Thursday, July 31, 2014

20ks - City to Surf Prep Training.

Take about running on tired legs.
After a very heavy weeks training I was back out this morning and continued with the Prep work for  City to Surf that saw me out on the course to cover 20ks.
Headed out from the park down Ocean street onto New South Head Rd. Wanted to start to push the pace at the 5k mark at O’Sullivan up the hills and around Military Road to the 10k mark at Dover Heights but the workload from the Tuesday and Thursday sessions prevented that as I seemed to labour my way over ‘Heartbreak’ and beyond. Think I saw a few ks around 4.05, and 4.12 and they were the better ones as the clock ticked over 21 minutes for the tough 5k section to the top.
Was shattered at this stage and was worried about  getting back even allowing for the easier downhill’s to come, somehow got to Double Bay by the ‘Sheaf’ and then have the final stretch and killer of a hill that brings me back to Edgecliff, Never been so happy to have missed the lights that then forced me waiting curbside for a good 2 minutes before crossing and running back up Ocean St and into the familiar grounds of the park.
20ks all up in 91.14 average pace 4.34s –
One of the toughest 90 minutes I’ve done in a long time, only made slightly easier in the fact I had my tunes to listen to for the morning.
Will take the much needed rest day tomorrow and even go easier on the Sunday. One more tough session next Tuesday with the boys before tapering for 5 days till race day.

Well it would be funny if it wasn’t so serious – but I must admit to having a little chuckle when I read this story this morning. Someone won’t be ‘aving a Giraffe when they have to explain this.

Have a great weekend,
Train well & Stay Safe

Timmy's Farm Cove Five.

With all the NEW alternative sessions going on within the group these past two weeks and with others organizing their own 5k time trial, I thought I’d jump on the Endalike bandwagon and came up with my own….. The ‘Farm Cove 5’  Yep, I planned a 5k time trial around the popular Farm Cove starting at the Opera House gates around to Mrs. Macs Chair and back twice to give you the 5ks.
To my surprise I got a massive turnout that included big guns Tucks and Muzza and perhaps HuRTS fastest ever in Steve ‘Wildman ‘D ‘Cup, Norman Cook’ Thurston. Great to see him back and hear that he is in for this year’s City to Surf. Others included Mikey, Renaud,  J.W, Erika Ekland, Sweaty Sock Craig,  a host of others and even some geezer who doesn’t know if I’m Tim or Tom? (told him I’m the better looking one – who can dance)
Went out pretty hard and saw a 3.24 pass for the first 1k, then Mikey and Renaud flew past as I battled against the strong headwind on the return, as I saw Muzza looking very strong leading coming back the opposite direction. Completed the first lap but already I could feel the pace dropping as I struggled to hold 3.45 pace as one or two of the others came by. Noticed that Tucks had overtaken Muzza on the final stretch back home and Stevie T running well in 3rd spot.
Coming around the final bend for home I run into a big crowd of a thousand ‘Tokyo Tourists’ all wanting photos and with Jonno Worsick yelling out we cleared the first lot but got baulked by the 2nd as I saw the watch clock 5.10 I thought that was the time to call it quits anyway.
18.48 all up and as the inquest started by everyone it was decided that the course was nearly 200m long – the Garmin’s always measure long and I’m thinking maybe 100m and 20 seconds, although Mikey wanted an adjustment of 40 seconds ?
I did receive this from one of the members to confirm that it was long;

A bloody tough run overall I thought, and disappointing to fade badly over the second half once more, Good solid runs from Tucks and Muz, as well as Mikey with his 18.08
Must have had 25 starters for the run and the inaugural winner of the Farm Cove Five was HuRTs favorite son – Andrew ‘Tucks’ Tuckey

Times for the 5.19k Run (adjust minus 20 seconds for a proper 5k time)

Tucks        16.23
Muzza     16.42
Stevie T   16.55
Mikey     18.08
Renaud   18.20
J.W          18.47
Timmy    18.48
Erika        19.47
Sweaty   19.52 (Craig Wiseman)

Like the Tuesday double combo hill and tempo session I will try to get this added to the program, either monthly or every 6 weeks ?

