Thursday, May 31, 2012

1500mtre effort.........At Swimming

Another dreaded early morning swim down at the Vic on the Park Pool  Broadway this morning to finish the week off, although it was a glorious setting with the steam coming off the water and was pleasantly surprised to jump in and the water was a warm 25 degrees.
After a small warm up i decided to see if i could get through 1500m straight, and more importantly to see if i could hold a pace for the whole way even if it meant slowing it down from the start.
Settled OK and passed through the first 500 in 9.20, but wondered how the hell i was going to do another 1k on top of that as i felt like stopping there and the. Checked the time on the 1000m and lost about 20 seconds to do 19.00mins (9.40 for 2nd split), and then worked hard to try to hold for the final 500.
Touched the wall in 28.30, which meant a 9.30 last 500 - So although slow i didn't actually lose to much today and was pretty happy with that. Still not enough to make the English Olympic Team but....

Thoughts turn to North Head in the morning, been a little quiet from the boys on this one, Kansers on Marathon Pace (aiming for 40 minutes), Mikey wants 60 seconds start from me, Slim Sammy Agnew is on fire, Tucks is still on waking duties and i think i could get one up on the Head to Heads with Chairman Tom in the morning?
So with the Irish still lamenting there lose last week there seems no takers for a wager this week? Still i no doubt will have my own little battles with certain people over the course for 36 minutes :)

Have a great weekend

Olympic Torch comes Home

Another easy day today just taking the opportunity to do 10ks in total , Did a 3k/2k/1k effort with my client who was working at 4.30, 4.12 and 3.52 for each rep that was perfect for me, and then did an easy lap(4ks) tagged on the end. Legs still felt very heavy mind you even doing that so hopefully another days rest will help out.
Had Mikey Conway constantly on email to me wanting a wager for Saturday, but he wants 60 seconds head start..........Dream on mate :)
Out for my swim in the morning, lets just hope its more productive then last Fridays effort.

See the Olympic torch is out doing it rounds over the English Country and is passing through my old hometown of Stoke On Trent overnight, Big crowds lined the streets for it and it looked pretty good in all honesty. Got the local rag down there and some photos  up, Check it out -

Also see its the Queens Diamond Jubilee (marks 60 years of the Queens  reign) all set for England next Monday and all the country is abuzz with all the special features laid on from carnivals, concerts, to Mad Hatter's Tea Parties, it looks like it will be very special time over there and i have heard even HuRTS #1 girl Laura is getting her best China out to help celebrate come Saturday afternoon :).
Even our very own Enda has got in on the act (again) with his sweet sister sending me a photo of when he meet our queen when he was a wee lad back in his homeland., You just can't keep him out the headlines these days.

Enda in his younger days meeting the Queen,

....and some 30 years later ......He still has a soft spot :)


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Struggling Brick.

Out in the freezing cold for my group early followed by the normal Wednesday Brick session with Roger. Saw Ronan waiting by the cafe again for the late Kanser, who i hasten to add is looking very tired these days (do hope he's not over doing it?), Even saw the 'Hardmen' of the park , PLOD, Clyde and J.C (the original hard man) flying around.
Felt very tired and heavy legged this morning and adding to the cold weather i just didn't want to be there today and in turn wasn''t at the races so to speak. Another set of Single and Double Laps on the bike and i was struggling to keep it under 6.25 today. As for the run i had no choice but  to take it easy and knocked out 3.45s per k.
Managed to work my way through the session and was looking forward to the final double lap on the bike to get it over and done with, but when the 'Lollipop Man' fully stopped me in my tracks for the trees works going on it was the 'straw that broke the camels back ' for me and finally put me out of my misery for the morning as i laboured home after that.
Big week of training for me so far and its only Wednesday, I think that BRAT race actually took more out of me then i thought especially after a couple of big social nights out on the town.
Absolutely wrecked today now and will try to freshen up over the next 3 days before the Striders 10k race at North Head come Saturday.


Monday, May 28, 2012

HuRTS 14 x 3 minutes (60 seconds break)

Rolled up into town today with my Cupcakes to help celebrate HuRTS #1s Birthday (Tucks) but no sign of the man himself, but Marshmallow Man Clyde was there and his little eyes lit up when he saw the cake.... Don't know about eating the cake, the size of the man it looks like he has actually eaten Tucks.... The blokes huge, God only knows how he run 75 for the Half last week :)
Big crew in attendance again for one of the toughest on the program, with C.T making a guest appearance, but no sign of Kanser, Enda, Richie High or Pete Walker?
Found myself just sitting off the front group today that was Tom, J-Fen,and Fats and sat on about 3.19 pace (far to quick), and the return was even quicker again. From there i pretty much sat with J-Fen the whole way, and even remarked to him 'was he taking it easy', to which he replied that he was travelling at 3.19s himself. Got to the 10th rep and all of a sudden i was feeling pretty tired and just tried to hang on in for the final 4 reps. It was about this stage that Mikey Conway fired up and was ahead of me for the next 3 reps (tells me its the best session he has ever done on this set), Paced dropped here for me but wanted to finish the 14th rep strong and did so working at 3.16
Pace for each of the 14 reps were;
3.19, 3.16, 3.20, 3.20, 3.22, 3.19, 3.32, 3.20, 3.19, 3.21, 3.26, 3.24, 3.23, 3.16
13ks on the dot in 55 mins average 4.12 - happy with that, especially when you add in the 13 minutes of break included.
Bloody tough session, although i still don't think it gives a true reflection - As looking at those times i should be able to run sub 35 mins, but i think that 60 seconds break in between makes a huge difference, On the 45 minute straight out tempo i am struggling to hold 3.40s
Some of the boys were still taking it easy today, with Bartles laughing as he was running shoulder to shoulder with me it was that easy for him as was Macca Mac, Slim Sammy Agnew looks like he is over the worst and as mentioned WATCH out for Mikey. he's running Striders this week and is keen to keep his 100% record over me in the Head to Heads (he's 1-0 up ) .........And he must be favorite after today's showing :)
Talking of which i must drop the boys an email to see if there is any money to be made this week:)

Brick session is back in the park early morning tomorrow with Roger.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Swimming.......At the Wrong Pool.

