Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More Miles and Bending Over Backwards

Out with clients for the first 8ks this morning on there tempo session in the pouring rain that saw me running anywhere between 4.15ks through to 5.20s before going on for a further 8ks at a more even pace to record 16ks for the day. Nothing special but was keen to back up after last nights time trial so was pleased to get that out the way on a shocker of a  morning.
It was then back to the 90 minute yoga session that really stuffs me, there are a one or two moves that are nearly impossible and in fact make me go all light headed and in need of the lateral horizontal position for a good 5 minutes – its pathetic really but I’m sure its doing me good.
After I did my core workout on the Monday I was struggling even to walk yesterday as my abs were so sore,

Will be back out tomorrow with the boys for the best and original session that is the 1.2k reps although Mikey has once again changed the starting position so that it’s now even HARDER, with a nasty hill on the final 200 metres of the 1st, 3rd and 5th rep.


Enda on his way to last nights 5k time trial

E.S. Marks 5k time Trial - 18.23

Down to E.S. Marks Oval for the 3rd time trial that coach Angry Boy Clyde has been putting on and is slowly growing that saw HuRTS boys Bartles, C.T, Kroney, and the Sweaty Sock (Craig) also join Enda, Tom and I on a perfect night for running.
A good warm up before we were all set, was feeling pretty good after a solid 3 weeks training and was looking to run sub 18 minutes for the 12.5 laps. Tucked in behind Enda for the first couple of laps with the front 3 already off in the distance, settled what I thought was a good pace and just tried to keep it as even as I could.  Heard Clyde call out 7.04 as I completed 2ks and thought if I could hold that pace I was on for sure to break the 18 minute barrier that I had set myself.
Never felt as if the pace dropped off any like it did for the 2nd time trial a month ago but was more then surprised when I crossed the line to look and see a time of 18.23 on the watch – Pretty disappointing to be honest, not so much in the run but the fact I was relying TOO much on the GPS. On the previous T/Ts I’ve checked my watch for every lap but for this one I was just working on every k and apart from the 4th it was showing I was running sub 3.30s (that meant a 17.30 would have been run?)
Anyway my point is that as much as I like the Garmin’s you should never rely on them 100% (especially on the track), I should have known better and been more experienced but we live and learn. My Kay splits what were showing were; 3.16, 3.28, 3.27, 3.36, 3.27
Note to Mikey – never trust the Garmin as mine was showing I run 5.32k for last night and I’m pretty sure I never ventured out of lane 1 at any stage L

Some great runs by the front runners, with Bart’s keeping his fine form up leading Tom and C.T home, Enda like he does at training struggles to count past 10 once he runs out of fingers, (stopping on the finish line with Tom on 11.5)  but still finished with a time of 17 minutes.

Talking Enda – I am hereby announcing that I will NO longer be offering any more bets to our little Irish friend after I offered him more then a fair bet before the off last night that he would not accept. With me looking to break 18 minutes and Enda to run under 17 I thought 60 seconds would be close to the mark. Unfortunately he didn’t have the b@ll$ or the confidence in his own ability and in the end it cost him as he smashed me by over 83 seconds.
So as it stands I only have 2 bets running “Live’ and that is with J-Fen (12 minutes) and C.T whilst we are in Berlin.  Need to have a have a word with the Chairman as we normally get pretty close on our wages with either one of us taking out the winnings by the smallest of margins.

Results from last nights time trial - pretty sure i never got out of lane 1 at any time.
Mikey- can you give Steve 'Action' Jackson a call to get down there to re measure the track? :)


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Long - 30ks on City to Surf Course

A repeat run from 4 weeks back that i did with the Chairman Tommy H and Dicky Green that was a 6k loop around the park before heading down Ocean Street onto the City to Surf course up to the top of Dover Heights and back.
Had lined up Enda and Kanser for this one and was surprised when "Allo Allo" Man and Berlin partner Reno joined us from the start. Pretty much on from the start between the two Irish lads as poor Reno and i couldn't get a word in edge ways as they just bagged each other out for about 27 minutes.  Kanser then decided he wanted to stay in the park citing he couldn't (and wasn't strong enough)  to do the hills, but we had a late replacement when Hardman J.C joined us.
First loop (6ks) done at 27.44 in 4.36 pace, then held the next 10.2ks up Heartbreak and Watson's Bay at similar pace in 46.54. A quick drinks recovery at the top before the easier return saw the average pace come down slightly but i had my tough 5 minutes once i reached back at Edgecliff and really laboured back up Ocean St to re enter the park. This brought up about 26.2ks for the day and i thought 2 more ks would see me right but once i got back on the flat loop i felt fine so continued to do the full loop at 4.28 pace to bring up the first 30k run i have managed to knock out for a long time.
30ks done in 2.17 average 4.34
Happy with that and apart from the 5 minute slump i felt pretty good so hopefully the fitness and strength in the legs is starting to pay off.
Apologies must go to poor Reno who had to be subjected to 2 hours of pain from Enda, so much so that despite saying nothing all morning - could not hold back any longer whilst coming down Heartbreak when he came out with the classic " Enda, I've done many a long run with you but today you have hit a NEW all time low with excuses and whining, and was lower then a snakes belly"
I think that may be the last we see of Reno until Berlin at least,
Even old mate J.C went home post run and searched the website to donate for Enda as he felt so sorry for him after listening to his sob stories.
Good week of training again for the 3rd week running now, with 45ks over the weekend and i tipped over 100ks for the week since Tuesday's hill session. Need another 5-6 of these and hopefully i will be on the right road and in the process stay within those 8 minutes Enda agreed on once more today.

Once finished i jumped in the motor all keen for my cuppa and bit of smoko around the 'House of Kane's' but was disappointed when i received a text  to say "No Breaky Today' as it was family time out at Homebush..... Charming, I'll have to have word with the 'Good Wife' on that one :)

The Sunday arvo beers went down a treat though and i felt i earned every one of them after the week of hard work.

Monday. No swim today as spent the morning with Ant my strength and conditioning guy over at Bondi, bloody torture in truth and can't believe how hard some of those exercisers are.
Will be back out tomorrow although wont be training with the HuRTS boys as its Angry Boy's 5k time trial that i have been invited to for the 3rd time. 18.19 last month and 18.53 the previous one so will be been to hit as close to 18 minutes for this months.


