Friday, November 29, 2013

WANTED, Training Partners......Apply Within

Well for the umpteenth time this week I was let down once more by my so called training partners (starting to get an inferior complex), Today again it was Old Kanser who was once more to have an many amber nectar to many last night and was unable to front up for our regular 5k hit out around Centennial Park, With Taffy also absent on NEW date duties it was left to me to do the hard yards myself.
I did the normal flat 4k warm up and really wasn’t looking forward to the next 19 minutes but decided to give it a go all the same. Went out a lot slower then last week with the aim of not dying as much on the second half of the run and went through the first 1k at 3.42 pace, Managed to hold the 2nd one as well and surprised for the first time going faster on the 3rd, The 4th is always that much harder but just wanted to hang in there and was happy to repeat the 5th k at the same time as the first.
18.34 for today in the end – not as fast as last weeks 18.20 but felt more comfortable today and more consistent across the board, also added that I had to run it by myself
The k splits as I got them were: 3.42, 3.40, 3.39, 3.48, and 3.42
Getting more confident that I can run a sub 18 now in right conditions (and with some training partner help), I must try to get over to the Curl Curl race to prove it on an easier course.

Had the Chairman on the phone pretty much straight after the run wanting to see how I went – Or more to the point seeing how I compared to the Official Irish Number 1 Runner Macca McClarnon who like me is on the comeback trail, Heard he run a 18.41 so it looks like it could be close ……….Although I think my course is tougher (and perhaps longer), Still I’d never back against the toughness of Macca anytime.

So, NO training partners this week, ALL let me down at some point over the past 7 days. Very Disappointing L I might have to ask Mikey if I can place an Ad in the HuRTS classified to help me find some new play mates.
I am out tomorrow for the usual Sunday run and one person I know WON’T let me down is HuRTS #1 Lady Laura who I’ve arranged to meet at 7am………..And I bet she wont be late either, Wonder if she’ll even bring some Scones?

Have a good one; don’t forget to back Everton tonight J

Thursday, November 28, 2013

November 1k Swim Time Trial

Missed a few sessions over the past month swimming so wasn't to sure how I’d go for today’s 1k time trial down at the A.B.C Pool.
Great crowd there for this but still no sign of the Chairman who continues to flaunt his much improved swimming of late. Nice surprise though to see HuRTS #1 Lady, Laura who was making her debut in the water.
Laura was in fact first way followed by The Champ on the handicap system before I was let go. Settled OK early and basically held the pace for each 100m , Lucky to see no one come past me (in my lane anyway) as I kept The Leech and QLDer Dave at bay.
Saw The Champ in the next lane just ahead for the final 100, and tried to reel him in but just wasn't strong enough in the end as he touched out a mere second before me - and more importantly he was first home and was rewarded with the much treasured 'Golden Duck' we have on offer.
Some great swims out there and good to see Mikey Conway rejoin us (slight running injury yet again), who wasn't too far behind me. Elan took the honours for fastest home with a quick 13.20.
Results were
Elan             13.20
Catfish Chris 13.55
Coach Pete   14.33
Charlie Low 15.26
Angus            15.40
Todd             15.51
QLDer Dave 16.18
The Leech      16.35
Timmy            16.47
Cialis              16.52
Mikey             17.09
The Champ     17.26 - golden Duck winner
Lady Laura      19.23

NOTE – There was no truth in the fact Enda and Tom didn’t show just because Laura was there either and was scared of getting ‘Chicked’

Had planned to get to Curl Curl in the morning but work prevents that from happening so will just head to Centennial Park to do the regular 14ks that includes the 5k tempo, T/T
Will also get out on Sunday for the Sunday long run will try to knock out 22ks plus this week.

Back on the airwaves tomorrow for the footy news, another tough week for the Mediocre teams although they have been going well over the past 3 weeks.
Stoke travel to Everton and after what I saw last week I can’t see any joy for the potteries men.
Timmy's Tip. Everton 2 vs. Stoke 0

Have a good weekend
Train well and stay safe

Happy Thanksgiving

First shunned by Tommy H (last Sunday), then Enda and Durante(Tuesday), and now can you believe the ‘Stig’ Taffy James punts me – Wonder if he’s upset about his new nickname? No sign of him for the regular Thursday morning dip at the pool and was forced to try to get through it best I could. Decided after a warm up to do 5 x 300s but struggled big time on the first two and came close to just heading to the coffee house at one point. In Desperate measures I got the hand paddles out to help for the final 3 and couldn’t believe how much of a difference they were to make. Managed to almost knock about 15 seconds of each 300 with the fastest rep coming on the final one.
Not one of the better sessions but glad to get that one out of the way all the same.

Let down number 2 of the day came later when Old Kanser said he would do some 800s with me – but again no sign of him? Not sure what happened and ended up not doing them in the end.
Had to drop into the city early evening and was around the Domain area so thought I’d take a look to see if any of the HuRTS crew were out for the A.B.C Biathlon? Nobody there so I took the opportunity to have a little hit out. Well the less said about it the better, It was bloody awful – Labored my way around the 4k run and barely got out of 3rd gear, somehow managed to jump in the water in 5th spot, I then got bulked and held up at the 50m mark by some clown who decided to cut across me before the end, Was lucky enough at the 250 though to get overtaken again but this time I jumped on his feet and in the process overtook the guy who past me earlier.
Finished in 6th overall and despite all the swimming I’ve been doing it doesn’t’ seem to help one bit after a tough 4k run. I can honestly say I have NO CHANCE against the Chairman Tommy H come the 12th December. My Run leg is just not up to it (especially over this tougher 4ks course), I’d need to be within 60 seconds of him to stand any chance and at present I’m closer to 2 minutes. So calling it early – I’ll still race on the night just for the craic and the few beers that flow after but I’ll be keeping my money in my pocket as I won’t be issuing any bets on this one.

Well today is Thanksgiving Day for all our Yankee friends out there – Sure J-Fen will be munching his way through his oven roasted Turkey on this historical day, and I’m sure Lovely Lisa (L.L) will also be out celebrating the occasion as well after her recent visit there as she seems to have gone all ‘American’ these days for some reason – Not sure what that’s about? Let’s hope she doesn’t’ lose that classic British accent she has J

Friday is the 1k Time Trial Day at the A.B.C Pool, lets hope its more successful then last months 18.50 effort, Heard rumors that even Tommy H could make a guest appearance …….this I have to see, he sounds confident though these days after his swim training and the smart money is on him to kick a certain Irishman’s @r$e should he come down.

