Monday, March 31, 2014

5k Time Trial - Centennial Park

Early entry on the blog today as I managed to get out first thing with Vlad before he flies out for his Paris Marathon attempt on Sunday. Beautiful morning once again with cooler conditions making it perfect for my 5k time trial that I wanted to do.

Been feeling better lately and certainly training harder so was keen to see if there was any improvement from a fortnight ago when I last did the session. As I’ve mentioned before, the first 2ks are easier so went out harder to try to get a little time in the bank. Felt OK in doing so but as always struggled around the Fox Gates and then again around the 4k mark. Lifted once again for the final 600 and was happy to see the cafe and finish line at the 5k mark.
Worked out that I was in fact faster today by 18 seconds so certainly heading in the right direction, Still miles behind Enda Stankard but hopefully I reckon I am JUST inside the magic 4 minutes he has agreed to when it comes to the bet we have over the 10ks this weekend.

Not sure I’ll do the HuRTS Thursday session this week as I may just go easy with Striders 10k coming up on the Saturday.

Well a few congratulations and best wishes are in order that I forgot to mention, Firstly well done to HuRTS # 1 Andrew Tuckey who took out another win on the weekend, This time taking out the 8k Mountain Walkathon, not sure where it was and who he was up against and it appears the great man will travel anywhere these days in a quest to claim any victory?
Also congratulations to former HuRT the Right Honourable Richie High who took out the 5k Park Run at Curl Curl on Saturday with an impressive 17.15 (?) Looks like the old boy is starting to hit a bit of form.

Best wishes to ‘Action Man ‘ Mr. Bonds himself Terence Bell who celebrates his birthday today – not sure what plans he has, maybe jumping out a plane, running with Eskimos or running 150k by lunchtime if I know that guy……..the mans a machine. Happy 21st T.B

And finally. Congratulations to the Chairman Tommy H in selling his chez mansion. BUT what I bet you didn’t know (and not even sure I should be telling but…)  I told you the exciting news regards the ‘Kane’s with the arrival of Grace Lily on the weekend, Well looks like the Kane’s have a cause for a double celebration as they have just brought a NEW bigger house to accommodate the family. YES, you guessed it, Dave Kane has shipped up and moved to the dark side and brought the Chairman’s house. Not sure what kind of deal was brokered (if any) , great news all around but I’m not to happy to be honest as it looks like my Sunday breaky may have to be shelved as I wont be going over there every week. Better send Enda on a crash course for cooking as I can see myself dropping around there more frequently from now on.

Will be back out in the morning for an easy trot around the park, might try to catch up with any of the Hardmen that run on Wednesday’s?


Rt Hon The Holy One - Richie High takes the stage after his Curl Curl run on Saturday.

And how he celebrated after with his partner.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Medium Monday Run and Swim

Due to the lack of ks yesterday I had to back up today on what is normally a recovery day. To complement only 10k on the Sunday I thought I’d do the 2 x 6k Woollahra Hill loops within Centennial Park and pick the pace up if I could.
Felt pretty good early on and soon settled into a nice pace and rhythm working around 4.23s per/k, even if the pace did drop around the 700m hill area. Happy to complete the lap in 26.17 (4.23 per/k) before going on and trying to get faster on the 2nd. The first 2k is pretty flat so easy to maintain a good even pace, worked harder to hold coming around the Fox Studio gates area and knew then I had to keep it together for one final climb up the hill
Once at the top I brought it home strongly to stop the clock in 24.50 (ave 4.08 per/k) with the final 6k splits as, 4.00, 4.06, 4.09, 4.07, 4.34, 3.52 (not hard to see where the hill was)
51.08 All up for the 12ks
Also did 6k @ 7 min/ks as well with clients beforehand to make it 18 for the day.

Lunchtime despite feeling tired I ventured into town for the Monday swim , and apart from the first 500m rep I was never at the races, Good crew out today with even Champagne Charlie, Super Kev & Brendan returning to the pool after a few weeks break. No sign of Elan though so it was left to Coach Pete Walker to lead the team out with the impressive Emma not far behind.
Did 8.20 for the first 500, but stood at the end of the pool whilst the rest of the boys went about the next 200. I thought I was Razor Wareham at one point just ducking in and doing the odd set here and there with no real structure. More then  pretty happy to finish off with a few 100m reps before sitting on deck side sampling another Sydney day.
If the running was solid, the swimming was bloody shocking.