Friday, July 26, 2013

Pleasant Meander

Joined in with Saturday crew that was going long this morning after work and caught up with C.T & Greta, Laura (minus the Scones promised), Pommie Paul, Sweaty Craig, Mikey and a few others around Centennial Park.
Rather pleasant meander around the 10k loop chatting away as it felt oh so easy knocking out the first loop in 44.37 for the 10k, Started the second loop with the guys but broke off at the 3k mark as they left the park as i ever only intended doing another 5ks for 15 all up . Rolled around for the extra 5ks in 21.25 (4.17s) to finish up with 66.03 for the morning at 4.25 average.

Will be back out in the morning where i am going to try to hit between 28 -30ks, Have lined up Tweedledee and Tweedledum (Kanser & Stankard) to run with so at least the banter will be on to help pass the time away. Going to do the session i took the Chairman and Dicky Green out on a few weeks back on the City to Surf course when it was p!$$ing down so will be interesting to see how much better (if at all) i can get through it?


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Champ takes out the 'Golden Duck' ...Well Red Duck

Easy trot from the park this morning down to Bronte Beach and back up that included a few hills thrown in for good measure to round out 10ks to start the day.
Back to play 'Mr Bendy Man' for the 3rd session of the week at Yoga, still no easier and have to laugh when I'm asked to get my big left toe behind my right ear...Yeah right! Still i find am an expert when it comes to the relax position in between poses.
Down the the pool at lunch for the monthly 1k time trial (handicap)  that Pete has us all doing, With Angus taking out the first one last month he was very reluctant to hand back the prestigious 'Golden Duck' so Pete had to pull out the reserve 'Red Duck' to keep the competitors happy. The Big Gun and peoples favorite 'Mermaid' (Emma) was back to carve up the pool as was MrAce( but probably less carving and more in survival mode) after his 7 week holiday (mostly spent sitting on a plane).
With Enda still choosing to stay away it was Champ to start the clock and he was quick out the blocks, I had to start with Cialis and was happy to sit on his feet for the first 500. Thought he was a little slow but there was no way i could go around him and when i saw Champagne at the end of 700 in the next lane i switched and jumped on his feet for a lift home for the final 300 metres to stop the clock in 17.07 ( 8 seconds over my given handicap of 16.59)
Champ took out the Red Duck on handicap with a solid time of 17.50 overall, but the Mermaid had the fastest swim of the day with a blistering 13.45 and even smashed Pete Walker by nearly a minute :)
Overall Times for the Day were
Mermaid    13.45
Pete           14.40
Angus        15.43
Champagne 16.03
Todd         16.20
Timmy       17.07
"Capper"   17.15
Cialis        17.21
Champ     17.50
MrAce     19.47

Will be back out for a run in the morning before getting out for another long run on the Sunday.

Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rushcutters 8 x 800s

Had to move from the regular Reg Bartley Oval at Rushcutters due to a kids carnival on, so moved to the other side of the park for the 8 x 800 session. Good crowd and good to have Enda and birthday boy C.T in attendance for the day and even better to see the return of Slim Sammy Agnew.
Got my collar felt by Mikey after the first rep and told to stay with him to form a group 2 whilst Tom, Barts, C.T, Kenny, Enda and few others were away in the faster first group. Felt pretty good for the first two leading the way around with sub 2.40 times but seemed to go backwards for a few reps after that - although in truth Mikey and the other lad picked the pace up to be running 2.36-2.37s. Had Lady Laura and Slim Sammy breathing down my neck all the way for reps 5,6 and 7 despite me managing to hold my times.
That Slim Sammy Agnew is unbelievable - even with no running for over 4 months he still has some good pace and it showed on the final rep where he went past me to finish with a 2.37 with me a second or two behind.
Mikey was back running strong as well, bar the first 2 reps was always 10 metres ahead of me for the remaining 6.
Great session this is (although i wasn't saying that half way through) - and was happy to hold 3.20 pace or under for the whole 8 and we all measured it slightly long (820m?). Times went:
2.39, 2.37, 2.40, 2.40, 2.40, 2.41, 2.40, 2.38
Had to feel sorry for the chairman at the end of the session as he had to contend with Enda's drivel  for the 8 reps and come the end was already coming out with excuses like, the grass was too long, too wet, too soft, it was too hot, windy, the dog run in his way and the coffee smell was putting him off from going faster.

Rest day tomorrow although swim mentor Walker has us down for the 1k time trial on handicap down at the pool for the 'Golden Duck' trophy that is up for grabs. Looks like I've been shafted once again on the handicap but I'll go along and give it my best shot.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Woollahra Hill Reps & Med/Long Run.

Tuesday. With City to Surf less then 20 days away i thought it best to start my prep with some hill training so sought out the Woollarha Hill (700 metres) within Centennial for some repeats to try to gain some strength in the old legs.
Forgot how tough theses kind of sessions are and was blowing hard even after the first one, easy cruise down before trying to hold the 4 minute kay pace for the next. Saw C.T on the 3rd rep on his bike cycling away like Miss Daisy going up so tried to push past him. Managed to hold the last few despite feeling very heavy legged especially on the final 200m of each rep.
Times were:
2.50, 2.48, 2.45, 2.49, 2.50, 2.47
A warm up 3k flat loop and the same for a cool down for 15ks for the day.

Wednesday. Backed up with my Med/Long midweek run consisting of 2 x 10k loops in and around the park. Pretty quiet and saw nobody around as i settled for the first loop. Was moving OK working at 4.30 pace coming in on 44.59
Picked it up for the second even kicking it down further to 4.17s to finish off with 42.55
20ks done for the morning in 87.55 - ave pace 4.23s
Things are finally starting to look up and i have thankfully managed to get out of 1st gear at long last...... Berlin he we come :)
From the park it was back for more torture at the Yoga place, Gawd... i struggled again. 90 minutes of pain, Its nearly on a par with spending 90 minutes locked in an empty room listing to Kanser's injury woes.  Got that bad this morning i had to have a sit down on my mat for a minute of two as i went all faint a one point :), (think i was a little dehydrated after the 20k run first up)
Once more laboured my way through the class, but must say it does have its advantages as i peruse around the room to check out every ones form to see if i am doing it right.

