Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sawasdee Ka

Laguna Phuket triathlon done an dusted for another year - and unfortunately not what i was looking for. Laid up in bed for 24 hours Friday night /Saturday that resulted in 'Nil by Mouth' due to having food poisoning.
Anyway in short ended up finishing 6th in Age group with a overall time of 3.07:20 and could barely run at all - still its hard to be down over here and a full report will be up once i get back home and have had a good think about it all

Just out now on the town, and i must say I've just seen Enda's girlfriend/wife from last years trip, hard for me to tell something different about her this year , then it finally clicked .........Her Adams Apple seems to have got bigger and she now has Shovels as Hands :)


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

From Thailand to Berlin

Easy day today before flying out first thing in the morning, have the drama of trying to pack  the bike away in the bike bag that i hate doing and all the shite that goes with it when doing a triathlon.
All set now and can't wait to get over there and race one of my favorite races of the year, fingers crossed all goes to plan.

Had a very pleasant email come through from the Chairman Tom this morning saying that he had arranged to get a starting spot at Berlin Marathon next September for any of the current HuRTS members if they were keen.  Well after about 250 emails during the course of the morning we had got a good little crew going for what will be the first HuRTS tour to go overseas. Kane, Costello, Stankard and Macca are all in representing the Irish, whilst HuRTS #1 Tucks, Bartles and Herington will line up under the Skippy banner, and even J-Fen is in flying solo for Uncle Sam. Whilst Tommy H, Slim Sammy Agnew and i will have the '3 Lions alongside our HuRTS emblem.
I think its a great idea and one that i am already looking forward to, especially not only getting the chance to run a big Marathon once again but also to possibly get to the Oktoberfest :)

Team England were extra excited about the news today and were out at lunchtime already getting kitted out for the big adventure as you can see below.

Chairman Tom, Slim Sammy Agnew and Young Timmy after getting the news that they are going to the Berlin Marathon next September.

As mentioned yesterday, not sure how much access I'll get to the net whilst away, so a full report will come once back in 12 days


Monday, November 19, 2012

HuRTS 45 minute Tempo

Out for my final session that was marked down for the 45 minute Tempo, was all set to give this a solid hit out - that was until i get a text at 10pm last night from Ireland's #1 and man in form POD advising me NOT to do it so close to race time and just run it easy throwing in some 2 minute efforts within the time frame.
Now there are not many Irishmen that i listen to but when it comes to SMART training and setting yourself for certain races then POD is your man, so took his advice and cruised out working at 4.12 pace chatting along to the way to MrAce, Christian and Billy Batt. i actually run for the first time in years with a Heart Rate monitor on and was happy to see i was only on 138 bpm for the outward journey. Got to just outside the Theatre Company (5.4ks) before turning and starting my efforts coming around the passenger terminal. Managed to work around the 3.32 mark but once around Farm Cove i felt the wind really pick up and with the hill factor i felt as if i was working harder as my H/R went up to 155 - 158.
Managed to get 5 efforts in on the return and got back in 44.15 overall covering 10.8ks for the day averaging 4.05s
Felt pretty good for once at the conclusion of this particular session, as everyone who was coming in way over the 45 minute time frame looked like they were doing it tough - even HuRTS #1 Tucks didn't return home before deadline:)
Mikey continues to run well, and will be a shame that he wont get the chance to turn it into a certain sub 35 min 10k?

Thanks a million to MrAce, (Mike Race) for organising and handing out the caps and visors before today's session (Mikey Conway was giving you daggers mind for holding the session up by 3 minutes) , and i will now be able to race in Thailand in the new gear. I might even spread the HuRTS name and possibly get some NEW orders (as well as potential new members) whilst i am away.