Pretty tired now and need to back up tomorrow with a tough session around the park first up in the morning.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Drinks with Quiff Man, Carpet Tie and a Taffy

With very little sleep I made my way to the park this morning to find a good team ready to go for the earlier 6.30am start that included the likes of Barts, Tommy H, Fats, C.T , Pommy Paul, and Young Elle. Bloody pace was on from the start with C.T mainly responsible knowing his little 6k loop would get us back to the cafe for when the 7am crew started.
Even over 6ks the group splintered with the ever improving Pommy Paul and Elle feeling the pace a little as I was hanging on for dear life, at the cafe it was good to see another healthy team that saw Sweaty Sock, Renee, Jeet, T.B  and Lady Laura and a few others ready to join in.
Another 4k flat loop for me before I then had to detour due to work commitments and leave the guys to it, a quick fire 10ks done in under 44 mins. Despite the pace I actually felt pretty good out there this morning and wished I could have knocked out another 14ks or so.
Jumped on the bike then and did an easy 60ks taking in all of the Eastern Beaches along the way – stunning morning all round.

Had a cracker of an evening on Friday night, helping Stevie T AKA The Wildman, Norman Cook celebrate his birthday, Nice little turnout with Tommy H, Slim Sammy Agnew and Michael ‘The Italian Stallion’ Durante all joining for a couple of coldies. Well if I thought Slim Sammy Aggers haircuts are bad, then you should have seen what the Stallion appeared with. He has a bloody big Quiff that stands up about a foot; I thought a hurricane had blown through the city at one stage. It wasn’t long after that the Taffy Lad made an appearance as well and you had to have ‘thick skin’ as the night wore on with the Trash and Sledging hitting NEW heights (thank goodness the Warrior wasn’t there). Tommy H got a serve also when he rocked up with his ‘Carpet tie wrapped around his neck and was soon getting told the ‘Do & Don’ts of Blogging by two local punters.
Had decided early that I was implementing an 8pm curfew as I had a busy Saturday – unfortunately I was still out at midnight before the stagger to the nearby train station. That resulted in me jumping a train only to take a catnap missing my stop meaning I was forced to get a taxi home after all – Nightmare
Top night apart from that and you can always guarantee as much when the deadly duo (Thurston & Durante) get together.

Best news of the weekend (No, Slim Sammy settle down, its not Palace’s win) but we welcome into the world Grace Lily to proud parents Dave & Olivia Kane, Great news and congratulations to the family.

Another busy week ahead training with the Striders 10k next Saturday at Lane Cove that I am keen to do to test where exactly the fitness is up to?

A few photos from Friday evening

Some of HuRTS finest runners on record - Timmy, Durante, Tommy H and Stevie Thurston
* think it may have been getting late, Tom was struggling to stay awake it seems.

Tom with 'THAT Capet Tie and Quiff Boy Durante.

A closer look at the Italian Stallion Durante's Quiff new cut.

We couldn't find the Taffy Lad when the group photos were being done, But he wasn't keen to miss out and decided to take a 'Selfie' in between drinks - Oh Taffy Lad, what were you thinking?


Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 1k Time Trial at the A.B.C Pool

Somewhat smaller turnout for the monthly time trial at the pool today with the rain no doubt keeping those fair weather trainers away? No sign of past winner Elan, MrAce, Mikey, Brendan, Charlie, the Leech or even Lady Laura either.
Liam was making his HuRTS debut today and was first away after the clock started; I was next after been given a measly 18 seconds start on The Champ despite doing next to no swimming over the past month or so. With that it wasn’t long before The Champ caught me around the 200m mark – and I was forced to work very hard to even stay on his feet. I battled away for the next 500m or so before I felt Champs pace just ease up slightly and all of a sudden it felt easier and slower. I knew I wasn’t strong enough to go around him (and if I was he would have picked the pace up) so I sat in until the 900m mark before decided to ‘Box Clever’ and switch lanes and kicking it down over the final stages. Nearly killed myself in the process but was happy enough to touch out with a time of 17.19 for the day and take The Champs scalp for the first time on handicap. Unfortunately it still wasn’t enough to take the much sought after Golden Duck Cup, that honour went to Christian Ellis (AKA Cialis) who just beat a much improved Marc P
Pretty happy with that time overall but to be honest I must thank The Champ for doing the work and pulling me through it J
Fastest time of the Day goes to Tim (no , don’t be getting it excited, it wasn’t me - but a NEW guy that even smashed coach Walker and looks pretty useful.