Back out tomorrow for my new favorite training ground down at Rushcutters for the 8 x 800s with the boys.

Big news out of the Old Dart last night was the new arrival of our future KING, yes, a new heir to the British throne was born. I see some of our HuRTS boys have been less then complimentary about the arrival? Still, hardly surprising when any mention of the word Queen and they go running around singing 'Fat Bottomed Girls'... talk about culture!
Anyway the worlds press and paparazzi have been camped outside the hospital for 3 weeks waiting for THAT first photo, BUT we at the TRASH have trumped them all as we have the exclusive that the fans demand.
Check it Out -

The TRASH delivers first - William & Kate showing the new born off.
No Rumour that he will be named after HuRTS finest and Berlin Bound - Thomas Samuel Charles ( Highnam, Agnew and Dalziell)  :)

English Wannabe  Eoin 'The Leech' celebrates the new arrival whilst on his tour of London.


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Aussies Bat-tered and Rooted.

Ended up taking the Sunday off and was back doing my core work this morning that has also seen me include a Yoga session in the mix as well. Can't believe how difficult that was and spent half the class looking around and watching all the others doing the poses. Some of the positions they get into amaze me and all the Yoga talk like Savasana and Sukhasana went right over my head. Still I'll persevere with it as it will surely help my core and flexibility in the long term.
With time running short it was a quick trip home to get my swimming gear and then made it down the PAP for the lunchtime session with the guys. Only problem as i entered the front gate was i had forgot my swimmers - D-oh.... raced back home but thought by the time i get back i would have missed the bulk of the set and decided it wasn't worth the return trip.

More joy overnight in the cricket with the Aussies taking a good battering getting beat by some 347 runs within 4 days. Does it get any worse for them? ( i hope so) with the batsman continuing there poor form. Hard to believe that England were 28 for 3 on the opening morning yet still cleaned up, Great batting from the Angelic but tough Yorkshire man Joe Root who smashed his way to a superb knock of 180.
So 2 - 0 down for the travelling team as we head to Old Trafford and hopefully there is NO way back from this point.

Will be back out tomorrow although not sure at this point in time if I'll go into meet the boys for the 2 x 20 minute effort or do my own thing around the park early doors.

More tragic news overnight from my mate Slim Sammy Agnew who has decided to 'pull the pin' on his Berlin plans, His recent foot injury hasn't responded as well as he had hoped and doesn't feel he can do the required work in time to run the time that he is capable of. Hope to see the Big Man still come on tour with us though as he's a top guy and i fear i may be needing his help somewhere along the way :)

David 'Kanser' Kane continues with his rapid improvement as well, saw him FLYING around the park yesterday, barely had time to even stop for a chat on his way around for 22ks at 4 minute pace.  He did ask me to keep 'Mum' about it but did once again say he's got Enda in his sights.

Spent yesterday afternoon having a few quiet ones over in the Bondi Icebergs when who walks in ...The Man Utd soccer team - unbelievable. must have spent a couple of hours in there sampling the fine Bondi day on offer, They had a bite to eat although everyone of them was either on water or soft drinks( they'd never be allowed in the HuRTS team on that form) before departing through a side door as i heard they were due to fly out the country that evening.
Best part of the day was management then brought all the left over food around for the locals. Just think i actually eat the "Ploughman's Lunch' that Robin Van Persie left behind.

Kanser back on the road and getting into form for Berlin.

Working at 4 min/ks and just checking Enda wasn't around to see it for himself.

HuRTS Mr Triathlon and Swim Coach Pete Walker models his FREE Lions taming hat after the Lions smashed the Wobblies during a lunchtime swim set.

HuRTS Champ who also received the same FREE hat (although his must be a larger size). The hats will now be put away and not seen again for another 12 years.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Down the Swanny.

A few late changes were made and had organised to meet Mikey and his Merry Men for a longish run around Centennial, Saw them just taking off for there second 10k loop as i pulled in, so a quick change and i was out to catch them up.  About 8 in total including Pommie Paul, Ben, HuRTS most improved from 2012 Jeet and half a dozen others who i still don't know, BUT surprised to see NO MIKEY...Very strange!!!
Felt pretty flat from the off today as the pace was kept honest with Jeet leading the way i was just happy to talk to Pommie Paul all the way about 'All things English Sports'. Completed the first 10k loop in 45 minutes before most called it time for the morning after doing 20ks.
Went on with Ben for the second and kept the pace similar to the first although it felt a struggle as the second loop was done in 46.15 (4.35 pace), Ben pulled up stumps here after 30ks for him and i was oh so close to doing the same but took a gel and went on for another 6k Woolarha Hill loop, the watch died with 2ks remaining but was happy to see i somehow had kicked it down to 4.23 pace for the 4ks and hopefully didn't lose to much time over the final 9 minutes or so?
26ks done for the day (average for 24ks @ 4.35 before the watch gave up the ghost)
Happy with that even if it wasn't planned. I wont do the STaR tomorrow now as i figure 26ks is close enough to the 28k that was on the cards and with NO Tommy H there either in the morning i fear i would only be running by myself with the likes of Bartles, Rene 'Allo Allo' and C.T in attendance and are not known for slowing up for us slower runners.
Might however just spin the legs over for an easy 10ks or so around the park locally.
So NO Mikey this morning? Might need to review that award he won last year - i will make sure i give him a serve come Tuesday's training session :)

Another superb evenings entertainment in the cricket as our man Swanny skittled the Aussies all out for 128. It was appalling batting from the tourists and the way they review there DRS system is even worse with Watson the main culprit. I believe he really is the problem in the team and looks out for himself more then  his team mates.
Not a good reply from the English who didn't enforce the follow on then losing 3 wickets for not many, although with a lead of 265 already i think another 130 to the total will put it out of reach for the Aussies to chase down 400+
Besides loving the cricket i think the commentary from the guys is first class - certainly know what they are on about and in 'Bumble (David Lloyd) at the mike it's a laugh a minute and there is never a dull moment. Maybe Ian Healy and Slats could join him and learn a thing or two come the Aussie summer?

