Thursday, October 29, 2015

October Golden Duck 1k Swim Time Trial Handicap - 16.40 , 2nd place.

WOW , the biggest turnout of the season for the October ‘Golden Duck’ 1k Swim Handicap at the A.B.C Pool,  Back was Taffy James, J.C made a rare appearance, Todd was looking strong after a long absence, Leech was back, Crossy braved the cold (despite it being less than 28 degrees) and ‘Prince’ Hoey decided to put his name on the board for the first time .

Liam was first to set the clock under way followed by The Champ, then me with Dan getting an easy ride sitting on my feet for the first 500m or so, I went past Champ in this time before deciding to change lanes in an attempt to get rid of Dan. Started to feel the pace after about 600m but was working well , had a quick glance over the pool at 650 and saw training partner Crossy lad about two lanes over and at the 700m mark jumped over yet again to get on his feet and help me home for the final 300m

Stopped the clock in a PB for the 1000m in a time of 16.40 and thought it may have been good enough to snatch victory, but on looking up I see none other than ‘Dan the Man’ touching out just before me in a time of 16.36 ....D’oh.

Once again relegated to 2nd spot but delighted with my overall time even if I did get some much needed help from Crossy over the closing stages of the swim. Some very good times all over to be honest. J.C was fastest of the day with a 14.30. Angus’s improvements continue with a 15.10 Todd also strong with a  15.20

Full list

J.C                    14.30

Angus             15.10

Pete               15.10

Todd              15.20

Brendan Yum Cha  16.08

Brendan Krone  16.10

Charlie L        16.10

Crossy Lad    16.13

Dan                  16.36 - Duck Winner

Timmy            16.40

The Champ   17.13

Leech              17.22

Taffy                17.33

Prince Ho       18.55

Liam                 19.05


Massive weekend on the cards, with the BIG game being played up  on the North East, where those soft Geordie boys Newcastle host Stoke City at ‘Sid James Park. I backed Newcastle last week and what a heap of trash they are, whilst Stoke turned the current champs Chelsea over in midweek

Only one result here – Get on the Potters for a 1-2 victory

Elsewhere it’s the Rugby Final – get on the All Blacks for the win by 12


A big social day for the HuRTS team tomorrow as Oktoberfest comes to town, time to dust the old Lederhosen and Dirndl off and head to the Domain for a fun day, I think about 20 of us are catching up and the big talking point is people asking if C.T can get past 5.45pm this time unlike his much ridiculed Munich disaster 2 years back.

A full report and photos to come on Monday


Also Halloween day tomorrow so I must get my pumpkin out at the ready and stick it on the front door (even though I won’t be home) to keep those pesky kids away J


Best of luck to training partners and good mates – Jeet and Renaud who are over in New York for the Marathon , both in good shape so expect some decent times from the lads.



Have a great weekend

Train well, stay safe



Dan with his Golden Duck, flanked by Coach Walker, Taffy, Leech, Timmy, Crossy, Jerome and Liam.
Getting ready for Halloween tomorrow.

Meanwhile Taffy has his outfit all sorted.

Surely C.T can lift his game and stay after 5.45pm this time around - or else he faces another 2 years of ridicule.

And surely this party can't be as good as the REAL thing in Munich two years ago with the touring HuRTS party and local girls ? :)


A.B.C Biathlon 19.46 - 5th Overall

AM. It was only the fact I was already at the pool working that then forced me to stay on and do the planned swim as I really wasn’t in the mood for another tough workout especially with planning on doing the Biathlon later in the day.

Still, I managed to get through it and even did some laps with the feet banded together with the old inner tube in order to work the core more (even if I did feel as if I was drowning) . A series of 400s, 200s and 100s saw me get to the magical 3k mark once more before I was all done.


PM. Headed into the A.B.C pool for the 4th week of the Biathlon (my 3rd) and once more I was tired but these short sharp sessions are perfect for me in an attempt to find that spark that is sadly lacking. Usual suspects at the front again with ‘The Missile’ (found out his name is Ed and English) and Mike from the HuRTS team the two to beat. I hate the first 1k and wonder how I’m going to get even to the turnaround (never mind the finish) as I settle behind two lads who were running 5th & 6th some 20 metres behind 4th spot. Manage to get to half way in 7.14 thinking (as always) that I can bring it home, this very rarely happens though and I find I’m not making any ground on the lads in front as I  hit the finishing gate with the time keeper calling out 14.14

Jump in the pool solo but at least I have someone to work off in front of me as I try to break the swim leg down as much as I can. Manage to catch both of them on the turn at 200m and get a better kick away that has me clear. Wonder if I may have gone too early but thankfully they both have little to offer over the final 100m and I touch out in a time of 19.46 for 5th overall

See Ed poolside who takes out the win again in a time of 18.01 (previous 17.55 & 17.58) over Mike who are basically miles ahead of me.