Kudo’s and respect goes out to Liam who managed to get through his very first 1k swim in a time of 22.20 – Not bad for someone who couldn’t even swim 50m a couple of months back. And I’ll give him another month (two max) before he is beating Mr. Stankard.
Official Times were
Tim (New guy) 14.08
Pete Walker    14.15
Todd                15.08
Tetra Emma      15.37
Angus              15.47
Cialis                16.16 (PB) and Golden Duck Winner
Marc P              16.16
The Champ        17.06
Timmy               17.19
Liam                  22.20

Will be back out on Sunday for the long run 25ks plus I’m hoping for.

Well its here again, another weekend and it’s a big one yet again, Out for a few pints with Stevie ‘the Wildman’ T (aka Norman Cook) with Tom, The Italian Stallion and no doubt as few others.
Will be back on the airwaves discussing all things footy tomorrow, and talking about Stokes impressive win over Villa last week. Looks like it will continue this week with Hull the latest to venture to the Potteries.
Timmy’s Tip
Stoke 2 vs. Hull 0
In the Mediocre Cup sorry to say I can’t find any joy for all the other teams, and I think I may have a SPECIAL bet for you to follow? Back the other 4 teams (Newcastle, C.Palace, Villa and Cardiff) NOT to score a goal between them. Wonder what Paddy Power will give me for that one?

Christian Ellis (Cialis) with his March Golden Duck , it all proved too much for Marc P in the background who was still trying to come to terms with his 2nd place.

After Stoke smashed the Villa last week , Enda Stankard has taken to supporting a NEW team and will run every long run for the remainder of the season in the above - Good on you mate.

Have a great weekend
Train Safe

PS, Not sure what tablets Enda is taking whilst he goes to China but it seems to be adding inches to his chest?

3 x 2k Reps with the Spray Tan Man

Numbers were down today with all the heavy rain around and only the tough were out for the 3 x 2k Hickson Road set that was on the cards. With NO Mikey who was nursing an Achilles issue I was left to take command of the session – bloody tough gig, with hardly anyone listening, and when I did manage to get the easy instructions out to Barts, it was Tommy H who decided to arrive late meaning I had to repeat myself yet again.
Barts, Tom, Fats and Enda (who was running even later then Tom) led the first group and I then found myself solo running in group 2 with no Mikey, Dom around I was finding it tough. Was running around 3.27 pace for the first 2k rep and came in well under the 7 minutes but then found it about 50m short. Taffy James seemed to appear from nowhere for the 2nd rep and helped me along as I came in on the 7 minutes and this time got 2ks on the dot (I must have had a case of the wobbles somewhere).
Was never getting anywhere near the 2 minute recovery and when Fats called time up for the 3rd rep after dropping back a group it was just a case of getting it done. Lost it around the 800m mark and pretty much just saw the remaining 1200 out at 3.36 pace for 7.12 finish time.
Tough day all round but happy to get another one under my belt. Had a good 4k warm down at the end running with Tom when we both noticed that Warrior Charlie was very chocolate like? Not sure what Spray tanning company he is using these days but they may want to tone the colour down a few shades (either that or we’ll all have to take to wearing sunnies at the next session)
12ks all up including the 2ks warm up to get to the passenger terminal starting point.

Good to see Laura and Damo cruising around before the session as well after a few weeks on the sidelines with Achilles problems – let’s hope they are back to full form quickly.

Enda was almost crying today demanding that I wont be getting 4 minutes start at the next Striders race, ………..Well too right I wont be, after seeing him killing it today running with the big boys, I’ll be looking at getting 5 J

Time trial time tomorrow and for another month I’ve done bugger all in the pool so it will be a battle, and will be just looking at holding out ‘The Champ’ who will be GIVING ME the start. If I can swim 18 minutes then I’ll be happy.