Saturday I want to head over the Dark Side to Curl Curl for the 5k Park Run they have on, got a little work first up so I need to juggle a few things around if I’m to make it.


Monday, November 25, 2013

4 x 2k Reps with the Cannondale Kid Kanser

Put out the call for help yesterday for the upcoming 4 x 2k Reps and only old mate Kanser obliged and came to the party after Stankard and The Italian Stallion both thought the session was perhaps too difficult and gave it the wide berth.
Met up then with Kanser first up who unbelievably was on time – must have been due to his riding to the park on his Cannondale bike that he has. I have my regular 2k loop so jogged down to the start with Kanser telling me he will be happy to run at 3.45 pace today (Yeah right). After the way I felt yesterday I would be just happy to finish I thought and complete the session.
The first 1k is uphill so always slightly slower and then you are able (or should be able) to bring it home on the 2nd part of the rep. Just worked off Kanser on this one and stopped the clock in 7.21 (3.40 pace), had the standing 2 minute recovery and worked the second lap around a little faster, but only repeated the effort on the 3rd. Was pretty much done and dusted at this time, and could have called it quits then BUT Kanser said just to hang in there and run the 4th even if it was easy pace.
With this in mind I went out a lot easier for the first 1k then tried to kick it down to complete another tough session.
Times for the Day were. 7.21, 7.16, 7.20, 7.26
Although times weren’t that quick (ave 3.40s)  I am still pretty happy with that as I continue to gain some speed as well as building the ks back up each week.
Kanser was about 4-5 seconds ahead on each of the first 3, before pushing the last rep to look strong in about 7.07(?) on the last.

Once all done then cycled into town with Kanser where talk turned to Mr. Echinacea himself Enda and we both gave our predicted times on what he will run tonight at Angry Boys 5k Time Trial at E.S Marks?  Don’t want to put any pressure on him so will hold back what we said just in case he reads here and it messes with his weak head……….Jonathan Trott style.

Returned home to find a rather amusing and alarming email from the Chairman himself Tommy H. it looks like he is going all out in training and in particular the swimming to be able to beat me come the 12th December at the Biathlon.
Here is a copy of his comments

Dear Timmy.
You may be aware that I have taken a 3 month sabbatical from work in order to get myself right for the Biathlon at the A.B.C Pool on the 12th December. Mate, I am swimming the house down these days – even having my legs banded together in training whilst swimming 2 hours a day. In fact I am now the BEST swimmer in the Highnam household (well 2nd, think Bec can still take me but..) and I think come the 12th you will be TOAST ……..I think I will only need a 30 second buffer on the run to be able to hold you off. With this in mind I am happy to give you a 30 second start on the handicap system. I am even cycling with Slim Sammy Agnew in the week so we need to lock in a triathlon race to see if you can beat me at that also.
Got to go swimming calls.
Yours truly,
Tommy the Triathlete

So there you go ………looks like I have my work cut out J
For a full account of the Chairman’s NEW training regime check out his blog here on:

Rest day tomorrow after 4 straight days running, will return on Thursday for some 800s with Kanser and a swim with the STIG

Tom with his new 'Rig' as he sets up for the Biathlon on the 12th December.

Nothings going to hold him back as he gets ready for the swim squad.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Running with The STIG

Had no real intention of running this morning, that was until the Taffy Lad came calling last night wanting me to do a few ks with him followed up by watching the Cardiff vs. Man Utd game that I had taped. So it was to Centennial Park early and decided to call the 2 x 6k Woollahra Hill Loops that I normally do for a session. Felt bloody awful for the first lap and in particular the first 3 ks and just couldn’t get going even struggling to run at 4.40 pace. Settled down a little after that, just in time for the 700m hill but finished it off OK coming home in 27.37 (4.38 pace). Immediately picked up the pace to start the 2nd lap and strangely it felt oh so much better, even the hill didn’t feel difficult???? Completed the 2nd lap with a 26.37 (ave 4.26)
12ks for the day in 54.15 average all up 4.32s – Pretty happy with that all things considered.

Not been swimming much of late and when the storm came through at 11.30 that was almost my excuse NOT to go , but then the sun broke out and I started to get the guilt’s and found myself at the pool by 12.15pm all set to go.
Good turnout as well for a Monday with all the regulars there and after a 10 minute ‘Who’s got the worst excuse NOT to lead the lane out we were set to start. Some of the best today were:
MrAce “Sorry Boys, My Son didn’t sleep well last night”
Julia “My shoulder is still sore”
Champagne “I raced on Saturday”
Todd “I’ve not swum in 3 weeks”
The Champ “I forgot my pool buoy”
The Leech “I’m Irish”
And Finally Enda “I’m just $h!te”

So with all that out the way I tucked on to Cialis toes for the first of the reps – pretty solid as well coming in on 4.55 for the first 300., Sat on Todd’s feet for the next few reps and boy what a kick he has – I thought a big storm was coming through again and it was raining hailstones. Jeez, got a bloody headache after the 2nd of the 200s. Managed to hold the pace for the 200s before finishing off with 6 x 100s and tried to bring each home strongly.
Session was 2 x300, 4 x200 and 6 x 100s
300s done in 4.55, and 4.56. All 200s in under 3.20, and the 100s around 1.35 the last knocked out in 1.32

When The Leech told me he wanted to be just like Champagne Pony Club Low – I thought he meant as a runner or triathlon but it appears as if he’s following him down a different path as today after about 1100 metres he was done and called it a day – must be going soft?

Solid start to the week and will look for another 7 days like last week now in order to try to gain some much needed form.

Also yesterday it appears as if I’ve give ‘Angry Man’ to MUCH of a wrap. I think I said he came 10th overall but news out of camp is that he actually came 26th overall – Sorry about that and its not like the TRASH to get things wrong. Incidentally – It also appears that I was a little harsh on Champagne when I said he got done for drafting? Well he did get penalized but not for drafting BUT for aiding a fellow competitor? It seems that he carried the Angry Man for the whole of the 2nd lap whilst on the bike after or Kiwi friend LOCKED wheels with him.
Still great effort from all involved but I wonder what Angry Boy was thinking as a LADY came flying by to beat him by 3 seconds overall to get him added onto ‘The Chicked’ honours board?
For the record, In TRUE Triathlon measurements – The 1.9k swim was short, been told it was closer to 1600, Heaven knows what the run leg turned out to be?