My times this season have been 19.35, 19.55 and 19.46

My run splits were 3.35, 3.44, 3.37, 3.20 (last one short), Swim time the usual 5 minutes

Tough 20 minute workout and have decided it’s a lot harder when you have no one to compete with or no training partner to challenge – hopefully Tommy H and Enda and even Hoey may grow a pair and come and lay down the challenge in the coming weeks?



Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lassie in Centennial.

Real easy 8ks this morning in and around the park at 4.31 pace, that included 2 x 3 minute efforts with my faster guys to finish with. Saw C.T floating around with his new client ‘Lassie’ and was causing mayhem , nearly bringing down about 80 cyclists when C.T let him off his lead.... Oh dear.


And back by popular demand, The #3 blogger within the HuRT squad, (with Sammy Aggers being  the reigning #2)  has stated that he has never seen the ‘Young Enda’ photo, so as we aim to please here it is.


I said I would not post this anymore, but still people request it.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

HuRTS 3 x 10 minute efforts.


Had planned a nice recovery swim but when Crossy Lad arrived at the pool in his NEW $4.95 K-Mart Special ‘Floaty Pants’ that seem all the go at the moment then I knew he was out for some fast reps. I managed a few laps before he arrived and after a further 400m he called for 5 x 200 reps but even after 100m I knew I was struggling as he came home in 2.57

Decided then to help him out by leading the first 100m of each rep and he was to complete the 2nd 100m solo. Was happy enough to come home on every one under 1.30s with the fastest 1.22 and then finished off with 5 x 100m

Tired at the end but happy to get 1600m done for the day



Big change in the weather but good team out with the impressive C.T once again killing it from the front and nice to see Corky, Sammy J and Birchy back getting some form and looking stronger with every session. Went out and found myself sitting behind Brucie Lambert for the first 5 minutes before he pushed ahead going around Mrs Macs Chair, then had the pleasure of ‘Mr 24 Hour Treadmill Man’ Luca for the remainder as I was holding 3.39 pace.

A quick chat with swim partner Crossy Lad during the break who was taking it easy and I enlisted his help to get me back to the Stone Gates for the tougher return. Despite blowing hard – especially on the climbs it worked pretty well as I got within about 4 metres of the starting post as the clock ticked over for the 10 minutes.

I was buggered by the time the 3rd rep came around and even had thoughts of puling the pin but made the effort to get it done – I must have been a world away as I can’t honestly recall much about it or who I was running with but  know I reached the same point as the 1st rep so I was happy enough.

Met up with Sammy J in the break and then both cruised it back to the Stone Gates having a good chat along the way.

3 reps were done at 3.39, 3.40 and 3.40 pace.

Tough session but a good one to get done.


Some more photos from Sunday, thanks to Champs lovely partner Cissy who was on camera duties whilst supporting for the morning.

Lovely Sunrise over the Regatta before the swim leg.

...and the $h1t fight begins in the swim.

The Champ showing us how it's done on the bike leg.

and then finishes strong on the final run leg.

Pete Walker seems unbeatable in his A/G at these races?

And finally, this Saturday Oktoberfest comes to town and 20 of HuRTS finest will be out to celebrate in the Domain over a few beers, Should be a cracker of a day and if its half as good as that day in Munich 2 years back then I'm really looking forward to it. Old mate Glesso has really got in to it although I do fear that he's missed the real theme of the occasion as he has been pestering me all day with photos of his latest costume that he will be wearing for the day. Think he's a bit of a fan of Daffyd from 'Little Britain' ...... Oh well, at least Taffy will be happy.

Glesso all set for Oktoberfest in his NEW outfit.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Nepean Triathlon 1.48:31 - 8th A/G

Rats tail done, Winnie blues tucked under the sleeve and it was time to head to ‘Black tooth territory out West for the famous ‘Nepean Triathlon at ‘The Riff’. Early start and up at 4am for the trip and soon caught up with fellow HuRTS crew Pete Walker, Kroney, and Champ.

Plenty of time to set up before the 1k swim, 30k bike and 10k run that was to follow.

A nervous start but was in good spirits as I felt I’d done the work and was looking to post a strong time to kick start the season. They’ve changed the swim this year preferring to stage it all around the grandstand area to make it more supporter friendly. It then means we have to swim around 3 right turn buoys.