Was dreading this swim since last Friday and when i received an email from Peter Walker to join them at lunchtime today, i jumped at it despite knowing i wasn't even in the same suburb times wise but thought any little bit would help me get through it. Rolled up very early to try to get 500m done before the team arrived as i knew i would in turn miss certain reps out. Knocked over one k before i realised that they were not coming and was all set just to labour for the next set when a very lovely 6ft2,eyes are blue, lady joined me in the lane.............Now i don't want to get to carried away here, but the next 1000 mtres were perhaps the easiest and most pleasurable  i have done in a long time, felt effortless, and was holding 1.49s per/100m
Maybe that's where i am going wrong swimming with buffoons and clowns that make up the HuRTS swim team when i should relax and smile when i swim :)
2ks done for the day, and i may even venture back to this pool again, by the way found out once i got home that Pete Walker and company were the other side of town at the Ian Thorpe Pool instead.....there lose :)

Results are up from the Duathlon yesterday, and it was about right what i wrote time wise - although did see Robbie Neil put about 2 mins on me in the first 5ks

Also got sent a photo of the start of the bike leg - i look absolutely smashed , and that's before I've even started.

Will be out for my favorite HuRTS session tomorrow - the 14 x 3 minute efforts, it doesn't hurt no less but i somehow manage to get through this one OK.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

BRAT Duathlon 2nd 63.48

After a big night Friday socializing and an even bigger Saturday i woke the worse for wear today and thought there was no way i could do any sort of running or racing. But forced myself down to Heffron Park for the 1st race in the BRAT Duathlon for the winter months. Pretty low key this one with no sign of any Irish except for a friendly Robbie Neil giving it a go as was Kiwi import Benny Lowe.
Race distance was 5k run/20k bike/2.5k run and soon lost the two boys in the first k as they gaped me by over 80 mtres before the first turnaround point. Just tried to get through it best i could and was happy enough to jump on the bike in 3rd spot running 17.38 (3.32s). The bike leg was a major struggle mainly because of how i was feeling as well as the high winds that were around (Again check Flake's blog for forecast) Managed to get into 2nd spot after Benny had mechanical problems (flat tyre) and i could see Robbie ahead but knew i needed to be off the bike before him to stand any chance of the win. Jumped off the bike in around 36 minutes which is about 3 mins slower then i know i can do. With 2nd spot all but won backed off a little for the final 2.5ks (didn't really have much choice to be honest - i was knackered ) for a 9.10 (average 3.33 ) to cross the line in 63.48.
Will post official results when i get them.
Reckon Robbie was 60 seconds ahead but i think he backed off as well on the final run leg. Solid hit out and happy to get this one out the way, Hopefully do a few more of these and try to dip under the 60 minutes come the end of winter.

Back in the pool tomorrow - dreading the thought already, but on the bright side it cant get any worse then Fridays effort :) and then all thoughts turn to Saturdays Striders 10k at North Head then the team relays (4k)in the afternoon. Wonder if i can convince Enda and PLOD to race as well?

I did mention how Kanser gets all gooey eyed and Star Struck when he sees his hero's - Well Friday night was NO exception when Pole to Pole Man Pat Farmer took to the stage, Kanser was straight up there with his little autograph book for him to sign and listened on his every word.
Just had this photo sent in for all to witness :)

Kanser mesmerised by Patty Farmer on Friday evening

Friday, May 25, 2012

Pole to Pole Striders Presentation.

Huge night out at the Strider's Presentation dinner, but first we had to collect our winnings care of the Irish lads at the Slip Inn for 79 minutes of FREE BEER, With PLOD (Paul) resigning from his captains post since the lose it was left to his Lieutenant - Enda to take the reins of treasurer for the nights proceedings and make sure he kept us English well lubricated :)
Good turnout for the night with English Tom, Fats, Slim Sammy, B'Grade Binfield and Irish Enda, Kanser, Macca Mc, John Bowe, Rob (Elvis) Costello, as well as Tucks fresh from his 100k walk, Richie Palmer, Mikey Conway, J-Fen and a guest appearance from Rich High.
Fair play to the Irish they did very well supplying the ale for the night - NEVER short and they were even getting us shots at one point (no wonder my head is sore today)
Was just getting in the mood when the 79 minute buzzer went and then we had to leave to get to the Striders Presentation Dinner only to find upon arrival that our table of 10 had been taken that saw us having to find single and double seats wherever we could -  a bit p!$$ poor really in truth and i think it was a conspiracy to break the HURTS team up after our performance there last year :)
Of course i got lumbered with Kanser as we had to endure Pat Farmer tell us all about his recent Pole to Pole exploits, To be honest it wasn't my cup of tea (especially after a dozen Heineken's and 5 shots) and i was wishing I'd stayed at the Slip Inn.
A few HuRTS boys managed to snag a few awards along the way, Saw Chairman Tom collect, as did Tucks and Macca, and not to be outdone was HuRTS #2 David Tongue who was also there (on our table i must add)
Good old night and good to chat to a few other people, that included Flakey, Blue Dog and Bernadette, and Young Barbara Becker :)
Had a tough morning working wise for Saturday so called it quits once the Striders do was wrapped up - although it didn't help me this morning  - as i struggled big time with my classes.

A few pics of the boys from last night.

Winners are Grinner's - Team England, Timmy, Slim Sam, Tom, Fats and B'Grade Binfield.

...and the losers Spike , Enda and Kanser

Handing over the Churchill/Sands Trophy - Tom and Enda.

Heineken and Shots .... maybe a bit to much for Tom and Slim Sammy Agnew ?
Some of the winners - Tom

And Macca Mc

.......and about the only thing i picked up ALL night :)

Have a good weekend

Oh nearly forgot - one for the lovers - Back together Rich High and Enda complete with his gay Cambridge University Scarf

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Can i Get Any Worse ?

On a wet if somewhat warmer morning it was with alot of angst that i made my way down to the pool for the dreaded first swim of the week after missing Mondays session. I knew this was going to be a huge battle as i did a small warm up then the standard 5 x 300m efforts.
Started the first rep and tried to stay on a girls feet slightly ahead (managed this for 150m before getting dropped) touched the wall in 5.15 (1.45 per/100) and that was about as good as it was to get all morning. From there it was all downhill as my times got considerably slower - Seriously its the worst I've felt in the water for ages and every 100m felt like 100ks.
Times went - 5.15, 5.21, 5.29, 5.49, 5.58
Couldn't jump out  of the pool quick enough as i pondered 'Can i possibly get any worse' ?
Dear oh Dear, busted a gut to keep it under the 6 mins for the final rep - that is shocking, Now i am NO swim coach but i would say 2min per/100metrs would bet the equivalent to running 6min per/k in running terms, so that shows just how poor i really am :(
If there are any swim coaches out there or any one that can help please feel free to contact me if you really do need a challenge. Although you may need to have a lot of patience and be more then a swim coach - thinking you may need to be a bloody 'Miracle Worker' to be honest.
Anyway all done now and i can look forward to the day/weekend ahead starting this evening with drinks and presentation evening. Tomorrow maybe a different story as i have a big morning work wise, and that may be another struggle after a few jars - but we'll worry about that when it happens :)