Managed to find a few more pics from Sunday evenings party, non better than Tommy H showing his moves on the dance floor. Not sure about the first one if he’s dancing or thinking he’s coming around the final straight in the City to Surf with his arms pumping away?

And whats a party these days without the famous 'Selfie'?

Although i've lost the photo now , so thought i'd post one of Fats with hair instead  :)


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

HuRTS Top 10 - Official Rankings.

After yesterdays killer session I thought an easy 10ks was the order of the day today, that was until I met up with the BRAT Hardmen that included PLOD, Enda, J.C, Cookie, and man on fire Shire’s #11 Damo Bray. A couple of ks warm up and catching them before the start of the 6k Woolahra Hill loop and it was all on. I found myself running 4 min/ks for the first 3ks or so, tried to drop back to J.C & Enda who were taking it easier (Enda in taper mode for his big 5 T/T)  but they were cutting short so I was forced to get back with the pack.
Finished the loop in a sharp 24.51 averaging 4.04s – that’s quicker than I was running the tempo yesterday.
The boys are running well especially Damo Bray who made a BIG statement this morning;
Timmy-  So what’s next Damo
Damo, - 10k race
Timmy, -  Can you break 35 minutes
Damo,  - mate I’m looking at breaking 34, high 33s and ‘Write this on the blog’ I’m going to smash Stankard doing it – North Head Manly September’

So there you have it – its Official

Also BIG NEWS from the HuRTS camp – The top committee boys has come up with its first official rankings going into this year’s City to Surf. I know I always say Tucks is #1 BUT sorry to say it’s not so according to the powers that be .
The 4 man committee has come up with a top 10 with powerhouse boy Dave ‘Clarkey’ Clarke taking top spot, with Tucks only 4, the chairman after his recent holidays comes in even further down and our favorite  Irishman despite being in career best form cannot even break into the top 10 (best he can do is #12) – sorry to say.
But that’s nothing I can’t even break into the top 50 at the moment J

I won’t fill in all the gaps at the moment (will do so in good time) but feel free to submit yours to see how close you get to what the committee think?

1.       Clarkey
2.       ………
3.       ………
4.       Tucks
5.       ……….
6.       The Chairman
7.       ………..
8.       …………..
9.       …………….
10.   ……………..

 and to round out the 'Dirty Dozen'
12. Enda Stankard.


NEW Session - Hills and Tempo.

Well that was bloody tough…………..

I had organized (with the approval from Mikey) an alternative session for the team today that was 20 minutes hill repeat tempos, followed by a flat(yeah right) 5k tempo around the Domain.
Massive group rocked up although some were to go and join C.T for the 8 x 5 mins that was on the program, I had set up basically a hill rep over 150m and back down that the front guys would cover in about 60 seconds meaning they were on for 20 hills. I started off Ok, then took a look at the watch to see only 4min56 gone, far out ….. this was going to be tough and I just needed to get the head down, Mikey and Macca came by around the 7th rep so tucked in with them. Around the 11 minute min mark the front guys Clarkey,  Crossey, Tom, Muzza and Tucks lapped me but I was holding a steady pace and those behind were not closing any as I in fact lapped Renee,  Erika Elkand and surprisingly Jeet (?)
Got to 18 minutes and I was goneski and the final 120 seconds couldn’t come around quick enough – I was spent on completion and still had another 20 minute tempo (5k) to do.
Covered approx 5ks in the 20 mins (4 min/ks) and completed 19 hill reps.
A quick regroup and explanation of the course and we set 3 different groups off, 4 min/ks, 3.45s and 3.30. Once again I was strong over the first 1k going through in 3.37 but after that on any slight incline I was going backwards, The main group Mikey, Taffy, Walker, The Champ all went by and on the second loop the faster guys led by a very strong Dave Clarke all flew past as well. I was almost reduced to a walk at the bottom of M.M.C and was laboring badly until Macca (who was off the back of the front guys) came past with about 1500m to go and I tried to tag on to him.
Managed to get back to the Stone Gates in 19.20 and the boys were all saying it was only 4.85ks so I reckon I was running 4 min/ks?
Looking around at the end and I think everyone was pretty stuffed (and glad it was only 4.85ks), with Mikey even giving it a glowing reference, and saying its perhaps the toughest session on the program?
I might see if I can get it on the program once a month – I’ll have a word with the hierarchy.