Position myself and have a great start and feeling comfortable as we approach the first turn, that was until I get a smack on the head and pushed under on the buoy. Heart rate goes through the roof and I start a mini panic..... try to stay calm but find I’m struggling for breath so go into Tommy H mode and begin the breaststroke, still no good and decide to flip over and just swim on my back as I try to get to the 2nd buoy. Feel as if the race is slipping away as to is my now shot to pieces confidence as I begin the 600m swim home. I slow it all down and just try to get through it best I can and I’m mighty relieved to stand and come out the water even if my time is very slow at 19.46  With no wetsuit to worry about my T1 is not to bad and I’m out on the bike in no time. My concerns pre race about the bike leg are soon put to bed as I find I’m working well and going past loads as we hit the turnaround at half way and head for home. Have a guy sitting with me but use the downhill section to put in a big effort and get rid of him as I’m managing to hold a healthy 38.5k average for the 30ks.

In off the bike in 47 mins before heading out for the two 5k lap route around the Regatta, See the first couple of ks go through in 3.53, and 3.50 feeling comfortable but never really pushing the pace. These Tri guys are very average (at best) runners so it looks like I’m flying past them but in truth it’s all at a controlled pace unlike any running race I’m ever in.

Come in for the 10ks in a time of 38.52 averaging 3.53s to stop the clock in 1.48:31 and later find out that it got me 8th in the age group.

Overall view of the race, solid time and very happy with the bike leg, run time was what I was expected but the swim was the major disappointment, especially after all the work I’ve done over the past month or so. I’ve been swimming with HuRTS mate Kroney and can normally sit on his feet yet he was able to swim 16.xx so putting 3 minutes into me?

Just not used to the fighting, pushing and boxing that goes on but it’s something I suppose I’ve got to get used to if I’m to push the leading guys in my A/G.

I’ll give myself 3/10 for the swim, 8/10 bike and a 7 for the run leg.

Official result and break down of the race.


Congrats to Pete Walker who despite being hospitalised recently was too good for his age group rivals taking out 1st spot, Kroney’s efforts was worthy of a 3rd spot , and The Champ despite losing his watch in the swim finished strong for 8th as well.

For my efforts I was happy to clean up again on the betting stakes, Pete may have won his race but still couldn’t cover his allotted handicap over me, the Champ lost more than his watch as I’ll take a nice bottle of Red from him, and my old client will also be paying up after I beat him by the closest of margins ..... ONE second separated us, but a wins a win J

Only one lose , and I’m forced to buy Kroney one of those 4 litre casks of wine that he prefers (he’s all class that bloke)


Stayed around for the biggest raffle/draw in history post race and for the 10th year running I came away with Sweet F’all once again.  If going to the Dark Side (North ) is bad, then going West is just traumatic and I’m mighty relieved to get back to the Inner West and head out for a few arvo beers with best mates before Old Glesso joins us with his bag of Nappies for a yarn.


Great race and still one of the more popular races on the tri calendar – Just wish those boys weren’t so aggressive in the swim leg and didn’t bash me up so much J


Met up with another blog fan post race – This time Ladies and handicap winner  the very talented Emma Moffat , nice girl and she was keen to find out how I survived my ordeal and manage to keep going when the chips are down? Told her it’s all in the Stoke heart as I gave her a few tips to take to Rio for next year’s Olympic games.

Not sure what it is but all these World Champion and Olympic games ladies all seem to want to chat with this Mr Normal Average guy from Stoke as the below photos can testify to.



Alongside Pete Walker, Champ and Pete's eldest son Luke who went well in his debut Tri aged just 16.

Ladies and handicap winner the talented Emma Moffatt.

And post race we exchange race stories.

With World Champion Gwen earlier in the year at Kurnell.

and with regular Eastside training partner for our Sunday long runs Eloise


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Big Swim and Rushcutter 400s

Busy morning but was keen to maintain my Thursday morning swim set and with a little help and a pair of feet to sit on I was all prepared for a big set ahead, and after a 400m warm up I was told what was to follow was.

3 x 200s rolling every 3.30, 8 x 50s rolling every 60 seconds -   repeat  x3

A quick tally and realised that added to 3ks even without my warm up .... ouch

Got through the first set OK, coming in for the 200s on about 3.18 – 3.19 and then the 50s with a longer break, Started to feel it on the 2nd round although was still happy enough with the 3.20s and holding.

Come the 3rd round though I was consigned to only doing the 3 x 200s knowing that would get me up to the 3k marker and I could live with that. An easy 100m cool down was all I could muster before feeling satisfied with 3.1k done for the morning.