That's me done now - next stop the 'Land of Smiles' for me. Pretty happy with the way its gone over the past 5 weeks especially in the races I've done, would have liked to be able to run stronger but my swimming and bike have improved along the way as well.
Not sure if or I'll be able to post whilst away, so if not the race report will have to wait until i return

Some bad news over the past 3 days with 3 mates coming of there bikes whilst riding, Old Herbie bust his thumb on Saturday, and ex BRAT president Luke took a stack as well, and then to cap it all Angry Man Clyde aka Marshmallow Man hit the tarmac this morning around the park. Apparently he lost a lot of skin, (good job he fell on his @r$e) and i hear that's his 4th fall in the last 18 months .......and he keeps telling me he's good? Looks like the stabilizers need to go back on for him. Rumor has it that he tried to go no hands in an effort to grab an extra pie as he came past the cafe and lost control.
Happy to report that he is OK and will be back out on the bike next Tuesday, but has been told to stay on the kiddies 500m track ............and leave the pies at home.

The BRAT Hardmen rushing Angry Man Clyde to the medical centre this morning after he hit the deck.
Left to right, Sparksy, Clyde in basket, Sian, Samsy, POD, Enda and is that Damo in the dark shades?

Clyde at his 2nd Home - the Medical Centre after crashing YET again - he is sorry he is wearing his Mrs Underwear but says he rushed out the house this morning without realizing, and had no time to change :)
Train well guys, and stay safe

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Double Day on Countdown Week

Out early for a run and decided on 5ks easy then 5k tempo with a 2k cool down around the Park, Worked the first 5 at easy pace in 22.22 (ave 4.27s) before going straight into the tempo - Had planned (and would have liked) to run it at 3.45 pace but after the first one Kay i knew that i could be struggling, Tried to hang in but legs felt pretty heavy and finished with 19.05 (ave 3.48s) before going on for a very gentle 2k cool down.
All up 12ks in 50.45 ave 4.14 for the day

Into town for the lunchtime swim and despite getting there 3 minutes late the 'Lovebirds' Enda and Richie High were already into it ( swimming that is), and were in fact even holding hands whilst swimming can you believe?
It was straight into the set and a 300 was first up, probably the fastest I've ever managed in truth hanging on to Richie's feet as i touched out in 4.38, followed it up with another sharp 200 in 3.10 and it was at this point in proceedings that the 15 second break was not going to be enough for me as the Heart Rate was a little high.........Try about 226 :)
Managed to get it back and rejoined the boys with Enda fighting me for my pool buoy at one stage as well as my goggles and was upset when i came between him and Richie on any given set.
Another set of 200 and 300s before finishing the day with 4 x 100 going every 1.45 , buggered at the end just as Pete Walker was making his appearance for the day.
Richie High is swimming well and was leading the lane , and there was a massive improvement in Enda as well who was on the toes all day.  Strange why i am unable to swim with that intensity yesterday at the BRAT race as i did today ?
1.9ks all up
300 in 4.38
200 in 3.10
4 x 100s ( 1.34, 1.34, 1.35. 1.34)
200 in 3.14
300 in 4.46
4 x 100 Off 1.45 to finish
100 cool down

Will be back with the Boys tomorrow for the dreaded 45minute tempo as a final session.

Had to laugh over the weekend watching this 'A League they call football over here . I've tried to watch and give it a go but find it rubbish in truth. And well Sydney F.C - Pathetic, what Del Piero must be thinking is anyones guess, i might even pull the boots back on if my running doesn't improve soon, surely i couldn't be  as bad.
Anyway what amused me was that the New team Western Sydney have supposed to have made a bid for David Beckham (yeah right) and this is what came out of it should Becks and Posh venture out to our Lovely West .
I actually stole this from the Sydney Morning Herald - very good though

Shopping - Forget Versace and Bulgari on Romeo Drive , we've got Westfield Parramatta right on your doorstep. Frank (Lowy) might even throw in some vouchers with 4 kids in tow.