Warrior Charlie Daziell making the headlines for the 2nd time in a week, This time after maybe going overboard with his spray tan job before leaving the office to join the 3 x 2k sessions at Hickson Road.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

HuRTS Buffalo Boys.

Easy 10ks all up today and bumped into Ireland’s # 3 himself Enda Stankard who was running solo. Even Terence Bell heard enough sh!te from him last week NOT to return for more torture today. Had a good old chat as we just did the Woollahra Hill 6k loop before he went out onto work.
Average pace was around 4.37s – nothing to exciting to report, although there never is when Enda is around J

Mentioned yesterday about the strange scenes around Newtown /Erko area mid-morning. Well on closer look it seems as if the TWO HuRTS top corporate boys have been doing some secret training and seemed to have lost there way. Old Charlie’ Warrior’ Dalziell and Greg Cassis despite not been seen at a HuRTS session for a long time somehow found time to venture into the Inner West and ‘The Trash’ has the photo to prove it.

Also laid another bet this morning – Its Official Enda has once more agreed to give me a 4 minute start at the next 10k race, He sounds confident knowing that he will run 34.xx and predicts that I wont run sub 39 (he could be right to be honest). So another $20 it is (still wondering when his last two payments are coming mind – from when Tommy H smashed him and England gave the Irish a touch up?)

HuRTS session tomorrow

Warrior Charlie and Greg CassisNewtown.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Getting Stronger & Faster

I used my first session with clients first up as a means of a warm up for 7ks before seeing ‘The Destroyer’ (Vlad) around the park. A further couple of ks with him then It was straight into the 1k reps. A great morning for running with cooler temps and no wind around made for quicker times and I wasn’t to be disappointed, Only did 4 today but it was probably the fastest I’ve gone for a good 6 months or so, Best thing was that I kept them all very consistent with only a second separating all 4.
A couple of ks cool down for 15k all up  - Happy with that and I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel as I (slowly) get stronger and faster……….Frankie Dearn better watch out at the next Striders in April is all I will say.

Will try to get out and knock some ks out in the morning before returning for the usual Thursday HuRTS set.

Well after living in the Inner West for 15 years I thought I’d seen pretty much everything in King Street Newtown from Gays, Goths, Weirdo’s, Druggies, but this one took the cake this morning. I thought I’d had a beer too many when I saw not one but TWO Water Buffaloes walking down the street – And best part of it was nobody seemed to worry about it J Classic.
Finished the morning coffee and banana bread and still left baffled I followed up and this is what has been reported;


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Long with a difference.

Saturday, Stunning morning and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the park as busy with every man and his dog in the park, Was pretty full on with work but every second person I bumped into was met with a friendly ‘Hi’. Stopped at the end and had a chat with The Irish Assassin (Eamo + wife Cath) as well as Mermaid (Emma) who were both cruising around walking the beautiful dogs.
Just did an easy 10ks all up untimed.

Sunday, Had every intention of joining the crew for the usual long run but on the way bumped into two friends who were……what shall I say? Far easier to run with. Pace was certainly slower but the company made each k pass by oh so quick. Before I knew it I had knocked out 22ks for the morning before finally breaking away and doing a flat lap (3.7ks) at a faster pace solo. Wanted to try for 4 min/ks but was only able for 4.07s, still not a bad mornings work for just under 26k all up.
The team were just finishing about the same time and had a good chat to all, and it was left to Pommy Paul and I to sit on the steps for what must have been a good 40 minutes admiring the scenery and views on offer for the morning all the while as we watched a struggling Dave Kane knocking out a few ks on his comeback.

Even managed to sit there long enough to get the invite from Kanser for breaky, was a little reluctant at first seeing that ‘the good wife – Liv’ is due with the family’s 3rd child any moment but Kanser insisted and I wasn’t to be let down as he knocked out the usual top notch ‘Nose bag’ for a good feed.

Pretty good week all around and will be looking for more of the same over the next week.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Friday Flap in the Pool.

