Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Xmas Period Training

WOW, how time gets away over the festive season?  A busy period since the last entry as I've been battling away trying to maintain a level of fitness despite the excessive eating and drinking that comes with the territory at this time of the year.
I'll do my best to recap.

Christmas Eve.  St Peters Park Run 18.24
Over to St Peters and had my young client (Noah) aged 15 lining up for his first Park Run, I'd been going OK for the past 2 runs and thought I'd break the 18 minute barrier unfortunately once again that 4th Km was to absolutely smash me and once that happened I couldn't even be bothered to push the 5th and ended up coming home in 18.23 for 8th overall. Good run from the young bloke though who got himself a podium with 3rd in 17.40
Out with Birchy, his folks (who are in town visiting on hols) and The Love Doctors' for a fun evening spent in the English boozer 'The Lord Dudley' with the carols and plenty of dancing.

Christmas Day - Annual Xmas run meeting at Cloey Beach for the trek to Bondi and back. Lined up Jeet, Jac and Neil P with Birchy missing, too tired from all that singing at carols (bless him). Easy pace out and back and enjoyed a swim to cool down. The Mince Pies that followed were well worth the 10ks with a  hangover.

Tuesday 27th December.  Early start and called for a 1600m session in the park, Nice little team with Birch, Jeet, Marko Branagon, Frenchie Jerome, Taffy Jimmy and Young Noah. Once the warm up was done I led out the first rep (more that people weren't sure of route) and was happy enough to hold 3.30 pace for a 5.41 finish. Marko smashed the 2nd rep (and himself at the same time) as Jeet and myself repeated the same. Told young Noah to push the 3rd and with Jerome helping him he did just that (5.19) as I was starting to feel the efforts of all the Xmas cheer with a 5.43
One to go and I was happy to let Jeet do all the work for the best part of 1500m before a final kick down to stop the clock on the 4th in 5.44
Shattered once done and with the humid weather it made for a bloody tough session.
Great afternoon spent over at Manly with good mate Sammy Agnew back in town. Manly Wharf bar was the venue with a good 8 hours spent catching up and giving him loads about his beloved Crystal Palace trash.
Sammy Agnew back in town, and YES it was starting to get late.... Tommy H's eyes were starting to go at this stage.

Thursday 29th December.  A hot day and as early as 7.30am the heat was going to make for a tough set that we planned.  3 x 3k with 700m floating recovery, not for the faint hearted and it was left to Jac, Birchy and Noah to do the hard yards. Aim for the day was to get faster on each rep, so really had to hold back for the first of the three.
Just run with Noah on the first and held 3.54 pace to stop the clock in 11.46 but knew that was difficult enough and was already worried about what was to follow. Quicker on the 2nd holding 3.45s and just had enough left in the tank to complete the 3rd leg even quicker in 3.41s
Times were 11.46, 11.15, 11.04
If Tuesdays session was tough this one was a killer and reckon I must have lost about 2 kilo in sweat alone, thank God Taffy, Hardman J.C or Kanser weren't running.
Enjoyed a well earned coffee with the team post run and was delighted to get through another set.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas with the loved ones and all the best for the New Year.

I will do the year in review and my predictions for the big year ahead in 2017 over the next couple of days.  Until then

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

More Swimming

Struggled early doors and was more than happy to hit the pool again for a few laps although it certainly wasn't easy as I joined Crossy Lad for a 2k hit out.
A warm up then a series of 400s, 50s and 200s to get the required distance and basically just sat on Crossy's feet the whole way (except when he put the hammer down on a few reps and left me for dead)
Tough enough but felt 100 times better when its all done, and really enjoying the swimming again at the moment even if its not that fast.

Crossy Lad was all excited today (he must have had some good news?) and he couldn't finish the year without the customary 'selfie' that he loves so much. He's gone all fancy now  bringing down his crayons and etch a sketch doodle to enhance his portraits. Getting worried about that man.

Finding it tough at the moment for running to find any motivation but really need to get out at sometime tomorrow to turn the legs over.

With 'Mr Selfie' and swim partner Andy Cross.


Monday, December 19, 2016

McKay Oval 8 x 800s - Fail

Woke feeling sore and stiff and headed to Centennial Park for some 800s totally unmotivated and little desire to get the session done. With NO help from anyone I had to go solo and as early as the first 400m loop I knew there was not a chance of getting all 8 done (even with this famous Stoke heart, there are limits). Over the line with a 2.42 to kick it off but the way I looked you'd have thought it was a 2.10. 2nd rep was pretty much the same and it was here I made the call to only knock out 6 but so easily could have retreated to the car there and then.
Rolled around the next two reps limiting the damage and tried to lift the 5th, that I somehow managed  by a couple of seconds but I was done well and truly by then and called it a day.
Rep times. 2.42, 2.43, 2.44, 2.43, 2.41

Had to work straight after so was good for another 6ks and I was only too happy to do them at 6.25 per/k pace.