Over the years we’ve seen some strange, bizarre and just plain ridiculous sights, think Slim Sammy Agnew’s haircuts, Tommy H’s drunken appearances, Razor Wareham’s hats and even Clarkeys recent running attire but today took the cake …………..Step up the Telstra boys Pete Walker and ‘The Champ’ (who both should know better) and rocked up with ‘Pierced Nose Rings’ Seriously what’s that about ????????????? I saw ‘The Champ’ first and thought as he is younger it was a NEW fashion statement but once I saw ‘Father Time Walker’ with the same I feared the worst.
Managed to snap a couple of pics of the two – take a look.

Will be out in the morning, will try to do 12ks around the park

Pete Waker with his NEW Nose Ring at todays session.

...and 'The Champ' follows his coach in doing the same, It must be a Testra thing ?
I do worry at times with some of my training partners.


Monday, July 28, 2014

C.Ts 40th Birthday Bash

Over to the Entertainment Quarter at Fox Studios to help celebrate C.Ts 40th birthday bash,  and it doesn’t take much  too get the HuRTS team all dressed up and ready to party once again.
70s Disco was the theme for the afternoon and evening and the girls & boys were out in full force, with Birchy, Skippy Heyden, Mr. & Mrs. #1 Tucks, Tommy H, Enda, Warrior Charlie, Fats & Mrs. Fats, Allo Allo, as well as girls Laura, Erika Ekland, Nataliya, Sonya, and a host of others from the running fraternity including past City to Surf winner Paul Arthur.
Cracker of a night with everyone making a big effort with the costumes and an even bigger effort on the dance floor. Many a highlight throughout the course of the 8 hours plus, but some that stuck with me as I’ve tried to recap the evenings events were.
1.       Warrior Charlie Dalziell wearing the same suit that he came to after work drinks last Friday – think he did have a change of tie in fairness
2.       Enda, maybe having one beer to many and seen making bets with #1 Tucks and telling him he will smash him in the C2S.
3.       Tommy H burning up the dance floor – but only WORSE than in Tassie……..Seriously, he is shocking, surely they don’t all dance like that in Newcastle.
4.       Birthday Boy C.T CAN actually sing – he belted out a song at one point and it was good.
5.       Fats with Hair, very impressed and it suits him. Maybe he should re-grow?
6.       Skippy Heyden really did look like ‘Dennis the Menace’ with that wig on.

So as I say, very good evening although I did have to call it quits once we got lobbed out and hailed a cab home whilst a few of the others went into town to ‘Jackson’s’ I believe?

Massive battle then this morning in getting to my first class at 6am, had to get the bike out and cycle over the park – knew I was struggling when I nearly fell off 6 times and that was before I’d even got out the front gate.
Next up for the travelling HurTS party will be the City to Surf in less than 2 weeks, always a big day that one. I better get my finger out and try to find some form from somewhere, starting tomorrow with the NEW tempo session that I have listed.

Some of the team, all looking good.

with 'Hippy Boy' Enda and C.T.

#1 Tucks with Famous White Suit, spoiled by going the safe option of a shirt.

Enda, Erika Ekland, C.T. Tommy H, Warrior Charlie D and I.

Nataliya, Sultry Sonya, Erika Ekland and Lady Laura.

Chairman Tommy H, someone get that man some dancing lessons.

Its starting to get late and i needed a new hair do.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday Night Fever....On a Sunday.

Had planned to do the Sunday long run with The Taffy Lad, Pommy Paul (Birchy), and Jeet but got sidetracked to the S.C.G and the ‘Stomp’ Event that was on through clients and once there was persuaded to give it a go . Over 6300 stairs between the ‘G and next doors footy stadium and although it wasn’t a race as such I thought a good 45 minute strength workout wouldn’t go amiss with City to Surf only two weeks back.
Fastest guy of the morning came home in around 41minutes  and girl 47 so I assumed I would be somewhere around that time depending on how much time was lost on getting held up?
Pretty good session to be honest, and never really felt out of breath at any stage but certainly got the legs and glutes fired up especially in the upper ‘O’Reilly Stands stepper stairs.  A few areas where you could stride it out and once the last of the stairs was actually done you got the chance to finish with a 400m lap of the ground.
Perfect morning for it and only got better when I went and joined the 3 boys after at a nearby café where Birchy broke the Italian Stallion (Durante’s) old PB record and wolfed down the largest Bacon & Egg Roll in history in about 47 seconds …… think he also lost about 4 fingers in the process as well.