And finally we have a NEW nickname for one of our members, Taffy James rocked up to the park this morning on his NEW motorbike, I say motorbike, my bloody hairdryer has more power – it then took me 20 minutes to make out who in fact it was. With a massive big crash hat on this muffled voice came out with ‘Hello Boyo, its me’ …….Far out – I thought it was the STIG for a moment. The STIG for all those that don’t know is a character on the British motoring show Top Gear who goes around setting lap times with this Full Faced Helmet on.  Taffy looked a dead ringer for him this morning J

Taffy James AKA The STIG rolls up to Centennial Park this morning


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mutiny Medium Sunday Run

Lovely start to the day and rolled up see Enda, The Leech, BenTen, Pommy Paul, Ronan(Just for Men),  ‘Allo Allo’ Rene, Jeet  and last but not least the late arrival of Kanser.
It looked like it was my time to shine as Mikey had informed everyone on the distribution list that I was to be in CHARGE for today’s run (Fame at Last J ), so decided to pretty much repeat last weeks effort that involved heading out the park, up to Randwick, down Coogee Bay Road, then over to Cloey before returning to the park via Queens Park.  All was going smoothly until we hit the bottom of Coogee Bay Road then Kanser demanded we all continue down to the beach and basically follow the coastline to Cloey and Bronte. I tried to rally the troops and remind Kanser of Mikey’s email but by this time he had already collaborated with his Irish mates and threatened the rest of the gang if they didn’t follow J
So it was down to the beach it was and the longer and slower route back with all the hills and stairs to contend with before the tough Bronte Hill back up to Queens Park, Was travelling OK I thought but then had Enda give me a gee-up as he gave it a ‘C’mon Timmy, come with me’ and I was made to up the anti to stay with him for the next 1.5ks Regrouped with everyone before re-entering Centennial then all of a sudden the pace was on again as we flew back to the café – Kanser reckons there were a few 4.15s chucked in along the way.
14k loop done in 63 minutes –average 4.35 pace, then headed out to finish off with a flat 8ks. I was feeling very tired at this stage and it didn’t take much to persuade me to cut short and when Allo Allo said he was only going to do a flat 4k loop instead that was enough for me to call it a day at that as well.
18ks done all up in 80 minutes for 4.34 pace – not the 20k I was after but good enough especially with running hard yesterday as well a late one last night on the radio then watching the footy till all hours only getting 4 hours sleep. Solid weeks effort and will give myself the break tomorrow and try to hit the pool to pick up on my swimming.
Sadly NO breaky today as Kanser had to head away after ‘Renting Out’ the whole of Luna Park for the Day for daughter Cara’s 5th birthday, and Enda just point blank refused me even as much as a cup of tea.

Must mention some good results coming in from the weekend, Up in Forster Ironman Richie Palmer taking out the Age Group win, as too did Champagne ‘Pony Club’ Low despite spending some time in the ‘Sin Bin’ for blatant drafting on the bike leg, Solid effort from Angry Boy Clyde who was top 15 (?) overall, but poor PLOD had the distinction of a DNF against his name – not sure why? But I suspect he went too hard on the bike and blew up and couldn’t finish the run leg………Just saying like?
Timmy’s Performance of the Day though goes to Renee Simon, Kenny’s better half for those that don’t know. Who did the sprint tri and took out the age group win with a quality time of 75 minutes, talking about it this morning with Enda and it works out she would have beat him with a time like that J
Well done to Taffy James on his 5k PB yesterday, and the Chairman Tommy H’s 2nd place (hang on, doesn’t he normally win these ‘Weetbix’ type races?) at the Curl Curl Park Run

Day 3 another shocker from England in the Ashes, safe to say this test has now gone with great batting from the Aussie pair Warner and Clarke, Its really important I think that England bat out day 4 at least and show a little resistance or else it will set the tone for the rest of the series ……..and we don’t want that do we?
The English batsman J.Trott looks half the cricketer he was 3 years back and his head is all over the place at the moment and doesn’t look like a number 3, so let’s hope he can find some form from somewhere.

Great result overnight with Stoke getting the much needed victory over Sunderland, can’t say I didn’t tell you – obviously Tom never listened to me looking at his less then impressive tips once more.


Friday, November 22, 2013

Saturday 5k Time Trial 18.20

A repeat of last Saturday’s effort that was 4k warm up, followed by the 5k time trial then the cool down, with the Taffy Lad and Kanser (can you believe he was only 4 minutes late today?). I was looking on improving on my 18.53 from 7 days ago after a decent weeks training. Very warm and humid conditions again this morning so thought it may make for a harder hit out.
Set out and pretty much straight away and knew it was a faster pace as we all went through the first k in 3.30 (3.40 last week), the boys started to get away after that but I was keen to hold the pace in the middle stages, felt the pace drop of yet again around the tougher 3k mark and had to dig in for the final climb at 4ks. Tried to lift on the final turn for the last 600 and was delighted to finish with 18.20 – some 33 seconds faster then last week.
The boys were also a lot faster both dipping under 18 minutes, Taffy actually getting a PB even overtaking Kanser at the 3k mark.
Talk is about heading over to the ‘Dark Side’ next week to run the Curl Curl 5k Park Run, I see Tommy H is a regular on this course, will be interesting to see if I can perhaps dip under 18 mins especially as I hear it’s a flat course.

Well it would be amiss of me not to mention the Ashes – And fair play to the Aussies who destroyed us on Day 2 at the Gabba, Great fast bowling by them and some poor shot selections from us contributed to us losing 6 / 9 at one point with only Wesley Snipes lookalike Carberry offering any resistance with 40 runs.
Looks like this one has gone and will see the Aussies go one zip up and will certainly make for a better series with 4 still to play
My RED CARD Part 1 - of the Day (rant) goes to the Aussie Boofhead who tempted Kevin Pietersen to the boundary to sign his little cricket bat. KP went over in to oblige only for the Gob$h!te to pull the bat away to make Pietersen look stupid. Now I’m no PK fan to be honest (I think he’s arrogant and a tool) but if you are going to start that caper then players WILL NOT head to the boundary in future to sign the little kids bats etc and then there will be an outcry from everyone that they are not looking after the kids of tomorrow.
2. The clown who tried to bring a PIG into the game smuggled in a pram disguised as a baby – Boys, that has been done some 30 odd years back with the words Botham written on it, for Gods sake come up with some originality for once ………Mind you I think you need to get past the ‘Aussie. Aussie, Aussie’ chant before we get too far ahead of ourselves J

Big weekend in the footy once again (when isn’t it) and a massive game at the potters tonight, the first real 6 pointer of the season in a must win game for the boys against Sunderland. I’ll take them for the win tonight as well by the odd goal
Timmy’s Tip Stoke 1 vs. Sunderland 0
The other big game is the Merseyside Derby between Everton and Liverpool – taking the red half to run out winners here 2-1

Tomorrow I am out on the Sunday long run, pretty much the same as last weeks 21ks, sure to be plenty of trash talk again running alongside Kane, Stankard and the Leech, wonder if the Chairman Tommy H might grace us this week.