Tattoos - Forget LA Ink, if David gets bored deciphering Poppa's game plan he can head down to one of the many tattoo parlours and update his body art .Parra's postcode 2150 would look terrific inked across Davids calf in black and white.

Shoes - No more Band Aids on the heels just blend in out there with the Ugg Boots :)

Food for the Kids - The Hot Dogs at the LA Galaxy games may be missed but head out to Fully - Tabooly Kebab shop in Greystanes and they knock out some of the best kebabs in Sydney.

Results are up from yesterdays triathlon - not sure where or how they get there transitions ?


BRAT Triathlon 65.04 - 4th Overall.

Down to Heffron for my final hit out before flying out on Thursday for the BRAT Triathlon in what was about my 5th race in 6 weeks.
Tough conditions down there despite the Sunny weather it was very windy which was to make the bike leg very tough once again (when isn't it down there?)
Very good turnout even if it was a little light on at the top end, and made the start of the swim mayhem as there were about 60 people in about 4 lanes, Tried to settle early and even though i am swimming well i am still way off the pace with the others when it comes to these type of races? Not as fast as i was hoping and came through in 12.50 on the clock. A quick transition and was out on the bike for the first of the 10 laps and couldn't believe the high wind on the far side of the course - felt i was going backwards, but hoped i could make it up down the home straight each lap. Was working hard for each lap and happy to jump off the bike in around 32.54 (not official) knowing i had about 6 or 7 still ahead of me. My running hasn't been the best of late so knew this was going to be tough but managed to run 2 down and could see a fast fading Danny Moore, and Aaron about 30 metres ahead. Didn't have the strength to kick it down any but still managed a 17.59 run leg (3.38 pace) to finish 5th overall - But will be promoted to 4th after friend and Super Fast Cyclist Computer Stewie actually swum in his full wetsuit can you believe and should be DQed (once i fire in my protest :) )
Happy enough again with that overall, although i would have liked my run leg to be stronger .........Still, it is what it is :)
Will post the official results once they are available.

Will be out in the morning for a 12k run early and then head down to the A.B.C Pool at lunch to have a swim with the guys, before a final run on the Tuesday with the HuRTS guys.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

J.P. Morgan 5.6k Review (a sideline view)

Wednesday night and i was to venture down to Centennial Park for the annual Corporate Challenge that is the 5.6k J.P Morgan run that ALL the HuRTS team seems to attend.  With my big race next weekend and a dodgy calf i wasn't keen to hurt myself in this super quick race so took the camera down and was on support duty for the evening.
Met up first with Good Guys Richie High and Billy Batt on there warm up before heading over to the start line to see a cast of thousands. Lot of nervous energy around as i snapped away and had a good chat with many from the group. The gun was soon fired and Marty Dent was soon away and basically everyone else was fighting for 2nd spot. Quickly headed over to the 2k mark down the hill and the team were going well although was disappointed when Richie High had to pull the pin with a tight hamstring (told you he was getting old). It was then a quick dash over to the 5.2k mark and didn't have to wait long before the race was about to unfold. First through for the team (and 3rd overall) was Andrew 'Tucks' Tuckey.......Man, how good is this guy, all class. Not far behind (about 8 seconds i reckon) was the Chairman Tom who NEVER runs a bad race in my eyes for 4th overall.  A few places later it was Bartles having a good run and B'Grade Binfield (trying to lose his tag) with a super run despite heavy training for Ironman. Skippy Heyden was close by as well before i saw a very 'drunk' wobbly legs(Durante like) J-Fen looking in a world of pain thinking the finishing line couldn't come quick enough. Before him though was Enda and despite no training and even less sleep over the past 7 weeks was PBing with another great run (but really you'd expect nothing less from a man with such a high VO2 Max?). Delighted to see Richie P finally breaking the 19 minute mark after 27 attempts over the years and Mikey Conway claimed his first BIG scalp with a moral victory over Macca Mcclarnon and Slim Sammy Agnew on his way to a 19.05.
Special mention also to 'The Fat Italian Stallion' Micheal Durante who was also back out there after his knee troubles over the years, still looks a machine even if he runs more like a Clydesdale then Stallion these days - didn't see him at the end so just hope he managed to break 30 minutes ?
In the ladies - HuRTS #1 Young Laura showed what a class act she really is on her comeback race and with limited training was still able to hit just over 20 minutes to finish 2nd Female,