Just home now and fine tuning a few moves for C.Ts big 40th Birthday Bash that sees everyone rocking back to the 70s, think I have it sussed after checking this clip out, 
Although some of those moves look very familiar and I can recall Tommy H blasting them out only 5 weeks back in Tassy.
Should be a good afternoon, a full report and photos to come tomorrow, not sure how that first class at work is going to cope in the morning at 6am though – still we’ll work that out later.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cruising with the Taffy Lad.

Managed to get the morning off work so met up with the Taffy Lad James Matthews for a run around the Domain area of town, although we had to detour up and around the ‘X’ just to make sure his girlfriend was still working.
The pace was pretty easy to be honest as we chatted away, covered just shy of 10ks in 46 minutes before Taffy left to go to work, I then worked overtime in measuring out a 3k course for the HuRTs team for a session I will submit to Mikey to do next Tuesday that will see us do 20 minutes of hill tempo repeats followed by the 3k flat tempo run. All good training I feel with City to Surf only 2 weeks away.
13ks all up.

I see the Commonwealth Games begun last night in Glasgow,  A great start for the English with Gold in BOTH the men’s and women’s triathlon with the Midlands girl Jodie Stimpson  winning the ladies whilst the Brownlee brothers smashed it with Alistair and younger brother Jonny going 1 and 2. Pity to read about ‘Mo’s withdrawal from the games due to a recent illness though that takes away a little of the gloss.

Have a great weekend
Train well
Stay safe

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

6 x 1k Reps MaKay Oval Centennial Park.

Had planned to hook up with Ireland #1 Robbie Neal but got the early text saying that he’d been on night shift at work and wasn’t up to it, that then meant I was forced to go into town at lunch or go solo and just get the session done whilst I was still in the park.
Decided to work on McKay Oval and do the 6 x 1k rep session, Wasn’t really in the mood to be honest and as it was that cold I was struggling to even breath properly. Just run the first on feel (although I could barely even feel my fingers at this point) without pushing it and was happy to stop the clock in 3.29. For the first time in an age I then decided I wasn’t going to look at the watch for the remaining 5 reps and just see if I could run them evenly paced without relying on the clock.
Ticked them over OK as the sun started to creep out and I thawed out a little over reps 4 & 5 still without any idea of the pace, Tried then to kick the last rep down and at least finish strong.
Was pleasantry surprised then when I looked at the times at the end to find that I wasn’t too bad overall – all being under 3.30 pace
Times, 3.29, 3.28, 3.25, 3.26, 3.26, 3.20
Again nothing flash but I was more happy with the controlled manor that each were run in, especially done by myself.

Was going to take tomorrow off after a pretty busy week so far but fear I may not get out over the weekend with work and C.Ts party lined up. Already got the outfit ready for the 70s Disco Bash (and no I didn’t get it of Enda after all). Should be a cracker of a night as I expect loads of the HuRTS boys & girls  will also be invited.
I might try to get out tomorrow and run some of the City to Surf course.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Midweek Meander

Just cruised around the park for an easy 10ks all up , bumped into the BRAT Hard men half way that included PLOD, Aaron ‘Cookie’ Cook, Enda and some other poor English lad that had to endure their trash talk (poor lad).  Easy pace although was keen to pick it up at one stage when Enda starting going on (yet again) that he still thinks he can turn the Chairman over in C2S…….. I think he’s getting obsessed.
Bumped into the real Irish #1 towards the end of the run though – Robbie Neal who was putting the effort in, just returning from covering the City to Surf course, so watch out for him come the big day. Got chatting and may even do a session with him tomorrow.