Like yesterday’s run session it was a smaller turnout at the pool for today’s swim although I suspect with Melbourne Ironman on this Sunday that could have something to do with that. Still decent enough with the likes of Elan, Pete W, Cialis, Angus, The Champ, Marc P, and a rather fast girl who was swimming just behind Pete, and Liam. Lady Laura was down in the next lane knocking out her weekly 1000m as well.  Rumour going around that Enda was going to join us today but when he heard that Liam may actually join us at the back of the lane that was more then enough to scare him off.
Session was;
1 x 300
10 x 50
4 x 200
4 x 100

I got there very early and did a 500m warm up just in case I needed a breather at any point in the session (as is the norm the past 3 weeks)
With Angus swimming away from me on the first 300 I was struggling over the last 100m leading The Champ and Marc home with a 4.51, The aim of the 50s is to swim them as hard as you can giving yourself a longer break at the end of each.
For the 4 x 200s I just sat on ‘The Champs’ feet for the whole lot and I was working hard to do so to be honest, and did likewise for the final 100s, couldn’t believe I was last in the lane for the day and I was knocking out 1.35s for the 100s…………Jeez, these boys have improved so much over the past 12 months or so. I know I’m not swimming that well but you’d always have people bringing up the rear swimming 1.45s in the past, but those days have long gone it appears?
Times were:
4.51, 41s (for the 50s), 3.15, 3.19, 3.14, 3.19, 1.34, 1.36, 1.35, 1.36

Tough enough once more, but dare I say it……… was slightly easier then previous weeks, Just the fact I completed the session tells me as much anyway.

Big weekend (yet again), in the footy stakes, a couple of Head to Heads in the Mediocre Cup with Stoke playing Villa, and Tom’s Toon taking on Slim Sammy’s Palace boys.  Stoke are the form side at the moment after smashing West Ham last week and the Gunners the previous which all but guarantees Premiership football is played at the ‘Brit’ again next year.
Timmy’s Tip. Aston Villa 2 vs. Stoke City 2
                   Newcastle 2 vs. Crystal Palace 0
For more expert tips and analysis views tune your radio dial in on Saturday evening to hear the dulcet tones of the boy from Stoke J

I will be back out running with the crew on Sunday for the weekend long run around the park, starting at 7am if anyone wants to join us.

Have a great weekend
Train safe

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

HuRTS Pyramid 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 Session at Rushcutters Oval

Well it was as if summer had returned today with temps around 30 degrees as the HuRTS boys and girls made our way over to Rushcutters Oval for the 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 Pyramid set. Smaller crowd today although we did split into 3 groups, with Tommy H (with his top off), T.B (with his also off) and a super fast guy named Darien (?) in the first, with Mikey, Dom, Russ and I in our own 2nd group and the busier 3rd that was led out each time by the ever improving Pommy Paul.
I led out the first single loop (450m) to stop the watch in 86, and did likewise for the double, Dom took control from there as I was starting to feel the pace and it was a real effort to hang in on the 4 lapper, Had loads of negative thoughts from here on as Mikey was getting away from me but was determined to try to finish the set strongly. Once the 3 lapper is done second time around you know the worst is over and you are on the home straight.
Despite feeling ordinary only 10 minutes previous I somehow had enough left in the tank for one final surge on the last 450m effort and for the first time in ages I could actually kick it down to run a final 79 second lap (2.54 pace)
Doing so left me gasping and rolling around the oval for about 5 minutes in recovery mode after but that’s another thing J
Times went; 86, 2.54, 4.27, 6.12, 4.36, 3.00, 79

Great session and that’s the 4th Thursday on the spin that I have done and completed the HuRTS set, that I’m happy with.

Mikey was strong again, although I could see he was working extra hard today and was feeling the heat a little more then the rest of us. Probably the best performance of the day was from Pommy Paul who drove the bus on the 3rd group for the whole way, and it’s great to see that his call up into the team for the upcoming Churchill /Sands Cup is certainly warranted and we won’t loose anything with him in the team J

Swim set tomorrow to finish the week off.

Took some photos of the team today at Rushcutters - Apologies now to those reading for the Tommy H shirtless photo, although I have tried to even it up by posting one of T.B as well  L

Chairman Tommy H, obviously NOT on the same upper body workout program at T.Bell.