It was then over to the Moelis/A.N.Z/ Allens tent courtesy of Enda, Richie and Tom for the post race rundown and reports from all, over a few beers and steak rolls. It wasn't long before Enda was giving it large ones and saying that he is now Number 1 Irish runner in the Country, although Kanser did say he would have smashed him by 20 odd seconds had he run, Billy Batt tried to get Angry Boy Clyde's record by scoffing 8 burgers down in 17 minutes, whilst L.L continued her PB record by getting through 4 bottles of plonk in the time it took her to run the 5.6k race.
Had a good chat with many thoughout the evening on what is a cracker of a night and without doubt in the top 5 gatherings with the team for the year alongside the Presentation night, City to Surf,  and Half Marathons that we attend.
Many thanks to Tom, Enda and Richie High for the hospitality for the night and letting me attend the celebrations despite me not running or even in the Corporate world.
Had to leave early as had an early and busy morning on the Thursday but the party looked as if it was just beginning for many and no doubt there were some sore heads around in the offices yesterday.
Look forward to the next BIG BASH that is the HuRTS presentation evening on the 13th December, and even got me wondering ........Did Tucks do enough to get 'Performer of the Year' for his efforts in this race to regain his rightful number 1 crown over the Chairman ? , and did J-Fen ruin his reputation by possibly trying to get Mikey's Under performer award :)

A few photos from last night.

HuRTS # 1 Tucks before the race, And some Young Cub even turning his back on me after getting upset with my blog earlier in the year. :)

HuRTS # 1 Female and 2nd Overall 'Young Laura'

Slim Sammy Agnew, Asking 'Where did it all go wrong?" ... and that was before the race took place, (beaten by Mikey Conway)

Warrior Charlie , Think he turned up for the wrong session as he started doing press ups, dips and even pulled out some 'Kettle Bells' at one point

The Fat Italian Clydesdale - on his return, good to see Durante back out there.

Ireland's Fab 4 - Elvis, Enda, Kanser and Macca, (Kane just makes the 4 as PLOD was not there)

On the finish line, back row, Tucks, B'Grade, Enda, J-Fen, Charlie, Macca, MrAce                           front row,  Todd, Mikey , Pete Walker and Bartles

And the rest of the team later in the evening :)


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

45ks Bike Centennial Park

It's always that much tougher when the alarm goes at 5am after a few social drinks the night before, and today was no different after having a few care of the High/Highnam/Stankard hospitality tent at J.P.Morgan post race last night.
Cycled over to the park and did an honest 45ks all up trying to keep the pace up, didn't work particularly hard but was still tired by the time i returned home.
Will venture out later this afternoon for a run to turn the legs over.
Great night had last night watching the team go around - As mentioned on numerous occasions on the big races the Top Runners come out and in Tom and Tucks they didn't disappoint coming in 4th and 3rd.
Will give a full wrap up of the race how i saw it from the sidelines along with about 10000 photos that i took later on in the day, but in the meantime i think i need a coffee and rest.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Run bike around the Park

Double up day today as i run early and did 7 x Paddington Hill reps at a pretty easy pace just focusing on good form and not worrying about the pace so much in an effort to build some lost strength in the legs. Had planned then to knock out a 40k time trial on the bike around the park similar to what i did this time last year to see how the times compared leading into the Phuket race - Unfortunately due to some small J.P Morgan race on tonight, there were diversions all around and you couldn't get past the cafe (at 6am this morning can you believe?). Still knocked out a fairly easy 50ks for the morning including a couple of fast laps, even sat in on one with Kiwi Champion girl Anna Cleaver who is back from the States and was flying around.
Not done as much on the bike as i would have liked but still feeling OK and with some solid times in the past 3 races over the past month or so I'm hopeful that i will be able to hold a steady pace over 55ks come race time.