Have a great weekend, and train well
Photos and all the evenings shenanigans will be up on the blog tomorrow

Wet Rushcutters 400s

With a very wet and generally miserable day in Sydney coupled with two other HuRTS sessions going on elsewhere it was a very small turnout down at Rushcutters for the 10 x 400m rolling every 2 mins.
With only Tom, Bartles and Pete Walker in attendance i was struggling to hold on to Pete on the 1st rep and only came in on 74. Settled then on the next, even if it was a lot faster and basically held the remaining very even paced.
It was interesting for each rep that i would take it out strong and despite holding the pace both Bartles and Tom would come past me at about the same point (280m ) every time and finish a couple of seconds ahead , with Pete about the same behind me.
Rep times were;
74, 70, 71, 70, 71, 70, 70, 70, 71, 66
Got the customary abuse after the final one about being a 'Burglar' and 'Sandbagging' after my 66 - but i thought i was bloody working pretty hard all through the session as the above times will prove. Good session for me this one and very happy with that especially after 3 solid days back to back after the SMH on Sunday.
Will have a rest day tomorrow running wise and try to fit my swim in at some stage before we venture into town to collect our winning drinks care of the Irish lads, then going on to the Striders presentation down at Darling Harbour, lets just hope our table is better behaved this year after certain peoples performance last year, and that Davie Kanser doesn't embarrass the team and go all 'Star Struck' when he sees guest speaker Pat Farmer like he did 3 years back with 'Deek' :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bricks for Legs

Rolled out this morning for work and had the group working the Paddo Hills, whilst setting the group up i see poor Ronan waiting for Kanser, and thought rigor mortis had set in he was waiting that long, and when he did show he proceeded to hang the leg on the fence again for a further 20 minutes to show of his NEW shoes  (its true Master Sweeney )
Met Roger after for the Wednesday Brick session, and he called a series of Half Laps, full Laps , double flagpole loops the works today and it looked like he was up for a tough one. (just what i didn't need)
Was Ok once i got going though and worked my way though it, Slightly ahead on every bike loop and run strong of it although was being pushed all the way. Happy with the way the running off the bike is going - Like i said its only 500 & 1k reps but dont have that ugly feeling anymore straight away.
Buggered again by the end, but i think the bike might have helped me get some soreness out the legs, Another tough day tomorrow, hoping its something shorter and can get down to Rushcutters for the session.

Just checked that the BRAT club have there first Duathlon on Sunday (5k run/20k bike/2.5k run) so might forego the long run with Kanser and co and give this a hitout - Who knows Enda and PLOD might even rock up?

Can't wait for Friday to come around this week, with the Striders presentation, and the pre drinks at the Slip Inn that sees the Irish boys settle the losing bet from Sunday :)


Monday, May 21, 2012

HuRTS 4 x 10 minute Efforts

Despite many of us running the SMH Half a little over 48 hours  back there was a big crowd in attendance for the HuRTS 4 x 10 min efforts today. Loads of tired legs out there though in truth so many decided to back right off or were just out for a trot.
With this in mind i found myself up the front end with J-Fen, Kanser and Terrence for the first rep, pace felt OK and kicked it down on the return to get back in 9.05
The 3rd rep was faster and was joined by the strong Jamie who carried my up the hills, and once i had done the 3rd rep i knew i was pretty much home. run on strong on the 4th catching Tom and Pete Walker who put a little burst in to keep me honest for the final couple of minutes.
Rep Times and Distances
2.72 ks average    3.44 pace
back on 9.05 ave  3.24
2.75 average        3.41
back in 9.30  ave 3.29
Had a watch malfunction on the 4th rep as well, with the faulty pin going AWOL - that saw me ending up carrying it home but still losing the pin on the way.

Happy to get through that one - especially when i even had doubts about going into town today. Will have to back up in the morning now with Roger for the regular Brick session - OMG i can feel the pain already.

Also in all the excitement the other day i forgot to mention a couple of outstanding runs over the weekend
both the HuRTS #1s didn't let us down with Laura storming her way to a PB in the Half with an 80 minute run whilst Tucks went a bit further and did 100ks (walking for about 73) to grab himself 3rd spot overall in the North Face event.
Also Adam Conquest (HuRTs very own Lance Armstrong on the bike ) finished 2nd in a big sprint distance tri up in Port Stephens.

A few Photos from Sunday.

With the losing Irish mob, Ronan, Edna, Kane, Eoin and PLOD in the Golden Sheaf Double Bay.

POD and Enda, Enda did have a batch of we smashed the English and Timmy but was forced to return them and get an alternative shirt made up - At least he beat someone :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

England Vs Ireland.

Well it was billed up as the 'Race of the Century'..... but it was little more then a training hit out for the English in the end as they once again overcome the 'Meak Boys in Green'
Should have known it was going to be fizzer when we met at the Stone Gates and witnessed the handing of the singlets................Well, i was expecting something big as it was kept under wraps all week, and when PLOD pulled out a white Brooks top out with a slash of green on i nearly fell over laughing so much. ( I looked more Irish with my Striders  top on)
Despite trying every trick in the book, the Irish lads were gallant in defeat with Macca leading his troops home and Kanser pulling out his fastest Half in 4 years, unfortunately unlike the Brits the rearguard in Enda, POD and Eoin could not offer much.
Great effort from the English i thought with Tommy Hs 72.38 always giving us enough of a buffer, with Fats running a good time as well. In the end we didn't even need Slim Sammy Agnew's 80 mins - but he proved himself a true champion and good guy when the call went out for him to show just in case we needed him despite being on his sick bed all week.
Losing payment will take place in the Slip Inn on Friday start time 5.30 and duration will be 79min.05
Times and how it finished up was;

1.Tom        1.12:38                          1   Macca McClarnon    1.14:38
2. Binfield   1.13:44                          2   Kanser                    1.16:22
3.Fats        1.14:33                          3   Enda                       1.18:40
4.Timmy     1.18:31                          4   PLOD                      1.19:29
5.Dicky       1.19:05                          5  Eoin                         1.19:48
6. Sammy    1.20:18                         6 Ronan                       1.28:20
7.G.Springer  1.27:10                        7 Eamo                        1.30:46

Overall Winners – Team England

After the lose Ireland team Captain resigned from his post , and Eoin was asking me last night if he could get that transfer to join the winning team :)

