Monday, April 28, 2014

April 1k Time Trial - 16.57 1st Golden Duck comes home.

Well after many hard months of blood, sweat & tears (not to mention abuse) it all seemed to pay off yesterday at the A.B.C Pool for the last of the  time trials for the season.
The April 1k t/t was delayed till the Monday with Anzac Day falling on the Friday and with no swimming done for the past 3 weeks I didn’t think I stood a chance for the prized ‘Golden Duck’ especially seeing Pete Walkers miserly handicap given.
Smaller crowd today but don’t let that fool you with triple winners (the champ & Angus)and last month’s winner (cialis) on the starting blocks looking for more glory, throw in the ever reliable Coach Walker and Lady Laura off a generous handicap and I knew I had my work cut out.
The Champ and I were starting together and he tried every trick in the book to lose me – Think he changed lanes 9 times in the first 250 metres  I struggled to stay with him for the first 150 and couldn’t even be bothered to change lanes after that thinking I was ‘dropped’ Just hung in and was then surprised when I caught him and flew by at the 400 metre mark. Battled on despite feeling tired at 750-800, managed to take a seconds look at 900 and with the crowd going ballistic pool side I managed to touch out in 16.57 and in the process take out the prestigious ‘Golden Duck Award’ with Coach Walker 2nd on the day.
Don’t know where that come from to be honest, as no training was done for weeks in the pool, all I can put it down to was just ‘finding a little heart’
So a Golden Duck sits pride of place on the mantelpiece as I join the exclusive list of winners that include Élan, Mermaid Emma, Charlie Low and now Lindop…………does it get any better?
Overall Times
Pete Walker     14.30
Angus                  16.42
Cialis                    16.44
Lindop                 16.57 (Duck Winner)
The Champ       17.49
Lady Laura         20.00

With the pool closing now till September, Brendan has kindly organized a luncheon tomorrow (Wednesday) for all swimmers and sorted some awards and trophies out that include, Swimmer of the Year, t/t performance of the year and participation award of the year? I reckon I must be a shoe in for the ‘Double’ after yesterday, just hope people didn’t submit their votes pre race? J

I missed the Tuesday HuRTS session due to working all day in the city so need to get out first thing in the morning for a trot around the park.

Couldn’t finish off without a mention of Slim Sammy Agnew’s 40th Party on Saturday evening, absolute belter of an evening with a  good showing from the HuRTS boys that included Tommy H, Enda, Kanser, Tucks, Quentin, Jamie, Warrior Charlie and Ben to help our South London Palace fan mark the occasion.  As expected the TRASH levels hit record volumes with Enda trying to even get Quentin in the Irish team based on that he lived in Boston (and that is considered an Irish town?)
Kanser was talking his chances up for the Half and even offered a $20 scratch bet that he will turn me over in the State 10k this week (yes, he was very drunk)
Many thanks to Sammy and in particular his lovely wife Jacqueline for the invite and making it such a successful evening……….all without Sammy knowing a thing about it

At long last i get my hands on a Duck, The Golden Duck 1k winner for April.

Kanser, Tom, Birthday Boy Sammy (in NEW shirt), friend Alex and Timmy.

With Sammy and his sister Mia

Timmy, Sammy and a very drunk Dave Kane (moments before he was lobbed out)


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Anzac Day - Lest We Forget

Out and about early today to mark Anzac Day and headed over to Bondi beach for the start of today’s run. Met by huge crowds to mark the Anzac Day remembrance dawn service. A couple of ks jog up to the outside of Royal Sydney Golf course where I then just did two outside loops of the course - 8ks in total.
Worked the pace pretty honest and kept it around 4 min/ks before the two ks back
Spent time on the beach front with my coffee and toasted banana bread before putting in a call to Enda to tell him get the kettle on. Unfortunately he's not as welcoming as the Kane's and told me to bugger off.... so was left to go without.

Big day out now so not sure I’ll be getting any running done tomorrow,  Will go and give the Two Up a spin or two and have a bevvie with the old boys.
Have a great day on what is traditionally one of Australia's best days of the year.
Lest We Forget

Easter Weeks Training

Sunday, With many away over the Easter weekend I caught up with some mates starting from Bondi Beach. Hit the City to Surf course in reverse up to Watsons Bay then back on the long slog up Hopetoun Avenue to Heartbreak Hill then along New Sth Head road till Edgecliff and back up to the Junction, before returning to the beach.
All up just on 20ks average 4.40s
Monday, After an afternoon in the Icebergs the previous day all I was fit for was a cycle around the park hurling abuse at Ronan, Kanser and the Sweaty Sock (Craig) who were out running the Sri Chimnoy 21ks.

