Thursday, October 31, 2013

As Easy as A.B.C

With camera's ready to roll, fans lining the fences and the lifeguards put on full alert we all eagerly awaited the return to the pool of one Enda 'the Eel' Stankard. It was back down to the Andrew Boy Charlton (A.B.C) Pool today for the first time for the season and a good crew was there as well despite a heavy night on the social calender last night.
Set was 2 x400, 2 x300, 2 x200 and 2 x 100s, QLDer Dave led us slower swimmers on the first rep and couldn't believe how buoyant in the water you are compared to the P.A.P pool resulting in touching out in 6.27, a little slower on the 2nd (but still faster then what we have been doing) with Brendan leading the charges with a 6.40
I then was called on for a 300 rep and was happy to get under the 5 minute mark, as we then waited for Enda to flap home that resulted in the nearby guard coming to the edge of the pool to enquiry if all was well with our Irish friend (I'm not joking)
With Pete Walker all done and dusted, we still had our 100s to go and he then kindly offered to lead me out for both that also resulted in a sharpish 1.30 to finish of the day.
Happy to report that The Eel Enda survived the day, although he did turn two shades darker with sunburn as he spent more time standing at the end of the pool playing with his new toy fish that coach Walker brought in for him.

Busy weekend again, might head out to Lane Cove in the morning for the final 10k race of the season, Its been a horrid season but keen to finish the year of and find out what shape i really am in.
Back on the airwaves tomorrow evening discussing all things footy - so tune if you are having problems sleeping (its a sure cure).
Predicting another poor weekend for all the mediocre teams although the best bet can be found at The Brit' this weekend with the Potters to turn over the high flying Southampton.
Timmy's Tip Stoke 2 vs Southampton 1

Have a good weekend
Train well

Enda the Eel, survives his first swim back of the season - think he enjoyed the new toy fish more then the swim though.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

10 x 400s McKay on Ghoulies Night

Had lined up Tommy H today to do some 400s down at Rushcutters but time prevented me getting over there so had to be content with doing my own in my backyard of McKay Oval, Centennial Park.
Warm even by the time i started and with a 78 first up i knew it was going to be tough, Despite how tough these feel the best part of the session is that its over pretty quick as i was rolling every 2 minutes.
Kept them all consistent once more even if the times were down on normal, so I'll take that as a positive.
Times went, 78, 78, 79, 78, 79, 78, 79, 79, 79, 77 all under 3.20 per/k )

Also squeezed in a morning swim first up with regular Thursday partner Taffy James, great session once more - Enjoy it when he's in recovery mode as its slightly less painful. Just did 5 x 200 and 8 x 100s averaging 3.17s for 200 and 1.37s for the 100s

So its upon us............HuRTS presentation evening, Can't wait, although i have been getting loads of messages (mostly abuse) telling me that i am the bookies favorite to take out the Under Achiever Award ......PLEASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEE, That can't be right? I've been injured for most part of the year and even physio Nick at Bondi says the torn Calf was the worst injury ever seen, yet i am up for nomination, Its gotta be a carve up?
Sure to be a good night - stay tuned tomorrow for all the big news.

Tonight also is Halloween night, lets hope Enda doesn't scare the kids too much on his way to the boozer, I've also been kept busy making my own pumpkin up to keep the 'lil $h!te$' from knocking on my door before i venture out this evening.
Take a look ( you may need to be English to guess who it is? ) ...and NO its not Charlie Dalziel :)

Didn't have a photo of Warrior Charlie to stick on the front door to keep the kids away, so made this up instead :)

Here's to a good night.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Taxi Please

Just a easy float around the park this morning, first running with clients then stopping for a quick chat with POD and both decided that Enda really does talk a load of $h1te when it comes to predicting his own race times.
Waited around to then run with Kanser who was out on his long run, He had done about 90 minutes so decided to help him out for the final half and hour as it looked as if he was struggling to get through it. Not sure of how long or the pace to be honest but i reckon i did about 10ks for a cruisy morning.

