Saturday, August 29, 2015

21ks Sunday Long around Centennial.

A bit fresh but stunning morning and an even better team out for the long Sunday run around Centennial.  No sign of C.T (Southern Highlands), Birchy (too many pints and pies from recent holiday), Renaud (Maroubra 2.5k Championships) or even Irelands #1 Super Kev (injured) this morning but the regulars were out in force and as early as the first 6k loop the banter was in full swing with all attention turning to next week’s North Head 10k (but more on that later).
Good chat along the way with Prince Ho, and good to see Glen back out with us once again. First 6ks was around the 4.37 per/k mark and upon returning picked up Frenchman Jerome for our regular 10k loop around the outside of the park. Got a serve from Hoey about my blog and the fact I’ve NOT linked his to mine as we both agreed that the Chairman’s journal has now official fallen out the race for ‘Blog of the Year’.
Completed the 10k loop at sub 4.30 pace just as the GPS died on me and then tagged on the extra 5k finishing with both Jerome & Glen as Leech and Jeet continued to knock out further due to the marathons the boys have coming up.
21ks all up in around 90 minutes, would have averaged 4.30 for the morning I reckon, The Sweaty ‘C. Wiseman was running well, even leading from the front at times (he only run 16k  though) and Enda was on fire but yet again was still spinning it that he won’t run under 35 next week. The lad who looked strongest though was the ‘Leech’ fresh from his 2nd place at Curl Curls 4.85k Park run yesterday in 17.13 beating Jamie Stewart along the way

Finished off with a good coffee after with Enda, Leech, Jerome, where I was forced on babysitting duties for young Mia Stankard whilst Enda stuffed his face on the big breaky, all still trying to bet off scratch for next week – shame on him
So the official bets (and some **to be confirmed) stand at;

Tom   + 2.30
Sammy  +35
Kanser  Scratch
Enda       +1.40
Renaud  + 50

** Leech +1.15
** Jeet    ??
Sweaty  - 50

Sunday arvo beers are on and venturing over the ‘Dark Side’ to pay a visit to the Chairman Tommy H, Poor lad quiet understandably has been a bit down lately due to his recent injury so I thought I’d head over and talk footy ( that will upset him even more when we start up on Newcastle), drink beer and get a bite to eat along the way.

Will rest up tomorrow and be back into it for the tough 8 x 5 minute efforts on Tuesday.

21ks done then get stuck on babysitting duties with young Mia Stankard whilst Enda stuffed his face on the big breaky. Thank God Mia got her lovely mothers looks and not Enda's.

Taffy at the darts last Friday - spent most of the night in search of 'Where's Wally'

Forgot to mention last week the sad passing of ‘Blakey’ Stephen Lewis from On the Buses fame, another of the brilliant English comedies from the 70s, ‘Blakey will always be remembered as the Inspector  for his ‘I hate you Butler’ one liner. Another of my all time favorites.
Stephen Lewis R.I.P


Thursday, August 27, 2015

August Golden Duck 1k Time Trial - 18.01

Numbers have been down all winter for the swims and I’ve really let myself down with doing little or none over the past 3 months so really wasn’t keen on today’s ‘Golden Duck 1k Time Trial at the P.A.P.
Only a handful with The Champ, Manly Steve, Angus and a welcome return of perhaps the best of the lot ‘Mermaid ‘Emma Ingram.
The Champ was first away and I had to give him a 10 second buffer, worked hard to catch him within the first 200m and then sat on his feet for the next 200 doing it pretty easy. Being the fair guy I am I decided to change lanes and swim on my own instead of getting a ‘Free Ride’ but then on the turn at 500 was shocked to see Champ had switched and was now on MY feet – cheeky git.
The Mermaid and Steve flew past soon after and I was struggling in from about 700 out, At the 850 mark I was gonski and coming into the wall at 900m the Champ put in the ‘Big Ones’ to just touch out and stand – Only problem for the young chap was that he still had another 100 to go, I wasn’t about to stand around on ceremony and was away for the final time getting that break on him.
Meanwhile Emma and Steve were long done as hyperthermia was setting in as they waited for us.
I managed to hold Champ out coming in on 18.01 for my slowest time for about 18 months  with Champ some 5-6 seconds behind.
Buggered at the end, but hopefully now the worst of the weather is behind us will now try to get to the pool at least twice a week going forward.
Huge Congratulations to Emma , who despite telling me she hasn’t swum much over the past 6 months was still strong enough not only to take the Duck but have the fastest swim time of the day with 13.35
Times were’
Emma Mermaid  13.35
Manly Steve         14.00
Angus Boyd          15.49
Timmy                     18.01
The Champ           18.16