Disclaimer.  Please note in yesterdays blog I wrote that with C.Ts party this week that I may go around to Enda’s to get fitted out although I felt that he may still be living in the 50s and not the 70s. This was NOT my throwaway line it was in fact Enda’s attempt at humor and he was upset that I am stealing his material.
So I do apologize for the error of my ways, (didn’t think it that funny anyway ) J

Back out tomorrow but as I say it may be with Irelands #1


Monday, July 21, 2014

Rushcutters 20 x 400s (rolling every 2 mins)

Not since 1960 and the great film ‘The Magnificent Seven’ has there been (well nearly) the HuRTS TOP 7 assembled for one session. A breakaway group formed today with Barts(doing his best Yul Brynner impression) leading his troops away from Mikeys’ set down session. So with Barts, #1 Tucks, Dave Clarke, Enda, Muzza, Jeet and I we made our way over to Rushcutters for the 25 x 400m marathon session working from a rolling 2 minutes.
Decided even before the start that I was only going to do 20 of the 25 and the general consensus was that each should be done around 4-5 seconds slower than your normal 10 x 400 times.
Don’t know what it is about Rushcutters put I always run pretty well down there and felt good early although 20 is certainly more than 10 so wasn’t getting too carried away as I was coming in around 78 for the first half dozen or so, about 4 seconds behind the leading group.
Got to 10 OK and was keen just to keep it ticking over and counting them down, 15 soon came and went and then it seemed as if the front group picked up the pace slightly whilst I held the pace.
Muz and Enda were only doing 20 like myself so I kicked the last one down and was pretty happy to find that after nearly 8ks (19 reps) that I had enough left in the tank for a 69 finish time.
Amazing what slowing it down 4-5 seconds per /400 can do, as I felt pretty comfortable throughout and held the times well all working under 3.20 per/k for each.
Times for the day, 78, 78, 78, 79, 77, 78, 77, 78, 78, 78, 78, 77, 77, 77, 78, 77, 77, 77, 77, 69.

The front boys looked even more comfortable – must have been coming in around 73s I reckon with Jeet only a couple of seconds behind me on each as well.
Enda continues to talk it up as his great running goes on, he’s been telling all that he reckons Chairman Tommy H is there for the taking in this year’s City to Surf after a holiday break of 4 weeks, I’ve told him it’s been 4 weeks NOT 4 years and my money is still on one of the best racers in the business.

Sight of the day goes to Dave Clarke who was giving his best impression of Basketball player Paddy Mills who is back in town – looked like he’d just come from the court with his fluorescent canary singlet and oversize baggy shorts…..what was he thinking?
Talking of outrageous costumes, this week is HuRTS boy C.Ts 40th Birthday bash, I was thinking of getting around to Enda’s house to get fitted out for the occasion but it’s a 70s disco theme and I’m afraid some of Enda’s gear is still stuck in the 50s so I may need a rethink? Maybe I’ll have a chat to Master Sweeney?
HuRTS favorite and #1 Tucks is sorted it seems, he’s just sent in the following J

Tucks already in party mode for Sunday's big birthday bash, I'm already worried what some of the other HuRTS boys will rock up in after seeing some of there fashion over the years.

Will be out in the morning for another easy 10-12ks


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Peace Run with Pat Farmer

Rolled up this morning at 6.30am to find possibly the smallest group for a Sunday run on record with only Jeet, Barts and Enda braving the cold. Did the usual 6k loop returning to the café at 7am to pick up any late starters only to find no one.
Decided then to leave the park and head up to Randwick junction before heading to Coogee and along the beach to witness the massive waves at Cloey, had to endure the long drag back up the never ending hill that brings us back up to Frenchman’s Rd. The pace was kept honest over the hills around the beaches but it certainly wasn’t fast although I could certainly feel it around the 14k mark of the morning.
Back into the park and finished up at the café with Enda for 18ks whilst Barts and Jeet continued away for another 10k or so.
18ks all up in 83 minutes average pace 4.38s
First 6k        27.57 ave 4.39
Beach 12k  55.10 ave 4.37