Hot day in the city so headed over to PAP for a dip (that's a swim for those that don't know), Met up with a friend and knocked out 1600m in total. Probably the best thing I could have done and returned from the pool feeling a million times better than I had for the rest of the day.

Big night out tonight (I know ,I know it's a Tuesday, but it is Xmas) so have already lined up a return to the pool tomorrow for a midweek swim as I find it a great help in the recovery stage of a hangover.


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sunday Long(ish)20k run

Last Sunday run before Xmas and with plenty of no shows over the last month or so due to the many Saturday evening socials I thought I'd better make an appearance.
Good team out with the Leech returning and great to see Mr 2.5k 'Weetbix' Man himself Renaud join us, whilst Enda was his usual, talking non stop trash from the word go.
The first 6k loop is normally spent talking all about the overnight footy scores, and I was still raging from the Stoke result where a last minute goal stopped up winning 2-1 but soon found calm when I got chatting to Renaud and 'Hardman' J.C who are always good value.
Pace quickened for the 10k loop and it was Jeet who I had to warn on numerous occasions, but like sheep everyone just seemed to follow his lead as we got down to ticking some Ks off in 4.17s coming down past the footy stadium and S.C.G
Returned to the park where Enda asked for help with a faster flat lap to end so rounded a few up to keep him company. Said he wanted between 4- 4.10s per/k but from the start it was more like 3.50s
Good way to end though and with 20ks done for the morning in 97 minutes averaging 4.23s I was more than happy with that especially for this time of the year.
Had the K splits still on from yesterdays Park Run and they were.
4.43, 4.42, 4.34, 4.33, 4.37, 4.35, 4.32, 4.23, 4.24, 4.32,
4.29, 4.22, 4.31, 4.20, 4.17, 4.20, 3.50, 3.49, 3.55, 3.54

Top morning finished off with coffee with The Leech, Birchy and Jeet.

No sign of The Mad Jock, (Craig), Brendan Fehon or 'Mr Breakfast' Hoey this morning ? Wonder if they were all out on the turps last night ?

Friday, December 16, 2016

St Peters Park Run - 18.05 6th Overall

What with excessive heat earlier in the week then 48 hours of continual rain it turned out to be a pretty lazy week with nothing to shout home about training wise except that I kept the swimming up throughout.
Great start to the weekend though as I managed to get my first clients down to Clovelly Beach where we did plenty of swimming that saw the best part of 1800m done before shooting over for another Park Run at St Peters, Saw Mikey L (winner) Hipster Chris and Cialis from the team on what was already a hot and humid morning even by start time.
Felt good this morning and thought we'd put it on the line a bit more to see where I was at and pushed (stupidly I suppose) the 1st K in 3.19. The dreaded hill comes before the completion of the 2nd but still moving well as I'm over the top just under the 7 minute marker. Try to hold the pace on the way down all the while bringing the heart rate back to a reasonable level. 3ks done and from here the wheels basically fell off, 3 to 4 it was the 'horrors', slight rise on the course and I thought I'd taken a wrong turn and headed up the hill again it felt that tough. Then at the 4.2k mark you have the added burden of getting through the slower runners as I tried to lift for one final time.
Clocked ticked just over 18 minutes again with a similar time to last weeks effort with an 18.05 recorded for the day (18.03 last week)
Happy enough, but was on for sub 18 easily and should have managed it today just needed to keep it honest on that 4th K and I was home, but unfortunately it wasn't to be.
K splits were 3.19, 3.37, 3.31, 3.51, 3.36
18.05 Ave 3.35s

Might head over to Curly Curly next week if time permits and take the easy option to get back in the 17 minute time frame on a flatter, shorter course. Hell, its Christmas anyway about time I rewarded myself.

Big weekend yet again, Stoke entertain the league premiers from last season Leicester at The Brit that's sure to be a thriller. Get on the Potters once more to take the full 3 points. I know Tommy H has won a fortune following my past 2 selected correct scores and he's already been on the phone wanting to see where he's putting his hard earned this week.
Timmy's Tip - Stoke 2 v Leicester 1

Also back in town is good mate Slim Sammy Agnew with wife and footy mad kids, can't wait to catch up with him to dish out some stick about his 'Tin Pot' Palace boys who continue to struggle. Can't believe he's gone all quiet on the footy talk?
Still we'll sort him out no doubt over a few ales even if I do have to venture to the 'Dark Side' of town to do it. My other goal will be to convert just one of his boys to be a STOKE FAN before he heads back to London.... shouldn't be too difficult.