Big weekend on the cards again , although will definitely be out for the Sunday long run this weekend. Apologies to the footy fans of late with my lack of footy talk and expert analysis.
The Stoke Bandwagon rolls on though and you best get on them this week at home to West Brom –
Take the Timmy’s Tip and back Stoke 2 v West Brom 0

Have a great weekend.
Train well & Stay Safe

Monday, August 24, 2015

HuRTS Tempo 45 minutes (60 ON/ 30 OFF)

With a busy morning working that saw me do 6.5ks first up then a further 6.5 just before I teamed up with the boys I was already feeling tired going into today’s tough set.
Good team out even if we were short on at the pointy end, but nice to see the Chairman Tommy H back after a 3 week break even if his fashion sense is still stuck in the 70s – this time with his ‘Black Magic’ Polar Neck Wrap (only marginally better as it was short sleeve).
A nice group formed early but the likes of Jerome, Little Tom, Richie Mullaney, Macca, and Muzza were a shade too fast so Angus, Jeet, Leech, the Italian Stallion Durante and I formed a second group. Worked pretty well heading out and kept the pace controlled, found I was working harder going past Angus on the 60 second efforts and he was stronger on the recovery. Felt Durante just drop off near the Quay area as we pushed on and got past the theatre company nearer the Barangaroo turnoff on the turnaround with 5.8ks completed.

Once again I knew the harder work lay ahead and it was time to band together for the return, called on Jeet & Leech to work with me in doing 60 seconds each leading from the front, Worked well as we ticked the minutes off,  until the high winds coming back around Mrs. Macs Chair where I just dropped off and once this happened it was a struggle for the final 7 minutes or so.
The little hill near the pool was tough but helped as I was passing people and in turn the faster guys were coming past me about the same time, Barely made the last climb before the expressway but dug in to get back to the Stone Gates some 17 seconds over the 45 minute allocation.
Very tough session but covered 11.64ks all up averaging 3.53s for the day, the swirling wind at times made it even tougher than normal, and I was thankful for the help from both Jeet and the Leech in getting it done.
Had the heart rate monitor  on as well – average 152. Max h/r 179 so was working honest enough throughout.

Points of interest today were,
1.       Seeing PLOD out early in Centennial Park who really was plodding along. Looked like he was struggling with 7 min ks to be honest.
2.       Hearing Birchy couldn’t attend the session, as he was struggling in the changing room just to get his top over his holiday gut?
3.       Seeing ‘Hardman’ J.C back out with the boys and its true he really is ‘Mr. Nova’ –  as he now weighs in at 96.9

Gave Macca a bit of stick before the start today as I was snubbed again by the North Shore crew over the weekend for the Indian Nosh up they have together. Typical behavior from those NOTB, and they are simply not as polite or was welcoming as those from the East. I was even getting constant texts throughout the night from the boys. Very poor form.

Class has simply gone downhill over the North Shore since Slim Sammy Aggers left.

Even more entertainment as I take time out at the darts to have a quick game of ‘Deal or No Deal’


Sunday, August 23, 2015

BRAT Duathlon 63.25 for 4th place.

Wet, Windy and Wild, a great time to get the bike back out for the first time since the end of March and head down to Heffron for the Duathlon. Yep nice one Timmy super planning that.
Decided against the Sunday long run this week in preference for the BRAT Duathlon against some of the other Eastern Suburbs Tri Clubs that is a 5k run, 20 on the bike followed by a 2.5k run to finish with.
No Sign of any of the BRAT hotshots apart from sometime HuRT boy Kroney although there were some fine looking machines in the bike compound and with one or two of the Coogee Tri club members walking around in the suits with the name and AUS splashed across the @r$e I knew some of them would be fast.
The first 5k is a 3 loop run (boring) and despite going out pretty hard around 3.22 pace I was only in 5th spot as the leading guy must have gone through in 3.07 at least. Caught the 4th guy going out on the 2nd loop and then went in search of Mikey’s mate C. Pager who was about 20m further ahead.
Held the pace but didn’t really close on him until the final 400m and actually came in transition together in about 18.19 for the 5.25k run that saw me averaging 3.32s on the watch.
Bike was always going to be an issue today , and with puddles and high winds I was struggling as early as the 4th lap, Pager came past as did about 2-3 other lads. It was a battle as I tried to just count the laps down, surprised then on the 9th lap I caught and went past Pager (albeit briefly ) before he put a stronger last lap to retain the lead.
Came into T2 slightly behind him as I clocked a 35.xx something on the watch but my hips and back were tight and I was dreading the final 2.5k run to end with. Even after 800m I knew there was no chance of catching him and with no one behind I took my foot off the pedal slightly as the pace drifted out to 3.38s to come in on 9.04 and finish with a 63.25 for the morning for 4th (or was it 5th place) overall?
Tough morning but happy with how I run and to be honest couldn’t expect any more on the bike leg.
First BRAT home although I’m not getting too excited about that as its really disappointing to see the top guys within the club not showing and without the likes of PLOD , Leech and Aaron Cook the clubs stocks are as low as I’ve seen for a good few years.