Then a quick dash over to Luxe Café where Ultra Runner Pat Farmer was giving a talk about his recent ‘Peace Run’ that he did over 1500k.  Pretty good as well as he told us all about some of the obstacles he overcame whilst he was knocking out 84ks per day in trouble torn areas. He took a film crew with him and channel 9 have agreed to show the doco once he has produced it all, so will be interesting to see the finished item.
Many thanks to Enda, his mate John Mc, clients Sarah & Neville as well as Pommy Paul Birch who got from his sick bed to attend – much appreciated and hope the coffee and muffins went down well whilst listening to Pat.
Funniest point of the morning was Enda asking me what Pat’s PB was? I told him I thought  it was around 2.39. so when it came to the Q and A part of the morning and some decent questions were asked about nutrition, injuries etc…. Poor Enda thinking his 2.38 Gold Coast might be good enough fired ‘and what’s your marathon PB Pat’?
Pat’s Answer – 2.20
Enda ‘ For F@rk sake’ …..d’ohhhhhh

Will be back out in the park early tomorrow for an easy 12ks or so.

Enda, Ultra Runner Pat Farmer, John McDonald and I at Luxe Cafe Woollahra


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Woollarha Hill Reps and Easy Run

With City to Surf only 3 weeks away I thought I’d best get out there and test myself on the hills, Kind of knew what to expect but didn’t really think I would struggle as much as what I did. The best thing that could be said about the session was that I finished it. Worked on the Woollahra Hill (700 metres) in Centennial Park but was cut short near the Moonlight Cinema turnoff around 520-530 metres as they were doing road works up closer to the main gates. (thank God)
Didn’t want to push it too much on the first but found myself struggling to even complete it working just over 4 min/ks
Kept telling myself not to worry about the times and just focus on one at a time as I worked through the 6, and boy I wasn’t a pretty sight at the completion of the 6th I’m telling you.
Times were (520 mtrs) 2.15, 2.12, 2.08, 2.07, 2.06, 2.04

Just cruised around the normal 10k Sunday loop to finish the week off, cold morning and with that bitter wind it made it seem even cooler, Once again never felt good but was happy to keep it honest working under 4.30 per/k. This loop is made slightly tougher around the 8k mark when I add in the Woollahra Hill once more (that’s about 9 times for the week now).
10ks in 44.08 average pace 4.25s

Will take tomorrow off and get out for the longish run on Sunday, although may have to cut short as have promised Sharonne that I will attend the Pat Famer Middle East talk that he is doing at the nearby coffee shop at 8am. Managed to get a few of the boys to help out and attend as well with Kanser promising to see how many cups of tea he can demolish in 60 minutes with Enda doing his own speech on his latest Gold Coast Marathon ( hope he doesn’t give us the full 2hr38 version)
Good luck to all those HuRTS guys running the popular Sutho to Surf – always a good run this one and man in form Damo Bray will be hoping he can break into the Shire #10 with the likes of Laura (injured) Eloise (Comm. games) and Noelene Waters (making coffees) all unavailable.

Have a great weekend
Train well
Stay safe

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2 x 6k Woollahra Hill Loops

Miserable morning in Sydney town today although the slight drizzle actually made it a pleasant change to run in. Met Enda for a quick chat as he was leaving the park before deciding on doing the old favorite that is 2 x 6k Woollahra loops.
Dilly Dallied around for an age before actually getting into it and soon settled into a decent pace working under 4.30 pace, seem to struggle up the hill and came around for the first loop in under 27 minutes. Made an effort to up the pace on the 2nd and then tried to push it harder up the hill ….. unfortunately the only thing I felt I was pushing was a Grand Piano as I seemed to struggle even more, although I was moving at a faster pace to be fair. Managed to get to the top huffing and puffing like a bloody steam train and was glad to get to Paddo gates and finish it off with the last 500m coming downhill.
12ks in 52.02 average pace 4.19s
1st – 6k in 26.26 (4.24)
2nd – 6k in 25.36 (4.15)

Looking at the times it wasn’t too bad although it was certainly tougher than what I had planned and there wasn’t much left in the tank.
Tomorrow I might stay in the park and do a dreaded hill session with City to Surf fast coming around.


It's a start at least.....