English call up for Pommy Paul leading the 3rd group out.

Some of the team at the end of the session that i managed to capture as i was on the ground recovering.

Finally a little glamour instead of the usual ugly heads, HuRTS girls, Erica, Jacqueline, Elle & Renee.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lá Fhéile Pádraig

Massive weekend that saw me out with mates on both the Saturday and Sunday to help celebrate St Patrick’s Day with all those loony Irish lads.
Struggled big time on the Sunday morning then after promising a client I’d do 13ks with her as part of her long run, If I thought that was a battle then Monday morning was even worse after having a few pints and talking trash for about 6 hours  with Ireland’s # 1 Triathlete Paul O’Doherty (POD )
Tuesday. Managed to find Vlad again in the park and decided that despite feeling terrible I’d do a 5k time trial, felt good ………..for about 340m then it was a battle just to finish it as the pace dropped pretty dramatically. Thought it a major victory just to get through the final 4k warm down without throwing up, it wasn’t pretty

Wednesday, who should I bump into on the Wednesday cruise around the park? None other then Enda Stankard and what appears to be his new buddy and run coach, the very strong Terence Bell. Joined in with the two boys for a 6k Woollahra Hill loop followed by a flat 4ks. Pace was good, working under 4.30s as I was battling to hang on. Enda was once more talking utter nonsense going on about how he hasn’t run for a fortnight when I know for a fact he has run everyday for a MINIMUM of 45 minutes.
Still he doesn’t’ fool anyone these days and I think the whole of the HuRTS crew have him sussed out these days?

Had a great afternoon with my mates and POD on Sunday over a few beers, Had Ronan also pop along to settle his debts from the England vs. Ireland rugby match, but sad to say both Kanser and Stankard were nowhere to be seen once again.

Would be amiss of me not to mention the 6 Nations – Congratulations to Ireland on taking it out, well deserved especially getting the victory in Paris over those Garlic Eating. Frog legs munching, champagne drinking, white flag waving, guillotine loving, brie making, World War surrendering French to0l$,
Fantastic to see Brian O’Driscoll goes out a winner, a true champion of the sport and I just wish that he was English J

Still with the World Cup coming up in less then a year, I’ll confidently say that we have the team to take out the major William Webb Ellis Trophy when it comes around.

Will be back out for the HuRTS Rushcutters Pyramid session tomorrow,

Some pics from Sunday

St Patrick's Day celebrating with Ireland's #1 POD

POD having maybe one Guinness too many.

Mothers Milk.

Party time - those Irish ladies know how to party.

Sorry - I did say Kanser wasn't out , BUT i did see him later in the day with the Irish Assassin Eamo K.

As was Enda who was spotted wandering around after a shandy


Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Express at the A.B.C Pool

As bigger crowd as I’ve seen for a  long time at the pool today to finish off the week with all the usual suspects plus the likes of Terence Bell, Phil Dove, Derek and a few putting the final touches to there Melbourne Ironman preparations that is on next weekend.
Set that Coach Walker had us down for was
1 x 400
5 x 200
6 x 100s

That big that the group split into two lanes with the likes of Todd, Derek, Emma and Angus sharing the work load in our lane whilst the rest of us (Brendan, The Champ, MrAce, Leech and I) hung on.
Knew the pace was pretty hot today when I touched out the 400 in a rather quick (for me) 6.21. That buggered even after that rep I was forced to have a breather early as the rest of the lads went about the first 200. Jumped back in for the second and it was even faster coming home in 3.04,  YET again needed to sit the 3rd rep out, although wasn’t the only one with the likes of MrAce, Brendan, The Champ and Leechy all doing the same at various stages with people blowing up all over the place as the pace was express.

With the help of pool buoy, paddles and basically everything else on offer except a tow rope I jumped on Angus’s feet for the final 6 x 100 reps, and I just tried to hang on for dear life.

Overall times that I managed were;
6.20, x.xx, 3.04, x.xx, 3.02, 3.10, 1.31, 1.25, 1.28, 1.31, 1.31, 1.34

Hardly able to get out the pool at the end, but mustered enough strength to walk down to ‘the dock of the bay’ at Woolloomooloo and munch down on some of Harry’s finest ‘Pie, Mash & Mushy Peas, not quiet in the league of the Italian Stallion Durante when it comes to knocking back about 4 hot dogs but GOD they tasted good today after a killer session.