Had a great weekend following and watching the darts that’s in town,  had about 20 scoops with Taffy on Friday night for a superb evening’s entertainment. Even better to see the two Stoke boys reaching the final overnight with ‘The Power’ taking the title over ‘Jackpot’ Adrian Lewis. One of the best nights you can have so if you get the chance get along sometime.

Had a few bevies with Birchy to round the weekend off for my Sunday arvo, good to see him back even if he has put on about 15 kilos whilst drinking the English pints and eating the pies, all those that are training on Tuesday may need to bring the binoculars to the session to see where Birchy is around the 45 minute mark.

Rest day tomorrow , but will be back for the tempo set on Tuesday

Stoke boys Phil Taylor and Adrian Lewis - maybe the worlds finest sportsman?  with the footy team on the up and Lindop finding form all is going well for the 'Clay Heads' of the Potteries.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

1k Reps at Rushcutters rolling every 5 minutes

Stunning day in town as we headed over to the popular Rushcutters Oval, first had to do a 7k easy run around the Domain with a client before racing over to mark the 1k out.
Big team with C.T really leading from the front today and showing what a good runner he is especially now he’s give those Walkathon (Ultras) the flick. The second group was pretty fast as well with the Prince- Hoey, #1 Tom (little Tom that is), Enda, Jerome, Stallion Durante and a few others going along at a good gallop.  I knew the pace was probably too fast for me but I was keen to try to hold on for as long as possible seeing as I am feeling a little stronger these days.
Came home on the first in 3.10 I had it at 1k on the dot but some of the others were claiming short by 20m or so? But still pretty good for me either way.
Rolling off a strict 5 minutes I was working hard for the next couple of reps but found I was holding and not blowing out too much. The 4th felt tougher and worked off Durante as we exchanged places a few times throughout the 2.5 laps and then somehow found something for my final rep on the 5th
The session was x6 but I was more than happy to call time with a solid 5 behind me.
Times for the day were; 3.10, 3.12, 3.10, 3.12, 3.10
The lads continue to run well with C.T running sub 2.55s, Stankard was a good 6 -7 seconds ahead each lap and it’ll be a disgrace if he can’t offer me 1.40 come North Head, Nice to see Erika back with us running well and good luck to her this weekend in the Half, Sammy J was telling me he was running sub3.30s on heavy legs  and Glesso has returned from City to Surf in good shape as he was rolling around in 3.54s per rep.

Will rest tomorrow although got a busy day ahead, before an even bigger evening where I go to watch perhaps the greatest sportsman going around ….. And yes he’s a Stoke Boy. The darts circus is in town and our boy Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor is top of the bill. A customary 12 schooners is the norm just to get in the doors for a night of banter, singing and dress up.

I know Enda is one for jumping on any bandwagon going around but seriously today he was taking it a little far as the NEW English Premier league gets under way. With his Villa boys heading for a tough year ahead he’s come aboard the Stoke ‘European Express’ Bus. Lord, We’ll be having Slim Sammy Agnew sending photos over next from France doing the same.



Monday, August 17, 2015

2 x 20 Minute Efforts (10k in 36.52)

Legs felt pretty tired after two straight days running with 21 on Sunday and 15ks yesterday and wasn’t that keen to front up today. Helped though as I had a client prior that saw me warm up with a slow 6ks before meeting a big gang at the Stone Gates.
2 x 20 minutes was the go (with 3 mins standing recovery) and from the off I decided to push the pace more than I’ve been doing, and soon settled with Irelands toughest Macca. Always easier the first 3ks or so to the Opera Gates but was keen to hold on to him as we ventured through the busy Quay area and Passenger Terminal. Kept the pace honest as we managed to get to just past the Squashed Car at 5.5ks on the 20 minute mark.
A decent long recovery as we both wondered how the hell we were going to get back in the same time and I thought I’d just push hard until I got to the 10k mark on the run then cruise home after that.
Took off strong and once again had to endure the busy crowds before Macca just pulled ahead before the O.H. Tried to keep it together coming back in the Domain around the 8k mark as I thought the pace was slowing. With 9k down I knew I only had two little climbs to go by Mrs. Macs and the Boy Charlton Pool but was reeling Macca back in. Managed to go past the ‘tough man’ ON the hill and then had 200m to get to the 10k marker on the watch. Happy to see a 36.52 completed (my fastest 10k in about 2 years) and then from there was happy to just stroll it back to the gates as #1 Barts was to fly past not long after.
My K splits on the watch were:
3.39, 3.42, 3.36, 3.46, 3.28, 3.43, 3.41, 3.37, 3.45, 3.48
Not sure what happened on the 5th K – seems too fast and I can’t remember going any faster…. Must have had a nice tail wind ?
Happy with that, especially as I felt like $h!te to start with and hopefully I can repeat a time similar come Manly in two weeks time, and take the Chairman, Renaud and our Irish mate for a few more spondoolies J.