In all the excitement yesterday i nearly forget to mention how the resident HuRTS Taxi Man went in the Dublin Marathon over the weekend. Well after walking the final 10ks in Berlin he went on to tell me that his home town marathon was his REAL focus, so i along with the boys were expecting big things from Elvis for this one. It was with much surprise then when i woke to found a 3hr.26 pencilled alongside his name and that was with phoning his own 'Cute Cabs for Elvis' Taxi service to get him over the line. Looks like our Irish boy has a bit of work to do? Keep up the good work Elvis :)

Less then 24 hours to the HuRTS Nigh of Nights presentation down at the Tilbury Hotel - Excitement is at fever pitch with all the trophies under lock and key and speeches being prepared.
With all voting now closed i can give out my thoughts and predictions as to where the bling will be heading. And please note that this is just MY view - i have NO inside info on the votes.
Male Performance of the Year - Tony Fats
Female Performance of the Year - Lady Laura James
Most Improved  - James 'Kenny' Everett
Talks a Good Game - Angry Boy Clyde
Spirit Award - Chairman Tommy H (Jeez he needs to win something sometime?)
Ultra Walker of the Year - Andrew 'Tucks' Tuckey , (Anyone that can sleep 40 minutes in a race deserves something)
Triathlon of the Year - Eoin 'The Leech' for Roth

Special mention in the talks a good game - should have been nominated - C.T for his Berlin and Munich shocker.
Kanser - for doing bugger all?
Mikey Conway, never missed a session and trained the house down but never looked like getting under 35 for the 18th season in a row.

I'm Sure there will be some upsets along the way and your host will have all the news first hand come Friday morning.
Just praying Chairman Tommy H can remain upright long enough this year to hand out the awards.


Lets pray there is NOT a repeat of this come tomorrow for the Chairman - Seen here with the tap on the shoulder from Enda on his way out.

.......and it didn't get much better once outside.

Monday, October 28, 2013

5k Time Trial / Tempo/ Slow Run

Had planned originally to run the 800s with Kanser today but when The Chairman Tommy H puts a call out to go and do some 400s with him Kanser was soon giving me the brush off to join our leader.
So left by myself i decided to see where i was at and gave the 5k a hit out around my course within Centennial Park. Did a 6.5k warm up prior and then got straight into it , Knew i wasn't in any type of shape for this especially after racing Sunday and even after the first 1k when i went through in 3.47, Managed to hold the next two similar but then on the harder parts of the final 2ks i lost it a little to stop the clock with a less then impressive 19.14
The 5 splits as i saw them were. 3.47, 3.48, 3.48, 3.54, 3.55
Still its were I'm at and there's not hiding - just need to get out and do the work i suppose, but at least it now gives me something to work on :(
Another 6.5k cool down with a client gave me 18ks for the day so happy enough to log a few more.

This coming Thursday is the HuRTS 'Night of Nights' Presentation, to take place at the Tilbury Hotel, Woolloomooloo. Always a cracker of a night, and tomorrow i will give my tips and predictions on who i see will walk away with the top awards for the year.
Lets just hope the Chairman can stand up long enough this year to hand the awards out after his now infamous evening 12 months back.
I have requested that ALL that went to Munich and attended the Oktoberfest dress up in there Lederhosens and fancy shirts to make a real night of it - lets hope the guys come to the party.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nepean Triathlon - 1.49:59