Down to Rushcutters at lunch, and it’s not often I go against the boys or the Chairman Tommy H on the planned set sessions but with them doing 800s I only had 400s on the cards, With my race on Sunday, plus the fact I did 800s on Tuesday I stuck to my guns and decided on the 10 x 400s rolling every 2 minutes.

It worked pretty well as on every odd rep I would start with Tom, Tonge and Jerome working from the front with them holding 74s. The even ones were tougher though – running solo I was made to work twice as hard and even then lost a few seconds.

Even feeling tired I was moving OK, and managed a 73 second lap on the 9th rep before giving myself the extra break and then kicking it down for the final rep with a 71.

Times were: 74, 75, 73, 77, 74, 77, 75, 78, 73, 71


Even though the even rep times were down a little I’ll take that.


A good team out today with Jerome the pick of the boys as he matched it with Tommy H on the last rep for a rather sharp 2.20 to end the 800s.

Nice to see #1 Lady ‘Mrs Kenny’ out leading and keeping the second group of 800s honest, and Kroney was looking sharp and all of a sudden looks dangerous now to me for Sunday at Nepean.

A good warm down with Barts, J-Fen, Tommy H and Enda as talk turned to the upcoming Beer Mile, Barts pulled out straight away, Fenton will only run if Budweiser is on display, Tommy is still unsure that he can consume 4 beers, and Enda has already confirmed his 18th cold will be a major hindrance for him come the night.


Earned myself a couple of rest days now before Sunday’s first Tri of the season, and even booked in for a few hours of massage and pamper in the morning.


Big weekend coming up, In the footy Stoke play at the home of footy ‘The Brit’ and entertain Watford for what is a banker home win. Get on NEW boy ‘Shaq’ to get on the scoresheet as well. It’s taken him some time to settle and its true his best performance has only come on his sons Xbox FIFA 15 game but I can see him showing his class this week against a very mediocre Watford team.

Timmy’s Best Bet – Stoke 3 vs. Watford 1


Out to the glorious west on Sunday for the Nepean Tri – looking forward to it and hopefully I can start the season with a decent time although the bike leg is still a query ?

A full report to come Monday.




Have a great weekend

Train well, stay safe




Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Midweek Recovery Swim

Unusual to swim on a Wednesday but with new dad Hoey off work and wanting to check out PAP I was more than happy to roll the arms over to get some extra ks done in the pool.

Pretty easy in truth and despite Hoey saying he can’t swim he goes OK and I’m pretty sure he’d take out the Biathlon should he ever be brave enough to partake. His run leg alone would mean he’d first in the pool and I think he’d be that far ahead nobody would catch him.

About 2ks all up before retiring to ‘Blacksmith’ for coffee after.


Big day tomorrow – Double day, swim and run before easing off for the remainder of the week and then Nepean Triathlon Sunday. Got a bit of confidence back this week so will be interesting to see how it pans out?

Bets on with Coach Walker, Champ and Kroney will mean I’ll need to ‘bring my A game’ and rumour is PLOD has given up his Sunday sleep in and may be a starter?




Monday, October 19, 2015

McKay Oval 8 x 800s with the Eastside Elites.

With warm temps arriving I thought I’d get out early and enlisted the help of some of the Eastside Elites for some 800s on McKay Oval. Had the pleasure of HuRTS #1 Prince Ho, Former #1 Irishman Kanser, and #1 Romeo at the moment Pommy Birch for the tough set ahead. After Sunday’s mammoth ride I wasn’t sure what to expect today and was therefore happy to roll around the first rep just behind Hoey with a 2.38.  Hoey continued on for a recovery floating lap whilst the rest of us took the 90 seconds recovery.

Kanser was on my tail on the first 400 only to drop off on the second half of each as I was somehow holding it altogether.  Delighted as more than anything I was consistent with every rep done in under 2.40 – something that I’ve not done for a long time, and as free as I’ve moved since the glute issue.

Kanser and Birchy were almost done once the 7th was finished but rallied for one final 400m effort, as I tucked behind Kanser to keep me honest for my 8th and fastest one of the day

Times for the day were. 2.38, 2.39, 2.39, 2.38, 2.39, 2.38, 2.39, 2.34


Hoey doing it easy was cruising around in about 2.34s, Kanser about 2.46s and Birchmaster roughly 2.53s


Great session and probably my strongest, thanks mainly to having the lads out helping me.



Taffy on photo duties at last weeks Biathlon as I come in from the 4k run - buggered.

The pool looks so inviting.