Big weekend coming up, besides the footy I’ll be out celebrating some Irish bloke’s day? Parties planned for Sat and Sunday so I can’t see the Sunday long run happening this week to be honest, I think it’s the only time of the year that Kanser shouts us a drink as well.

In the footy, Can’t see Stoke being beat this week at home to West Ham, unfortunately I can’t say the same for fellow Mediocre Cup hopefuls Crystal Palace, Cardiff, Newcastle or Villa ? Sorry Boys
Timmy’s Tip
Take Stoke 2 vs. West Ham 1

A few photos of today’s swim session - Yes I know there looks like there was a lot of standing around BUT in between we did cover over 2ks in less in then 34 minutes J

Elan the Eel, leading the boys out.

And what made it all the worthwhile.......A trip to Harry's for Pie & Mash

Have a great weekend
Train well
Stay safe

Thursday, March 13, 2014

3 x 2ks Reps with a change of venue

With yesterday’s fire still going strong down at Barangaroo that caused havoc throughout the city Militant Mikey was on the case and switched the 2k session to start at the Stone Gates in the Domain.
Good crowd out and good to see the 6ft team back out so early, even if they were just cruising. With Barts flying out I was in the next little group that included Mikey. Allo Allo, Dom and a rejuvenated Macca McClarnon. Was moving Ok although any sign of a hill and I felt the pace drop, Worked the first 2k rep in a time of 7.11 (3.35 pace) and knew then that the 2nd could prove to be a lot harder.
Went from being in the top group for the first rep to the 3rd group and that was before we even set off for the 3rd rep when Macca and Dom decided to have a break away 2nd group.
Really struggled on the way back with both Mikey and Allo Allo basically leaving me for dead on any rises as I was only able to hold an average pace of 3.43s to stop the clock in 7.25. Tried to rally on the final set going out harder concentrating just trying to hold the pace and was happy to finish off a rather tough session with a 7.09 (3.34s)

Times were 7.11, 7.25, 7.09

Still along way to go but at least there are still signs of improvement being made especially over the past 2 weeks.

Well if you think the fire at Barangaroo was big news yesterday, it was nothing compared to some of the comments made at training. Slim Sammy Agnew was the talk of the town today after news spread about his latest haircut at the ladies hairstylist. He loves setting a trend or two does Sammy but I think he has finally lost his marbles this time around. Chairman Tommy H actually thought he’d done it as a losing bet on Crystal Palace getting relegated?
Take a peak.

Will be back out tomorrow for the Friday swim to close out the week

Slim Sammy Agnew showing off his latest barnet.

And some of his best last year.

And the original known as the 'Palace Eagle'


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Easy Ks

Just easy day today working with two sets of clients covering 12ks in total, Worked well to be honest with the first group doing 12 x 1 min ON/OFFs and then the next doing 5 x 1k reps ranging between 4.20 and 4.40 pace.
Legs feeling OK after yesterdays session and will be back with the HuRTS boys for more come Thursday.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Running with Vlad the Destroyer.

Fresh from his weekends win in the Port Macquarie Half Marathon I enlisted the help of Vlad who I saw roaming around the park this morning. Had a good chat with him and after telling me about his 67 minute winning time (first 10k in 31.40 then backed off) he agreed to help me out with a tempo session that I had planned. Hate these at the best of times so I would have been silly not to take the opportunity to run with one of Sydney’s finest.
Session was 4 x 8 minute efforts with a 90 second break in between each and it was agreed NOT to run them flat out but more tempo and controlled pace. Felt OK on the first but when was working a lot harder then I should have been on the 2nd rep on the tougher section of the park, Easier section made the 3rd rep the fastest of the day but when it came around to starting the 4th in proximity of the Fox Studio Gates part of the park it was a massive battle to hold the pace.
Great session with 32 minutes of solid running, the first two reps were identical in time, the 3rd the fastest by 2 seconds per/k but I did lose it by the same margin on the 4th.
I know I say it plenty of times but I really DO NEED to do more of these sessions J