The next Lindop Challenge /Show down will be a 3 tiered race with England facing of with the Aussies ( Tucks, Bartles and company) with the 'Rest of the World ( Ireland, America, N.Z)

Good few drinks in the Sheaf post race and after a brief visit from Tom with kids in tow i was then left with the 5 delinquents from the Irish team, talking rubbish all evening. Good night only spoiled by the fact i had to hand over $50 to Old Kanser who rorted me once again.
** Photo's will be on the blog tomorrow


Sydney Half Marathon 78.31, 69th

Rolled up early for the SMH to meet the usual suspects at the Stone Gates, big crowd in attendance and then warmed up with Enda before hitting the start line.
Felt pretty good going into the race with a couple of strong weeks training, and soon settled with PLOD and Enda either side of me covering every move i made. The first 5ks went well as we made our way round the city with Enda sitting on my shoulder the whole way, Passed a plodding POD at about 8ks and went through the 10ks in about 36.20 (?) Was joined by HuRTS boy Jamie who was looking strong and tried to stay with him, worked well and in the process caught a flagging Richie Palmer in the Cahill Express - all the while my back was starting to hurt with carrying Enda all the way. Did make comment to him to do some work and have a go but it fell on death ears. Richie Palmer then took off after getting his second wind at 17ks and all of a sudden put 70 metres into us. Started to struggle as i entered the Domain with 3ks to go and thought Enda would take us out at some stage, Got down to Mrs Macs chair and had a glimpse over and saw POD some 30 seconds back so barring any disaster knew i had him. Managed to get back up to the Art Gallery and gave it more kick to get away from Enda, held it then for the dreaded last 800mtres had one last look on the final hairpin and tried to kick once more to cross for a 78.31 finish, and 69th person home for the morning.
Happy enough with that, about 90 seconds quicker then Canberra recently and on a tougher course. I did honestly think that i may have gone quicker and was secretly hoping for a 77?.... but not to be :)

Some good runs out there with Tom getting my 'Perfermmance of the Day' for his 13th spot 72.38, Marshmallow Man (Clyde) lumped his way around for a 75, as did Kanser, Think J-Fen would have been a tad disappointed with his run, and good to see Slim Sammy Agnew get up to knock out 80 mins despite being ill and not training for the past 2 weeks.
Will be back out tomorrow with the HuRTS boys

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Half Marathon

No time to write a full report on todays race or how the challenge went between England vs Ireland, but for all those who can not wait or are interstate, i will give you a clue :)

Just out now over to the Golden Sheaf for a few jars with the boys and a full afternoon of trash talk, lets just hope they haven't taken it to hard ?

Full report tomorrow as i say , but huge congrats to Tommy H on his 13th place 72.38 - great effort.
Performance of the Day.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Start your Engines...

....and let the race begin.
Easy day today doing nothing except go to the Acupuncture place in Bondi and field calls and drunken texts from the Irish lads all night. Plod, sorry i mean POD was the latest sending all sorts whilst he was up Kings Cross last night making no sense whatsoever (except he was asking ME to give HIM 4 mins start on Sunday)
Was going to give a run down on every ones time and predictions but after reading a fellow 'B Grade' blog i am going to follow his lead and not predict and just 'let the running do the talking' (fair dinkum - this guy is far to serious) :)
What i will say though is that the Irish will be very hard to beat with ALL the team firing at the right time and i cant' see any of them running over 78 minutes for the 21ks. The whole lot of them have come out with some sort of excuse over the past week, and trying to change the goalposts in order to gain victory, the latest being Enda wanting to actually run the race on his X- Box

Anyway it will all be sorted come 7.45am on Sunday , and within 80 minutes one camp will be celebrating. Besides the much sought after FREE drinks for the winners we are actually playing for the inaugural ' (Winston) Churchill'/ (Bobby) Sands'Trophy that the winners get to keep for 12 months

On a serious note and joking aside - i wish ALL the HuRTS boys the best of luck on Sunday, everyone seems to be travelling well at training and with the right conditions on a flattish course i expect to see some quick times.............Lets just hope the English Boys have marginally quicker then there counterparts :)

Will be out on Saturday evening with Richie Palmer for our pre race pasty dinner around Surry Hills, and no doubt discuss our final race tactics especially if Davie Kane tags along.

Good Luck

HuRTS 8 x 800s Rushcutters

Cycled over  to meet the boys for the 800s at Rushcutters today, with only a small crowd in attendance due to the Half on Sunday and the bulk of the boys doing Gate to Gate it was only Tom, Louis, Dom, a new guy James (35.40 state 10k) and I.
Tom was all keen to do some 400s but i had already planned and laid out my 800 session and wanted to do 4 easy and 4 hard, so he decided to do the same.
Worked the first one easy at 3.39 pace, then worked of Tom for a fast (for me) 2.22 - 800m
the easy ones really did feel easy, but was working hard for the fast reps only finishing 3-4 secs behind Tom.
Reps went: 2.48, 2.22, 2.48, 2.23, 2.52, 2.24, 2.53, 2.20
Very happy with that and those times, i realise it was only 4 hard , but was moving OK. that's about all i can do now before Sunday, so will rest up from here on in. I have my last acupuncture session in the morning over at Bondi, so hoping to get the same results I've had the past 3 weeks.
Tomorrow i will give my final run down and review for Sunday and my honest assessments on all the HuRTS boys and the big challenge?

Just had some sad news just in ........Old Master 'Blakey' Sweeney has had a major set back on the injury front - After meeting Davie Kane today in Brisbane Shopping Centre he has added another 6 injuries to his list, and he was only having coffee's with him....Poor bloke :)


Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Was supposed to link up with Roger for our normal Wednesday brick session this morning, but when he arrived he was to tired to do a tough set after competing in a 6hr Rogaine race he did on Sunday - that suited me down to the ground so we just cruised around for about 34ks in total, very easy.
Did 10 x 3 min efforts with clients prior to that - easy , although some of my clients are getting stronger and faster and were averaging about 4.10- 4.20 pace throughout.
Upon finishing my first class at 7am, who should i see posing around with his feet up in his NEW designer runners, but Old Kanser (man, this guy is putting it all out there), Did the longest Hamstring Stretch in history - 22 mins and let everyone in the park, including the local resident and walker 87 year old Dorothy, and her dog know all about his new buy, and even had the RTE cameras down there at one stage.
Then to cap it all the Ireland Team Captain "POD' comes running by and starts giving it large ones (he also has his named runners as well) , told me he is hoping to run 75 mins on Sunday, which would make it interesting?
Fair play to the boys, they are certainly talking up a good game - lets just see how they back it up.