Have a great weekend.
Train well, stay safe

Monday, December 12, 2016

Centennial Park 6 x 1k Reps

With temps over 100 degrees in the old scale you'd have to have rocks in your head to train at lunch so I enlisted the help of Enda, Birchy and Jac for a Centennial Park morning session before work. Unfortunately HuRTS answer to English footy player 'Sick note' Darren Anderton pulled a heart muscle once he heard the session and was a no show once again.
A good few Ks warm up before we were into it and it was already hot so the aim was to try to just keep them all consistent without killing ourselves. A 3.24 to kick it off and already was sweating buckets, pretty much held the remaining although I could feel my pace drop on each over the final 250m and certainly wasn't hitting the line strong. Come rep 5 and 6 it was just a case of getting it done.
Times for the 6 were. 3.24, 3.25, 3.24, 3.26, 3.27, 3.27
Jac and Birchy both hung in well recording times around the 3.50 - 3.55 marker for each. Tough old session and glad to get it out the way.
Had a client straight after so used that as a means of a 6k cool down

Think its the same for tomorrow temp wise, so may have to run early again, although it will be easier pace.


Sunday, December 11, 2016

St Peters Park Run 18.03 - 4th Overall

A spare hour so it was over to St Peters for the 2nd weekend running to give the Park Run another bash. Didn't really see anyone I know but saw the 'geekie' young Asian Lad that normally takes the win as well as one or two others young pups that I knew would be hard to beat.
The boys went out hard and even though I'd gone to hard with a 3.24 first 1K could only find myself sitting in 7th place, Went past a couple soon after before steadying myself for the dreaded hill just before the 2m marker. Although the pace dropped I was over it without that much damage, and then tried to hold it steady from that point. Really dislike the new course as at 4.2ks you then have to try to run through the crowds of the slower runners to get to the finish line. I could see 3rd place guy about 7 seconds ahead and despite him struggling, I must have been as well as I didn't reduce the gap over the final 500m or so.
Happy enough with a 18.03 finish time for 4th overall that was in fact my PB on that course that I'll take. Thought I may have been able to dip under the 18 mark but I can live with 3 seconds and when I head over to the easier (and shorter) Curl Curl Park Run I know I'll be knocking on the door to a 17.30

A few hours of work then a short break before it was over to Waverley Bowling Club for the afternoon care of Sammy J's 40th Birthday Bash - Quality afternoon with a  top showing from the team. Unfortunately our bowls can't match our running ability with some very ordinary displays on show. Taffy was just crap, Jac's spent more time in the gutter, whilst Birchy  had a beer lined up at each end and just got hammered, with J-Fen the best of a bad bunch.
Good to catch up with Mikey Conway again for a top afternoon and special thanks to Sammy and Olivia for hosting and bringing it all together.
Will post pics tomorrow

Its going to be hot day tomorrow with 36 degrees planned so will head out early morning and lined up Birchy to help out with some 1k reps..


Thursday, December 8, 2016

A.B.C Biathlon 19.31 - 4th Overall

Ventured down to the A.B.C for the Biathlon for the 3rd time in as many weeks for another 20 minutes of torture with a 4k run followed by the 300m swim leg.
A lot smaller crowd this week with only Mikey L and 'Mr Muscles#2' Jordi from the team that I knew.  Frantic start and with a big headwind for the first 400m tuck in behind guys before finding myself in about 10th placing on the first of the climbs. Go past a couple and get a shout out from Jerome who is spectating around the 1k marker and happy with a 3.36 to kick things off. Usual battle till the turnaround in 7.10 then just try to bring it home faster but have to contend with the headwind all the way. Reach the top gates in 14.09 in 7th place with two guys only slightly ahead that I'm comfortable with as I think they will carry me along in the water. Soon found out they were in fact too slow and go around as early as the first 50m, as I then see the 4th place lad about 20m further ahead. Just tried to keep it ticking over but feel as if I'm reducing the gap with each 50m completed. 250m down and now only a couple of metres back so put in the big ones in an effort to overtake, luckily 'speedsuit' man has nothing left to give and with about 20m to go finally go past as I manage to touch the wall in a seasons best (well 3 races) in 19.31 (some 2 seconds quicker than last week)
Run 14.09
T1       .21
Swim 5.01

Great hit out and as I've said many times before, its the best 20 minute session you can do. You are in the hurt box as early as the 2nd minute and you just try to work through it the best you can. Happy with the time as it was quicker than last week without the help of the faster boys and in particular Adrian McGarva who I sat in with 7 days back. Will certainly do more once they return in Feb next year and will get the team back for another race where I'll be keen to get back down to closer 19 minutes and in turn take the Chairman's cash.
Over to the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel post race for a few beers before heading to Randwick to catch up with Paulie Hanley and Enda for a few ales. Good old night, plenty of story telling and banter along the way that once again led to a Friday morning struggle.