With only about 3 hours sleep due to talking footy on the radio then watching a little bit of it around midnight I was then forced to get up at 4.30am in order to get out Penrith in time for Australia’s oldest triathlon that was on the cards for my first race since Thailand some 12 months back.
Met up with Pete Walker, The Champ and Taffy James prior to the 1k swim, 30k bike and 10k run, Taffy James got me a bib for this race and it then meant I was racing in the 20 -29 age group that was first off with the Pros’, I did mention to Brad Kahlefeldt whilst waiting for the gun to go off in the water that he could sit on my toes in the water if he wanted to save any energy…. He looked at me as if I was mad J
Settled OK in the swim although it was tough enough and it seemed to go forever, happy though to stand up out of the water to see 17.06 on my watch, Seemed to spend a lifetime in transition, struggling to get the damn wetsuit off and was even forced to sit on the floor at one point in order to remove it. I could have got done for loitering I was in there that long.
With Dusk just about to set I was away and out on the bike, Haven’t been on the bike for months (last ride was with Angry boy and co over the 3 Gorges) so was unsure how I’d go – Surprised myself then when I was moving well with no one coming past for the whole 30ks coming in around 47 Min's. A better transition for T2 and with the temps starting to increase and the air quality poor it was out for the 2 x 5k loops around the regatta to make up the 10k run leg.
Once more just didn’t have the drive in the leg to be able to push it and was just happy to sit on 4 minute ks for the first loop, tried to lift for the 2nd but in fact I think I went even slower (4.05s) for  40.30 all up that gave me an overall finishing time of 1.49:59
Pretty happy with that to be honest, the Swim and Bike legs were pretty solid and its just the run part that is once more letting me down – Hard to believe I did Noosa 2 years back and run 36 OFF the bike in 30 degree heat and now I struggle to break 40 minutes

The rest of the HuRTS boys also went very well with Pete Walker winning his A/G coming home in 1.40, Taffy James just missed out on a podium (by 2 seconds) to record 1.43:24, MrAce and Dave Casey weren’t far behind me, and I cleaned up on ‘The Champ’ who was out for his ‘Timmy Pound of Flesh’ and wanted a bet with me giving him a 5 minute handicap start. Great work from Irishman Bill Batt as well to finish with a 2.04:52 (does this make him the NEW Irish #1????)

Official Times were (with swim/bike run splits):

Pete Walker 1.40:06    14.00 /45.34 /38.04
Taffy James   1.43:24    14.32 /49.31 /36.36
Timmy           1.49.59   17.14 /48.23 /40.52
Dave Casey     1.50:23   18.33 /47.30 /40.42
MrAce            1.52:37   16.23 /51.57 /39.19
The Champ     1.55:27   19.49 /50.58 /41.16
Bill Batt          2.04:52   20.42 /55.28 /42.19

Had a cracker of an afternoon having a few beers up Newtown later in the day, and in turn decided to give myself a rest day today and missed the lunchtime swim set.
Will be back out in the morning; have been doing the 800s with Kanser for the previous 2 weeks so will see if he’s around to continue with that.

The Chairman Tommy H sent me a quality bit of video, reminding us all things that happened in the 80s to the tune of Billy Joel’s’ ‘We didn’t start the fire”  - Sure he wont mind me sharing
Take a listen (sad part is I think I remember about 99% of it all)


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Brain Explosion....... I am a Muppet.

Down to the pool today for the monthly 1k time trial , knew i wasn't in the best of shape after 3 weeks missing whilst in Germany and England but had a good weeks training so couldn't really complain. Couldn't understand how The Leech managed to get a 5 second start on me (handicap ) but figured i could use it to my advantage if i could get on his feet early.
...And herein lies the problem - i fell for the old '2 Card Paddy Trick' , Yes the Irish boy wonder went out like a shot to start and Muppet here tried to stay with him. Managed to get on his feet OK but when i saw a 1.24 first 100m then i knew it could be a long way to the 1k mark. Dropped off around 150 barely able to hold breath and was forced to even stop once i got to 200........Oh dear.
With any chance of a good time gone and race over i tried to just settle, but things went from bad to worse when Brendan and 'The Champ' also flew by, it was at this stage i was just thankful Enda is away in Hmong Kong or else it could have been disastrous.
Crawled home in a record slow of 18.48 and for the record The Leech touched out in 16.32, Wouldn't mind but I've been swimming about the same as him in training all week - Unbelievable
Champagne Charlie Low actually took the honours on handicap today swimming a tidy 15.30. Its protocol to have your photo taken poolside with the Duck but 'Our Charlie' wasn't having any of that and demanded i put a more serious photo of him up on the blog (and something closer to his heart) and that is a photo taken a few years back of him with "My Pony Club" - see below.