As mentioned tonight is the big Corporate Challenge that is the J.P Morgan 5.6ks that many of the boys thrash out. Been some very good races over the years and this is a top priority for a couple of the regulars. Tom, Tucks and even Enda always seem to run this race really well, whilst for others the speed and hill factor doesn't suit, and even some Italians have struggled to get over the finish line in years gone by:)
Haven't really seen much of the boys over the past few weeks enough to assess the form - but in true Trash fashion i will give out a couple of my Head to Heads that will certainly develop over the evening.

Battle of the #1s Tom vs Tucks. Both very rarely run bad races with Tom perhaps having the better of Tucks this year (that's why he is number 1 after all ), probably due to Tucks doing these silly 100k walks that has seen him lose that zip of pace. Still.... what is it they say about Class?, with that I'm tipping Tucks to get one over the Chairman. (probably by 8 seconds)

Bartles vs J-Fen,  Another heavyweight battle both Mr Consistent although Mr B hasn't really shown me that he can convert his excellent training into races. J-Fen seems to be getting stronger but needs to put it on the line a little more to mix it with the top boys.
Timmy's Tip - J-Fen to shade it

Richie High vs B'Grade Binfield.  Not seen much of these two although i do know Richie loves this race and despite not being in top form will still be out for a sub 19, not sure it'll be enough against the B'Grade Man but anything can happen with this lad.
Tip - B'Grade in 18.41

PLOD vs Enda - Another battle of the Country Men, POD in career best form coming of the back of a 35.07 off the bike recently will be out to be Top Irish Dog, against Enda 'I haven't slept or trained for 7 weeks' Stankard, One of Enda's favorite races of the year and very rarely run over 18.45 for this one - don't know if that will be enough here though? and expect a little argie bargie in the last 400 metres should they be neck and neck coming onto the infield.
Tip  - Don't know why but , Enda ( and wait for the excuses if he doesn't)

Mikey Conway vs Richie Palmer.- Richie being one tough cookie wont be letting Mikey get away here and will be looking to continue his dominance since he was 12 years of age in Scots, Mikey though is the HuRTS man in form and you know he's serious when he PAYS HIS OWN ENTRY INTO THIS RACE after the UBS budget didn't submit an entry for him. Will be running angry because of such and after not running the race for the past 5 years this could just be his year?
Timmy's Tip - Mikey by about 4 seconds and come home in 19.01 (Don't let me down Mikey)

HuRTS Girls.- With #1 Laura still on her way back from injury this opens the door for the others, Young Anna has been flying in what i have seen (even beating me a few months back at Homebush) and will go well if she is running?  The Mermaid is always there or thereabouts but without her strong swim leg may find it tougher, Action girl Sonya will still be fresh after the New York Marathon was cancelled and may surprise many, whilst L.L will be on for yet another P.B at some stage of the night ........... seeing how many Wines she can get through before venturing up to Oxford Street.

I'll be out and about around the course with my trusty camera, so be sure to smile as you go by ( and expect a little abuse in return) . Think even Kanser could be my sidekick for the evening as rumor is he is NOT running either.

Run well everyone , full report ( and Excuses from Enda) will be up tomorrow
Good Luck


Sunday, November 11, 2012

3200 Melbourne Cup Swim

Well perhaps nearly a week later then the Melbourne Cup and certainly not as fast as the 3 mins 20 it took Green Moon to cover the 3200 but i was back in the pool at 5.30 this morning to start the week off.
Over at Heffron with swim squad and boy do i find these sessions tough, tough as they are though you certainly get the ks done fairly quickly.
Series of 100,150, 200s and then even a 400 to finish off totaling 3.2ks all up before heading off to get the recovery coffee and toasted Banana Bread.
Have a massage booked for tomorrow but will try before then to test the leg out and have a bit of a trot early morning.

