having him in front at this point and somehow lifted and was only about 5-10 metres behind him once the 20 minutes ticked over as we both got back to our original starting position.

Held 3.55s for the return leg, that saw 10.4ks done in total.

Good runs from everyone to be honest on a killer of a morning and just glad to get it out the way as I know I wouldn’t have fancied the lunchtime set.

Enjoyed a ‘PowerAde with Gleeso post run that almost went down as well as my Sunday arvo beers.


Wasn’t finished yet though as hit into town to run with a client and ‘girl in form’ Victoria – where we knocked out a warm up followed by 6 x 5 minute efforts and she wasn’t messing around either running at a healthy 4.30 pace for each one ..... Think I was the one struggling.

Another 8ks done for a solid morning of 20k for the day before retiring in the city for a coffee, things are looking up as Tommy H joined us and even shouted, Got me thinking what’s he after ? I wonder if he wants to join our SOTB team ?


Well the big news overnight came with the sad passing of one of my music hero’s David Bowie, Tragic and we’ve lost one of the finest. Absolute genius the man was and how he used to reinvent himself was pure magic. Grew up listening to him. Loved his old stuff as much as I loved his 80s music. Favourite songs? Too many to mention although I do have a soft spot for ‘Sorrow (1973) and China Girl some 10 years later.

RIP . David Bowie

In fact it was a double sad day for ALL music fans the world over as many were in mourning as Justin Bieber tragically has been confirmed alive and well.


Rest day tomorrow although with this heat I’ll be heading back to the pool to catch up with Crossy lad to get the swimming back up to speed.




Saturday, January 9, 2016

Save & Hug a Tree Centennial Long Run - 20ks

The Sunday crowds keep coming to join the SOTB team although no sign of C.T, Laura or the ‘Sweaty Sock’ (Craig) and even NEW resident SOTB girl ‘Eastside Elle’ decided to go easy and stay north this morning only for her training partners to leave without her that meant she had to run solo for the next two hours – very poor form I say but it’s what you expect from that part of town I suppose with that ‘Me, Myself and I’ attitude .

Bloody humid morning that saw the team sweat bucket loads (Leech taking the award for most fluid lost) and that was just even in the easier 6k loop, Tried to keep everyone together holding a cruisy 4.45 per/k pace

The start of the 10k loop was where the pace picked up and its where the faster guys just can’t help themselves and take off, Had to cut short our usual 10k loop by about 600m due to the tree cutting that sealed off the path and it was here I thought Birchy was going to chain himself to the trees in protest. Back into the park and once we hit Woollahra Hill the pace upped once more as I returned to the cafe in 42 minutes for the 9.4k section averaging 4.28s

With one flat lap to do I wasn’t keen on doing the usual 4 min/k section today but started off with the guys who before long were running sub 4s anyway, Soon dropped off by around 2ks but was happy to be holding a steady 4.13s. Added a little on by coming through the middle of the park to get another 5k done to round it up to over 20 for the morning.

For the 3rd straight week another 20ks done in 90 minutes – average 4.30

Will start picking the ks up from here and will aim to do that extra flat loop to get it up to 24 each week for the rest of January.


Enjoyed a post run coffee with Corky, Birchy, Leech and Jeet and later Jerome & Neil P as the ‘Prefect’ Jeet played around on my phone uploading Whatsapp, Donkey Kong, Pacman, and God knows what else?


Quiet afternoon planned, no drinks as not feeling the best, but will get set for a busy week ahead.



Friday, January 8, 2016

Rushcutters Pyramid

Cones all set up for the pyramid 400,800,1k,1k,800,400 metre set when just as the boys rock up the 'Fat Controller 'groundsman tells me in no uncertain way to 'collect my cones and bugger off'
So over to a makeshift #2 oval for the day and with a  good turnout as the sun came out we were off, Some fast lads out with D.Tongue, Scotty and Hoey battling it from the front as I sat in with Mike Leichwark and Brucie Lambo,  Was blowing pretty hard by the time half way came around and the section back up the start line on each rep was tough having to contend with the wind and slight uphill.
The 1k reps were consistent and was able to kick it down to finish the last 400m strong.
Distances were all running long today as we didn't get time to get the course measured right.
82 (3.14 pace),
2.43 (3.13 pace)
2.42 (3.13 pace)
76 (3.04)

Good evening then spent watching some of the old Liverpool F.C boys in an exhibition game,  Quality was what I was expecting to be honest although some of the old boys look like they still have the touch including Riise, Dietmar Hamann, Garcia and of course Stevie G. Lots of fun especially late in the night with the likes of Kanser, Tom, Enda and Ronan all in full voice as the TRASH talk went into the early hours as the beers flowed.
Forced rest day today and couldn't even make my swim .