Have a good weekend

A great front page from the Brisbane Courier Mail - who refuses to print his name or photo of S.Broad. Classic, i think they could be doing this a few times over the next 2 months


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rushcutter 400s with a Broad Smile

Back to the pool for the first time since last Thursday with the Taffy lad and boy what a struggle that turned out to be this morning. Set was 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, and 400s and basically struggled all the way. Managed to sit on James feet for the set though and think maybe he was struggling just as much as I was, Times were down on the normal and I was even forced to do the 2nd 300 metre rep to help out from the front.
That bad in fact on the 2nd 400 after just 200 meters the lovely Suzanne from Southampton who was on lifeguard duty seemed to be keeping an eye on me and was edging her way to the pool as I was last seen dragging my arms down the bottom of the pool and I decided to call it a day from there.

Lunchtime it was into town for the run over to Rushcutters for the 10 x 400s (rolling every 2 minutes), smaller crowd today for some reason although good to see the return of #1 Tucks who I haven’t seen running since his return to Oz. Team broke into 3 groups for today with even Mikey looking after the 2nd group (rolling every 2.10), I pushed myself up a grade alongside Tucks, Matt Keeley and “Kenny’. Rolled around the first rep on Kenny’s shoulder in 78, (he must have been taking it easy), pretty much held the rest to all similar times that I was happy with and actually felt OK doing so.
Tucks was looking good out there, not sure of his times but seeing how far ahead he was I imagine they were all knocked out in 63s? Just to remind Mr. Barts and Co who really is the #1 J

My rep times for the day went: 78, 77, 77, 77, 76, 77, 78, 76, 77, and 73

Well the start of the Ashes got under way today and it didn’t take long for the first of the Aussies wickets to fall, 4th over I believe and then pretty regularly after that with only Mitchell and Hadden doing any real damage. Stuart Broad was the man who did most damage with the ball taking 5 wickets for the day and restricting the hosts to 273/8
I see the Aussies are giving Broad heaps.  I’m not sure why they are booing him – because what he did was not British. It was distinctly Australian if you ask me.

Another decent weeks so far with training, especially on the running front, so will have a rest day tomorrow and then might follow last weekends training of a 5k T/T on Saturday then the 21ks on the Sunday.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Running with the Hardmen

The rain finally stopped this morning but it was bloody humid as I thought I’d knock out a few ks with the BRAT Hardmen that run around posing every Wednesday morning.
Saw Kanser prior to that looking like 'death warmed up' as he struggled to do his long run solo, I was going to join him but he only had a flat loop to do so decided to run ahead,
Wasn't long before 'Hilly's (John) Merry Men came floating along and soon got the chat going with Enda, poor old (sometimes) HuRTS boy (and original Hardman) J.C was in all sorts of strife, I know when he's struggling as he offers nothing in the slagging department.......He was mute for about 20 minutes, and even cut it short avoiding the Woollahra Hill as well....... Shameful
Enda was the next to depart for work and that left me with the honour of running with Hilly himself, who was to spend the next lap or so telling me what tri's he's won over the past 29 years. Still it passed time I suppose and happy to be able to do 15ks for the morning - average pace around 4.37s
Legs felt very tired this morning and I think yesterdays 800s took more out of me then I realised, hopefully I can get a bit of spring back in time for tomorrows 400s at Rushcutters.

Returned home again this morning to see another poor result from Wembley, getting turned over by a second string German team 0-1 at Wembley, First time we've been beat twice at home on the spin in over 36 years doesn't spell good news ahead of Rio 2014
Still keep the faith.
Anyway on to more immediate matters closer to home. The Ashes begins tomorrow up at the Gabba, Personally I think it will be a lot closer then the 3-0 score line was in the English summer, but still think we can win it. As stated before I can't see where the runs are coming from for the Aussies if Captain Clarke doesn't fire. Watson is liability and won’t see the series through, whereas England has 5 -6 potential match winners.
Timmy's Tip - Take the Poms to RETAIN the Ashes - 2-1
First Test prediction - Draw

More of the same please boys - Final game at the SCG last time around.

Lets hope my mate Mitchell Johnson is playing - great entertainment for the travelling fans

Alongside former captain Michael Vaughan at the Paragon -celebrating another Ashes victory (look he even stole one of Fat's shirts) :)


Monday, November 18, 2013

8 x 800s - Making a Statement

What is going on with this weather? Yet another sleepless night it appeared as the rain continues to bucket down in Sydney town throughout the night.
Arranged to meet Kanser and Enda first up for the 8 x 800s but was forced to mark out an alternative course as McKay Oval was pretty much under water and with Enda’s latest swim antics and no sign of any lifeguards at the park I thought it safer to do the session elsewhere seeing he didn’t bring his floaties along.
It was also the first time in 284 days that Kanser has fronted up to any session where Enda has been present, so today was always going to be interesting to see how they shaped up against one another.  Decided to mark out the 800s through the middle of the park on one straight stretch that takes us past the popular duck ponds and pop up café that is there for the cycling masses on the weekends.
First rep up and only 400m into it and I’m dropped and feel as if I’m already struggling running into a headwind coming from the waters edge as I stop the clock with a less then impressive 2.47, you get the tailwind on the way back but the final 250m is uphill that brings the times back a little. Managed to get to the half way mark holding the times consistent at least but found myself some 6-7 seconds behind Kanser who in turn was about the same back from Enda whose rich vein of form continues.
Lost it slightly on 5 & 7 going out, as Enda held form whilst Kanser said it felt it was more like 1k reps, and in the end  it was to prove all too much for him as he called time after his 6th rep. I hung on in there but the 7th was to be my slowest of the morning but lifted (not by much) for my fastest to finish the killer of a set off.
Times were.  2.47, 2.48, 2.48, 2.48, 2.50, 2.49, 2.51, 2.45
Tougher set then any I’ve done over the past 4 weeks or so – not sure why? I actually thought they would have been a lot faster especially as it was a straight course and I had the boys to work off

Anyway the outcome from today’s little effort was, I’m slowly getting back into it – although it may take longer then expected, Enda is flying and his good form continues and really did make a statement today to Old Kanser that he will need to work harder to beat him, Whilst Kanser looks like it could take a while before he can claim to be Ireland's#1 ……….As I still think the Leech has it over him J

As tough as it was, I was happy to be able to get another speed session out the way, Will try to get out in the morning for a longer slower run and see if the BRAT Hardmen are floating around.