Well busy weekend planned, Taffy Jimmy James has scored me a bib in the Nepean Triathlon out at Penrifffffff on Sunday (lets hope i can swim slightly better), My first tri in nearly 12 months since i went to Thailand last November so should be interesting. Run leg is very average, not been on the bike in months and its sad when i am forced to say that my swim leg is perhaps the strongest of the 3 .......but lets see how we go :)

Also back on the airwaves on Saturday evening for a couple of hours talking all things English footy, sure to have a lot to say about Slim Sammy's Palace now they are without a manager, as well as sprucing up the Gunners for Master Sweeney.
In the Mediocre Cup it looks like another win less weekend for ALL 5 teams , as Stoke have to visit Man U, Arsenal will smash Sam's Palace boys, The Canaries from Norwich will reduce Taffy to tears, Enda's Villa will be lucky to get a draw and in the big Tyne & Wear Derby a draw is the best result i can see for Tom's Toon, although Timmy's Best bet of the day is that someone will get the RED card sometime throughout the 90 minutes :)
also take Man Utd to beat the Stoke boys 2-0

Have a good weekend, good luck to all those either racing Nepean or doing the 10k Rebel run on Sunday

Train safe

Today's Golden Duck Winner in the 1k Time Trial - Charlie 'My Pony Club' Low

Mr Inconsistent with the 3 x 2ks Reps

Wednesday lunchtime squeezed another swim set in this time with Eoin The Leech and Cialis (Christian) that saw us do a shorter set of just 4 x 200 and 4 x 100 although did a 400 warm up to being. Longer breaks also as I couldn’t get the Leech to start after he took up a conversation with a nice young lady standing at the end of the pool.

Thursday, Met up with the Taffy Lad James for swim session number 3 for the week, was hoping he’d go easier on me seeing he raced a Half Iron man on the weekend, but no such luck as after a warm up he declared 1 x 400, 3 x 300s and a further 1 x 400 to see us through the morning. Very consistent with the times as I sat on his feet for ALL the session, times were:
6.46, 4.50, 4.50, 4.53, 6.45
2ks all up.
I enjoy swimming with Taffy as I like the longer breaks we get, found out the key to getting them is get the Welshman talking about his beloved Cardiff City J

Lunchtime, Cycled into town for the HuRTS 3 x 2k set that was on program, big turnout although I seem to know less and less people each time I venture down, More noticeable in there absence were Enda, Tommy H, Kanser, Barts, Pete Walker, Taffy ( I must have worn him out this morning), and Tucks.
If the swimming times were consistent then the running was the opposite as I was all over the place time wise, Tucked in behind the lead group that included Kenny, and Mikey and about 6 others and was happy enough with a 7.14 (3.37 pace), Had the great honour of running with the Italian Pizza Loving Stallion Durante for the 2nd time In as many weeks on the return and we seemed to help one another on the wind assisted easier rep stopping the clock in 7.08.
Was working on Mikey’s 2 minutes and seeing he was about 25 seconds faster it meant shorter breaks and when Durante didn’t do the 3rd rep I was running solo pretty much straight away, got bulked half way up on the narrow footpath (although in truth didn’t lose much time) and after that struggled to finish it off as I labored over the line with a 7.38 with a lack of fitness showing.
So times for the day were: 7.14, 7.08, and 7.38

Mikey continues to run well recording well under 7 minutes for each rep which is good to see.

Tomorrow its Time Trial Time in the pool for our monthly 1k rep – Smart money with the handicap is on MrAce (lets just hope he can count to 10 this month), I think I will struggle a little to be honest especially after taking 3 weeks off whilst in Berlin and Munich.

Final bunch of Pics from Berlin & Munich – hope it’s give you some idea of the fun the gang had whilst on tour J

Warrior Charlie, I think he's pretty happy with his run - great effort.

A very satisfied Timmy on completion of the 42ks.

And a World Record was run as well to mark the HuRTS tour.

Champagne Charlie showing he can drink more then just bubbly.