Man Utd are in town as well this evening - might take a peak at that in between the cricket, Took this photo for my mate Slim Sammy Agnew the other night of his idol Wilfred Zaha who used to ply his trade at Palace but is now at UTD. Poor bloke looked a little nervous and lost with the crowd of 5000 - told me after that he's never played in such a large attendance in the 3 years he was at Selhurst Park :)

"Sorry Boss, i can't concentrate... the crowds to noisy for me and I'm not used to it"  Willy Zaha coming to grips with an attendance.

Have a good weekend

Friday, July 19, 2013

Busy Friday

Busy morning with a core session first up with my strength and conditioning coach before a trip to my lovely Chinese Acupuncture lady, Achilles has been feeling good but want to keep on top of it and went more for general maintenance then anything else.
Took myself down to the pool at lunch for the Friday set with a big crowd that saw "Kenny' for the first time, he's on fire running, and I've seen him ride a bike now i know he is pretty decent in the drink as well so better watch out for him come tri time, also in attendance, Cialis, Champ, QLDer Dave, Angus, Mike, Capper (Warwick) and old Champagne Charlie himself.
Good session although i think it was a repeat of last Fridays that saw us do 1 x 400, 5 x 200, and 5 x 100s. Sat on Angus feet for the first 400 and came home in 6.39, shared the 200s all done under 3.18 and then Champ surprised us all when he agreed to do a turn on the front for the 4th 100.

Will run in the morning with Mikey around the park and then back up on the Sunday for the Striders STaR so extra ks over the next couple of days.
Regards Berlin some good and bad news it appears. The good is that some of the injuries have cleared and Rene 'Allo Allo' is back running, as is Kanser and Mr Enda has finally found a cure for his ongoing cold. Apparently he's come across all this Herbs and Chinese Medicine whilst over in Hong Kong and along with eating Chickens Feet, Lambs Liver and the odd Dogs Testicle he is getting VERY confident of a sub 2.36 come Berlin so much so he's getting a little cocky and been pestering me all day on the texts telling me as much.
Bad news is ONE of our favorite runners is a late withdrawal, will hold his name for now until i get it 100% ....But lets just say if he doesn't run then Tommy H & Bartles may go up the ladder by one place :)

Day 2 of the cricket from Lords tonight with day one evenly in the balance, Another 60 odd runs and i think that will be a decent target for the Aussies to try to get. Great start by the Aussies and even better captaincy i thought by Clarke. Lets see what tonight throws up at us.
Timmy's Tip - take England to go 2 -0 by the end of the weekend.
....and in the footy , take Man Utd to beat Allsorts Aussie team 2 - 0

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rushcutter Pyramid.

Cycled over to Rushcutters Oval for the 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1 Pyramid session that was on the schedule. Another cracker of a day with temps in the mid 20s with a steady crowd and good to see the Hardman (J.C) back even if he does look as if he's piled in a few ks since his Gold Coast run 12 days ago.
A little light on at the top end with only Tommy H, "Kenny" and Dom in the front group, so made the decision to try to work of them even if my recovery time was less what it should have been. Worked the first rep in about 3.15 pace and felt OK strangely enough even on the double and triple loop. Thought it was only a matter of time before i would die on my @r$e but surprised when i wasn't losing much time on each set so just kept it going .
Got a reprimand from the Chairman after the 4th lap when he went missing for his Pedi/manicure on the break and i stuffed it up (even giving myself less of a break by over a minute)
Pretty much held the pace throughout today even allowing for running most of the session by myself so I've got to be happy with that.
Time and Pace for each:
88     (3.15 per/k Pace)
3.00  (3.24)
4.36  (3.22)
6.11  (3.24)
4.39  (3.23)
3.01  (3.24)
85     (3.05)

Big news of the day was seeing 'Lady Laura' FAIL to complete the session - must be a first. And i didn't miss the opportunity to tell her, It was the thought of me on the comeback trail that sent her into breakdown mode as she appeared to have the weight of the world on her big shoulders today .... Think i have her worried :)

After 5 days straight running I've earned myself a rest day tomorrow with only a swim planned. Had a good week so far and will try to knock out around 28ks on Sunday with the Striders StAR run on the north side.

Here is proof that despite turning up 30 minutes late HuRTS #1 John Bartles  (#2 if you ask Tom) he was still happy to knock out the session solo Good effort Johnny son..... looking good to topple my PB in Berlin at this stage :)


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Logging the Ks.

Keen to start building up the Ks again with less then 11 weeks before the 'Big Dance' so will start doing extra on Wednesdays from here on in.
Just did under 9 ks easy pace around the park to start with before repeating that 10.2k loop that we do holding 4.30 pace for 45.50
19ks for the morning.
Got a little tired for the last 3 ks but that's hardly surprising as trained hard yesterday and still in the building stages but at last i think i can see some improvements and light at the end of the tunnel.
On the plus side i am also more confident that the 8 minutes Enda has given me for Berlin is now an achievable target and if i keep training it may be just enough to get the cash.

As mentioned yesterday i took a look at some footballers in town down at St George last night. Some team called Man Utd????? Just watched them go through a light training session prior to the pre season game that is organised for Saturday out at Homebush.  A good PR exercise especially for the young kids who see them as 'GODS.' Being a Liverpool fan i have little time for them to be honest but was happy to see and chat to the one player who i did respect from past days and that was 'Captain Marvel' Bryan Robson... what a great player he was and England would love someone with his same commitment and dedication these days.

Back with the HuRTS crew tomorrow for the Rushcutters Pyramid before a much needed  rest day come Friday.

Man Utd in town, Training session St George.

Michael Carrick, Man Utd and England taking time out to sign the kids footy.

Patrick Evra....didn't seem very happy when i asked him to sign my Luis Suarez book :)

Club Legend Ryan Giggs with over 660 games and 13 Premiership tittles to his name.

This ones for Tommy H.... probably the nearest him and his Newcastle team will ever come to the trophy.