Big match first up in the morning – England take on the old enemy Germany in a friendly at Wembley, After a disappointing lose the other night against Chile a turnaround is a must, and I can see the boys getting up for this although the Germans are a great team at the moment so best I can predict for us is a 1-1 draw.
Tomorrow I will give the forecast for the much awaited ASHES where England are going for 4 straight


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sunday Medium/Long Run

After another shocker of a night weather wise it was down to the park early to try to knock out a medium to long run that saw me attempt 20k, Rolled up to see HuRTS Performer of the Year Fats pull up at the same time and thought I may have the pleasure of his company but I think he saw the contingent nearby and was last seen running in the opposite direction with some ‘Young Cub’
Nice little crew this morning that saw the 3 Irish Amigos Kane, Reville, and Stankard, Lady Laura, Pommy Paul, BenTen, and Greta Truscott, but NO sign of Tommy H after promising me he’d venture over?
Did half a lap of the park before I took then group out from Centennial  up to Randwick dropping into Coogee then running up a killer of a mountain hill for a kilometer, around Cloey Road, down into Queens Park before returning to the café for a nice little 11k. Nice loop and soon passed 50 odd minutes running at 4.37 pace. I was even feeling pretty good at this point as the constant drivel from the Irish boys continued to spark up although they went very quiet when I brought up the Ireland/Australia match earlier that morning. Kanser was pretty quiet mind you as I think he was struggling after about 9 successive nights on the drink finally catching up with him?
Did the usual 10k loop then but added the run up to the Captain Cook Hotel instead of the Woollahra hill as we then kicked it down slightly to return back to the café in 43.50 (4.28 pace)
Just shy of 21ks for the morning – in 94 minutes average pace of 4.32 and must say despite it being my longest run in a long time I actually surprised myself and got through it OK, so happy with that.

Made the long awaited return to the ‘House of Kane’ after for the BEST Bacon & Eggs going on a Sunday morning, not to mention the Cups of tea on offer, Its been a while I must say and looking around the gaff it appears that Old Kanser still has a fond attachment to superstore ‘Aldi’ …..My God, I think he had brought every SPECIAL on offer this week, Butter ($1.55), Soda Stream Makers ($79), and even had a Volleyball Net ($9.99) ready to go over the swimming pool J
Top breaky yet again though and can’t fault it (didn’t even need to ask for the sugar today) and thanks again to the Kane’s for that.

Will head out for my Sunday drinks this arvo – even talk from Kanser that he may join me for a few (think he just needs the clearance from the ‘Good Wife’ before he confirms though)

A couple of decent days training recently so will have a recovery day tomorrow and just head back to the pool for a dip at lunchtime with the lads at the A.B.C Pool

The Irish Boys ready to roll out for this mornings medium/long run Kane, Leech, and Stankard, must have been too much for Mr Fats to cope with?


Friday, November 15, 2013

Wembley Woes

What a night! Loudest thunder I think I ve ever heard made for a restless night before hitting the park and catching up with the Taffy Lad and eventually Kanser (who was a record 28 minutes late), Taffy and I first did a flat 4k loop easy before being joined by a hung-over and dishevelled Kane as we were ready for the 5k T/T / Tempo session that I had us down for.
Legs felt heavy before the start after a decent weeks training, so wasn't looking forward to this one, and soon settled as we all went through the first 1k in 3.40, Kanser pulled away a little on the next as both Taffy and I then went through 2ks in 7.20, started to lose it a little around the tougher up hill around Fox Gates and when I was hanging in there on the final hill around the 4k mark. Managed to stop the decline after that and held firm for the final 700m once I turned to see the finishing line that is the cafe.
Stopped the clock in 18.52 - Happy enough with that, as I did 19.11 a couple of weeks back, although disappointed how much time I lost over the final 2ks with James putting probably 25 seconds into my over such a short distance.
Kanser was strong and able to hold his pace throughout coming in around 18.14 (?) (Still wouldn't be good enough to beat Enda mind you)
Decent cool down of a further 3ks to finish with over 12 for the morning
Times were;
Kanser 18.14
Taffy     18.20
Timmy   18.52

A few coffees after were then compounded by the terrible news coming through from Wembley Stadium where England got turned over by the South Americans from Chile 0 -2 , bloody disgraceful performance to be honest just 8 months out from a World Cup, and does little to install any confidence looking forward.
Got the Sauerkraut's on Tuesday and a better performance is a must in that game.
Made worse by the bloody Irish winning as well - and didn't Enda let me know all about it :)

Will get out in the morning for a 20k run with Enda, and Laura told Kanser about it as well but I suspect we will have done half the run by the time he arrives if this morning is anything to go on. Might even get Tommy H over as well from the dark side, to help with the normal trash talk that i have to put up with :)


Thursday, November 14, 2013

HuRTS Hickson 1.2ks with the 4 Nations

With the J.P Morgan race on the Wednesday evening it was decided by the powers that be (Mikey) to delay the normal Thursday session by 24 hours to Friday in order to help recovery for all those that run.
Normally a swim day for me but feel as if I need to focus more on the run leg at the moment so headed into town for what is still regarded as the toughest of the sessions – the original 1.2k Hickson Road Reps
Small but elite crowd today that saw the 4 Nations well represented (plus Mikey) , with Enda (Irish) , Taffy (Welsh) and the Sweaty Sock(Craig) turning out,  Lady Laura, who I’m sure has a little English in her ( or at least wants some), Elle, MrAce, BenTen, Jeet and a few others were also in attendance.
Enda was first away, followed by Ben, and Mikey with me hanging in a few seconds behind, certainly wasn’t full pelt but was still sitting under 3.30 pace to come in on 4.08, Second was the same although Mikey pulled up short by 25 meters (for some reason) , and I followed suit? Third rep was my fastest as I hung on to Taffy, with Laura breathing down my neck the whole way. Lost it a little on the 4th as Laura was all of a sudden now ahead, as I battled it out with MrAce. Enda called time after the 4th as his 4 hour beer lunch was just about to start and he doesn’t like to miss out. I then hung in and just worked off Ben and Jimmy for the 5th trying hard to keep the time consistent with the others.
Rep Times were, 4.08, 4.02 (short), 4.04, 4.09, and 4.09
I’ll take that, All under 3.27 pace per/k and looking back to Tuesday’s 1k reps I was struggling just to hold 3.34s – so hopefully heading in the right direction.