Tuesday. Into town for the HuRTS session although a smaller crew today with many taking the extra few days off after Easter. Still Tucks, Fats were leading from the front whilst I sat in next alongside Todd, Super Kev and a NEW lad who could be our next English hope for the half.
8 x 5 minutes was the session and I felt pretty good throughout, Sat on 3.36 pace on the easier downhill 'out' section and then worked harder getting back with 19 seconds to spare averaging 3.31s
The second and 3rd reps were very similar hitting the same spot each time although that 19 seconds from the 1st got reduced to 14 & 8 respectively.
After doing 7 ks in the morning I then decided to run the 7th & 8th reps with Sonya Sultry working at 4 min/ks and found it a nice way to finish off the set.

Thursday. Worked by myself in the park and went with the 'Deek 5k' session that consists of 400s with a 200 recovery in between each. It’s supposed to work out at pretty much your 5k time and as I came home in 18.40 I reckon it’s not far off (although really depends on how hard/slow you do the recovery)
18.40 average pace 3.42

Supposed to head out tonight for drinks but with many of the team away I think I’ll give it a miss and save myself for the busy day tomorrow out with the old Diggers to honour ANZAC Day.

How the English prepare for a Half, In Manly 'Good Friday' with Pommy Paul, Slim Sammy, timmy, Tommy H, Warrior Charlie (token Aussie out for the night) and James Taffy Lad Matthews.

The Irish doing it a lot tougher, Ronan and Kanser on his comeback out for a hard 21k hit out, carrying a 'Jock' along for the morning.

Slim Sammy happy to see his Palace boys staying in the Premier, Happy 40th for today as well mate.

And have a guess what Muppet went out to the pub in his Slippers?

Have a great ANZAC Day ........and remember to 'Head Em Up'


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Good Friday Swim at Clovelly.

Had the privilege to get picked up in the Sporty Audi TT by One Direction lookalike Harry Styles (A.K.A Taffy James) this morning and ventured over to the Eastern Suburbs for a dip at Clovelly Beach.
Surf was up so wasn’t particularly looking forward to the washing machine effect that I was to endure for the next 30 minutes or so.
Just did 5 ‘Ins and Out’s’ from the beach, it was OK for the first 100m then I felt as if I was taking  a gob full of water on each breath before I made the u-turn to get back. All up 2ks for the morning, Nice swim overall but the Taffy Lad was keeping the pressure on as he had the watch out and was making sure we went on a given time for each set.
Coffee and toasted banana bread followed at the nearby café where Taffy upset the local waitress when after trying to pick her accent, asked her if she was Canadian? ……..She was a Californian girl ….oops.

Just packed my overnight bag, changed some money and got the passport out as I’m heading over the bridge for drinks with ‘Fly like an Eagle’ Slim Sammy Agnew, Tommy H and the respective wife’s……Should be a cracker of an afternoon, I did ask Sam if he could swing it that Kate could drop in for a bevvie or two and listen to the HuRTS TRASH for the afternoon? Let’s hope he can deliver.

Taffy James with his tea cosy on his head despite a high of 26 degrees out, just getting out of his Robin Reliant motor.

Happy Easter

Royal Rushcutters - 5 x 800s + 3k Tempo

Well no sign of any of the Royal’s (William & Kate) at the Oval today but it really was a special session with another double header set and a good showing with big numbers. Good to see Lady Laura back, as was the Sweaty Sock, and even Mikey Conway’s  best mate ( Mr. Beefy Burger?) took the opportunity to run with us whilst Mikey is out of town. (Please don’t tell Mikey)
Tommy H took up the batten and took the session letting everyone know it was 5 x 800m followed by a 3k tempo to finish us off.