'Fred the Red', Man Utd Mascot .....and you were wondering where Warrior Charlie was these past 2 weeks?.... now you know :)


HuRTS 4 x10 Minutes efforts

Big crowd once more for yet another tough session (when aren’t they these days?) for the 4 x 10 minutes with a 2 min break between each. Been feeling slightly stronger of late but this is always difficult especially the dreaded 3rd rep. Went out relatively hard, but was nowhere near the front runners and was pretty much working solo all the way reaching just short of the statue slightly ahead of Mikey in the allotted 10 minutes at 3.38 pace per/k (2.75ks), The return is always better for this session and made it back with 16 seconds to spare before a very poor effort (AGAIN) on the 3rd where I pretty much gave up even before the little hills. Decided then to walk the extra 100 meters or so at the end of 10 minutes to get me to where I should have been and tried hard to get it back and tough it out for the 4th on the way home. Surprised as managed to get back in 9.38 (3.41 pace) although there wasn’t much left in the tank at that stage.
Reps went;
 Out   2.75ks (3.38 pace), Back 3.37 pace (9.44)
 Out   2.58ks (3.56 pace), Back 3.41 pace (9.38)
A good cool down for 3ks with the big wigs – Chairman Tom, Bartles and Mikey to round out over 15ks including a warm up.

Want to try to step up the mileage a little throughout the week and plan on returning to the midweek medium / long runs in the morning (20ks) so hopefully I can get out in the morning to do that although I think most of the Hardmen (and Enda) are away so I may have to get the trusty music going to help me out on the iPod.

Works been a little slow of late so was delighted to receive a call from some bloke named David who has inherited a new team of footballers and is in town wondering if I can give him some of my Stoke coaching tips for the up coming season. As always more then happy to help out so the first session is tonight, I’ll keep you informed on how they go and if lucky enough and they show promise I’ll post some photos if NOT then I’ll get Slim Sammy Agnew’s number and pass them on to Crystal Palace to have a look at J


Sunday, July 14, 2013

First Blood.

Easy 6ks first up with a client just cruising at 5.10 pace before breaking off then doing the 10k loop around the park that is familiar with the weekend long runs that we do. Felt pretty good today in truth which was a slight surprise seeing I run hard yesterday? Was holding 4.19s for most of the way then picked it up for the final 10 minutes or so to finish the 10.2k in 43.50 averaging 4.17s
16ks for the day.
Missed the lunchtime swim, just decided couldn’t be bothered today and took myself off for a nice lunch instead J

Well if that was only the first installment in the cricket then we are in for a corker of a series after day 5 last night going down to the wire. Riveting stuff with the Aussies needing about 80 runs with England only to get the final wicket. Missed chances, dropped catches, and poor bowling again from Finn (surely to be dropped for Bresnan for the next test) got the Aussies within 14 runs before the review system was brought into action and it favoring the home team much to the delight of the locals lapping it up in the sun .
Jimmy Anderson was excellent and not sure where we would have been without him – that ball he got Clarke in the first dig was as good as it gets. More of the same please as we head to Lords for the 2nd Test.

Will be back into the city tomorrow with the guys for the 4 x 10 minute efforts – always a tough set especially the 3rd rep so will just have to put the head down and see how it goes.

The Swing Master... Ohhh Jimmy Jimmy, Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy, Jimmy AnderSON


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sydney Harbour 10k - 37.23

A stunning morning to greet us down at the Harbour for the 10k run this morning as I made my way for my first race since May. Saw a few friendly faces pre race with Bartles, B’Grade, Jeet, Anna, Heyden, and Flakey all floating around but warmed up with good guy John Bowe who also let me store my gear at his nearby offices.
Wasn't really sure how I’d go in this to be honest as only been in training proper for the past two weeks and Flakey was soon on to it after his recent 4 minute PB in the Gold Coast he was pestering me for a wager as we agreed to go 'Head to Head'
Gun was soon to go off in the rocks area as we headed under the Bridge and then up Hickson St, tried to settle into a good pace and was happy to sit between 3.40 - 3.45 pace for the first couple of Ks. The ever impressive Anna came by around 3k but I was unable to pick up the pace ANY as she powered on in the distance. Seemed to struggle around the 6k mark near the Casino and was losing places as more people then I would have liked flew by me. Held it OK once back near the water around Barangaroo where I saw a dejected B'Grade on the side of the road at 8k with his mornings work done for the day (Calf injury) as I tried to push for home back down Hickson for the final 2ks.
Crossed the line outside the Museum of contemporary art in 37.23 - not a bad return and one that I will take as I aim to really try to step it up over the next month before the August Striders at Lane Cove and then the City to Surf a week later.
On the plus side I am one schooner to the better after Flake failed to break 40 minutes..... 'Carlton Please Flake'
Great run from HuRTS John Bartles for 8th overall finishing in 32.11 and smashing Tommy H's PB out the water, sorry to see John Bowe not able to finish either as his 'Hammy' was to give out around the 6k mark, Anna ended up with a 36.xx, and even Ronnie (Biggs) is running 36's these days - what’s going on?
A return to Mr Bowe's office at the end to pick up my gear was greeted then with a specially made coffee as we sat on the deck admiring the stunning views on a picture perfect morning around good ol Sydney Town.
Ventured around to the 'House of Kanes' after for a chat and a cuppa, the lads on the comeback trail (Enda watch out mate) already back running up to 60 minutes.
Race results here:

Post Race Quotes of the Day.
Bartles "You can tell that Chairman bloke to upgrade his blog and make sure to let him know I’ve knocked his 10k
PB off at the same time, and please let that 'Welsh Dragon Tucks' know that I am the peoples champion now not him  and aim to be HuRTS #1 all year"

B Grade “I’m devastated so depressed it’s not funny, no, not for my injury but they have taken the Monorail away around the city what am I going to do for my regular Saturday evenings entertainment now?"

Enda Stankard "Achoo, boy that was tough with this cold I have and it looks like Lindop and Kane are back so I best head out the country for a few weeks to lay low and find some NEW excuses as I’ll be needing them come September".
(Enda run 57.45 and finished in 2122nd spot)

Kanser “Tell Enda I’m coming to smash him - even half fit"

Will be back out in the morning for an easy 12k recovery run.