Big weekend planned (seems the common theme these days) with Sammy J's 40th Birthday bash tomorrow lunch then a big party to attend during the evening - looks like the Sunday long run could be in grave doubt :)

In the footy the team of the moment Stoke have a bloody tough task ahead in the capital against high flying Arsenal. Not a good record and never won at the Emirates Stadium and I'm afraid I can't tip them this week
Timmy's tip. Arsenal 3 v Stoke 1
  A few pics from last night.

1k down and already hurting.
Pool entry, it may not be the best...
but its better than Mikey L's
Happy enough with a 19.31 finish to end the season.
With the boys Mikey 2nd on the night, Jordi 3rd and myself 4th home.
King of the Biathlon - Mikey collects his trophy.
Followed by a few beers with the Eastside Elites - Mitch, Enda, POD, Paulie Hanley and Superfish Cookie.
And a selfie to end the night with TWO of Irelands top lads, One as hard as nails - Paul Hanley and one soft as butter Enda Stankard.
Missed my swim with Crossy Lad but it looks like he's found a replacement in Laura James to continue his 'selfie' obsession . Spends more time on his camera than swimming that man. Laura tells me she did manage 200m in the hour though.

Have a good weekend
Stay safe and train well

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Farm Cove 6 x 1k Reps

With the HuRTs session of 8 x 5 minute efforts on program I sent an SOS out to Crossy Lad for a little help with some 1k reps as an alternative that I fancied, Unfortunately he snubbed me as he said he had a 3k track race on the Wednesday night against some 'C Grade' Shire Heads and didn't want to work too hard - Unbelievable.
Headed into town anyway and decided to meet with the guys but go ahead with my planned session. Big crowd out although the enthusiasm was somewhat down with many already putting the running shoes away for the year and running easy. Plan was to run the 1k rep (in whatever time) then see out the 5 minutes that the team were doing very easy, with a  standing 90 seconds recovery break.
With no one coming with me I found I was out front as tipping along under 3.20 pace that didn't feel too bad and then pretty much just repeated throughout.
Times were, 3.20, 3.18, 3.17, 3.19, 3.18, 3.16

A good cool down with Tommy H and Eastside Elle for a further 2.5ks around Mrs Macs and the Domain with the highlight being when Elle asked Tom why he always gets that 'Silly Glazed, Cross Eyed Pi$$ed look' when he's out on the town and consumed more than 4 schooners?

A shout out to good mate Lady Laura James who is in the 'Broken Wing Club' with injury. I know Tommy H wrote a nice touch on his mundane 'Times Like' Blog but seeing he wrote it at the end of the days entry I doubt Laura would have stayed awake long enough to see it ?
I know she is a daily reader of the 'Trash' so we wish her a Speedy Recovery and hope to see her back stronger in the New Year.
Stay Strong LJ ;)


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Monday Swim at PAP

As predicted the Sunday long run never happened and the closest I got to it was heading to the park later in the morning  and going for brekkie with pal Birchy once he had completed his.
Once I had recovered enough I did however make a token effort and knocked out a 45 minute run around the Bay of all places late in the afternoon.

Headed to the pool on Monday lunch and with Crossy Lad (2nd at Kurnell, he did ask me to say to some old time actor - Christopher Lee?), Pete, Champ and Angus 'Why Am I always in a rush' Boyd knocked out over 2.2ks in plenty of efforts including 3,2 and 100s
Fastest 200m was 3.01 and most of the 100 metres done in under 1.30 that I was pleased with even if I was helped by the old floaty pants and hand paddles.

Near perfect weekend in the footy Stoke won (2-0, hope you got on), Tommy's Toon got beat and old mate Enda's Aston Villa got a spanking. Lord, even the Tin Pot Palace found a way to win that will mean Sammy Aggers can come out of hiding this week and may even respond to my messages.
Q. What's the difference between Crystal Palace and the Bermuda Triangle ?
A. The Bermuda Triangle has three points.