Rest day tomorrow before returning for the tough 1k reps at Rushcutters on Thursday.


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Meander Monday - 15ks

Organized to meet Mikey, Hoey and Sammy Johnson for a very easy trot at lunch to start the week. Nice pace as we chatted all things as we headed through the Domain, Opera House and around the Passenger Terminal. Had the regular HuRTS faster team come past us around the old wharfs and Frenchman Jerome eased up for a little chat – once I’d asked him how the Union was going he was soon to depart though.
Not long after the turnaround point Enda appeared and he joined Mikey, Sammy and I for the last 6ks back at a leisurely pace although at one point Mikey did mention the pace was the fastest he’d gone in nearly 6 months (and we were only travelling at 4.53s)
Just over 70 minutes all up for 15ks – average pace 4.55s
Nice way to start the week on a stunning day.
Will be back in tomorrow for the HuRTS tempo set.
I did see Gleeso and Jeet cruising around at various stages although no sign of Tommy H anywhere ? I thought after our little wager on Friday that he may have returned – He’s got less than 3 weeks to get back to some form before North Head.


Sunday Long Run - 21ks

A 6.30am start for the Sunday long run and a very good turnout despite some running long yesterday.  Had the privilege of Irelands # 1 and #2 today with Super Kev and Eoin the Leech fronting. Others included Rich Large, Renaud, Ant, Sonii, Carl and  the (No) Heart Twins Enda and Craig Wiseman.
Pace was honest from the start as we ticked of the first 6k loop on 4.30 pace and basically continued at that for the next 10 as well. Plenty of banter along the way as Enda’s fall from Grace is nearly complete as Super Kev collected all the accolades.
A further 5k loop to finish it off for 21 was enough for me and happy with a 91 minute run averaging 4.31s for the morning.
Felt tired after and basically did nothing all day except watch a few episodes of High 5 …… sorry, I meant Entourage J

Monday is normally a rest day but will head into town tomorrow for the very easy trot with Mikey, Hoey and Sammy J for a catch up.

The 'Elite' line up for the City Mile Dash, with Quentin, Crossy, C.T and I. Poor Hoey wasn't deemed fast enough to get on the front row :)


City Mile Dash - 5.01 . First Team Home.

A Friday lunchtime run that is new to me was the go and it was into town for the ‘City Mile Dash’ race down at the impressive Barangaroo. Never done this race before so wasn’t sure what to expect although I did know it was going to hurt.
The HuRTS squad have won the team event every year it’s been on (thanks mainly to Tom, Tucks, Stevie T and Durante) but I knew a few of them were out so decided to slip my own little team in to shake it up. Durante’s got the runs on the board so he was first name on the list, not many can beat ‘Q’ so he was always a given, and Crossy Lad is as honest as the days long.
A good warm up with the boys on Hickson before getting the call up to hit the line, With my team alongside C.T, Hoey and a few others we were first off. Holy Moly talk about fast…….. only 100m into it and I was out the back blowing hard. Tried to settle but in truth it was just ‘run as fast as you can’ and try to hold on.
Got a glimpse of the frontrunners on the turnaround and saw C.T in the lead with ‘Q’ right on his tail and would have put my house on my teammate for the win.
Not a lot to write up as it went by in a flash and I crossed the line stopping my clock in 5.01 average pace of 2.59 per/k  Pretty happy with that as I was thinking more 5.10-5.15 before the start.
Had a surprise when told C.T was only good enough for 4th?? Not only ‘Q’ beat him but Crossy Lad beat them both – unfortunately some hotshot then beat Crossy for first place.
Seemed to wait an age before he official results came out and very pleased to hear the ‘TrimwithTim/HuRTS’ team took the honours  and keep the trophy in  HuRTS H.Q.  Just as good was seeing Laura take out the ladies race ($500 richer for her 5 minutes of work), C.T. Hoey. Corky and Laura took out the mixed teams and the HuRTS/Comm. Bank girls took out the female team.