Day 4 in the cricket continues to excel with England in the box seat (I hope), after a little controversy after day 3 when Broad refused to walk after hitting the ball. Agreed it was a p!$$ poor call from the umpire, but that’s Test cricket and sometimes you get them sometimes you don't it all evens out in the end. The Aussies have very short memories as I recall Captain Clark not walking back in Adelaide in 2010 when it came off the middle the bat. Anyway non walking was introduced by the Australians and yesterday they became a victim of its charms.
Let’s hope we can wrap the tail up pretty early tonight to see us go one up heading to the Home of Cricket Lords next

A Sydney Morning to start the Harbour 10k.

A Crime against Fashion - Taffy James (right) with his Spacesuit still out singing with his Welsh mates


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Twists and Turns

Joined Coach Walker, Champ, Cialis Queenslander Dave, and the return of Fit Guy Todd (I must have shamed him yesterday about his none swimming in months) for the Friday swim at the P.A.P. No sign of Eloquent or Brendan today though, and poor Champ was disappointed in yet another no show from Enda. Champ tells me he’s going to bring a cardboard cutout of our friend next week if he doesn’t show – but I warned him that the cutout may actually swim faster.
Got there early on a cracker of a winter’s day and rolled around for a 400 warm up before Pete called the set of 1 x 400, 5 x 200, and 5 x 100 for the day.
Sat behind Todd for the first rep and came home with a sharp 6.31, If not buggered then I soon was after the first 200 rep but hung in there even managing to lead out the 5th rep. Always good to know physiologically there are only 100s left at the end and we kept them to all within a second or two of each other despite who was taking it out
Times. 6.31, 3.12, 3.17, 3.15. 3.17, 3.11, 1.31. 1.33. 1.32, 1.34. 1.31
Good session with 2.4ks done for the day.

Rest day tomorrow before the Harbour 10k on the Sunday, although out tonight for a few scoops with the boys. Got a FREE night on the ale care of winning bets from the Premiership season last year. Let’s hope it doesn’t get out of control.

Well what a day of Test match cricket for day 2 – I got my wish when I said if we can get 4 or 5 quick wickets, what wasn’t in the plan though was for the number 11”Bunny’ to come out and smash us all around the ground. Superb display from the young man, I’ll take my hat of to him although some of the ‘Pies’ our boys in particular Finn were sending down was garbage.
Again another top night ahead with no doubt a few more twists and turns to come yet, I might be old school but there is no better format then TEST cricket, I know the hit and giggle can be fun, and the odd 50 over game is exciting but if you were 9 down in that format its GAME OVER.
Still say we may just still be in the box seat at this stage as I wouldn’t want to be batting on that deck for a 4th innings.
Just on cricket, I couldn’t believe what I read yesterday ……….Ireland being the first team to qualify for the 2015 World Cup, Well I’ve seen it all now and with a certain Taxi Man unable to finish his latest walk there is rumour that he could be the vice captain of the team but is only available if he’s allowed to stand behind the stumps and be the wicketkeeper.

Have a great weekend
Train or Race Well those that are giving it go this weekend.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

HuRTS 3 x 2k Reps

Had the best intentions of doing my own training within the park this morning but it was that cold and I could barely feel my feet and hands after work that I retreated to the nearest coffee house for an hour to thaw out and read the papers over a hot coffee or two.
It meant then I had to venture into town to meet the boys and the 3 x 2k Rep session that was changed to start at the Opera House Gates instead of the busier Hickson Road that seems to have ever going construction happening down that part of town.
Decent crowd again although no sign of the Chairman or Bartles around. Started off just sitting behind Skippy Heyden on the first rep who was slightly of the lead group that consisted of Ben, Kenny (Everett) and one or two others who I still don’t know. Got to the 2k mark in 7.02 which worked out about 200 meters past the A.B.C Pool really felt the little pinch hills around Mrs. Macs and the Pool area and wasn’t keen on the 3rd rep even at that early stage.
Made it back slightly quicker before the dreaded 3rd rep and was pretty much running solo the whole way, labored up the two climbs as the pace was to drop dramatically and the end couldn’t come quick enough.
Times for the 3 were: 7.02, 7.00, and 7.17
Easy trot back to the start as a means of a cool down for 8ks all up. Pretty happy with the way it’s gone the past two weeks and have now decided that I am going to race for the first time since the S.M.H Half in May this Sunday for the Harbour 10k. Think I am in about 38 shape to be honest, but we’ll just see how we go.

Cracker of a start to the Ashes series last night with England probably holding the upper hand with the Aussies losing 4 quick wickets late in the day. The first hour will be very important tonight so the boys could really set the game up if they can skittle the last 6 wickets early
As mentioned yesterday I’m predicting a 3 – 0 victory to the English, with Trot going to be the stand out for the home side with the willow in hand – this man is all class.

Watched a re run of the Lions game yesterday and got just as excited watching it even knowing the result, Also watched Andy Murray take out Wimbledon – Unfortunately I can’t seem to get as excited watching this guy. I know he won but I find him very dour and find it hard to warm to him. In fact it would be a flick of the coin who I would send in to ‘break up a good party’ between Murray, Aussie cyclist Cadel Evans or our very own ‘B Grade Man J (talking of which I can’t believe I saw some photos of him at the Lions game surrounded in the Green & Gold and him proclaiming ‘Aussie and PROUD’????? WTF….There goes his Invitation into next years wining S.M.H Half team event)
With Murray winning Wimbledon it sets it up nicely for him now to take out the popular BBC Award and this could be the year when someone wins Sports Personality of the Year without actually having one!