Tomorrow i will post photos of what we are actually running for (beside the drinking bet of course)

Will continue to run easy for the remainder of the week and may even see what Tom and the boys have planned for tomorrow, It seemed to work two weeks ago before the State 10ks when we just went down to Rushcutters, so more of the same maybe?


Monday, May 14, 2012

Tempo Taper Time

Taper week as we lead into Sundays race and with a busy morning work i thought i would stay in the park and knock out my own tempo session for the morning. Easy week so i got one of my old sessions from way back that i thought best for today on a bitterly fresh morning. Only a 28 min session all up (14 out and back) and it works as such:
4 x 30 seconds ( same break)
3 x 45 seconds
2 x 60 seconds
1 x 90 seconds
2 x 60 seconds
3 x 45 seconds
4 x 30 seconds

Again didn't push hard at all and only averaged 6.8ks in the 28 mins (4.08 pace) - so hopefully didn't take to much out of me although i did do 7ks prior to that with my class at around 5min ks.

Ventured down to the pool after seeing i missed my session yesterday due to laziness, to cold and whatever other excuse i could muster to avoid it. Didn't have my watch so just went on the pool clock and did the session i failed in the other day. But only did 1500mtres (don't even attempt the 4th 500m at this stage), again very slow but at least I'm there keeping the arms ticking over.

Latest news ahead of Sunday's BIG race is that Old Davie Kane (yes he's knocked Enda off the front page) has gone and got himself some custom made shoes especially for the occasion with his very own name on them..............well, well, well..Lets just hope he doesn't have a bad race and he comes across the line crawling or the sponsors wont be happy (not to mention team captain POD ). One HuRTS member has already suggested he has not seen Kanser this confident since his 9.8k PB in Ireland a few years back.....All will be revealed on Sunday i say?

Kanser complete with is NEW shoes that he hopes will carry him to a 74 min Half Marathon come Sunday.

Also the conclusion of the English Premier league was on Sunday night and congratulations to Man City who won the first title in 44 years. Great excitement as well, I've never seen a finish like that in all the years I've been watching the game.
We have a show on back home that has past players on giving reports as the game is on and i received this overnight - take a look it is brilliant. Old Arsenal player (Master Sweeney will know) Paul Merson gets a little carried when the winning goal goes in that seals the win

I have also noticed a striking resemblence to Paul Merson to our very own Slim Sammy Agnew, not so much in looks but in mannerism and how he talks :)

Rest day tomorrow - although still have a busy day work wise so i will still rack up a few ks

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Irish Kenyans Gang Up.

Met up with Enda, HuRTS #1 Girl Laura, Mike Race (Mr Ace), Eoin, and Dave (why am i always late) Kane for the Sunday long run. Got there early and did 5ks by myself before meeting the gang as i knew time would be tight today. Did 23.05 at 4.36 pace before we all stood around waiting for Kane yet AGAIN who then rocked up 15 mins late and blamed the wife for everything for being late from Breakfast in Bed, feeding  the kids, hanging the washing...even the bloody Irish Potato Famine in the 17th century.
Set off on our first 10k loop and the usual trash and banter was in full swing straight away with Enda constantly going on how he's caught "Lung Cancer' over the past week after being in the pub with smokers for 3 hours.....Seriously!
Settled into a nice pace on the first loop and even pushed the Woollarha Hill at the end and recorded  bang on 45mins for the 10k loop (average 4.30s)
The 2nd 10k look was pretty much the same only slightly faster, with MRace and Laura running strong hanging in , Poor MRace must have wondered what he let himself in for, not only was Mikey Conway NOT there but he had to listen to a morning of Irish Drivel and what the boys plan to do the English next week.
Pushed the last big hill once again but Dave and Enda were having non of it and got a big advantage over me to the top and started laughing whilst they waited for the old boy to get there. 2nd 10k loop done in 44.46 (average 4.28s)
Solid morning of running covering 25ks in 1hr:52 all up (4.30 pace) - delighted with that, and to be honest it felt pretty good as well.
Will back off a little this week , especially after Tuesday and hope its good enough in order to have a good run in next Sundays Half.

Most of the chat this morning centred on the Half, with Kanser telling me that the Irish boys will be like the Kenyans and run as a team. Kanser has said he will help his teammates out and carry them for the first 10ks to keep em honest before they all run over the top of 'Old Timmy ' at the 16k mark.
You think i am joking but i had someone on photo duty around the park this morning as proof - check out the latest :)

"The Irish Kenyans" - Kane, Eoin and Enda  in final preperation for next weeks big race
The other 2 big names in the team were either smashing Tommy Highnam ( Macca) over the north side or sleeping in (POD) .....things are looking good for team Ireland.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mums out there today - With it being M.Day, there was NO breaky around the house of Kanes this morning so its Jam on Toast at the Lindop abode, whilst Young Eoin decided to take his good wife out for her first Mother's Day for lunch .........YESTERDAY, Classic, i think it worked out cheaper :)

BTW, I have just checked out a link on facebook about the English team for the Sydney Half Marathon (presume Tom posted it ) and i couldn't help but notice the similarities between my profile photo and the one of Master Dave Sweeneys, check it out.
The Master will now be known from here on in as 'Blakey' the Inspector from 'On the Buses' :)

Blakey on the Buses

Master Sweeney .............Mmmmm Same person?!/groups/163716267089978/


Friday, May 11, 2012

Upping the Tempo.

Into a very busy Centennial Park for a Saturday, I do much prefer the weekdays when its so much quieter, A lot cooler this morning with a very blustery wind around ( Check Flakes blog for full weather details) made for harder running conditions.
Decided on a 5k Tempo/Time Trial today, with the goal to run it at a solid pace without killing myself, so above tempo pace but not flat out so to speak. Got a 5k course mapped out that sees it start with a slight 600m climb - Found it tough enough from the start and went through the 1st k in 3.36, tried to keep it honest from there but found the headwind at times very tough, funny though i never seemed to feel the tailwind at any time? Kept the even pace for pretty much the whole way and was happy to get the final 600m back at the end coming back down the hill. Stopped the clock in 17.53 - but was working a lot harder then i thought i would to record that time.
Ks were 3.36,3.34, 3.34, 3.33, 3.33  Average 3.34 per/k
Warm up and a couple of ks cool down made it 10k for the day.