Until I get in and flap my way through the 300m


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Monday Swim at P.A.P

With Crossy Lad away on International Duathlon duty in Adelaide I was looking for an easy recovery swim to start the week and when Pete Walker came calling I thought perfect as he was looking to do the same after a recent illness that has kept him out.

All was looking rosy until the likes of Kroney, The Champ and the ‘Casper’ Brothers Leech and Angus Boyd rocked up and i knew any chance of an easy swim was about to go out the window.

A couple of hundred warm up and with a shorter set of 2 x400 2 x 200 and 2x100 we were soon away.

I was blowing early from the first rep and when the second was even faster i was almost out for the count. The 200s were done in a similar time to what is achieved in the faster A.B.C pool before we paired up for the 2 x 100m relay to close it out/

Teams were Bike buddies from yesterday – Leech & Kroney, Champ was paired with Floatie Pants Angus, whilst poor Pete has to do with me as a handicap

It went down to the wire as both Kroney and I battled it out, and the faster Angus being made to reduce the gap each time. The Leech was the first to ‘put up the white flag’ when he did his best ‘Lay Down Sally’ impression and the tough old bugger Pete Walker just had enough in the tank to hold out Boyd to take us to victory for the day.


400 times 6.26, 614.

200 times 3.02, 3.03

Felt good once the swim was all done


Can’t finish off without a word from the weekends racing down in Melbourne. Some great conditions made for quick times. Old Mate Gleeso didn’t disappoint with a massive PB for the day (think I did call it last week?) breaking through 90 minutes in the half. My current #1 clients Craig and partner Victoria went well, particularly Vic’s who covered the marathon in 3hr:40 mins, with Craig wondering why he didn’t PB despite his 6 schooners the previous evening?

The Timmy run of the Day though goes to Erika Ekland on her 2.57 marathon and another PB to her name – super run from the adopted Eastside lady and I hope she remembers where it all started for her when the plaudits come presentation evening. No doubt those pesky NOTB will try to claim her along the way mind you.


Congrats to training mate Crossy Lad as well in coming 2nd in Adelaide, just getting done by another old mate in Deano Degan by 16 seconds and reversing the position from 12 months back.


Will be back out running tomorrow – going to be a warm one again I see so have decided to head out early morning and got NEW dad Prince Ho and Kanser out to keep me honest with some 800s on McKay Oval.




On the Bike - West Head and Akuna Bay.

Enlisted the help of good HuRTS boys Eoin the Leech and Brendan Krone for my first proper bike ride in about 8 months and after picking up Kroney at Centennial we cruised over the bridge to the ‘Dark Side’ to collect Leechy.

No sooner started and I get a puncture at North Sydney that has me in doubts about if this was a good idea or not. Leech tells me we are heading out to West Head and Akuna Bay for the morning and then slips in that its 100k from where we started .

Head out and enjoy the first big downhill to the Spit as I hit speeds of nearly 70 clicks , and then deep into the North Shore boys territory before we are forced to stop again at Narrabeen for puncture #2 care of the Leech..... these bloody dirty North Shore roads – full of crap.

Lots of rolling hills but even by about 40ks I can feel the legs starting to fade, although the big downhills soon take the pain disappear for a short time as the speed one again hits the high 70s and even 82 at one point.

A quick drinks break at 50k at West Head and time for a scenic pic with the lads before the first of a decent climb ahead, Struggle with it and Leech is barely any stronger thanks to his 4 week break back in Ireland as  Kroney powers ahead. Some nice flat sections follow as we keep a nice 40 ks per/hr tempo with Kroney being made to do all the work but that doesn’t last long enough before we are forced to climb Mont Blanc to get us out of Akuna Bay. With 70ks now in the legs I’m in the hurt box and nearly a broken man as I’m struggling to even hold 10k per/hr with Leech slightly better holding about 11.

Bloody knackered at the end of it and was happy to get back on a decent stretch of Mona Vale Road and then stopping for a chocolate and coke fix at a nearby servo.

My joy at coming back down the ‘Spit was short lived as I knew I had one more climb on the other side but somehow managed to get through OK and from there it was pretty straight forward heading back along Military Road before bidding Leech farewell as Kroney and I made it back to the Bridge and the safety of the Eastside.

Returned to the park as the distance just edged over 116k for the morning – Geez, far more than I was intending and far more than  thought possible for me and despite being tired I was delighted to have got it done

Some stats from the morning ;

Distance 116ks

Bike time 4hr:15 mins

Average speed; 28 ks per/hr

Total Ascent: 1720m


Many thanks to the two boys in helping me out, I really do need to do more of these longer rides and will try to get out more in the hotter summer months ahead. Although PLOD won’t be coming with us as he tells me he needs his Sunday sleep in these days .... bloody big soft lad.