Rest day tomorrow with just a swim planned and will also rest up on Saturday before having that hit out on the Sunday


Ashes time

Easy recovery day just 3 full flat laps of the park this morning for just short of 11ks. Cruised around the first two laps but upped the pace on the 3rd. Worked at 4 min/ks for the final 3.7k coming home with a 14.45 lap.
My computer is still down so another short post but couldn't finish of without mentioning the cricket ashes that starts tonight at Trent Bridge. Will give a full rundown on how I see the series going in tomorrow's write up.
Early tip - take England to win the series and retain the little urn 3 - 0


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

HuRTS Tempo 45 minutes (60 seconds ON / 30seconds OFF

Back with the boys again today for the 45 minute tempo session, good turnout with even the Gold Coast crew of Tom, Bartles and Lady Laura out for a recovery run. good to have Mickey back as well after his latest (9th) holiday of the year.
Went out rather hard just sitting behind Razor , Skippy Heyden and two other guys felt OK but was made slightly harder by the fact I was running by myself. Made it to the Barangaroo turnoff at  5.9ks at the half way mark (3.47 pace average) and knew it was going to be tough to get back in the same amount of time. Could see Mikey and Peter Walker ahead but never really got close to them as the hills got the better of me not to mention that I found it very slippery under foot especially coming around by the Opera House forecourt.
Got back in 45.28 some 28 seconds over with the average dropping out to 3.53 for the return leg.
Managed 11.8ks in total, still along way back for me but at least it's heading in the right direction.

Shorter post today as computer is stuffed - may have a virus? So doing this on the iPad that I am not used to, hopefully back to the quality material the Trash readers are used to and expect tomorrow :)


Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Lions brand gets Stronger.

Well what a weekend that proved to be!

Smaller crew for swim team today with only Coach Walker, Champ, Eloquent and I showing with all the other Aussies refusing to show face after Saturday nights destruction. No sign of Aussie Dave who i believe is gathering his beer money to settle his bets, No Sign of Taffy James who was last seen frequenting a boozer on Oxford St with the Welsh Choir close by singing 'Bread of Heaven' and certainly No show from Enda who PBed on Saturday managing 4 schooners and still managed to get home in one piece.

Tough set today once more with 5 x 200, 8 x 100s and plenty of drills in between.  I led the 1st, 4th and 5th and made Julia and Champ do some work for the 2nd & 3rd reps to give me a brief breather on the 200s. Despite struggling through the times weren't to bad to be honest recording the following:
3.12, 3.19, 3.26, 3.13, 3.13, 1.30, 1.37, 1.45, 1.39, 1.37, 1.40, 1.36, 1.33
2.3ks all up.

Will be back out in the morning for a run as been a little slack over the past 4 days or so in all the excitement, Managed to take in the Manics on Friday with the Taffy Lad, big night as the beers were in full flow, Had to back up on the Saturday and all the pubs around Surry Hills were pumping with reds shirts and anticipation. Magic journey out there on the train catching up with Enda, Slim Sammy Agnew(and his mates), Ronan, as well as a host of my mates throughout the afternoon. Bettered only by the game itself, Close game up till just after half time when the Aussies got it back to 16 -19 before we finally TURNED up and started to play our best footy of the series as the Wobblies struggled to contain our big boys. It was reigning trys after that as we were well in party mode well before the first of the Aussie crowd had departed with still over 15 minutes of the match remaining (why do they do that?)
Needless to say the party continued till the early hours of Sunday and the rest of the day was a struggle, as all i was fit for was to check the computer from time to time to see how the crew progressed up in the Gold Coast. Happy to report again they were ALL on fire, with the Timmy's Best Bet saluting the followers with the Chairman Tommy H getting one over Bartles on his way to a new PB, Run of the day must go to HuRTS #1 ...Lady Laura who knocked out an impressive 78 minute half.
Small turnout at the Striders on Saturday i see, although it didn't stop The Leech (Eoin) from getting on the podium with a 34.57 to take 3rd spot. Our dear friend Enda again FAILS to break the 35 minute barrier ....This is getting ridiculous, And i really do think that Kanser may be right in his Mikey like assessment of the Galway Lad, and that it's now playing with his head mentally?

Some fantastic results over the weekend on the sporting front, Non bigger then the Lions, but OUR Andy Murray finally takes out Wimbledon, Froome leads the Yellow Jersey in the Tour, and even an Irishman took out a stage win I'm led to believe, some bloke called  Dean Martin (thought he was a film star come singer?), chuck in Brownlee(triathlon) and McDowell in the Golf, all we need now is a clean sweep in the Ashes that starts this Wednesday at Trent Bridge to complete the set.
Didn't think it could get much better after last years Olympics, but it appears it can as another year passes and we rediscover our Pride in being British on the sporting front.
The Lions brand just got a whole lot stronger thanks to that historic win and i can't wait for another 4 years to pass when we venture over to N.Z and give those Kiwis what for, as our boys will only get stronger from this.

With Enda pre game after another FAILURE at attempting to run a sub 35 minute 10k - Maybe Kane is right?

The scene of an historic win, next up to feel the pain of the Lions is the Kiwis in 4 years time.

Many a Yellow Hat left behind at full time - And they were FREE, although Mikey Conway does want a refund on his despite him being in the States at the time of the game:)

Manics Lions Tour - Friday evening


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lions, Lions, Lions.......

With Sydney Harbour and Quay areas a swarm of Red today i ventured back for my lunchtime swim with the guys for the first time in over 2 weeks. Good turnout with Catfish Chris (he even makes Pete Walker look slow), The Leech (for the first time), Brendan, Cialis, Eloquent, Aussie Dave and Champ all set for the 2 x 400, 4 x 200 and 4 x 100s that Pete Walker had left us to do.
Happy to sit back on the first as the guys powered there way and i was knackered touching out the first 400 in a sharpish 6.37, slowed slightly on the 2nd rep as i was left to wonder if i could manage to to get the whole set done. Never did any work at the front today apart from one of the 100s and was happy to sit on Brendan's and Julia's feet for the session.
Times were;
400s = 6.37, 6.52
200s = 3.11, 3.17, 3.18, 3.19
100s = 1.32, 1.37, 1.36, 1.35
500 warm up and 100 cool down to get 2.6ks for the day

Beside the big weekend with the Lions that i have already mentioned ( a few times ) its also Gold Coast Marathon /Half weekend up north. Normally a big turnout for the boys and girls for this but i think numbers are down a little this year for some reason.
Good luck to all that are racing, everyone seems in pretty good form so once again i can't wait to see the results come through. Timmy's best bet this weekend is that the Chairman Tommy H will turn the current #1 Bart's over in the 21ks. I know its a big call but i am backing our Old Geordie mate on this one ( i always do - until he races the REAL #1 ...Tucks*****)
Talking of Tucks i believe he's also got a walk on this weekend even representing Australia? So good luck to him as well, That walking caper that they domust be a tough gig as i see one of the HuRTS boys got a DNF against his name last week ..... Bad when you can't even walk to the finish line :)
The Roth Ironman boys also fly out this weekend in prep for the race next Sunday - best wishes to Proffesor PLOD, Angry Boy Clyde, The Leech Eoin, and the 'Laughing Policeman' Sambo.