May have a night in this evening and get ready for the long run in the morning, and watch some more of the latest flicks i received from overseas. Had a couple of good ones of late,
A Separation - is worth a look, about a couple who live in Iran and face the decision  to improve the life of their child by moving to another country or to stay in Iran and look after a deteriorating parent who has Alzheimer's disease.
Its subtitles so not sure if its any use for the Irish boys, but 4 boxes of popcorn for this one :)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - The English Adaptation of the Swedish novel follows a disgraced journalist ( Daniel Craig) as he investigates the disappearance of a wealthy guys niece from 40 years back. He is helped by a pierced, tattooed, punk as they discover some underhand corruption.
Pretty raw this one with plenty of brutal violent scenes that include rape and torture - once again probably not one for the Irish boys :)
3.5 popcorns for this one

Get the Gringo - Mel Gibson could be the one screnning this evening ?


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Swim Failure.... Again.

After a busy day yesterday i had the morning off today but was still up early to watch the Darts from back home in Tom's neck of the woods at the Metro Arena Newcastle - Jeez those Geordie Folk are not the brightest, booing a country man in favour of Barny Barneveld from Holland (whats that about ?)
The Two Stoke boys are still on fire though with both making the semis next week, and sure know how to throw the old Tungsten -
Timmy's Tip 'The Power' Phil Taylor to win it outright.

Anyway recovery day- but took myself down to the pool where i attempted a session POD gave to me last year.
500 mtres going every 2 mins
500 mtres going every 1.55
500 mtres going every 1.50
500 mtres going every 1.45

Well sounded good on paper, and the first two sets were OK  - but when it came to going again on the 1.50s i was struggling, Made the first 3 OK but hit the 4th in 1.46 and for the 5th 1.51. Decided then i had NO chance of achieving the 1.45s and at the risk of putting myself in the nearby Prince Alfred Hospital (R.P.A) i pulled the pin............ Another Swim Failure.
Still 1700 for the day and got my two swims in for the week that i am happy with, even if i am struggling.

Will have an easy trot in the morning for 10ks in and around the park before the long run on Sunday with Kanser, i have heard HuRTS #1 girl will be joining us (Laura) as well so that should help pass the time as i wont have to listen to Davie boy go on about how he's going to smash everyone next week.
There was talk of some drinks and parties going on Saturday evening - if i can stay away from those I'll be fine to make the long run.

Have a great weekend

HuRTs 4 x 2ks Reps

Feeling very tired with the effects of two rather tough days training and even doing 15ks at 5 min pace with clients this morning. I made my way into town for yet another alternative session selected by the boys for the 4 x 2k reps. Talk was Bartles, Fats, MaccaMc, and J-Fen were going to be there swayed my decision over the Rushcutters Pyramid that was also on.
Decent enough crowd to begin, with MC, Mermaid, the original 'Hardman' J.C, Charlie, Christian and Tom after his sickness and many others.
No sign of Bartles, Fats or even Macca that meant i was promoted up the batting order and was all of a sudden in group 1 (that's a first) - Settled behind J-Fen and Tom on the first rep knowing it was a little quick but didn't want to be caught in 'no mans land' turned into Shelley St at the 2ks in 6.46 and even held the 2nd rep to the same pace.
Was really feeling it after that and when J-Fen and Jason gaped me early on the 3rd i knew i was goneski for the day and was in survival mode. Only managed to get through the 4th as i knew it was the last for the day, it didn't help much in the fact ALL of us were pretty much running solo for each rep.
Times were;
6.46, 6.46, 6.55, 7.04
 Mikey Conway is starting to look good again and held every rep on about 7.06, so will look forward to resuming our races in June, and J-Fen was flying knocking them all out around the 6.31 mark (?)
Good to see Charlie back again to, although could have done without his comment to me that " J-Fen looked like he was in cruise mode, Jason looked like he was starting to work, and you Timmy...Well you looked like you were at deaths door"...... thanks mate, Wouldn't mind but he said that to me before we even STARTED the set :)

Two ks warm up to get there followed by a good 3 ks cool down with J-Fen back around the gardens and Mrs Macs made it a 13ks session for me. I then had to return to Centennial for my final run class, and another 6ks done (thank God the client was new and very slow pace, or else i wouldn't have kept up )
Big old day on the ks - roughly about 34 all up - was going to get down and spy (run) with the Irish lads in the morning, but as i have a morning off work i may rest up and just head down to the pool for a recovery swim.

Had Kanser on the phone constantly of late, he's been wanting to have a bet with me on the Half and been offering 2.30 mins start, but after reading the blog lately and hearing today's times he has only agreed to give me 1.45 ..................God, i am being ripped of again it seems.
No sign  of Enda at class, but i am hearing he is interstate yet again and got Irish Team Captain POD worried about his drunken exploits after his Melbourne trip on the weekend, Master Sweeney has just snapped this photo for me of our friend up in Brisbane this time........ this guy is out of control :)

Enda after another big night on the town in BrisVegas.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

.... More Brick.

Another Wednesday morning meant another Brick session with Roger but first i had to get through 7ks running with a client at 5 min per/k as a means of a warm up.
Pretty much more of the same as previous weeks with single and double laps on the bike and flagpole loops, Roger is still some way off his bike fitness so was happy for me to lead it out (all the way) - Found it tough going again and know that one bike session a week (like Swimming) isn't going to cut it.
Worked the singles in 6.15 and managed to hold the double laps to 12.30 that i was happy enough with, but more happy with the way i can now run of the bike and was doing 3.07s, 3.09s for the ks (what a great watch i now have) - Makes a big difference when its only a short rep mind you.
Carried on after and did a few easy laps on the bike, 40ks done for the day and about 11 for running.
Tomorrow its the HuRTS Rushcutters Pyramid session that i enjoy , but word on the street from some of the guys is that they are heading out and doing 4 x 2ks that they feel is a better session with the Half coming up - so might join them for that.

Its all gone very quiet from the Irish camp of late, not sure whats going on (probably up to no good) but i did see Eoin flying around the park this morning looking lost. i sent him an email to see if all was OK and his reply is below (honest)

Timmy ' how are you mate - going alone this morning - would you care to join our team ?

Eoin " I’d love to  defect!

Not sure where the rest of them were, it was the usual Wednesday john hill run, but no one turned up today.

I was shattered and struggling after Sunday and yesterday’s session. Maybe I need to see an acupuncturist too.

Mmmm - trouble in camp i suspect :)


Monday, May 7, 2012

HuRTs 45 Mins Tempo 1min on/30 sec off.