Huge Congratulations to HuRTS boy Eamo Kenihan who is getting married in a few weeks and had his Stag do on Saturday night. Trash has had reports Eamo and his Irish Sailing Mates were out on the Harbour celebrating. Even off shore the Trash Camera's were on hand to capture the moment the boys were up to no good - Lead as always by Enda Stankard and the Leech (Eoin)

Ohhhhhhh Sailor Boys........ PLOD, Eamo(white suit) Enda and the Leech Eoin, on the Harbour Saturday afternoon before hitting up to Oxford St at the Colombian Hotel for the evening.

JP Morgan is on Wednesday this week, decided NOT to run and rest up further, but tomorrow i will be giving my tips and times for the HuRTS frontrunner's ........And Enda :)


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Frankenstein Joins HuRTS

Back down for my 2nd swim of the week this morning and decided on doing 4 reps of 500 metre efforts, felt surprisingly good early on and touched the wall in 8.41 managing to hold sub 1.45/100s which although doesn't sound fast is pretty good to me.
Even happier when i stopped the clock at 8.33 for the second that then gave me the confidence to set myself up for the second half of the set. Just managed to hold the next two reps to under 8.45 so was very happy with that for the morning.
Times were ; 8.41, 8.33, 8.42, 8.44
finished off then with a few drills and a cool down for 2.4ks for the day.

Will continue to stay of my feet for the weekend and try to get back running (easy) next week, and hopefully the hamstring is on the mend. Looks like i will sit out JP Morgan now though as i don't want to aggravate it before Thailand and in truth the Corporate run is not a priority for me at this stage.

Many thanks for some of the comments posted on the BLOG - some less complementary then others, but hey .... I am happy for anyone to post and have there right to reply. I certainly give out plenty and contrary to what some Angry people may say i can certainly take it back.
Had to laugh at Anon's post that i looked like Frankenstein with my aero hat that i wear, and then to cap it all i get 'The Master' sending in photos below that remind me of 'Wallace' , did think he went a little far though when he suggested i should join the "Klu Klux Klan as i would look far better with a Hood over my bonce :)

Out with Kanser last night to see one of these bands he is always raving on about -  this was one with a difference mind as it was  a Muslim tribute band  ! "Bomb jovi " they were brilliant and the last track "living on a prayer mat " almost brought the house down !
think I'll stick with Rick Astley in future :)

Train well and have a great weekend

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Back to the Pool

With no sign of the hamstring getting any easier and after a couple of days off hitting the town large for Melbourne Cup i was back out in the pool early this morning.
Nothing flash just did a set of 300s and even went as far as doing some drills in an effort to improve further - The only issue with the drills is it really does show up how bad you really are, and i must have looked a right Wally as i spluttered my way down the pool doing One Armed drills. Still another 2ks completed as the countdown is now on before i fly out to Phuket.

Got a couple of photos from Sunday's Noosa tri - although you might need a magnifying glass to see them , not sure how i can enlarge them from the site ( any help from the Master would be appreciated?)

Always nice to have the swim leg over and done with.

Coming In of the bike

Doesn't look to dry to me - Flakey?

Coming over the finish line 2.11:25 minutes later - Happy Days.

Also would be wrong of me not to congratulate HuRTS boy on reaching another birthday today - Yes, Old Enda Patrick Stankard turns another one over today and joins the Chairman on his 39th - only one more before he joins the likes of High, Macca, Master, Palmer, Razor and I in the more senior club when the competition then really does hot up and he will need to toughen up a little just to survive in the company.
The years haven't been kind to Enda though as his wife Angela sent me this photo through this morning as he started the day off.