If that 5 minutes was tough then the next 8 hours were pure bliss as we sampled the afternoon in the V.I.P tent as the food and beers flowed. Before heading to the nearby Bungalow 8 for the evening to meet up with Richard Mullaney and Chairman Tommy H. Usual Trash talk followed and I think Tommy H was keen to recoup some $$$ from me and proceeded to ply me with enough alcohol not only to rort me for a bet of just giving me a measly 2.30 handicap start for the Striders 10k but making me lose all senses upon leaving the boozer and in turn losing my mobile.

Brilliant day despite the phone lose , and many thanks to Durante, Quentin and Andy Cross once again in getting us over the line.

A few photos of the day.

HuRTS team winners, Quentin, Andy Cross, The Stallion' Durante and Timmy.

Give us that trophy Matty Anderson, Seen here with 'Q' And Durante.

Think i've found my NEW daytime T.V Show - High 5 member Lauren is certainly my favorite. Might even see if she's keen for a few HuRTS sessions?


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Easy Does It.

Just joined in with my clients who I had doing a tempo set, nice and easy 8ks for the morning working at 5 min/ks for 40 minutes. Then popped into town to meet up with ‘Chairman Tommy H and the Italian Stallion Durante for a morning of coffees.
Durante is starting to look strong again so watch out for him, meanwhile the Chairman is depressed with no running (dodgy hammy)… Although if he’s depressed spare a thought for all those insomniacs the world over who’ve not been able to sleep the past 9 nights due to no blog updates from the Geordie Boy.

HuRTS 8 x 3 minutes (60 sec recovery)

Only 48 hours had passed after the running of the City to Surf and I thought nobody would be out today ….. WRONG. Even put on an alternative easier session led by Angus and numbers were pretty high for that as well.
I ventured down to the Opera Gates for the 14 x 3 minute session but had already decided prior after talking to the Italian Stallion Durante that I was only doing 8. Many people backing up from Sunday that included regulars Macca, Sammy J, Glesso, Bruce Lambo, Muzza, and even saw Prince Hoey floating around s well.
Aim was to do the first 2 pretty easy, the next 4 strong and final two easy.
Just seemed to cruise the first rep sitting on 3.40 pace and felt OK as we took the p!$$ out of Macca telling him that he may be Ireland’s #1 but certainly isn’t on the drinking stage and that us East boys had him packed back over the bridge in a terrible state on Sunday afternoon after just a few beers.
The return was the same pace and then it was time for the 4 fast reps, Went out strong with Durante and held it well with the ‘Pie Eater’ just getting away from me over the final 30 seconds or so as I sat on 3.16 pace (he was on about 3.12s), started to blow harder to maintain the return but did so.
The 60 second break comes around fast and before no time rep 5 was on and I tried to hang on once more, very similar with Durante just ahead again although I think he was pretty much spent in doing so.  Worked hard for the last of the faster reps on the 6th and was happy to run the  7th & 8th back at 3.40 pace with Muzza
Pace for the 8 were. 3.40, 3.39, 3.16, 3.16, 3.17, 3.16, 3.40, 3.40
A nice long warm down with the ‘Pool Sharks’ Gleeson and Hannell back around the gardens was a nice cool down and despite feeling tired happy to get a good session done.
Had a nice bonus at the start when Glesso handed over $20 for Sundays effort – only disappointment was there was NO photo J

Probably take a rest day tomorrow, strange kind of week – after the weekend’s events, I need to back off a little although I have the ‘City Mile Dash (1600m) run on Friday that I’ll go and have a look at.

A few more pics from Sunday

Sammy J, Sonya, C.T, Corky and Jeet .... With Champagne trying to get in on the act.

Angus Boyd one of the best runs of the day - breaking 50 minutes alongside Bruce Lambert.

Some things don't change.... Sonii putting some fluids back into her after her 56 minute run.


Sunday, August 9, 2015

More City to Surf Photos.

With Good Lad , Gleeso enjoying a well earned beer.

Group shot.

Corky OConnor and Macca.

HuRTs finest 3 over the years, Tuckey, Lindop and Highnam - sadly Lindop was the only one to run a decent time yesterday.

Time to collect - first Enda.

and then Jeet's

Whilst the Chairman was up for a Double Whammy after failing to cover the 7 minutes (and the course) and backing Laura to beat me ....Silly boy.

And the Bumble Bees also wanted to party.