A little quieter weekend coming up (hopefully), Will try to get out in the morning for a tempo session, I think Kanser might be around, then plan on knocking out my first long run for ages come Sunday with Enda, Laura and few others. I will try to do 20ks and aim to build the ks back up over the next couple of months and start to log some decent mileage.

No Premiership footy this week either, so looks like a happier Monday for Slim Sammy Agnew to begin the week for a change, Its International friendly time though and whilst talking 4 Nations, I am going out on a limb here and predict wins for England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland this week – Although the Jocks are playing J-Fens States team and I don’t back them with any confidence.  Mind you if Wales
or Ireland let me down then there will also be strong words had with the boys come Monday.Timmy’s Tip. England
2 vs. Chile 0, Rooney to score for England as well.
Also been wondering where Slim Sammy Agnew has been of late – I think I have found out after receiving this little piece overnight? Personally I think he may be over qualified? J

Have a good weekend
Train well and stay safe

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Yet More Swimming

Just headed back into the P.A.P this morning to join up with the Taffy Lad James for what has become our regular Thursday swim followed by our usually premiership trash talk where i slag him for being Welsh over a coffee.
Been enjoying these sessions of late and i think its been the key to my improvement in the water, He's pretty consistent with his times is Jimmy, so makes it that much easier to sit on his toes (Although I'm still bloody working hard to survive and not get dropped at any point)
Today's session was 2 x 400s, and 4 x 300s tapped in the middle of them, Cruised the first 400 as more of a warm up in 6.57 before getting set for the bulk of the session with the 300s. Again felt OK was we done them all within 3 seconds of each other.
Times were; 4.56, 4.54, 4.56, 4.53
A good cool down before retreating for said coffee and the banter to start up, Bad weekend for the poor boy, first up last week i tamed him in the pool, then the Union boys got beat by Sth Africa, The mighty Cook Islands then turned the rugby boys over in the World Cup and finally to knock the nail in the coffin poor old Cardiff get a whacking from Enda's Villa in the footy...Oh dear :)

Had a good night at the J.P Morgan last night, will do a full summary of events later in the day.........BUT the big news of the night was the late withdrawal of one Dave Kanser Kane, who keeps hiding from Irish teammate Enda and his constant refusal to race him?
Full details and reasons why later?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Out early doors again this morning to log a few ks and decided to get some more base work done that saw me repeat last weeks 2 x 6k Woolahra Hill loops around Centennial Park. Cracker of a morning with the park looking good in ready for tonight's J.P Morgan race with all the tents all set up.
I stuck the old Ipod on this morning to help pass the time and armed with my favorite tunes i was of and running feeling great.
Knocked over the first 6k loop in a time of 25.55 average 4.19s and then tried to pick it up on the second lap, was going OK until the 700m hill around the 4.5k mark on the loop then i seemed to struggle a little. Managed to pick it up though once at the top and brought it home fairly strong with a faster final k to complete the loop in 25.12 (ave 4.11_
12ks done working at 4.15s for the day. Happy with that, and not sure if it was the tunes, smelling of the roses, injury free, but i seemed to be moving much more freely in my stride today.....Long may it continue.
As mentioned its the Corporate J.P Morgan this evening and for the first time in years HuRTS top 4 are either struggling to run or wont even make the start line. I think #1 Tucks is absent (only just got a new job), #2 Barts has by all accounts had an injury(?), Tommy H has a bout of Man flu, and Champagne Charlie is still recovering from surgery?
It may be time for the 'B Graders to step up and show us what they are made of,  Enda's already come out and stated he has a cold as well (i don't believe it), Kanser is still avoiding Enda, so it may be a battle between the Leech and Mikey Conway. Lady Laura James will take them all though the way she is running and will be interesting to see just how many she ' Chicks' tonight.  A lot of bets have been laid on Laura and if she DOES beat Kanser OR Enda tonight then she need not worry about buying ANY drinks for the rest of the year :)
Not 100% sure of who is running in the team so here is a brief of those i do know - (usual suspects)

Barts 17.49
Tom  17.58
Enda  18.47
Leech 19.08
Laura  19.14
Mikey 19.17
Kanser 19.21
Taffy   19.24
P.Walker 19.50

Not sure if I'll venture down tonight or not at his point, can someone please let me know the results if not.
......And if Enda is the fastest HuRT home then, don't bother, I've left the country

Good Luck to all

By the way WOW Day is today and its Wear Orange Wednesday in recognition of all the SES volunteers who put on the orange overalls to provide emergency assistance in tough times, especially lately with all the bush fires around Sydney. Today we are all encouraged to wear Orange in a united show of thanks for the tremendous work done. Enda will tonight be out in his orange flannelet shirt to show his appreciation post race, (make sure you get the photo)


Monday, November 11, 2013

Where is the Stallion? 6 x 1k Reps at Centennial

No sign of Kanser, No Stankard, No Highnam and even the ever reliable Italian Stallion Durante wussed out in joining me this morning for the Centennial Park 6 x 1k Reps that i decided to do.
Rain had stopped but it was very humid and with no training partners my heart wasn't really in it and it was to make for a tough morning. I did a 4k flat warm up first up and even felt flat in that as all the reps were well down on times that i wanted and used to to. Best thing said about them was they were kept consistent and i manged to get them all done rolling of 5 minutes for each.
Rep times went: 3.34, 3.33, 3.37, 3.38, 3.36, 3.34
Again not the times i was after but in truth that's where I'm at with my training and in line with what i can possibly run a 10k at the moment should i add about 10 seconds per k on to each that would work out what i would run ...around 38 minutes?
Hopefully another 6-8 weeks and then i can start to see the improvements

The park is being all set up for tomorrow evenings J.P. Morgan event, starting to look good for the corporate masses that decent in the park for the 5.6k run they do, Loads of the team run in this and I'll do a little run down tomorrow on the main chances, although at this stage it looks like Barts is a cert for the #1 with C.T away, Tommy H on leave, Champagne coming back from injury, and Enda getting his weekly cold back again.
I might venture down to have a peek and take a few photos as they all fly by, and who knows i may even hang around for a beer or two.