After marking out a course for the team we broke into two groups with the Chairman and Tucks pretty much leading from the front as I sat in with, Benny O’B, Dom, Angus and Irish’s big hope Super Kev not far behind. Felt surprisingly good on the first rep coming home in 2.54 for the near on 900m rep (3.12s). From there on in it was kept very consistent throughout as I tried hard to stick with lads, with Laura on the comeback trail not far behind.
With the first part of the session done it was here that I thought Tommy H was going to explode in rage when I suggested a NEW 1k course around the outer of Rushcutters to do the 3k Tempo (x3) instead of another 8 laps of what we had just done.  I gave everyone the option of staying or joining me for option ‘B’ and when the ‘rebels’ all joined I could see steam coming from the Chairman’s Head.
I must say it felt loads better in truth as we broke into 3 groups and despite the 800s already in the bag I was still moving relatively easy.
I was looking to run at 3.45 pace but came home in 10.42 (3.37 per/k) Very happy with that especially after a hard week.
Tom and Tucks were making it look easy out front, Angus is running well and the Irish team is starting to take shape with Super Kev ahead of me for every rep, and Irish Lass Jacqueline O’Conner making a statement keeping Pommy Paul in check much to the disgust of Tom and I (another who will need to lift his game once he gets that English Cap on in 4 weeks time)

Times for the day – was measuring 900m. 2.54, 2.55, 2.56, 2.55, 2.56, 3k tempo rep in 10.42 (3.37)

Great session overall and as I said last time around I hope to see these type of workouts on the HuRTS calendar a bit more frequent.

Big weekend ahead, I think I’m heading over to Manly tomorrow for drinks with Slim Sammy and Tommy in the afternoon with Sammy out celebrating the fact Palace will stay in the Premier league next season after winning overnight,
Will try to get out for the important Sunday long run as well.

In the footy, its Taffy James turn to feel the wrath of the Mighty Potters as Stoke take on Cardiff. I need a win to stay in with a chance of taking out the Mediocre Cup that we have been playing for all season.
Timmy’s Tip ……. (Hate to say it)  Cardiff 2 vs. Stoke 2 looks like I’ll have to settle for a point.

Have a great weekend
Enjoy the Easter break, and remember any leftover chocolate NOT eaten can be brought to HuRTS training next Tuesday, I’ll be more then happy to take it off your hands.

And finally, whilst your scoffing your faces on the Sunday, pick up the national newspaper (in the Escape section)……… you may find a familiar name within the pages J

Train safe

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easy Morning 15ks

After a tough session yesterday I just decided to run with clients today to give myself an easier day, although at one point running sub 4 min/ks for 1.8ks was anything but.  Saw the BRAT Hardmen flying around as well and good to see the ‘Shire’s # 2 Damo back running after a forced injury break.
15ks all up with the last 7.5ks done at 4.37 pace

I need to get over to Rushcutters sometime to check the oval as I’ve heard its been dug up with work carried out on it? So may have to improvise for a tomorrow 800m session that is planned down there.

Despite a couple of tougher days the legs are actually feeling OK.


Monday, April 14, 2014

HuRTS 45 min Tempo

A rare Tuesday session with the HuRTS guys today and even more impressive was the fact I went in as it was one of the dreaded 45 minute tempo sessions that I detest so much.
Good crowd out and impressed again to see a showing from C.T. Elle, Jeet, Taffy, Skippy and Fats after the weekends efforts.  Had a word with #1 Tucks who agreed to run (easy pace for him) with me, just sat on 4 min/ks on the way out alongside Heyden and Taffy James having to avoid the busy crowds around the Quay area. Managing to reach 5.6ks just outside the theatre company on the half way mark. Tucks then said the goal besides getting back in under time was to hold off Barts, We immediately picked the pace up working just a tad over 3.45s as we reeled in the girls Elle and Laura, My pace dropped off soon after as the hills come into play and Tucks wasn’t taking any chances and just took off leaving me to see out the final 10 minutes or so solo.
Seemed to struggle a bit but was happy enough to get back in 21.39 (44.09 overall) with a return leg averaging 3.50s
11.2ks all up.
Overall felt pretty good especially seeing that I raced on Sunday
I need not have worried about Barts in the end as he didn’t come home till 45.20 – some 20 seconds OVER time …………and he tells me he’s # 1?

Will have a trot around the park in the morning before returning for the 800s at Rushcutters on Thursday

As few more photos from Sunday – but this time of the people that help make it all possible with all the support……..the Family.

The Mac Donhnaill's Ronan & Niamh with the kids

The Fattorini's Tony & Amanda (also a good runner) with the kids.