Its not pretty but how i finished the race, coming in on 51.22

and finally how Enda finished his :)


City to Surf 51.22

The Sun shone (or is that shined ?), All the HuRT squad were out in force, beers flowed, the ‘Lovebirds’ Brad & Angelina (Champagne & Sonya) were out as were the ‘Perpetual Pests’ (Durante & Thurston), Hamstrings were popping, Armani jackets were on show on the start line (cheap fake Chinese rip offs I predict), Red Cards, PBs, more beers, and a little bit of the ‘Stoke Heart’ returned….. all in the name of another City to Surf.

As usual woke to a stunning morning to greet us for this year’s City to Surf and met up with the gang at the Stone Gates for a warm up before heading over for the start, Always a great buzz and this year was no exception with the girls in leotards getting the boys a little hot under the collar although Enda and his ‘Armani Jacket’ gave them a run for their money. Stood on the start line and went through a plan with Rich Mullaney in that I would take out the first 5ks and he would get me over the hills up to the 10k mark and I was to do my best on staying on his shoulder for the tough sections.
A mad frantic start is the norm and even going out the tunnel poor Rich wasn’t with me – not too concerned though as I know he’s a stronger runner and would reel me in soon enough. First (and only) downer of the day comes just on two ks when I see the Chairman Tommy H walking outside Edgecliffe, race over due to his hamstring that didn’t last too long. A few consolation words to him and I continue down into Double Bay.  Straight away I’m joined by Mr. Jingle Jangle Renaud Herington who must have robbed baby Mia’s money box as he’s got a pocket full of change that annoys the sH1te out of me. Even worse though once told he rolls his shorts right up to avoid the noise but now looks like he has a g-string on (thank God for his boxer shorts).
Decide to latch on to Renaud from this point on and happy to see I get to the 5k marker in good shape on 18 minutes and start to prepare for the hills ahead. Been doing a lot of training this year, Heartbreak in particular (twice a week) and it certainly paid dividends this year as I held good pace all the way not going over the 4 min/k mark at any stage of the 1.6k.
Once up the top before about the 8k mark he just started to gap me and I had to work hard even on the roundabout turn at Watsons Bay to avoid breaking that leash I had on him. Into Military Road we go and prepare for what I consider the toughest part with the nasty climbs around Dover Heights, get to the 10k mark in 37.18 (probably the fastest 10k I’ve done in two years)  and tell myself to hang in for the next 800m or so before the downhill assault into Bondi.  Mind wanders a little at this point as I start to do the sums and work out a finishing time and quickly work out I’m on for a sub 52 but still have to keep it ticking over. I get a good shout out from Taffy James at the 12k mark who’s not running due to injury and is on photo duties for the day. Coming around the final bend before the Beach you drift right across the road (12.8ks into the race) and it’s here I decide to kick for home and just get the break on Renaud putting a 5m gap or so into him. Still wasn’t confident as I know he won’t let me get away and perhaps has a stronger kick than me once he does go.
See Tommy H with about a kilometre to go and despite him feeling down he still has time to offer me a great boost that sees me lift again. I start to feel it next to the Bondi Hotel but I know I can’t ‘give it away’ at this point of the race and suspect “Allo Allo’ boy is still close by. Finally turn into the car park and get that nice downhill for 30m and give it all I have for a final time, see a guy on all fours in a world of pain and realize it’s poor Hamish from the team. I’m hurting as much so I don’t stop and get another cheer on the sidelines from Mikey, Durante, Stevie T, and Kanser and let out a big smile as I see the clock tick over in 51.22 and my fastest time in 4 years.
Pretty happy with that and at least I get a decent race done after what seems like an age of very average races over the past 18 months or so. Even happier to have been competitive and getting a few scalps along the way that included Richard Mullaney, Adrian McGarva. Matt Kaley, Renaud. Jeet and Laura James who are all far better runners than me.
Some splits were
5k        18.00 ave 3.37
5-10k  19.18 ave 3.52
10-14k 14.02 ave 3.30
51.22 average 3.40s

Some great results from the team, first home was Barts who smashed his way around in 45.xx, C.T was superb in his 46.08 with ‘Q ‘ not far behind. Special mention to Angus on breaking the 50 minute barrier , unfortunately it wasn’t Jeets day (55mins) and Gleeso was just outside his 60 minute target by a measly 8 seconds.
The Human Headline Enda Stankard got a first as well….. First bloke in the Medical tent (out off 80’000 runners). Another shocker from the Galway boy as he battled dehydration (it was only 8 degrees and a 14k run FFS) and had his choice of about 250 medics to choose from as he enjoyed a spell on the bed on a drip for his efforts.
The Timmy run of the Day though goes to Super Kev, who run a brilliant 49.27 – great work buddy.