Have a good weekend
Train Well and stay safe

Monday, January 4, 2016

3,2,1 minute efforts x 4 (60 seconds break) with Eastside Elle.

The ‘Big Wet’ continued in Sydney town but it didn’t stop the HuRTS Holiday morning hardcore crew from getting out first up for a Fartlek session around Centennial Park, Joined by Ant Donnelly, Birchy, Laura and ‘Eastside Elle’ (once again) we were lucky with a break in the weather as we cruised an easy couple of ks warm up.

Session was 3,2,1 minute efforts x 4 with a 60 second break between each rep – turning before the start of the 3rd rep and trying to get back to the starting post that was the cafe.  Went out strong but needed to as Laura wasn’t far behind during the first set. Then noticed on the 2nd that although I may have been slightly quicker she was holding the recoveries at a faster pace. Felt the pace drop during the 3rd 3 minute effort and really had to dig in as Laura was then starting to lead out.

Once the 3rd was done then you know you are home and with Birch, Ant and Elle in sight it helped to keep us honest as once again Laura pushed the pace to ensure we both got home. I managed a 12 second negative split but the others were closer to 30 seconds that was pleasing to see.

Despite the hectic Xmas and New Year season I feel as if I’ve managed to come out the other end in not too bad a shape, my speed work is OK but will need to work on the longer stuff over the next few months. Laura is already looking stronger and that’s just in a few weeks and here’s hoping for a injury free year for her. Birchy even after 30 days continuous beer drinking is moving well and ‘Our very own Eastside Elle’ has come on leaps and bounds since moving from the Dark Side.

Just shy of 9ks for the set in 36 minutes averaging 4.03s and after a cool down lap with L.J made it over 15ks for the morning.




Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Year in Review 2015

Well another year down and even if I didn’t get the results I was after I was still pretty happy with how the 12 months unfolded.

January. Started the year off in better shape than previous ones and was happy with a Park Run in a decent time over 5ks and a 65 minute BRAT triathlon for the first of many 2nd placing that would be the norm for the 12 months.

February. Saw the first Striders 10k of the series out at Homebush and although wasn’t nothing to write home about I thought a 37.24 wasn’t a bad way to begin and would set a good platform for the year? (how wrong I was to be)

March, Begun to get busier and I upped the ante with my swimming with a 16.51 time trial with the HuRTS team. Mate Paulie Hanley was leaving for a stint in Dubai and had a farewell BRAT triathlon that saw me come in 2nd to PLOD in 66 minutes. The 2nd Striders race was out at Manly on an easier course but sadly I wasn’t able to go any faster despite getting a decent 4 weeks training in since the Feb race, Raced without a watch to try to help but only registered 37.34 for the mornings work.

April, I returned to Kurnell for the Sprint Triathlon series and this was better as I got 2nd in age group but more importantly took Crossy Lad for a friendly $20 when he agreed to give me a 3 minute start and lost out by the closest margin of 1 second. Also headed down the nation’s capital for the Canberra Half and run solid enough to stop the clock with an even 84 minutes – cleaning up in the betting stakes with Birch and Taffy, but disappointed when Kanser came past about the 12k mark and I was unable to do anything about it.

Meanwhile the Striders was getting worse as I post a very disappointing 38.29

May. Is always a busy month on the calendar, got back in the 37s with a 37.29 at Striders. But the BIG one comes in the shape of the Churchill/ Sands Cup at SMH Half Marathon. The English boys led by the Chairman’s brilliant 3rd place overall regain the cup from those pesky Irish boys whose captain jumped ship early and didn’t even front up and the English celebrated in fine style, to the extent that the ‘Churchill Cup went missing and we were forced to get ‘Detective Bowman (Lisa) on the case for its safe return to headquarters at the Allen’s offices.

One of the highlights of the year also came in May although it didn’t involve any race, but the 24 hour ‘Outrun Cancer’ event that saw all the HuRTS team offer support in Martin Place. Brilliant effort from all as we covered a treadmill and stationary bike for 24 hours. Special mention goes out to the lads that did the ‘Graveyard shift – 2am in the morning, the likes of Bichy, Jono and ‘The Gangster’ Jason Ibrahim.

June, If May was the busy month then June was the quietest as I took myself away for a well earned break to Thailand and Vietnam for pretty much the whole month, Came back refreshed but very out of shape and knew I had to get my head down for some serious training ahead.

July. Started my City to Surf campaign that meant plenty of training on the hills of Sydney twice a week (Sunday and Wednesdays) and tested myself on the Worlds Hardest Park run at St Peters. Kept old mate Renaud in sight all the way as he beat me by only 4 seconds as some confidence started to return. Also did the Harbour 10k on a windy winters day in yet another 37 minute time.