I'll let you guess who this family belongs to ?


Canberra Half Marathon 85.10

The Nations Capital was the home for the weekend as I along with some of the HuRTS team headed down for the Half, Marathon and 50k event that took place.
A spectacular day greeted the runners as blue skies and cooler temps made for great running conditions. Caught up with Enda, Ronan, Fats, Jeet, Pommy Paul and C.T for the usual best wishes and trash talk that has become the norm before races these days.
A lot more relaxed start to this race saw us basically just walk up to the front before the guns goes off and away we were, I felt bloody awful for the first 5ks and wondered how the hell I was even going to get it done. My mood /confidence wasn’t helped then when Greta Truscott came up to me and flew by around the 6.5k mark – Still, it was just what was needed as it sparked me to life and give me the kick up the @r$e that I needed. Just tucked in behind Greta for about 3 ks as we hit the 10k mark in 39.23 (faster then my Lane Cove time last week)
I could feel G.T just fading off a little at this point and I concentrated on just holding the 4 min/k I was on, Had a good look at C.T , Enda and Fats who had turned for home and were all looking good at the 18k mark. I turned at the 17ks but pretty soon after I could feel the pace drop and it felt like I was carrying a piano on my back from about 18ks onwards, I was even having visions of Greta coming past at anytime and was getting ready for a possible last 500m showdown.
Managed to get to the 20k mark with a second 10k split in 40.20 (losing a minute) and was happy to see the finish line soon after – Although it was one of those horrible finishes where you can see the line but have to run past it before heading back on yourself that seems to take forever.
Happy to cross the line in 85.10 – pretty much running on average 4 min /ks for the 21. Still loads of improvement needed but at least heading in the right direction.
Some pretty solid runs from the team with C.T first home in 75.14, with Enda and Fats both also getting in the top 10. The Timmy Run of the day though goes to Jeet who run a very good 82.05 and left me for dead within the first 4ks of the run, also special mention to Elle who stormed around 87.04 to win her age group.
We (HuRTS) missed out on the team event after Tony Fattorini decided to run for the Striders team and prevented what would have been certain victory for us.
Times were:
C.T          75.14
Enda       76.24
Fats        76.52
Allo Rene 80.45
Jeet         82.05
Timmy     85.10
Greta       85.52
Elle         87.04
Pom Paul 89.49

Caught up with the lads post race and good to see Tucks for a chat and I introduced Superflake (who was there for the 50ks) to Taffy James and Skippy Heyden.
A quick fire lunch and beers followed before the drive home and it was pretty much straight back out for a night on the town to watch the London Marathon and the Liverpool Man City match that was to follow.
Massive turnout as well and great to see everyone out that included, Slim Sammy, Barts, new dad Stevie T, Kanser, Mikey, Taffy, and Miss Social queens Lisa Bowman & Sonya getting into it all. Trash talk hit new levels once more and once the marathon was finished it was time for Enda Stankard to stand before the first HuRTS Kangaroo Court on crimes committed to poor C.T. It appears that Enda claimed victory over Chris after been given a massive 4 minute handicap this despite C.T only having foot surgery two months back and our Irish Shark in career best form……….Shameful’
Verdict – GUILTY

Talk soon turned to the S.M.H Half then, with the Churchill /Sands Cup up for grabs again, and in true style the Irish are trying all shenanigans to rort the system. The big revelation though of the night was that one time #1 Irish runner Dave ‘Kanser ‘ Kane may NOT be Irish at all?............Yep, Kane is a Dane, it appears Kanser is Danish and will be running in his Viking hat from here on in and would prefer to be known now as ‘Hager’
All teams will be finalized over the next couple of weeks, but it wouldn’t surprise me to find a few ‘ring in’s ‘from the Irish team.

From here it was on to the Orient to watch the Liverpool match, unfortunately the door was about as far as Kane the Dane was going as he was deemed ‘Too Drunk’ by the powers that be and marched up the street.
Tommy H, Fats, Taffy James and I ventured up to ‘Jackson’ and with our more accustomed Pints in hand were there to cheer the ‘Reds’ home to victory 3-2 in a pulsating match.

My time of 85.10 probably wasn’t the greatest but it was enough claim my winning dinner over Enda who agreed to a 10 minute buffer my way – think I won with a minute up my sleeve, pretty good bet to be honest as Enda didn’t run as strong as he should and I perhaps was a minute or two up – Talk about running for my supper.