Wasn’t in the best of moods when I returned to the HuRTS sessions today and it certainly wasn’t about to get any better when I rocked up at 12.25pm to find nobody there and Mikey taking the team down already  150 metres away to a NEW location without telling anyone despite  about 1000 emails saying nothing?
So I was left with about another 5 people including Barts to cover 2ks to get to pretty much the original start near the Opera House gates to begin the 14 x 3 minute efforts that was on the program.
Just about had time to give Mikey a serve and he was OFF, So as I stood around getting a signal and tying laces etc it meant I missed the 1st rep, Then joined in on the 3rd (which I wasn’t too concerned about as I only planned on doing 10-12 at most). Worked the first rep and just sat in with Fats, Skippy Heyden and Tucks who I hadn’t seen for a while sitting at 3.24 pace. Held the next few but where I normally start to feel the pace on this session around rep 8 or 9 I was already gasping after only the 4th so knew I was going to struggle to even get 10 done.
Held the pace for the next feeling terrible but on the upside I was still working all sub 3.26 pace, Decided then on the 7th that one more will do me and worked in with Renaud (Allo Allo) on the 8th to get me home – managed a little kick at one stage and retuned in 3.22s
When running well this is perhaps my favorite session on the calendar, but I am some way from that so it meant I only managed a disappointing 8 reps – Still, it’s a start I suppose.
Good to see a decent team out there including marathon men Enda and Angus backing up from the 42ks only 9 days back, Barts, Crossy , Muzza and Dave Clarke running strong at the front, Not sure what Tucks and Fats were up to  running just ahead of me? And girl on fire Renee continues to improve with each session (think she may have even  been ahead of Mikey?)

Will try to get out in the morning for an easy 12ks
Very tired now and still not felling 100% but hopefully over the worst of it.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gold Coast Half and weekend wrap up.

Felt like crap for 10 days before the half (and still nearly 7 days after) so for perhaps the first time in memory I really wasn’t in the mood for the popular Gold Coast weekend that sees a cast of thousands head north for the 21k and Marathon event.
Flew up on the Saturday and took an early dinner before the 4am start to kick off the big day ahead, A bit of a warm up and then found myself on the start line in the dark standing by Irelands #1 Tri guy PLOD. With a less than impressive start from the starter and we were off, both POD and I remarked how hard everyone went out and I said that it looks like there will be at least 200 people breaking 70 minutes with the way everyone took out the first 1k.
Not sure about the first couple of ks time wise but felt I was moving OK going through 5ks in around 18.52 (3.46s), Took the little left turn section but as soon as I got back on the outward road I felt as I was struggling – and it was only 6.5ks in. Within the space of 1500m I was struggling to run even 4 min/ks as Jeet was the first to fly by. I was then left with the indignity of a walk at 8ks as Elle also came by looking in good form. I think Birchy was next and in fairness he tried to lift me and told me to run with him for a while but at this point I was all but ready to turnaround and walk off (and cry). Managed to lump my sorry @r$e to the halfway mark with countless amounts of walking and shuffling although I was enjoying the views of a spectacular morning the Coast was offering.
On the 14k mark ‘Corky O’Conner was having the race of her life and flew past on a way to a certain sub 90 minutes, whilst at the 15k I was then joined by ‘Sultry Sonya’ and her pacer John Fenton. I thought ‘perfect’ I’ll just bring it home with Son, and ticked the ks off after that, Got to the 18k mark and despite Sonya holding her pace (for a sub 90) I somehow just got a bit of kick going and went ahead to try to help Corky finish off her race. I was only working around the 4.15 mark but the way I felt It seemed like 3.30s. Got a bit of a buzz from the big crowds over the last 1k or so but to be honest the finish line couldn’t come fast enough as I crossed the line in 88.55
Very disappointed in truth but there really was not a lot I could do about it, in hindsight probably shouldn’t have run but those that know me know that’s not really my style, Knew I was in strife when I was running at one point and nearly run in the back of a parked car out on the course as my head was all over the place.
Despite my less than impressive display, Once more the same CAN’T be said for the rest of the gang, Some bloody brilliant times from everyone with another batch of PBs added throughout.
Probably top of the list we should salute good friend Enda Stankard on his 2.38 Marathon time, unbelievable and it was nice to see all the good training over the past 6 months or so paying off. I saw him at 30ks and he was looking good and delighted he was able to finish it off even stronger and more importantly that he now has managed to be able to boast that he is now the fastest member of the Stankard family after talking his Aunt’s PB ( we won’t mention that his Aunty Edith Stankard run her 42k carrying 50lb potatoes over 78 acres in gumboots over fields). Other considerable mentions must go to fellow Irishman POD who run 75 for the half ( taking $50 from me in the process – smashing my PB), Corky O’Conner broke her PB by nearly 5 mins, Birchy’s great race, and Jeet’s 80 minutes, as well as the above mentioned Sonya’s sub 90 minutes.
I know there are many more but I can’t recall at the moment – so apologies if I overlooked any fine achievement.