A shower and clean up followed by Enda redeeming himself with a good breakfast hosting the team for the morning that included top food critic Prince Ho in attendance…. Enda was sh!tting himself he’d get a bad review on the blog.

The fun was about to start though once we headed down to the Allen’s tent for the day care of Tommy H, always the best part with plenty of trash talk and storytelling.  The 1.6 billion dollar budget must have been down this year (unless we just drank far quicker) as the beers were out by mid afternoon and it meant going back to our old favorite neighbours Ernst & Young to keep up supplies for the afternoon. We have no shame and openly drunk the bar dry before heading over the road to the Bondi Hotel.  Trash talk reached new levels once the beers took effect and Brad & Angelina (Van Beek and Low) were the first to get ‘Red Carded’ and marched out… night over, whilst the ‘Perpetual Pests Thurston and Durante were going back to old ways.  Macca may be the toughest runner in the team but his drinking habits need working on and was seen staggering early doors, C.Ts 6pm curfew came and he was done and poor Tommy H didn’t even wait for his pre booked taxi (9.45pm) this year before heading back over the bridge for an early evening.
I was then left to endure Enda’s reprisal of his days events on his Wobbly legs all the while being entertained by the nearby Bumble Bees in full flow.
A cracking day all around and I even managed to snag that Tommy H ‘s taxi at 9.45pm to complete a perfect day.

Many thanks to Enda & Ange Stankard for hosting the breakfast, top notch (will be interesting to see what Hoey makes of it) and also to Tommy H for the marquee once more, really appreciate it.

Now I’ve got the bit between my teeth, there will be no time to relax and want to stay strong from here on in till at least the Blackmore and Melbourne Half in October.

 A few photos from yesterday of the team – will add more throughout the week
With a competitive time on the board I was lucky enough to clean up on the betting stakes this race, Clean Sweep, not one lose – can’t grumble about that, If your face isn’t on the Lindop ‘Wall of Fame’ consider your bet NOT paid and I will be sending HuRT Heavyweights around to collect any outstanding debt… you have been warned, Gleeson, Van Beek, O’Connor, Herington and Reville.

Bondi at it's best.

HuRTs finest Tucks, Tom, Timmy, Stevie T and Ireland's toughest Macca with girls Greta and Sonya.

Part of the 'Beauty' City to Surf team with Quentin and Jeet.... not sure where Laura fits in?

The Stallion Durante with the Chairman.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

7 x 400s at Rushcutters Oval.

Final session before the Big One on Sunday and on a stunning day I was surprised how many rolled up. No sign of Tommy H although the NEW #1 Tom (Lee)  was flying around at the front with another contender for Sunday that has come from nowhere  Colin Thornton leading the team out.
I was feeling strong today and found myself just sitting off Frenchman Jerome & Todd  for most of the session with the likes of the Leech and Angus breathing down my neck for the 7 x 400 reps.
What felt like a gently 74 to start before a slightly faster 2nd and 3rd reps that surprisingly saw former #1 Tucks following me home on each ( a shadow of the runner he used to be before his ultra walks took over – I’m afraid to say)
Held the pace then throughout and happy to call it quits once the 7 were done leaving some of the others to go it alone for the additional 3k tempo set.
Times for the day were.74, 73, 72, 73, 72, 72, 72.
A chat with Tucks and captain of Thornton’s Delights (Colin) at the end as we watched his ‘Achilles heel’ runner Enda floating around the oval  was a decent way to end a good quick session.

That’s basically me done now, have a trip to the best acupuncture lady around tomorrow to help ease out any niggles I have and it’s Bondi here we come on Sunday.
Tomorrow I will give out my tips for Sunday and the people to watch out for.

Ready to Roll for my 22nd straight running of the iconic City to Surf 14k Run to Bondi.

A couple of pics from last Saturday’s St Peter’s Park Run with Renaud just overtaking ‘Kenny’ at the 4k mark, and me not far behind. Notice the Ant like people in the background coming down ‘Kilimanjaro’ Hill.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

2 x 10 minute efforts with the Prince.