Few photos from Canberra and the night out

Start, and from the left, Robbie, C.T, Enda,Timmy and Fats.

Fats wondering where it all went WRONG after being beaten by Enda, He will need to lift his game if he is to make the English team for the S.M.H and we don't wont a repeat performance thank you.

Andy 'Skippy' Heyden at the end of his 50ks, Anyone prancing around like that at the end of a run wasn't working hard enough. He probably had a sleep at the 35k mark - that's the normal it seems?

Enda Stankard's Heart being led away for examination after failing to fire up once more despite being in career best from.

C.T settling his bets with Enda after getting shafted in giving him a 4 minute handicap start, C.T great runner you are but you have a lot to learn mate when it comes to betting with this lad.

....and finally, Sadly it wasn't all good news. After Taffy James got arrested on the Saturday evening. He was getting a little homesick and was spotted roaming around the City Centre at midnight catching up with one of his old flames.
He may have some explaining to do before the HuRTS committee this week.

Will be back at the Tuesday HurTS session 45 minute tempo this week


Friday, April 11, 2014

Forced Taper Week

Busy week so was really forced to use it more of a taper although that may be not such a bad thing after last week.
Besides heading into town on the Monday, I only really got to run on the Tuesday where I did some Fartlek work around Centennial Park. Nothing too hard and did a series of 60 second efforts over a given 20 minute period. A good 4k warm up and 4 down gave me around 12ks for the day.

Friday, Cycled to the A.B. C Pool to meet the guys for the regular swim to end the week and who should I find as I arrive early? Non other then Militant Mikey getting some extra ‘one on one’ sessions with #1 Swimmer Elan. It seems as if Elan is becoming like ‘Santa’s Little Helper’ these days with first The Champ, then Cialis both attending then coming away with ‘The Golden Duck’ weeks later?
With this in mind I joined the two boys and did a series of 200s before coach Walker, Brendan, Pony Boy, Liam, Cialis and the Champ rocked up to begin our session.
Set was 1 x 500, 5 x 100, & 5 x 200s
Group broke pretty much straight away for the 500s as I was doing everything I could just to hang on to ‘The Champ’ to come home in 8.29, The 100s were easier before we all took turns on the front for the 200s with times anywhere between 3.09 to 3.15
Over 2ks done for the day – pretty tough but felt a little stronger within the water for a change.

Saw one of the HuRTs top brass Greg at the pool as well (could hardly miss him as he stood there for about 35 minutes) stood there that long he has sunburn, and certainly got good use of Skippy Heydens bench at the end of the lane for the day.

Heading down to Canberra tomorrow to run the Half on Sunday, Not really up for it to be honest but it will be good to get another race under the belt and you can’t beat race conditions to get the fitness levels back up.  A few of the boys are heading down I believe, Taffy, Enda, Pommy Paul , Jeet, Skippy Heyden,  C.T are just a few I know. Enda Stankard must be supremely confident on this one, He has been badgering me all week (I kid you not) and was looking for a bet with what started as a 4 minute handicap start. Well as the week has progressed it drifted by a minute per day and by this morning we settled on a 10 minute buffer in my favour. I think that is fair enough even though I realize I am getting shafted as I expect Enda to run 75 minutes and I’ll honestly be happy to break 88 the way I am performing.
Bet is- Loser pays for Dinner at a local restaurant.
My Tips are
C.T          73.42
Enda       75.18
Jeet        84.51
Timmy     88.10
Pommy Paul 89.18
Heyden        3.24:15 (50ks)

HuRTS drinks are on then on Sunday evening as we head into the city to watch the London Marathon, A big turnout is expected for this one and should be a good old night as we cheer on ‘Mo’ making his debut over 42ks

Big weekend on the footy coming up – never mind the Liverpool vs. Man City clash, the big one comes at ‘The Brit’ as Stoke entertain those Big Fat Geordie Nutters’ from Newcastle.  Stoke slipped up last week away to Chelsea but are certs to get back to winning ways this week against a lackluster Toon Team.

Timmy’s Tip Stoke 3 vs. Newcastle 0
                   Liverpool 2 vs. Man City 1

Militant Mikey taking in some extra swim sessions with #1 Swimmer Elan, Is that a 'Halo' on the surface of the water or just his Bald Head?
Mikey's looking all happy thinking I'm taking a snapshot of him - Little does he realise the main attraction of the photo is not even in the water.