August, Probably my best month of the year as the training continued with another St Peters hit out before my favourite run on the calendar – City to Surf. Love this race and after a couple of ordinary years I was able to post a decent time with a 51.22 and take a few of the HuRTS boys down in the process. Helped big time by running with ‘Mr Jingle Jangle’ Renaud all the way.  The HuRTS team have a good record in the ‘City Mile Dash’ race and I enlisted the help of Crossy Lad, ‘Special Q (Quentin) and The Stallion Durante as we romped away to keep the good name going with an easy win and I even run a 5.01 that I was happy with.

September. Had a good year injury free wise but September was the month that stopped me in my tracks as I pulled a glute muscle (no idea how), bloody painful for about 4 weeks that resulted in me making the start line for the Half Marathon for the Blackmore’s event but failed to even get across the starting mat. I did however manage to get back for the BRAT triathlon towards the end of the month to get my customary 2nd placing and then even going one better for the ‘Golden Duck swim handicap to win in 16.51

October, Was the start of the A.B.C Biathlon series that would see me do a sharp 4k run and 300m every week on a tough course around the Domain, Averaged out doing about 19.30 every week with my fastest a 19.08 for the season. Headed out for my yearly visit to Penrith for the triathlon and was swimming well but had a panic attack in the water that was disappointing as I held the bike and run legs to a decent time.

November. The last busy month of the year and another major disappointment with a season worse of 39.34 to end the Striders series, didn’t get any better with the HuRTS beer mile that was a complete disaster. Even though I wasn’t feeling 100% I not only got cleaned up by Tommy H but girls Corky O’Connor and Sonya. To complete a miserable hat trick for the month I battled (and just survived) the ‘Wedding Cake Island Ocean swim at Coogee.

On a more positive note we honoured Price Ho and Erika Ekland who took out the big Performer of the Year Awards at the popular HuRTS presentation evening at the Tilbury Hotel.

December. With the parties and beers in full flow December is always a tough month. Did my final BRAT race of the season in 68.21 on a stinker of a hot day (only good enough for 5th), and ventured over to the ‘Dark Side’ for the Curl Curl Park Run that resulted in a 4th spot coming home in 18 minutes.  Nice way to end the year when the last Golden Duck was done at the ABC as I stormed home to hold out Crossy Lad and The Champ for my 2nd victory of 2015.


Year Highs

1.       City to Surf – I love this race and happy with a 51.22

2.       Out Run Cancer – The camaraderie shown by the whole HuRTS group that make it such a  special club.

3.       My Kurnell races, both of them solid and to take Crossy’s $20 made it even sweeter.
4. England regain the Churchill Cup at SMH Half


Year Lows.

1.       Not being able to break 37 minutes over 10k

2.       Losing to Tommy H in the Beer Mile

3.       Letting Kanser go past me so easy at Canberra – I really do need to toughen up.


Tomorrow I will look into my Crystal Ball and look ahead with some big predictions for the year ahead.





First Long Run of the Year - 20ks

New Year but the North Shore Mass exodus continues as yet another NOTB boy in Todd Neal joins our talented and friendly crew for the Sunday long run, Girls back out with Laura continuing her comeback, Elle feeling revitalised since she come south, and Jac who unfortunately was feeling the effects of perhaps one too many Xmas social functions.

Pace was pretty good this morning after my New Years email about it being too fast to start as a decent group of around 18 made our way through the waiting members at the nearby cricket ground for the first 6k loop. Back to the cafe working around 4.40 pace as we picked up the late arrivals for the morning. Pace quickened slightly as I enjoyed conversation with Laura and the Prince (Ho) and the big news was to come from C.T that he has started a NEW blog (Told Hoey that his will now struggle to get in the Top 5) Took in the Woollahra hill again within the 10k loop and was happy to come in holding 4.36s .

With 16k done I was then looking for help from either Hoey, The Leech or Razor Wareham to help run a flat loop at 4 min/ks but The Leech and Ho weren’t interested and Razor was too busy popping in and out of the trees for me to get his attention so I was forced to go solo to finish the morning. Happy therefore to complete the lap in a time of 14.40 at 3.59 average.

20ks all up in a time of 90.10

Enjoyed a coffee and a chat post run with The Leech, Jeet and Laura as we were left wondering who may be the next NOTB member to fly the nest and join us next Sunday ??


Afternoon beers will be consumed down at the SCG where I’ll take in a little cricket, although the Windies boys have big problems and don’t’ offer much so it could just be a few hours spent in the members bar for the arvo.


Rest day tomorrow although do need to get my swimming back in order after a 10 day break, Will get back out on Tuesday for another speed run set.


Only the 3rd day in the New Year but I’ve already been getting requests for certain photos of HuRTS members, Can’t honestly believe there are still people that haven’t seen it but as I aim to please ...... here we go again J

Guess Who?