Tuesday, August 22, 2017

45 Minute Continuous

Saturday, With the 40th Birthday Party on the Sunday I had every intention of running long on the Saturday but with work meaning I was about an hour behind the start time from everyone else it was always going to be a tough ask. Caught up with the team on Anzac Parade and headed back to the park before Enda requested one of the usual flat laps at sub 4 minute pace  (ended up at 3.45s). A bit early for that but went along with it anyway with Mark Branagan also nearby. Once done everyone seemed to depart although I coaxed Mark to do another 6k loop with me. After that I went around again but on 70 minutes and 16ks at 4.23 pace to my name I called it quits and retreated for brekkie.
Nowhere near the long run I wanted but with 4k with clients before I thought 20 was better than nothing.

Monday. Very easy 6ks with clients before Birchy joined me and we trotted out another pleasant 10ks. Only around the 5 minute per/k pace for 50 minutes but we pretty much discussed every part of the successful party night from the Saturday
16ks for the morning then enjoyed a post run coffee with Birchy who is on a weeks holiday.

Tuesday. Just about feeling right from the weekend and into the city to join the HuRTS team for the lunchtime set. 7 x 2 minute efforts ( 60 sec rec), 5 minutes easy then 20 minute tempo all the way back to see a continuous 45 minutes all up was the call.
Worked pretty hard on the reps tucked in with Marc Ashworth and Eoin and was averaging 3.54s by the time 20 minutes was up. The 5 min recovery I basically bludged before the tougher return trip back to the Stone Gates. Marc was soon to come past and I went with him and was also looking for help from the Leech ( that never came) as I was holding 3.55s in and around the Quay and Opera House sections. Usual battle on the hill by the ABC Pool but somehow found something again to reach the gates in 44.35 on the clock
Bloody tough session and happy to see another 11ks done in the allotted time.

Will try to get back out tomorrow for the midweek med/long run in an effort to make up the lost Ks from the weekend.


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