No running for me this weekend as out tonight to watch the Manic's play and a few beers with the Taffy Lad James M, and then the big day tomorrow, In town all afternoon before heading out to Homebush to see the Lions batter these Wobblies by 6 points

Have a good weekend,
Train safe

***** Tucks must be the ONLY guy in Wales that hasn't been picked for the Lions run on side.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Leaderless Lions.

Tuesday P.M - Forced myself down to the pool early evening after work as i haven't swum in over two weeks - and boy it showed. Managed to knock out 2.2ks in total but felt very slow and had to battle my way through it, Can't believe how much I've lost in that short of time.

Wednesday. Saw both the Leech and Enda running around the park so joined them whilst on my bike for a lap or so as they talked $hite for 30 minutes . The Leech is flying at the moment as he prepares to fly out for his Roth Ironman next weekend, you know he's going well and confident when he agrees to give me 2 minutes come City to Surf time (normally he's the tightest man in the Eastern Suburbs)
Had to go down again to E.S Marks Oval later and decided to spin around and do a few more 400s, Not quick but happy enough to get the legs ticking over.

Thursday. More a recovery day and was back in the park first up and just did 60 minutes very easy pace, No idea of exact pace as the GPS died on me as i was about to start. about 13ks all up I'd imagine?

Big news out of the Lions camp yesterday was the shock omission of the great Brian O'Driscoll from the team for Saturday's decider. Telling me he wasn't going to be captain i could probably accept but to find he's NOT even in the team???...... Pleeeeaaaaaaaassssssssssssssseeeeeeee - its a joke.
With no BoD, O'Connell or Warburton in the team it leaves us without a natural leader on the park and now surely gives the balance of power back to the Aussies in the crucial decider.
Not sure what this Kiwi Plonker Gatland is up to (i think he's lost the plot to be honest) with another 6 changes and it shows a sign of desperation from the man in charge if you ask me. We are still in it mind and this could be Gatland's finest hour if it all comes off but it is my personal view point that i wish for any future British Lions Tours that we get a home grown coach from either Ireland, Wales or England and someone who understands the meaning of what the Lions stand for, not to mention the passion involved not only to the players but also the superb fans who pay thousands to travel half way around the world. Don't know what it is with the Kiwis but just because they have a good Rugby team they think they know and can conquer everything what stands before them. I sometimes go on about the Aussies lacking in culture but to be honest the boys from the 'Great White Cloud' country are worse. it's an old age joke that the only culture you'll find in New Zealand is in a tub of Yoplait and the two words should NEVER be put together in a sentence.
Anyway, we still got to believe and if you are looking for the early Timmy's Tip this week, take the Lions by 6 points and stay on one of the two  Irishman (yes there is others besides the Welsh playing) Sexton or Bowe to be the first try scorer.

Gatland's wife after hearing that hubby had left Irish legend out of the team for Saturday's massive game in Sydney.



Monday, July 1, 2013

McKay Oval 15 x 400s (with 60 seconds recovery)

Stole an old session from old time HuRTS favorite good guy, supreme athlete and International jet setter Terence (Dolph Lundgren lookalike) Bell. Decided to do 15 x 400s down at McKay Oval after work this morning by myself working of a 60 second break, T.B used to do 20 and sometimes 25 of these as he reckoned even doing them at a slower pace and more comfortable  (still faster then race pace mind) you get the body more accustomed to actual race situations.
Thought I'd try to roll around around in 80 second efforts (3.20 pace) - easier then flat out but still 10 seconds quicker then my intended 3.30 pace that i dream of getting back to.
With a still very wet and slippery track on the oval the first 4 felt OK as my aim was to try to get them all in and around the same time for each rep. Had the normal feeling that i was struggling to hold the pace around 7 & 8 and even had self doubts that i would get the whole 15 done at one point. Once number 10 was done the mindset changed somewhat as i then knew the finishing line wasn't far away as i counted the last few home.
Times for each 81, 81, 79, 80, 80, 80, 80, 79, 80, 79, 80, 80, 81, 81, 78.
Happy with that especially as the legs still felt tired before i started due to the Sunday long run.
A 4k warm up flat lap before helped to get the legs loosened up though.

Let the Training Program Begin.

Recovery day today and boy did i need it as i was very tired after yesterdays long run, not to mention that my feet were in bits with blisters after running in the rain for two hours.
July 1 and the first day of the official Berlin training begins today - started off by going to see my new Strength & Conditioning guy over in Bondi. Really want to concentrate on my many weaknesses and the core being one of them. Did a session with the trainer and looking forward to the next 12 weeks ahead.
Missed the lunchtime swim yet again which is not good but i think the core work is far more important at the moment although still keen to maintain at least some swim fitness.

Returned home to find a nice surprise in the post thanks to the HuRTS pensioners taking out the team event in the recent S.M.H Half Marathon. No thanks to my time with Richie P, Macca and one other who i just forget(???) getting us over the line.
Relaxing day then and decided to go over old times and take in the Glory Years at Stoke with some old DVDs - Great memories :)

Had Poor Kanser filling me in with his injury woes yesterday, despite me saying i saw him out running last Thursday, all is NOT good I'm afraid to report :(  I have spoke about this operation he's had and i will (promise) to give you all the details sometime this week (just don't want to upset him to early)
Also had Enda pestering me ALL day about trying to get a bet on and take the 9 minutes handicap start that he is giving me - he must be training well is all i can say if he is so sure :)

HuRTS Pensioners taking out 1st place at the recent S.M.H Half - and going one better then the Younger HuRTS boys :)

Arhhhhh, the memories of watching Terry Conroy flying down that wing - Glory Years, Might give a loan out to my mate Slim Sammy Agnew as he wouldn't have seen such football over the years down at the 'Palace' as he prepares for a year in the Premiership with the big boys :)