Enda celebrates another birthday, Happy birthday mate from all at the Trash and HuRTS  :)


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Noosa Triathlon 2.11:25 5th A/G

Up to the beautiful place that is Noosa on Saturday first thing for the annual Triathlon with 7000 other hopefuls.Had heard hundreds of stories in the pre 24 hours about peoples bikes been left behind in Sydney with Jetstar having major problems trying to cope with the volume so was delighted when i saw my bike appear from behind the huge doors first.
Straight up then to the lovely apartment that Kanser and the Good Wife had sorted for the weekend overlooking the water and National Park before getting out to the Expo and getting the bike set up and racked for the following morning.
Was still very concerned about the hammy issue i had since Thursday that i  was still feeling but tried not to think about it to much and thought hopefully plenty of Voltarens would get me over the start line at least. Awoke to find a very miserable morning ( please check Flakes blog for full weather details)  and also rain hovering around that would make the bike course very interesting. With about 187 wave starts i was 22nd to start still meaning that i had to get through a good volume of people out on the course.
As usual the mass chaotic start in the swim and i stay wide trying to avoid the washing machine on the way to the first turn, despite coping a few bumps and kicks i survive that and soon settle into my (slow) rhythm for the rest of the 1500m swim and delighted to stand out the water on my watch in 26.01 (even if it did feel like 2 hours) With a few minutes in the bank it was a quick run through and out on the 40ks before the first real DRAMA of the day........ My right Hammy was killing me and could barely turn the pedals over and had no chance of even getting down into my bars. With my race plans fading fast i could hardly believe it as i made my way out of town being passed by Grannies, Kids and little old fat ladies with a 'Danger Wide Berth 'sign covering there backsides. Had every thought possible over 6ks, and in truth even looked over my shoulder at one point with the intention of turning around and calling it day (and would have done so had it not been so busy). Continued on and was going to continue just to get around for the morning even if it took me 6 hours and the honour of having a 2nd DNF didn't sit to well with me.
Just before the turnoff for the 3k 'King of the Mountain'stage, all of a sudden the hammy eased a little and when a flyer came whizzing by it was my queue to fire up. I went with him and all of a sudden it was race back on, came over the top of the mountain and my pace and cadence were back with me as i was hitting speeds of up to 50ks/hour at one point. then reached the turnaround at 23 ks and belted for home storming down the big hill in excess of 86 clicks an hour. Delighted to get back into town as i saw the watch tick over the 62 minutes for the 40ks (officially longer as they take in T1 and T2 - not sure how that works).
Now the hard part was about to unfold on what is normally my stronger leg, and had no idea what to expect over the next 40 mins, saw Kanser on the way out, giving me abuse and telling me that his best mate Ronan had 2 minutes the better of me, as i settled in on 3.46 pace for the first couple of ks, Started to then get warm and i could feel my effort subside and the pace drop down to 3.48, then 3.49 ......Please GOD no lower then 3.50 i was saying to myself. Managed to hold that all the way back then and was secretly hoping even at half way that i could still sneak in for a 2.10 but it wasn't to be stopping the clock on 2.11:25 for 5th in my age group in near identical time to last year.

Absolutely spent after and was in a world of pain with not only one but BOTH hammies now screaming at me, Had a little dip in the water after to cool down and take it all in before retreating to The Kane Manor' where Kanser fired up the BBQ and displayed his best Jamie Oliver skills and fed what appeared to be the whole of Noosa and the kids over the next couple of hours washed down with many a beer.