Not many things I enjoy more than my Sunday arvo beers, and today was no exception as I got the call up from old Kanser to drop over for a few beers and a bit of nosebag as he cooked up some Steak and Fish. Quality, He cooks up a storm does Davey and the beers flowed all afternoon before I head to the local in downtown Erko for a few more with Pommy Birchy and get all the gossip from Sesame Street care of his new ‘friend’


A break at 50ks in and take time out to play 'Tammy Tourist' with stunning views over West Head with The Leech and Kroney.


Friday, October 16, 2015

Run and Swim to end the week.

Morning. Arranged to meet Birchy at McKay for some 400s followed by a flat lap tempo but with me running late and Birchy short on time we just settled for the 400s in the end.

Very humid morning first up and with a short turnaround from last night’s race I was feeling it pretty much from the first rep as I rolled around with a  78. Shared the oval with cricketer Davie Warner and his wife Candice Falzon who was doing some specific drills and explosive work nearby, and Birchy seemed to have an extra spring in his step each time he went past the ironwoman.

Kept all the reps between 77 & 78 and dropped the last lap down to a 72 to end.

Tired at the end and was happy that Birchy was unable to do the tempo as I honestly don’t’ think I had it in me and quickly retired for coffee and toasted banana bread once done.


Lunch. Very warm day and headed to town for the usual Friday swim, only Manly Steve and a surprise appearance from the Frenchman Jerome to start and I feared the worst. Luckily a good team turned up and we had a full squad back and nice to see ‘The Leech back with his NEW Dublin suntan...... Jesus, talk about milk bottle, he makes Angus Boyd look like Sammy Davis Jnr.

A  good 400 warm up solo followed by a series of 300, 200 and 100s for the day with the 200s ranging from 3.02 to 3.17 depending on who was leading the lane.

Poor Brendan Wong leads one rep then spends the next 25 minutes whinging on how fast it was – nightmare.

2ks all up for the day and a nice way to end the week


A big weekend coming up with the return of the premier footy, Stoke travel to Wales and will be forced to leave there sense of humour at the boarder before crossing to play Swansea. Tough enough match and although we should win – I’m going to sit on the fence with this one and predict a 1-1 draw

Will try to get out for the long run on Sunday, although I would prefer to get out for a bike ride, unfortunately PLOD has gone all soft and requires a sleep in on Sundays and won’t go with me ..... the blokes lost it.


In HuRTS other news I’m hearing;

1.       Congrats to Prince Ho and his wife Lorie on the birth of new daughter Trinity – great news, and I suspect an extra chair will have to be pulled up for the Sunday breakfast houses around town going forward.

2.       Spoke to good guy and one of HuRTS all time favourites Richie High this morning, trying to get him for drinks on the 19th November, Tells me he’s in good form and is that confident that he has already offered me a 2 minute handicap start at the final Striders 10k at Lane Cove in 2 weeks time. Always said that man was a shark.

3.       From the NO names file..... Spotted one Female HuRTS runner smashing out fast reps around Farm Cove today despite telling everyone she is not doing any training ........beware all come JPMorgan.

4.       And Finally it seems old Pommy Birch is on a roll at the moment. Looks like his New Year’s resolution is coming good, I’m sworn to secrecy but I can tell you that Susan is old hat and he has a new flame on the go.  As I say I can’t spread names or rumours but I did snap a photo of her walking up outside his gaff at Edgecliff overnight – see below.

After a slow start to the year - The Birch is killing em at the moment.


Also nearly forgot – good luck to all those racing over the weekend, Melbourne Half and Full Marathon is on that a few of the guys are racing, special mention to Gleeso who I know is in good form so look out for a PB from the Manc Boy. Whilst over in Adelaide Crossy Lad is lining up for the World Championships in the Biathlon and I’m expecting big things after his performance at the same race last year.


Have a great weekend

Train well & Stay safe





Thursday, October 15, 2015

A.B.C Biathlon 19.52 - 4th Overall.

Wasn’t feeling 100% and the head wasn’t really in it but made my way to the Biathlon for the 2nd race in the A.B.C series all the same. Pretty much the same line up as last week only without Angus Boyd as we prepared for the start.

Gun went off and Mike Lichwark heads to the front followed by the ‘Missile’ who won last week’s thanks to a blistering swim, I settle in 4th spot with the same lad I had a battle with last week just ahead, Go through the tougher first k in about 3.36 (some 7 seconds slower than last week) and even by the 1.5k mark I’m struggling and getting dropped by 3rd place guy.