Have a great weekend
Train Safe

PS, If there is a GOD.........he'll make me come home within 9.59 of Enda's finish time come Sunday.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Striders Lane Cove

Well it’s been a couple of days since the debacle of the Striders 10k at Lane Cove and I still am NONE the wiser why I run so poorly? Had a good weeks training, conditions were OK, and I hadn’t even been on the turps since the previous Friday with the boys.
Picked up Pommy Paul on the way over and did a warm up with him and Tommy H, good to see old mate Rich High out there as well as a couple more of the HuRTS guys in Ben, Justin, Quentin & Dickie High (all from the Dark Side of town), as well as Taffy James who was the man in form on the back of his 6ft Track run 3 weeks back.
The gun goes off and I am conscious of not going out too hard and happy enough with a 3.43 first k, slightly slower on the 2nd and  wasn’t even that concerned when the Taffy came past on the first climb up Scribble’s at the 2.5k mark. Settled as I ticked off the next couple of ks but as soon as the big climb started at around 4.2ks into the race I was in trouble – just about made it to the ‘Gamekeepers Hut’ before the 5k mark before I was reduced to a walk….Oh dear, started up again as I saw the frontrunners already coming in the opposite direction heading for home. Even stopped again at the drinks stop just before the home turn

It was a battle just to run 4 min/ks at this point and I kept thinking that Pommy Paul would be flying past anytime as I seemed to get overtaken by plenty at this stage of the race. By the 9k point in the race and as the clock was about to tick over 36 minutes I knew I had to put the foot down to break the ‘magic’ 40 minute barrier.
Obviously I hadn’t worked too hard in the race as I probably felt the best I had all morning at this point and finished with a time of 39.32 for a last kilometer of 3.37

So, not the run I was after. As i’d had a good few weeks training and I thought I was capable of running 37.45? Still, back to the drawing board and just need to keep getting out there.

Drowned my sorrows on the Saturday evening with a few jars out with the Taffy Lad, a few too many to be honest as I was in all sorts of strife yesterday (didn’t’ even get out for Sunday drinks).

I think everyone’s times were down a little overall with Tom the best placed in 4th, and most others between the 36-38 minute mark, Solid hit out for Pommy Paul who broke 41 a week out from his Canberra Half.

Had a good coffee post race …….At all places the local Cemetery can you believe? Taffy, Pommy Paul and I were greeted by granny who looked like she had been dug up and possibly dished up the worst coffee to go with it. The tap water I swear she had got from the flower bowl. Still it gave us a chuckle or two.

Big news is that Taffy Lad has gone all ‘One Direction; on us, he thinks he is a rock star with his new FLASH motor, got out at the cemetery with his tinted glasses and wearing a beanie (despite it being over 30 degrees) what’s all that about?

Monday. Ventured into town and run with the guys, good showing with Mikey returning from injury, Enda back after his week of eating Dogs B@lls, and even Warrior Charlie was out having a chat (and giving me a serve), No sign of Tommy H though and gave the Endalike excuse that it was too cold and raining for his reason not to run.
All up over 14.5k in 63 minutes average pace 4.29s
Felt good and great conditions to be out to start the week

North Shore Boys Benny (38.31) Dickie Green (37.51) and Justin Bromley (37.18)

Tommy H after a rare victory over Quentin - and he wasn't slow to tell us that is is # 1 .....Well on the North side anyway.

Old HuRTS favorite Richie High with the Welsh Wizard Taffy James.

Pommy Paul looking pleased with his mornings efforts ...... Not running but demolishing about 9 Hot X Buns post race.

Taffy James going all One Direction ' Harry Styles' on us with his new motor.

Will be back out in the morning with hopefully some speed work around Centennial Park


Friday, April 4, 2014

Lane Cove Striders 39.31 - Fxxking Rubbish

Shocking and think i will hold over till later until i settle before i give a race report.

Well done to Neil on is 2nd, Tom getting the better of Quentin and a good hit out for Pommy Paul a week out from his Canberra Half

Thursday, April 3, 2014

HuRTS Two for One Session at Rushcutters

Woke to a blanket of fog around Centennial Park first up as I was out on the bike for a cruisy 40ks with a client to start the day.