Back out tomorrow for the HuRTS 8 x 5 minute efforts

Saturday, December 3, 2016

St Peters Park Run - 18.29 4th

A break in work and I managed to get myself over to St Peters in time for the Worlds toughest Park Run to get a solid hit out done. No one that I knew really except for 'Buzz' Keith Hong and once the gun went I found myself in with a leading group of 4 as we all went through the first 1K in about 3.30 pace. The front 3 just got away before the hill and after my performance on 'Everest' a fortnight back I was keen to put in a stronger effort as I feared the camera may be lurking at any time. No problems this time around though although I did spot the camera on the 'down' part of the hill that once again didn't do me any favours. Pace dropped off slightly around the 3.5k mark and then I had the leading female in 5th overall come up and try to get away that I wasn't having a bar of and was happy to tuck in with her as we had to endure the slower runners for the last 1k that seems to slow everything down who were still on the first lap.
Got a bit of a hurry on with 500m to go and got away that saved me the indignity of getting 'Chicked' for the morning and was happy enough to hold out for 4th overall crossing the line in 18.29
Not a bad effort is I suppose especially for this time of the year and after a massive Thursday evening, and will be happy to keep it ticking over for the next few weeks during the busy festive period.

Out tonight with the Taffy Lad to help him celebrate his birthday over a few beers so it looks like the Sunday long run will be in doubt once again.

In the footy, Stoke are on a roll so once again get the cash on them for another 3 points when they take on Burnley at the home of football.
Timmy's Tip - Stoke 2 v Burnley 0

Few Pics from Thursday.

Mass start
Looks like the Chairman was using me as his pacer ?
Group shot.
Post race drinks with 'Golds', Renee, Jerome, Jack 'The Lad' and Eastside Elle.
Celebrating Taffy's Birthday with Vic's and Jac.
As always with Taffy, things then start getting out of control.
Good to see 'The Wildman' Stevie T back in town.
Although he did bring with him the Worst Haircut seen at HuRTS since Sammy Aggers effort 4 years ago.
Doesn't look like those birthday drinks helped the Taffy Lad much for his training on the Saturday?
Crossy Lad trying to give me a few swimming tips at the pool on Friday .
St Peters Park Run on the downhill heading for home to stop the clock in 18.29


Thursday, December 1, 2016

A. B. C & HuRT Biathlon 19.33

Down to the ABC Poll for the biathlon that also doubles up as the yearly HuRTS race as I assembled a small team for a good Thursday evening hit-out. Had 14 starters from the gang and decided to go with a random 'Double Team' comp that saw me paired with newish recruit Jack 'the Lad' Maxwell.
Always a fast start for the first 300m before you get a short sharp hill that has you thinking how you are going to even get to the 2k turnaround marker never mind the swim leg. Settle after that as Jerome comes past me a little before the 1k point just happy to sit in trailing Adrian McGarva as I reach the half way post in 7.10 As usual try to pick up the pace for the easier downhill and get a good look to see where everyone else is and can't believe how close people are and all having strong run legs.
Hit the top gate on entering the pool as I click on 14 minutes that I'm happy enough with along with Adrian although he's in the pool before me as I do my best to bring the heart rate down, Its nearly 30 seconds before I'm in the pool (from the top gate) and try to tuck in with my rival for the night knowing its easy enough to slipstream but I'm nowhere near strong enough to try to go past. Chuckle to myself as I'm going down the lane at 200m as I can see Tommy's big head in the next lane whilst he's doing his now famous breaststroke to complete his 300m.
Make one final attempt to put in the hard yards over the final lap but not strong enough to edge out McGarva who pips me by 3 seconds as I stop the clock in 19.33
First home from the team was 'King of the Biathlon' Mikey L, with Jerome 2nd, Tom 3rd, Adrian & myself for 4th & 5th.
The Jerome , Adrian combo was to prove too strong in the team event beating home Mikey who unfortunately had to carry his 'Clydesdale' partner Taffy James.

Results for the teams were

1st  Jerome 18.49 & Adrian 19.30  = 38.19

2nd Mikey L 17.54 & Taffy   21.22  = 39.16

3rd Tommy 19.08 & Renee  20.51 = 39.59

4th Alex S    20.21 & Craig W 20.58 = 41.19

5th Timmy 19.33 &   Jack        21.55  =41.28

6th Golds   21.48 & Elle        20.23    = 42.11

7th Ash      21.35  & Craig Mc 25.02 = 46.37

Will post some pics tomorrow.
Top night was complete as we headed over to the Bells pub and with 'The Wildman' Stevie T in town (with the worst haircut since Sammy Aggers 4 years back) and Taffy's midnight Birthday feast it turned into one hell of a night, as Birchy and Jac also joined in the fun later in the night.