Barely made it to the turnaround as the clock ticked 7.15 and was in no man’s land and had no chance of catching the lad in front. Just tried to hang in as best I could and got to the top of the stairs in a finish time of 14.25 with Taffy Lad offering abuse and taking photos with me offering nothing.

Usual 20 odd seconds down the steps and shoes off before entering the pool with 3rd spot a good 30m ahead. The first 100m doesn’t feel too bad and I notice I’ve reduced the gap, 150 down and I start to think I have a chance, 100m to go and I’m only about 10m behind and start thinking that it will come down to the last 25m if I’m to take him. Give myself every chance but the bugger just finds something over the closing stages and edges me out by a second as he touches in 19.51 to my 19.52 and keeps me at 4th spot as I manage a 5 minute swim leg yet again.

Not a great race from me, some 16 seconds down from last week and it was all in the run leg -  still a solid hit out all the same and once done I was pleased I made some sort of effort.

Winning guy was the same as last week – the Missile came home in 17.55 (17.48 last week) and Mike stopped the clock in 18.11 I think? For 2nd


Night was complete with a few ales with Taffy James and Birchy at the Bells Pub & The Tilbury Hotel before we gave old ‘Harry’s’ a nudge with his famous Pie & Mash to soak all the alcohol up.


Was waiting for Taffy to send me the pics through from last night but I fear it may be next Wednesday before he gets around to it so I’ll just log the post now ..... bloody taffs, useless ;)


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Easy Few Midweek Ks

Took the opportunity to run with my clients first up to get a few extra ks logged seeing as I’ve let it slip lately. Basically did a repeat of yesterday’s HuRTS set albeit a little slower. Some of my quicker guys weren’t messing around so was working around 4 min/ks on some and was then only too happy to drop back to help the slower people later in the session.

All up including warm up and cool down 10ks
Latest, All this talk of Jeet and his Barry Manilow love, got Tommy H sending me his favourite band from the 70s. Heard they are making a comeback ? Although they have decided to upgrade the costumes to fit in with the modern day attire.
Check them out, if you can't remember them then you need to check out the Number 1 hit from 1976 'Under the Moon of Love'  .....also one of Gleeso's all time favourite


Actually looks like Tom on backing vocals 2nd from the right :)

HuRTS 8 x 5 minute efforts

Miserable day in Sydney today with at times heavy showers although in truth it made for good running conditions for the 8 x 5 minutes set at lunchtime. Despite the average weather there was a good turnout with the Top 4 all on view (Hoey, Barts, C.T and D.Tonge) as well as HuRTS #1 Female the newly crowned  ‘Mrs Kenny’ (Renee).

Went out at a good gallop for the first rep and basically sat in with Brucie Lambert working at 3.36 pace just ahead of a decent group behind that had the inform Jeet, and Adrian McGarva in it. Returned slightly faster at 3.34 pace before deciding that I was going to start further back on the Opera House forecourt to prevent  having to go up the hill around the 4min 30 mark at Mrs Macs Chair.

This then meant I was chasing people on the ‘out’ section but then was out in front running solo on the ‘In’ part making it so much more difficult as I had no one to work off.

Struggled on the 5th and 6th reps and asked Macca if he wanted to do the last two reps with me at 4 minute pace, His reply was that we should work together and just do TWO 1k reps instead.

He went out hard and I basically just tucked in with him, felt his pace drop slightly at the 750m so did my turn at the front and hit the mark with a 3.25. For the last one Macca decided to just sit in on my shoulder before he kicked it down at the 750m with me doing my best to hang on.

Happy enough to end with a 3.22 and is perhaps the strongest I’ve gone in weeks and happy to be able to go sub 3.30 with over 11ks in the legs.

Pace for the 6 x reps and two 1ks were:

3.36, 3.34, 3.32, 3.37, 3.37, 3.39, 3.25, 3.22

A decent warm down with the lads for another 3ks for 14k plus for the day.


Good session to get done and it seems the group has lifted once again with the popular JPMorgan coming around in less than 4  weeks time.  Plenty of speed work will be the order of the day going forward I suspect?

Good to see Kanser, Sammy J, Warrior Charlie, Hardman J.C, and Pommy Birchy  all getting some form back, and Jeet was looking good, doing it easy as he prepares for his N.Y Marathon in less than 3 weeks....... just wish he’d stop that Barry Manilow shite every time he runs past me – it’s starting to get on my wick.