Some Mouse (anonymous) has stated that i am swimming well? It's true that my times are coming down but i still feel as if i am struggling whilst doing it. Every 5 minutes (300 rep) feels like its about 45. Hopefully i can pencil in a triathlon in the New Year to put it to the test
Next big test though will be on the 12 December at the A.B.C Pool for the Biathlon that Tommy H has issued the challenge on, I see he's taken up some swim lessons so may have my work cut out and need to pick up my run leg to help reduce the time needed to swim him down.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Remembrance Day

Shocker of a morning with a big change in the Sydney weather brought a heavy downpour that saw the numbers down for the Monday swim. Didn't stop coach Walker, The Champ, QLDer Dave, Cialis and a big surprise was the appearance of Champagne.
Small warm up before getting into the 5 x 200s and 10 x 100s for the day, Worked hard from the off today psuhing it to try to stay on Champagne's toes who in turn was working just as hard trying to stay with Pete.
Touched out the first in 3.07 and then was pretty strict with the 15 seconds recovery before setting off for the 2nd. Managed to stay on his feet for the 5 keeping them all similar pace.
As for the 10 x 100s, Pete called one easy then one hard, Knocked out each of the faster ones in 1.30s and the slower reps were done in 1.34- 1.37s

Not sure what the run set is for the morning as i think many of the boys will be going easy with J.P Morgan in mind on the Wednesday. Kanser is still away, and its about this time that Enda will be coming out with another cold. Might give the Italian Stallion Durante a call as he never lets me down :)


Times for the 200s were ; 3.07, 3.11, 3.11, 3.09, 3.11

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Swimming with the Birthday Boy

No sign of Coach Walker, Taffy, MrAce, Julia, Champagne, Toddie or even Mermaid today but we were privileged to have the man in form and birthday boy Enda return to the pool to mark the celebration of his 38th birthday.
Big News of the day (see no secrets here) was arriving early to see Elan walking up and down the pool deck COACHING.........none other then 'The Champ', little wonder he's flying at the moment getting one on one's with one of the fastest going around.
Despite Pete's absence he did leave us with a set to do that included;
1 x 400, 2 x 300, 3 x 200, and 4 x 100s
With Elan long gone i sat on QLDer Dave's feet for the first 400 and was happy to roll in on 6.30, and then as late as ever Angus rocked up and with Dave declaring me to go in front of him i was about to work as hard in a swim session then i have for a long time (in fact for EVER), Just about hung on in the 300s then the pace seemed to step up another gear as the 200s were even faster. Was just about down and out at this point of the session before Elan decides to take charge and DEMAND that the 100s will be swum FLAT OUT and in return we get a slightly longer break.......Jeez, thanks mate.
Normally when i swim i can see the persons feet ahead of me , but today it was just a wash of bubbles, and STARS as i tried my best to hang on to Angus over the shorter final stages.
Times were perhaps the fastest this young lad from Stoke can do and were as follows;
6.30, 4.44, 4.41, 3.02, 3.03, 3.01, 1.23, 1.24, 1.24, 1.25
Wrecked at the end and could barely lift my arms to get out the pool, only made to feel a little better when i saw the condition of Enda looking like he'd even struggle to blow the candles out on his nearby cake.

If i thought i was struggling then you should have also seen Warrior Charlie, who was doing all sorts with his fitness guys, running, swimming , doing weights etc.... he looked like he was getting smashed and spent more time walking up and down the pool with a kick board then anything else..... Poor Bloke.

Big weekend in the footy once more and afraid to say the boys in the Mediocre Cup are up against it once again, Taffy and Enda will be battling it out for bragging rights, Tom's Toon will get a belting away from home, Slim Sammy Agnew's Palace will be lucky to get NIL again this week against the 'Blue Noses from Everton and unless the Goalie scores for Stoke i think we may be struggling to get anything at Swansea... All doom and gloom it looks like then :(
Still, if I'm looking for the upset then I'll take Stoke to pick up a point at the Swans
Timmy's Tip Swansea 1 v Stoke 1
in the big game Arsenal vs Man Utd - I'll go with the same scoreline

For all the EXPERT tips and analysis then tune in to your truly Saturday evening at 9pm - Yes, i can talk $h1te with the best of them.

Will try to get out for a run in the morning, no sign of Kanser still and Enda is also away so looks like i may be running around the park by myself.

The Champ getting one on one coaching lessons from Elan..........At $100 per hour its a small price to pay to stay ahead of Enda he tells me.

Charlie Dalziel with kick board, I thought the idea was to KICK with the board not hold it up and walk the length of the pool?

"OK, I'll give the kick board the flick - but I'm still walking" , Nice work Warrior Charlie.

Also forget to include in the week , results from last week triathlon at Heffron.

1 55 Dave Matthews 01:00:16 2029 1 00:10:09 1 1 00:33:03 2 1 00:17:03 1 1
2 58 Stew Campbell 01:04:35 4049 1 00:13:30 10 5 00:31:09 1 1 00:19:55 8 4
3 59 Tim Lindop 01:05:37 4049 2 00:13:24 7 3 00:33:09 3 2 00:19:03 5 3

Have a great weekend
Train safe

Wales 0 vs England 1

Stunning day in old Sydney town today as i made my way over to Rushcutters to don my duties for the HuRTS boys and mark out the 800m track in time for the 8 reps that was on the cards for the lunchtime session.
Before that though i had my regular Thursday morning swim session with the Taffy Lad down at the P.A.P and set myself for the tough 40 minutes after James called 10 x 200s. I've been swimming better of late although still no match for the Welsh Wizard so decided that he would lead out all bar the 4th and 8th rep. Times were pretty good throughout all coming in under 3.20s but i could see Jimmy wasn't at his best this morning. So with this in mind (and after he led out rep #9 i issued him with the Dai Davies/Kevin Keegan (Wales England) Challenge? A straight 200 rep to finish off the morning. Had to then wait while he then gave a full on rendition of 'Land of my Fathers' as the hairs stood up on the back of his next and the 'hatred of the English was evident in his eyes.
Anyway, to cut a long story...........Old Jimmy, was last seen crying in his Welsh leek as the Keegan Cup is now safe and sound in Erskineville (for a week at least)

So back to Rushcutters and a big crowd, that saw the front group of Kenny, Enda, and Razor, with Mikey, Dom, Leech and a few others not far behind, I went through the first Rep in a sharp 2.36 and knew there was no chance of holding the remaining 7 at that pace.
Settled a little after that and managed to keep them all around the 2.40 mark, before getting the final one back to a 2.36

Rep times 2.36, 2.39, 2.39, 2.40, 2.40, 2.41, 2.40, 2.36
Quicker then what i managed at Tuesday's session although in truth its a far better surface then McKay and it was nowhere near as windy today.
Enda continues to run well, knocking them all out around 2.31s (?) and Mikey was telling me that he averaged 2.34s all up - very impressive

Swim Times were .3.16, 3.19, 3.18, 3.15, 3.17, 3.20, 3.18, 3.10, 3.20, 3.04

Talking swimming - heard on the grapevine that The Chairman Tommy H has started Swim Correction Lessons today in an effort to avoid being 'Chicked' come Biathlon time at the A.B.C Pool.
We have a date set for the big SHOWDOWN (or should that be Lowdown?) - Pencil in the 12th December, Xmas drinks to follow.