If ANY of you (apart from Master Sweeney) can remember any of the above then i may have played footy with you.
I think David 'Kanser' Kane fell into #1 and #8 on the list if my memory recalls :)

Vlad Shatrov fresh after winning the Port Macquarie Half Marathon on the weekend


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Monday Swim

Cracker of a day in Sydney that saw everyone down at the A.B.C Pool to begin the week, split into two groups pretty much straight away, with the fast guys flying way quickly. Although i thought the slower guys were going fast - i struggle just to hold onto The Champ at the moment.
Session today was:
2 x 300s
4 x 200s
6 x 100s

MrAce was my new best mate today as i just tried to stick on his feet for pretty much the whole session. Nearly achieved as much but was forced to take a break on the 4th set of 200 for a breather. Came back in for the 100s and was coming in on 1.35s

Great result in the Union overnight that saw England beat the Taffies that has seen Welsh James conveniently lose his phone, as I've been unable to contact him since :)

Back out tomorrow for some more speed work


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Weekend Wrap

Busy weekend all round starting off on Saturday morning where I first knocked out an easy 7ks before catching up with Neil Pearson (2.29 marathoner) who was in the park on his long run, He asked me if I could join him for 10ks that would then take him to 42 for the morning, Tough cookie is Neil and certainly puts the ks in and was telling me he plans to run 3 marathons in the space of 13 days throughout April starting in Boston, Vancouver and one more that I can’t remember?
17ks all up

Sunday, again had planned to join the guys for the long run but got caught up with work that saw me out on the bike for a couple of hours. A mass of friendly faces though around as I first saw Golden Duck winner Todd and his brother on unusual group in the park, then Lady Laura, Barts, Pommy Paul, Jeet , Elle, and Allo Allo Rene all coming towards the end of anywhere between 20 and 30ks for the morning.  Laura had done 30 at this point and I joined in with her for her last 5ks or so. (Great effort by her to knock out 35k and even at the finish was looking strong)
Then went and did another 8 at a rather easier pace as I then saw my two clients who are heading to Paris for the Marathon and helped them out whilst on the way to 30ks.
Saw ‘Kenny’ on the bike as well down at La Pa, who was telling me that he is out injured at the moment – lets hope he’s not out for too long or else his girlfriend Rene will be beating him (Jeez, I only beat her by about 2 seconds the last race I did J )
13.6ks done for the morning – not the 22 I was after but really enjoyed the morning running with different people at various stages.

Six Foot – summary
Well, words fail me. The old saying form is temporary, CLASS is forever was never more evident then after yesterdays 45k Six Foot race, Step up to the plate and take a bow Andrew ‘Tucks’ Tuckey, Many had written him off after some average performances in training over the past 5 weeks, but then he puts it on the line and smashes all around him on his way to a 3.39 - 7th place overall. This guy can race from the mile through to J.P 5.6k to 10k, Half, Marathon, Ultras and has even represented Australia in walking races allowing for a 40 minute kip along the way.
Seriously some great times from the gang out there, alongside Tucks 7th, Fats 9th, Quentin 10th, Tongy 14th and if you throw in Robbie Neil’s 5th then poor Chairman Tommy H with his time of 3.48 and 18th spot wasn’t even good enough to get him a spot in the Top 5 HuRTS boys ………What’s going on there?
The Timmy Run of the Day though must go to my Taffy Mate – Jimmy James Matthews on his 3.53, what a performance from the Welsh boyo. All his training paid off for him on this one, and I’m delighted for the lad. Just a pity his Welsh boys are going to get flogged tonight by the English lads in the Rugby.
Full results

In the footy, I hope you had your 50 cents on the Stoke Norwich game and collected on the correct score, Slim Sammy Aggers hasn’t picked up the phone to me all day after his Palace boys got destroyed at home as predicted J

Will be out looking for another week of improvement in the running and will be back to the HuRTS fold throughout the week.

Taffy James in his hotel room moments before the start of 6ft Track , just making sure everything is in order.

And then 3hrs:53 later looking very strong to cross at Caves House - Well done mate.

and later on in the evening - out celebrating over a few beers - Dont worry the Welsh were never known for there fashion sense.