Monday, September 18, 2017

Blackmore's Half Marathon

With the Berlin marathon next week I didn't enter this race but thought I'd have to do 20k anyway so when Jac came asking I figured I may as well run it with her along with the masses to help make things easier.
Stunning morning and with an early 6am start time we were soon away, Seemed to take an age before we even crossed the start line as we begun in start 'B 'area that saw us shuffle the first K in a tad over 5 min pace. Got in a nice rhythm after that coming over the Cahill Express and for the first time ever found it enjoyable running up Macquarie St (that normally kills me)
Through 5ks in 23.04 - ave 4.37s as the chat continued and the next 5 in 22.46 (ave 4.33) to get to the 10k marker in 45.50. Get a good look at the front runners around Pyrmont area and the casino and give a few shout outs along the way. Pass though the 15k mark and in all the excitement of going past pacer Brendan Wong forget to check my watch but Jac is running strong and decides to up the pace with 6ks to go.  Going past loads along the way and collect HuRTS Dublin lad Vince who asks if he can join me and then at the top of Hickson Road we collect Laura, Renee, Hoey and Brucie Lambert and all of a sudden we have a great train to see the race out over the final 4ks or so. Champ keeps appearing from everywhere on his bike taking photos that we all enjoy and even though the pace has picked up we are still holding well as I see another 10ks go through in 42.06 averaging 4.13s.
Coming through the back of the Quay I inform Jac my work is done with 300m to go and I wont be going through the finish line as I'm not officially in the race and drop out beside the toaster as she goes on to stop the clock in 91.30 averaging for the day 4.23s
A great hit out for me and worked perfectly I thought, thoroughly enjoyed it and felt pretty good all the way. The course I thought is excellent with all those hills around the back of Pyrmont and Darling Harbour are no longer in and now I reckon its a pretty fast course if you were looking at giving it a nudge.

That's pretty much it for now as I'm flying tomorrow for the long haul ahead, Really underdone in terms of running a marathon with my longest run only 26ks but I'll go to enjoy it and not worry too much about the time. Reckon I'm in about 3.15 shape so anywhere around that time without killing myself will do for me.
Looking forward to some time catching up with mates back home in Stoke and Dublin along the way and I'll suspect its going to be pretty full on over the next few weeks.
Will try to post where I can but I after Berlin there won't be much to write about in the form of any training.
Stay safe
Train well

A few pics from yesterday .

19k down and never felt so good in a race , Jac is even throwing in a few dance moves.
Smiles all round .
Not many races around where you can get this backdrop. With Renee and Jacqueline.

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