Rocks up nice and early as usual today and thought it very strange as the clock ticked towards 12.30pm to only find 4 others at the gates and that included Jeet who was doing an alternative 3 minute session and Barts who was knocking out his 1k reps.  Soon dawned  on me that I was at the wrong gates … d’oh.
Still with Prince Ho hanging around and agreeing to run with me it turned out not to be such a bad mistake. The session was 4 x 10 minutes but with Sunday in mind I decided on two, and at least give them a bit of a go.
Went out a solid pace and around half way saw a mass of the team coming in the other direction that confirmed I was at the wrong gates,  the first hill by the pool always gets me but with #2 giving me some advice,  all of a sudden didn’t feel as bad. Pretty much held the pace and ended up just shy of the ‘Sweaty Jock’ statue some 200m short of the Stone Gates for 2.8ks averaging 3.39s
A 2 minute recovery and actually walked closer to the gates as I hoped to go faster on the return leg, and yet again bumped into the oncoming crew at half way. With Hoey running just in front (working it seemed at about 35%) I was happy to not only get back to the gates but finish up near the bubbler beside the Opera House averaging 3.30s (2.88ks)
Called time after that but then had a client to work with just doing some ‘Gate to Gates’ that proved a perfect way to cool down.

Felt pretty good today, let’s hope it’s the start of something for Sunday?

The team were looking strong with NEW captain Thornton running from the front in the absence of Quentin, Barts, Tom, Crossy Lad and Tuckey??? And dare I say it Enda was flying along and I fear I’ve been duped once more in only getting a mere 5 minute start from him come Sunday?
One other bet I got confirmed on Saturday was that Renaud agreed to give me a 2.30 start at C2S, I only really wanted 2 minutes (honestly) but if he insisted ? (C.T was in attendance to confirm)

Rest day tomorrow , and will be back out on Thursday for a few 400m at Rushcutters

*In other news I had a few people ask me ‘which one of Tom’s children comes up with the daily title for his blogs – Charlie aged 6 or Maggie 5?
Seems as if he has to tell us the day of the week that he trains on for his ‘Times like ‘ blog.
The past entries have gone
Monday Meander
Sunday Struggle
Wednesday MLR
Back into it Tuesday
Easy Peasy Monday
Sunday Jog
Saturday speedwork
….Oh God, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Monday, August 3, 2015

The Betting Odds

Paddys' Latest Odds for Sunday

Over the Hill        3.70
Hardmen & a Taff  4.10
Beauty & the Beast  4.70
Hi Ho Select 7         5.30
The Tri Hards          6.10
Thornton's Delights  7.00
Barts, Myself and I  8.10
The Mountain Goats 9.50


Lorra Lorra Laughs.

Missed my Sunday run so was forced out early to knock out 20ks to begin the week. Didn’t really care about pace but more a case of just getting it done and that’s exactly how it panned out.
Nothing really to note as I ticked the ks away mostly between 4.40 -4.45 pace

The draw was made last Friday for this week’s City to Surf, a good turnout as expected and I think the teams were pretty evenly drawn. If I did have to put my $$$ on a winning combination I’d be selecting Thornton’s Delights even if it does have Enda as the B Grade runner.

The Draw in full – and how Paddy Power Bookies have responded with latest odds J

Barts, Myself and I
The Mountain Goats
Over the Hill
Hardmen and a Taff
Thornton’s Delights
Beauty and the Beast
The Tri –Hards
Hi-Ho Select 7
John Bartlett
Andrew Tuckey
Chris Truscott
David Tonge
Colin Thornton
Quentin Reeve
Andy Cross
Tom Highnam
Mike Lichwark
Tony Fattorini
Jamie Stewart
Paul McClarnon
Enda Stankard
Anthony Murrell
Mark Smolly
Michael Ho
Jerome Dupoy
Jason Ibrahim
Matt Kaley
Kevin Branagan
Alex Abell
Jeet Aich
Angus Boyd
Richard Mullaney
Glen Sauer
Bruce Lambert
Dominik Dumaine
Lachlan Oaks
Champ Petiam
Anthony Biggs
Renaud Herington
Sam Towill
Steve Perry
Hamish Mountford
Dave Butcher
Adrian McGarva
Eoin Reville
Tim Lindop
Laura James
Luke Browne
Mark Gleeson
Adam Murray
Pete Walker
Jacqueline O’Connor
Greta Truscott
Tym Blackwell
Geoff Cooper
Sam Johnson
Michael Yacoub
Sonya Van Beek
Anto Yule.
James Matthews
Erika Jordan
Mike Gleeson.
Craig Wiseman
Andy Dunn
Charlie Dalziell

Ed Frelikh

I will be back out for the Tuesday set tomorrow although I will only probably do 2 of the 4, 10 minute reps.

Sad sad day to start the week with the passing of British singer and T.V Host Cilla Black aged 72. Cilla was a regular in our household as I grew up in the 80s and gave us a ‘Lorra Lorra Laughs, and then plenty of tears with her popular ‘Surprise Surprise’ show.
R.I.P Cilla.