Also tomorrow is a famous day on the Irish calendar..........No, its not when the potato famine started, but something more important. More will be revealed tomorrow :)


Monday, November 4, 2013

800s Pizza Style with the Stallion

Enda at the end of his 800s - trying to break into the top 10 HuRTS guys

With the Italian Stallion Durante - watch out he's coming back.

Michael Owen getting ready for Flemington to watch his horse Brown Panther in the Melbourne Cup.

With Kanser giving me the brush YET again choosing to head out of town to Noosa (for another holiday) I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the Italian Stallion Man Michael Durante was going to join Enda and I for the 8 x 800 session down at McKay Oval early doors.
Arranged to meet at 7.30 am but then had to wait till 8.05:37 till Enda gave Durante the full version of events from his Saturday morning run
With Enda leading from the front I run shoulder to shoulder for the first rep with M.D crossing in 2.47, before he picked the pace up on the next couple running a few seconds ahead whilst I tried my best to keep it consistent.
Was working hard in the heavy wind that was swirling around the oval especially around the 500m mark, but Durante just got stronger and was soon pushing Enda all the way over the 2nd half of the session. Not sure how he still does it in truth - the mans done nothing for must be 2 years now and still has a good turn of speed (especially over the shorter reps)......Mind you he does have a 1.53 800 to his name :)
I was happy enough with the 8 reps and never blew out as my times will indicate. Fair play to Enda who was a good 10 seconds ahead of me for each rep and was closing in on 2.30s come the finish with M.D only a couple behind him. I may have to hold my hand up and say I was wrong about our Irish friend and admit that maybe he could be ranked JUST in the top 10 from the HuRTS boys especially on current form?
Times for the day; 2.47, 2.45, 2.45, 2.43, 2.45, 2.44, 2.43, 2.42

Good session and glad to have the boys there to help out even if I was a long way behind, just to work off them certainly helped.

Well big day this arvo, heading out shortly to have a few jars to celebrate the Melbourne Cup and hope to pick a winner or two. Big race and it’s a bit of a lottery, loads of International runners that seem to have upset the Aussies (again). Wouldn't it be good if ex- footballer Michael Owens Brown Panther could get up for the English superstar?
Timmy's Tip of the Day is a flick of the coin between number 4 Sea Moon and number 8 Dandino - so will have my 50p on those, and chuck in a few others #6, #7, #12, and #23 to help me snag the trifecta .....If it comes in then please tell my clients I won’t be at work at 6am in the morning J

Good luck to all - hope you win a fortune and clean those bookies out

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Route 1 - Direct Style

12ks this morning to kick start the week that saw me do the 2 x 6k Woollahra Hill loops of the park that i have seemed to neglect of late.
Very windy out there that saw me struggling at times and then cruising with the help of the tail wind. Helped big time with the tail wind coming on each lap as i made my way up Woollahra 700m hill. Worked the first lap at 4.20s coming in at 26.06 and then tried to lift it once more as i completed the 2nd lap. Again the head wind made the first part tough but got through it and stopped the clock on 25.34 second time around (4.15s)
51.40 all up averaging 4.18s for the morning - Worst part (or is that best?) was that it was only about 10 seconds per/k slower then what i was able to run on Saturday at Strider's.

Down to the P.A.P at lunchtime and only a very small turnout for this one with Coach Walker, The Champ, Eloquent Julia and I on show, that meant i was going to have to do more work on the front then i wanted to do. The set was 6 x 200, and 6 x100s with a few drill/technique 100s thrown into the mix.
I lead out the 1st,3rd and 5th rep and i then made The Champ do the even sets. The Champ was struggling a little today so i was happy to have a (slight) breather on his turn
As for the 100s - I just tried to stay on Pete's feet for the whole 6 (as he was just taking it easy today with no Elan, J.C, Catfish or Mermaid there to push him)
Times for the day; 3.15, 3.27, 3.18, 3.30, 3.17, 3.37, 1.35, 1.34, 1.35, 1.34, 1.34, 1.33

Tomorrow morning will head back to McKay for my regular 800s , Kanser is away this week in Noosa so i may have to give Enda a call, although if i have to listen to him sprout on about his Strider's win one more time I'll be heading straight to the coffee house.

Pretty disappointing result again for the Potters, only drawing 1-1 at home this despite scoring after just 14 seconds of the game against Southampton.  I know many say our style of play is pretty direct and we just 'hoof' the long ball forward but this goal just put a new meaning to 'route 1' as our goalie scored - unbelievable.


BRAT Triathlon Heffron Park 65.31

Down to Heffron Park this morning for the BRAT club triathlon, with Noosa on the same day i thought many of the stronger athletes would be up north - And so it was with only the impressive Dave Matthews (who did a 16.20 at the biathlon last week) in attendance, although sometime HuRT and Hard man Brendan Krone was there as was gun cyclist Stewie 'Computa'
After yesterday i was just keen for a good hit out and decided to sit on Krone's feet with about 4 others for the swim leg. Felt pretty comfortable as i went through a touch over 13 minutes. A quick T1 (unlike last weeks debacle) and i was off on the 20k 10 lap technical bike course. I still had the disk wheels on the bike from last weeks Nepean Tri and was working pretty hard making sure i kept a few of the others at bay as i knew they could possibly run me down in my present condition. Computa came flying by as if i was standing still at one point but my lap times were OK and i came into T2 with a bike time of 32.40
Out on the flat 5k run course and legs felt heavy even after the first 800m, just tried to hang on and was happy to see only Matthews and Computa ahead with just 2ks to go.
Worked the 5ks at 3.50 pace to finish the run section on 19.00 to stop the clock in 65.31 overall  and i think 3rd place overall (not 100% as there were 2 starts and the slower people go in the first wave and sometimes you get a few who fly under the radar).
In fact i should be pushed up a spot as Stewie Computa for some unknown reason swims in his wetsuit (in the pool can you believe) and technically is outside the rules :)

Good all round weekend for the HuRTS boys i hear, first Enda and the Leech take out the Strider's, then Tucks wins a marathon (don't know where to be honest) and Skippy Heyden gets 2nd in a 60k walking event.
Good luck to Sonya tonight over in New York, Her preparation hasn't been great as she hurt her back and then got caught in the cross fire whilst at L.A Airport having to to hide under the tables whilst a madman was running around - scary $h!te :(

Back out tomorrow, would love to get a run in somewhere and may even sacrifice my regular Monday swim in order to fit it in.