The afternoon session took place in the Surf Club with C.T out to redeem himself after his shocker in Munich, he looked in good form early as the team settled in for a big day, I think he was just running on adrenaline on the thought of him WINNING HIS FIRST EVER BET (yes, it had to be me didn’t it? after giving me 8.5 mins start), If Enda’s run was near Performance of the Day, then on the social side it was surely the WORST of the Day as whilst the rest of us were drinking he was spotted around Cavill Avenue and ‘Pacific Fair’ shopping centre buying up tactless presents that included a ‘ Kiss me Quick, Squeeze me tight Hat’ for his coach. Poor C.T was talking Swahili by the Enda did arrive around 5pm – poor form.
If that wasn’t bad enough they then decided to play ‘Master Chef’ and head out for a night of fine dining for a few hours whilst the true hardcore continued into the night.
Special mention also to Renaud (Allo Allo) who celebrated in fine style after taking out the 2.5k race and enjoyed his winnings in the surf club tucking in to his 5 litre tub of Ice cream.

Overall a good weekend, although my sickness and travelling partners Sharonne injury at the 18k mark of the marathon that resulted in her fracturing her leg and getting a free lift to the hospital at the 18k mark marred what is generally considered one of the better weekends away

On the betting front – had another shocker (2nd on the spin now ) PLOD took great delight in taking $50 from me, Jeet put me through the cleaners for $20, and C.T took plenty of beer from me. Special Kudo’s must go to Pommy Paulie Birch (Birchy) who I had $20 with and agreed to give him a 2 minute buffer. In true English Gentlemen’s style he REFUSED to take my cash saying that ‘It wasn’t fair due to my sickness’ and wouldn’t be happy taking it  suggesting then we hold the bet over till the next race – (Wonder if Enda would ever do that ?? Yeah right)

So it’s been nearly a week since the race and I’m still not right , I have taken the week off from all running and have found it hard just to remove myself from the house at times. It’s only 4 weeks till the biggest race of the year – City to Surf, so I really want to get back amongst it next week.

In the World Cup , the final awaits Germany and Argentina on Monday morning, it’s been brilliant so far with Germany’s win over a very poor Brazilian team on Wednesday  that took some believing with 5 goals in the first 29 minutes. I’ve said Brazil were ordinary the whole tournament and with the players of the caliber of Fred, Joe, Bernard and Hulk  who wouldn’t get a game in the Championship I was surprised they even got that far.  You watch, Toms Newcastle will be lining up to pay $40 million for Fred before the season starts in 4 weeks J
My tip from the start – Argentina are another team that hasn’t really impressed but keep doing enough and although the Germans are on fire (aren’t they always) I’m going to go against the grain and stay with the Argies for the victory and take out the big one come Monday.

Timmy’s Tip
Argentina 2 vs. Germany 1 (AET)

Enda powers ahead at the 30k mark, actually think the HuRTS support carried him for about 50 metres at this point.

And the secret to Enda's run .......Its all in the singlet.

Despite having T.Bell for pacing it wasn't enough to get Angus Boyd over the line for a sub 3 hours - good run all the same mate - well done.

Whilst the rest enjoyed beers & wine , Renaud was to enjoy his winnings that came with the 2.5k race - stuffing his face for the afternoon on Ice Cream...........Shameful

Have a great weekend

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Brass Monkey Weather

Nothing exciting just did an easy 9ks in 42 minutes in and around the park. It was bleeding freezing – think I saw about 8 degrees at one point and didn’t help that I stood around for an hour working prior to my run.
Returned home to watch extra time in the Belgium vs. U.S.A game and saw all the goals.
Felt terrible all day since.