It was then down the local Surf Club for a night of activities and it wasn't long before all the aches and pains were gone (probably after about the 8th Jug I'd say), great crowd in there with Kanser, The Lovely Lisa (L.L) from HuRTS, loads of BRATS, good mate of mine Pat and Kanser's best mate Ronan + wife Niamh who i managed to claim victory on the 'Head to Head' by 2 minutes, super race from him and it wont be long before he's smashing me in the New Year i suspect. Actually it was like a Comedy Act with these two, once Kane had a few beers and was getting Ronan going,  Little & Large, Bert & Ernie, Morecambe & Wise, POD & Stankard, The Two Ronnies , now add Ronan and Kane in the mix..... both planing there next attack on young Lindop perhaps in Mooloolaba Triathlon on March 17th (Paddies Day)

Was just getting started and throwing a few shapes on the Dance Floor when word filtered back that Kanser was looking slightly the worse for wear and nobody could make any sense out of him he was Gonnnnnskkiiiiiiii..... Kaput , time to depart, night over :)

Fantastic weekend and one that shall remain in the calendar for the 1st weekend of November each year, very well organised event in one of the best parts on the East Coast. Many thanks to the Kane family for putting me up over the weekend and the constant food and drink supplied as well as the support on the course (even if he was bagging me) - Much appreciated

Will take the rest of the week off now and try to rest up the leg although do intend to continue with my swimming right up till i go away in 2 weeks time

The Bike all set up and ready to go.

Out on the run leg, wasn't looking this happy on the way back.

Just reminding Ronan what the score is this season in the Head to Heads.
.... and please leave my shirt alone :)

Ireland's famous double act behind PLOD and Stankard....... Kane and Ronan.
* Hours later - he was to be carried out in a very drunken stupor.

View overlooking Noosa from our apartment that the Kanes had rented for the week - sensational place.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Recovery Swim

With Noosa on this weekend the last thing i should have been doing was hitting the town for a big night out supping bottles of Heineken on Champagne Charlie's balcony overlooking Darling Harbour at all hours of the evening with the BRAT Hardmen. Probably not the best prep and so it was with a dodgy head that i made my way down to the pool for what was very much a recovery swim.
Knocked out 1.5ks in total with 1k of that straight, not fast and was just happy to be out turning the arms over and clearing the head
A little concerned now about my Hammy i twinged yesterday - Stupidity doing the 400s now looking back, just hope a couple of days rest helps as i have been very happy with the way the training has gone over the past 4 weeks leading into this race and was/am looking forward to this one
Predicting that in form Pete Walker with be first HuRT home, followed not far behind by Adam Conquest, I can't get close to those boys especially on the bike leg, besides trying for a good time to match my 2.11 last year, I'll be out to beat Ronan over the line as the loser has to buy the beer in the Surf Club at the post race celebrations for 60 minutes.

As mentioned i was out last night to see the 'Golden Shoe' handed out to winner*** Eoin the Leech for his 2.57 Marathon. Good old night with the lads munching down on Full  Racks of Ribs down at Hurricanes, Always a good feed at this joint, but i honestly can't believe just how much Angry Man Clyde can polish off, He ordered a rack for starters before we even sat down and that was just to wet his appetite, Enda was his normal self, still finding excuses and trying to wrangle out of bets we have made for the summer before leaving early as he is on his way to Darwin to hunt crocs or something for the weekend Steve Irwin style?
(I can almost hear his latest excuse next week - " A croc bit my leg" )

*** Just on the award - there was a late drama, as it now appears that there may be a stewards enquiry, and that Eoin may not be deemed the winner after all? It seems he is NOT a financial member of the BRATS now and could be stripped of his title.
Standby for more - I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this as 'ShoeGate' continues :)

A couple of photos from last nights events.

Past winner handing over the 'Golden Shoe' to Eoin for his efforts this year.

Eoin getting exciting with his Shoe, he was with the Japanese having more photos soon after.

Although being the winner doesn't stop Charlie handing you the mop to clean his apartment after dinner.

Clyde's entree before we even got to order ours - and YES both are his :)

The Famous Golden Shoe.

Great preparation for Noosa, sitting on champagne Charlie's balcony overlooking Darling Harbour - At least i got the official invite this time and he wasn't to upset unlike the last visit there last year.