Crackerjack of a day in Sydney today that meant a big crowd for the Tempo session although no sign of Highnam, Kane or HuRTS #1 Tucks but were suitably replaced by Mermaid (Emma), L.L (Lisa) and HuRTS#1 girl Laura
45 minute session this one that sees us do 60 secs on then 30 easy turning at the 22.30 mark , at the front today was Macca, Bartles, J-Fen and Fats and i was second group that included Slim Sam, Jamie, and the return of T.Bell after his record 17 marathons in 9 days around the world.
In all the excitement at the start watching the Two Mikeys (Race and Conway) looking for each other to hold hands for the run i forgot to start my GPS. Was running OK going out and managed to get past the turnoff  for Barangaroo under the next bridge about 6ks, knew then the turn for home was going to be tough and Slim Sammy put the foot down straight away, must have exchanged places about 6-7 times even before hitting the Opera House then catching M.C and his crew. thought Sam had gotten away and broke me just before Mrs Macs but hung in and was surprised by the time we come to ABC Pool he wasn't there. Tried to stay strong for the last 5 minutes and in a rarity even managed to get home with 35 seconds in credit averaging 3.39s for the way back - helped in the last 50 metres by the kind works from Charlie who broke sweat for the final 30 seconds of the session :)
Very happy with that, especially after racing on Sunday, and hopefully i can keep improving now leading up to the Half next Sunday?

Well those regular readers will have noticed some hard words coming in from a certain party,over some supposed comments i made on the blog? (what i have no idea to be honest)... anyway, i respect any ones right to reply, after all this blog is all about Trash and Tales???..........But what i will not have is ANY direct personal ABUSE or BAD LANGUAGE, and any such will just be deleted. I have not heard such remarks as what was posted since 2010 at the Gold Coast when i run past Enda at the 19k mark :)
This blog is all about BANTER and if any ' Young Cub' can not relate to that - Easy.......Don't read it ...Simple.
Anyway gripe over, lets move on........ On a more pleasant nature forgot to mention HUGE congrats yesterday to HuRTS girl Sonya on her latest Ironman effort up at Port Maquarie who was aiming for a sub 12 hour time and stormed home in a super hot time of 11.16.
Well done Sonya.

And finally, i thought everyone in Sydney had seen the Young Enda photo that i have posted many times ....but alas not, a fellow Irishman i gave a lift to on Sunday has not seen it appears?  So just for him, here you go :)

Young Enda :).... are those trousers getting shorter each time i post ?

Latest of the lad himself, last seen in a drunken state in Melbourne in the early hours of the morning, and surprise surprise .... He's got a cold again :)


Recovery Swim and Run

Cold morning in Sydney and it took loads of willpower and a few extra cups of tea before i ventured down to the pool for my session today. Just decided on 5 x 300s with a small warm up and cool down. Struggled even more then normal (if that's possible) and could barely get through the session - finding my times are about 15 seconds per 300 down on what i used to do or what i would like to do. Still if i can just keep it ticking over I'll be happy enough.
In the afternoon it was into Centennial for a recovery run and did 5ks @ 4.30 pace then had to run with a client where we did 8ks tempo at 5mins p/k. Legs felt pretty heavy even doing that, but 13ks for the day is good enough for me.

Will be down for the HuRTS session tomorrow, yet again another tempo session that i dislike so much - still they must be doing some good as many of the boys are flying along at the moment.

See Old Tamil Tiger Howard has posted a few comments, seems to think i have said he is soft or needs to toughen up ????? .........No, not really - just think he maybe needs to increase his ks to over 200 a week as his 140s don't seem to be helping him too much :)
Wants to take me on in June Striders for $50 - Think I'll just focus on getting through and beating the Irish lads first before i look further ahead at this stage.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

NSW State 10k Homebush - 35.11

Well after a night of very little sleep due to watching the English FA Cup i called in and picked Kanser and Ronan up for the drive out to Homebush for the State 10ks. Again even at 6am Kanser was full of it and basically carried on where he left of yesterday giving poor Rohan and I ears a work out.
Met up with a good crew from the HuRTS team with Laura, Macca, Kane, Ronan, Slim Sam, Razor Wareham,  Bartles and a few others. Had a race plan to go out a wee bit harder today and try to hold as long as possible with training being a bit all over the place the last couple of weeks.
Made our way to the start line, then it appeared ALL the HuRTs boys were looking at one another wondering what to do? ...........Something was a miss? NO Tommy Highnam our leader who had gone down with an overnight cold, meant Macca and Slim Sammy were actually facing the wrong way on the starting line as  the gun went off :)
Gun goes off and soon settle behind old buddy and foe Richie P and see the first 1k mark  in 2.58 (WTF, and it wasn't even the watches fault this time - marker was way out) Was moving well though and stayed with RP for pretty much the whole first lap in under 17.20. Had a watch malfunction (yet again) when the bloody pin came out, luckily i caught the watch but it then meant i was carrying for the rest of the journey. Started to get a little tired around the old Striders start point about 7ks and just tried to hang in there, Razor came up to me at the 8k mark and really should have stuck with him for the last 2ks but lost time here and was disappointed with myself that i didn't as he stormed home in 34.40 :( .  A big effort put in for the final turn for home and knew i couldn't get under 35 but was delighted with an official time of 35.11 ( My fastest since last Septembers North Head Striders)
A couple more weeks now before the half so if i can continue the training i should be OK, took a lot of confidence out of today's race and for the first time in a long time felt as if i as toughing it out.
A pretty mixed bag from the boys today i thought, Run of the Day went to Macca McClarnon with his 33.39, and Old Kanser with his 34.23 ( still not enough to stop him coughing up $50 to me after the 75 seconds start), RP another solid performance, didn't quiet work out for J-Fen or Bartles today but they will be better for the run, and more then a solid effort from Slim Sammy Agnew only two weeks after running the London Marathon ( i even managed to square the ledger on the head to heads 2-2 all)
HuRTs boys times ( that i know ) sorry if i missed anyone

Bartles   33.15
Scotty    33.18
Fats       34.01
J-Fen     34.11
Kanser   34.23
Razor W 34.40
Richie P  34.41
Timmy    35.11
Spike     35.30
Eoin       35.44
Slim Sam 35.44
Angus      36.33
Christian  36.33
Laura       37.09
Ronan      37.52
Anybody after that go put on a skirt :)

Stayed around after the race and had a chat with a few people, good to see Flakey out there and even saw Young Billy Highnam go around in the 2.5k race......looks like he could have more talent then the old man if you ask me, although he will have to do something about being 'Chicked' by about 17 girls.... must be a family trait

So a good morning had, and i even won a few $$$ to cheer Tommy H up care of Mikey not having any faith in me, and he is $20 lighter in his pocket after i broke 36 mins.
Just out now for a few well earned beers over Durty Nellies with the boys - Chris (Big Bear) is celebrating the arrival of there new baby daughter this week. Seeing as i am an English Gentlemen I'll even put the $50 Kanser owes me over the bar to shout the lads a few jars :)