Allo Allo Rene & Charlie Kiss and make up after there 'Lovers Tiff' in Berlin :)

Even F1 Champion Michael Schumacher was in town - No place for him on our table although the HuRTS boys welcomed his Mrs :)

more friendly faces :)

Next Tour for 2014 will be announced December 8th - stay tuned


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Running in tough Conditions

With Temps already 25 degrees by the time I left the house at 5.30am this morning it was always going to be a tough run in humid and muggy conditions. Pretty uneventful morning to be honest as I just logged the ks, saw Kanser out early doors running solo, and I had hoped to join the BRAT Hard men for a few ks but they looked like they were struggling in the heat, I did ask PLOD if he was going to do a 6k loop with me to which he responded with a quick “No Way’, I posed the same question to Hardman J.C - didn’t quiet get the same reply but he just sat down on the curb and started to cry. (Which I took as a NO)

14ks all up in just over 60 minutes

Just seen the Arsenal game on T.V which they actually lost, More importantly though its been brought to my attention that our very own Tommy Highnam actually has a TWIN brother that he never told us about that plays for the Gunners. Just a pity Tommy h can’t actually play footy (although he swears he played in his Uni days?)
Don’t believe me? See if you can tell which one is the HuRTS #3 J

Tommy H Or Laurent Koscielny?????

Laurent Koscielny OR Tommy H????

More Berlin 7 Munich Pics

Happy Campers with 3 PBs to boot - Enda, Rene and Dave Scott Williams.

Keeping warm pre race on a cold morning with Charlie, DrSkins (James), Rene, Enda, Timmy, champagne, Barts and the Taxi Man Robbie Costello (Elvis)

thirsty work this running lark.

Enda, or is it Edna? not happy with his name tag AGAIN :)

C.T, Rene and Charlie Low nearly got us SHOT when they didn't return there dirty breakfast plates - the women lost it with us.

The Oompah - pah  band just firing up.

Enda, Charlie, A Friend, Timmy and Barts.

OK - Who is holding who up here? A very drunk Kanser with an even drunker Barts.

Our Beer House for the Day - Easy to spot with the big Frothy Stein on the top of hte Paulaner House.

Who said we weren't a cultured lot? At the BMW complex whilst sightseeing


Monday, October 21, 2013

McKay 8 x 800s with Kanser

Met up with Kanser first up (he was only 8 minutes late so things are looking up) for a repeat of last Tuesdays session that was the 800s down at McKay Oval. Only managed to do  6 last week but even after a weeks training I was hoping I could knock out the full quota of 8 alongside the improving Kanser.
Another dry and humid morning and was just focused on maintaining form and getting some consistency within the set as I settled on about 3.23 per /k pace for the first of the 8. Surprised myself a little as I then was able to hold the pace for the remaining 7. Kanser always goes out harder and had gaped me by the 200 mark but I was able to hold the gap after that as he was coming in some 4-5 seconds ahead on each.
Times for the day were (last week’s times in brackets);
2.43 (2.42), 2.44 (2.45), 2.44 (2.47), 2.45 (2.50), 2.44 (2.52), 2.44 (2.52), 2.45 (x.xx), 2.43 (x.xx)
Tough session but happy with that and glad to get another one out the way.

Had Enda on the phone after the session, asking the question when Kanser was going to front up and take him on in a race – Tells me that old Kanser has been avoiding him in recent months (Can’t you tell he’s in a rich vein of form?) Personally I think Echinacea better watch out as from what I’ve seen Kanser is on the comeback trail and tipping along nicely, already knocking out 100k weeks and the speed is not far off.

Will try to get out in the morning for a medium to long run around the park, before getting another swim set in at lunch.

A few more photos from the recent Berlin / Munich Tour.

Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin with Enda, C.T and Timmy.

Had to double blink, Thought this was Spike Milligan again at the Marathon Expo?

Pre race with Steve and Allo Allo Rene.

Even with a NEW watch and PB it wont be enough for Barts to remain HuRTS #1 now that Tucks is back in the fold.

Champagne and Rene at the Brandenburg Gates 24 hours pre race.

We are a close group - Man Love , Enda and Barts (Lets hope Richie High doesn't see this)

Back to party time with Taxi Man, Timmy, Allo Allo, Champagne and Enda.

....and more friends in Munich :)

More to follow tomorrow