Beautiful day emerged after and it was down to Rushcutters Oval for the regular Thursday session. No sign of Mikey again who is still in the ‘Broken Wing Club’ with a dodgy Achilles, so Tommy H took command, and decided we were to do – 8 x 400s (rolling every 2 minutes) then the added bonus of a 3k Tempo run.
Any fear of the planned easy session I was after went out the window with this one as I knew just 8 of the 400s was going to be hard enough. Good turn out with frontrunner's Tom, Clarkey, Darien and A.N.Other leading from the front, And unlike last weeks session I had good company in the 2nd group running alongside Todd, Angus, Taffy J.W and a few others.
Felt pretty good from the off today and knocked out a 71 to begin, and held the next 7 to all 72s just working a second or two behind Todd and Angus and switching places a few times with Taffy lad, with J.W pushing me all the way throughout.

The 3k tempo was next up (6 ¾ laps of Rushcutters) and was just looking at trying to hold 3.45 pace on this part of the session, Taffy went out hard but I was determined to run as much to pace as I could, saw loads drop out at various points – Even the much improved Pommy Paul blemished his recent good record when he cut short that brought a sneer to English Captain Tom’s face. 
I was running on heavy legs but held it together and crossed in 10.34 (average pace 3.42) although it was 130 metres short.

Bloody tough session, but a great one and I hope it becomes a regular on the HuRTS calendar.

A good weeks training overall – running everyday, lets just hope I haven’t overdone it before Saturdays Striders race at Lane Cove?

For the record today’s times were: 71, 72, 72, 72, 72, 72, 72, 72. The 3k Tempo rep 10.34 (ave 3.42)\

Friday, no swimming today, took a rest day and in fact spent time on the treatment table, bit tight in the back and legs so ventured up for a course of Acupuncture. Feel fine now so all systems go for tomorrow.

Big weekend coming up. As mentioned racing in the morning, bit of work after, radio gig talking all things footy in the evening, backing up Sunday with a longish run then the favorite part of the weekend …..Sunday Arvo Beers, doesn’t get much better J

Tough game for Stoke this week away to Chelski, although we are the form team at the moment so don’t be surprised if we come away with a point. Can’t see it to be honest and the Timmy’s Tip this week is to back the blues.
Chelsea 2 vs. Stoke 0

At the other end of the table the big clash is between Taffy and Slim Sammy with Cardiff going up against the Palace Eagle Boys to see who can stay in the premiership (still think BOTH could go though) It’s a game both sides can’t afford to lose so I’m sitting on the fence with this game
Cardiff 1 vs. Crystal Palace 1

Have a good weekend
Train Safe

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wednesday Run Surf Run Session

With no sign of any of the Hardmen running around the park this morning except T.B (and there was no way I was going to put my overweight belly against his shirtless rig) I cycled into town to meet the Chairman for a midweek run to the seaside.
Some of the boys have been doing the run to Bondi having a surf then running back to the City over the past few weeks. So after alerting via S.M.S the Bondi Rescue Boys on Surf Watch Tommy and I headed out on a cracker of a day. Nice easy pace to be honest around the 4.50per/k mark taking 40 odd minutes to reach the beach before diving in to the refreshing water. Caught a few waves before retracing our steps back into town, Struggled a little on the way back especially coming out of Double Bay on the hill into Edgecliff, but I think the Chairman took pity on me and was happy to run at my pace today to finish the 17.5k together in a time of 1hr: 24 average pace of 4.50s
Met the Taffy Lad at the end who was also out for a trot around the Domain and good to hear I wasn’t the only one struggling on Saturday morning after a night out on the town on Friday.
Shattered now and the ride home was a tough one that seemed to take an eternity.

Not sure what the HuRTS set is tomorrow, might give it a miss if it’s a tough one.

Read Enda’s been posting on the blog accusing me of ‘cooking the books’??? Is he for real? the reason he has given me 4 minutes in the first place is because of my LACK OF FORM, and not to mention the fact that he is training with world Ironman champion Chris’ Macca’ McCormack whilst in Hong Kong. The mans a fool!

Tommy H got to Bondi in fine form - Unfortunately his swimming skills haven't improved much. The Bondi Rescue Boys were busy and can be seen on Channel 10 on April 17 on Tom's rescue for the day.