Will be back out on Tuesday for the HuRTS tempo session........yet another :)

Special mention to Spike (Mark Milligan) also who smashed his PB by nearly two mins today - great effort :)

High Tea at Chez Kane's

Done bugger all since Thursdays easy run and when the call came out and the offer of Tea at Kane's new abode i wasn't about to turn it down. He promised me that if i were to go over he would make a bet on tomorrows State 10k and give me a generous start seeing i have been in the 'Broken Wing Club' recently.
Great spot he has over in Kenso, and things were soon looking up when he brought out the tea....complete with a NEW teapot for the occasion, He even had the sugar on the table.
Talk soon turned to tomorrow and Kanser was soon telling me his victims on who he will be after and who he will destroy? Didn't seem to confident though when it came to the Head to head with me, offering me a measly 15 seconds, (give me a break) ........Still after about the 5th cuppa of the afternoon i managed to snag 1.15 from him (did have to promise him a lift out there for that as well mind you - and that could ruin my race in itself :) )

Tommy H sent message through as well he has taken a bet on me in that Mikey Conway doesn't believe i can run sub ~36 for the race, so i hope i can put a few bob in Tom's pocket and bring more misery to Conway's bank balance.
Not going into the race with high hopes to be honest after the latest setback, but will of course give it a go and try to hold on to Slim Sammy Agnew for as long as i can.
Tipping a big race from the Chairman Tom, as well as J-Fen after his recent half in the States, so watch out for them. Kane will run about 34.21, and Sammy should run close to 35 i predict
Good luck to all

Was going to have an early night , but the FA Cup is on between Liverpool and Chelski that i will watch,
Timmy's tip is Liverpool in extra time 2-1

Race report tomorrow

The Kane's newest Teapot - think he was trying to make me feel at home :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Alternative, alternative Session

With an alternative session planned by MC of Gate to Gate instead of hills, Chairman Tom decided to go against that even and called on an even easier jog over to Rushcutters and a few 150 strides once there. So joined with Bartles, J-Fen ,Slim Sam, Laura and a new lady from Macquarie Elle, we cruised over. Steady pace and had a good chat along the way on a cracker of a day in Sydney, pretty easy session in truth as we prepare for Sundays State 10k at Homebush.
10ks all up in about 50 mins - Perfect

With a little over 2 weeks to go before the England vs Ireland clash in the Half Marathon , i will be sending out all the rules and terms for the two teams (that the Irish will try to rort), Just had word in the Irish lads are VERY VERY serious about this one , with team captain even refusing to talk to me these days. They have gone to great lengths to look the part as well as the Trash got a sneak preview of there NEW singlets they will parade in - Take a look

Front of the new singlet the Irish will turn up in.

and the back :)


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Back to Bricks

Busy morning again in and around the park, that saw me bump into the Marshmallow Men (Clyde and Enda) and Rohan with Bulimia Kanser cruising around.
Met up with old training mate Roger and decided on single and double laps on the bike with the same flagpole runs. Roger is normally a big one for making sure you cycle solo and never likes to draft but i think he was struggling today and suggested we work together with me doing one minute efforts at the front then him 30 seconds ( how does that work? ) Not been on the bike as much as i should so even then it was tough enough, working on about 6.10s for each lap.
Running off the bike was easier today mind you as i was doing 3.29, 3.21 and can 't believe a 3.08 for the final k....... My God what is going on with that GPS watch? first time ever its worked in my favour :)

Still had more running to do once all that was done, with more clients , and low and behold who should venture into my office but the HuRTs boys on there long Wednesday run , was surprised though when Tommy H was spotted only doing one lap before departing whilst the rest went on for round two. Managed a few words as they stopped at the bubbler and drinks were taken, and even snapped a picture of MC and Slim Sammy, will post once I've worked out how to use the new phone.

Will be out tomorrow as well, although will NOT do the tough HuRTs session but just do a more cruisy run with Captain Tom.

I see on the footy front England have a new manager just in time for the Euro Championships in Roy Hodgson as the new man at the helm, Personally i think its a good choice and hopefully we can get the results needed in June. Just had word in he has already named his first 11  for the opening game and they are;
Wobinson Wichards - Tewwy - Wio - Bwidge, Bawwy -Gewward - Wwight-Phillips, Wooney - Cwouch - Stuwwidge

and finally what a great match it was between the two Manchester sides to decide the title , with Man City getting the result they much needed,.......Still i think there may still be a twist to it all yet with Man City still having to travel to Toms home Newcastle?
The atmosphere looked brilliant the other night at the game and the 'Man City fans haven't been this happy since they were Chelsea fans :)


HuRT 2 x 20 minute Tempo

Well the Achilles stood the test yesterday so decided to hit the city today and join the boys for the 2 x 20 minute tempo session that i always find tough at the best of times. Big turnout again with the return of Mikey Conway (after yet another holiday ) and S.A.S (Slim Agnew Sam) returning from his successful London venture..
Started off and after a brief chat with Fats as to when the 'Home Brew' Evening was going to happen i settled down and was soon joined by Sam and pretty much stayed with him all the way and reached the Sydney Theatre Company within the 20 minutes covering 5.55ks averaging 3.36 per/k.
Knew the return was going to be tough with lack of training over the past week and with the busier then normal crowd around the Passenger Terminal due to Fashion week that saw Sammy nearly run into the post twice as his attention was elsewhere (don't tell his wife).... It was at this point he must have grown another leg as he gaped me by about 10 metres as my pace started to drop off. Struggled again around Mrs Macs and had nothing on the hills and got back to the stone gates some 52 seconds over the same 20 minute period.  (Ave 3.46 per/k)
All up 11.2ks for the session and happy enough , hopefully i will make the start line for Sunday now although in truth wont be expecting to much, but hoping another couple of weeks will see me somewhat stronger come the Sydney Half.

No sign of any Green Men out there today, but have heard they are doing there secret training on Bellevue Hill early mornings. They are still doing there dirty tactics trying to coax everyone into there team, Latest rumour is they have now approached Eamonn Coghlan and Sonia O'Sullivan ........unreal
We have been very upfront with our team even though many are still under an injury cloud , but looking like it will be (in no particular order)
Toon Tommy Highnam
Eagle Sammy Aggerdo
Dickie Green
'B Grade' Binfield
Flying Fats
Jonny Worsick

Lets see what the Irish lads can do to match that ?????