Monday, October 12, 2015

Solo Monday Swim

With regular Monday swim partner Crossy Lad away in Adelaide preparing to defend his Duathlon Crown next Sunday I decided to get the swim done early today and headed to the pool at 6.30am to get it out the way.

Some 500m reps and then 10 x 50s for 2ks all up.

Pretty uneventful, but glad it’s done.


Back into town tomorrow and will knock out the 8 x 5 minutes with the team.



Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Sunday 'Happy' Long Run.

Getting to that time of the year where numbers start to dwindle with not much racing left to go and so it was only a small number out for this morning’s long run. Still it didn’t stop a morning filled with much entertainment along the way with everyone seemingly in a happy mood.

I hadn’t been running much so was keen to log a few ks today even if it meant at an easier pace. After welcoming Shire boy ‘Abdul’ Ali and getting firsthand the reports from his recent Blackmore’s 3.5k winning run we were off for the first 6k loop. Wasn’t long before the front runners led by Ali were off and I was then left to run with a very happy ‘Sweaty’ in Craig Wiseman after his ‘Mad’ Jocks got up for the win in the Union. The Rugby and his happiness I could take but when he started going on about his ‘date night’ at the movies watching Toni Collette in ‘Miss you Already’ where he was crying like a baby it was starting to get too much for me.

Pleased then when we returned to the cafe and picked up Birchy at 7am, and he was even happier as he couldn’t then shut up about his new flame ‘Susan’ for the next 5ks as we were working around 4.45 pace per/k. The 10k loop completed just as the GPS packed in and then I managed to convince both Birch & Wiseman to do another flat loop with me to round out 20ks for the day.

20ks all up at about 4.45 for the morning – easy enough and happy to get a longer run done after going M.I.A over the past few weeks.

Frenchman Jerome Depardieu joined Birchy and I for coffee after, as we watched another happy man Jeet come bouncing around the corner singing the Barry Manilow classic Mandy. Geez, didn’t know he was such a big fan but seems he’s got the whole collection of CDs in his car – tragic.


Rest day tomorrow but will continue on with the Monday swim with Crossy Lad........ just hope it’s not too cold for him?



Take a listen to what is top of Jeets playlist for his New York Marathon run to come.





Thursday, October 8, 2015

A.B.C Biathlon 19.35 - 5th Overall.

I put out the call of arms but was sadly let down once more with a very poor turnout for the first Biathlon of the season from the team. Worst excuses heard on record and even Enda would have been proud of many of the feeble reasons NOT to race. Probably my biggest disappointment though came from the ‘Chairman’ when our head to head didn’t eventuate.

Rolled up to a decent attendance but only spotted Mike Lichwark (Kiwi) and Angus from the HuRTS team, stood on the start line and bulled Angus up telling him the win was his tonight for sure as he only had Mike to beat and with that he took off like a man possessed. I went through the first 1k at 3.29 and he was easily 10-15 seconds ahead of me. I settled into 4th on the run leg working about 30m from the lad ahead.  Got to the turning point in 7.08 and thought I’d bridge the gap on the return leg. Fair play to the lad though as I never actually got any closer as I came home in a slightly slower 14.08 (with 3rd place 14.00)

A 22 second transition felt an age but wasn’t too bad and although the breathing was fine once swimming the arms felt so heavy. Ticked along OK and even at the 250m mark still had none of the faster swimmers go by, that lasted till the final 25m before my 4th spot was gone.

Touched the wall in 19.35 for 5th overall – slower than normal but good to get the first hit out done and out the way.

Jumped out the pool thinking I was going to congratulate Casper (Angus) on his debut win only to be told he got done...... Yep, the guy in 3rd place on the run not only looked like James Magnussen but could actually swim like the ‘Missile’ himself

Winning time was 17.49 , Angus 18.11


Although Tommy H let me down with his no show I was mighty relieved in the end as I know he would have beat me on that time so I saved myself $20 and actually WON the $20  (he knows the rules)


I’m pretty confident going forward for the season that I can find the extra 30 seconds needed to beat the Chairman and I’ll be waiting for his challenge once he can lose the floaties and the armbands and eventually lock in a date.


A few quiet beers in the Tilbury after capped off a fine evening.


A quieter weekend this week ( I hope) NO footy on the cards due to the International break so I can’t tip you Stoke to win this week, England will win but will be very short odds.

So the next best Timmy’s bet this week will be get on the Daft Taffy’s to topple the Skippy’s in the Union,


Met up with the HuRTS hierarchy Mikey & Tom today to discuss a few things, and finally had a collect from the Chairman for the September Striders 10 where he not only failed to cover the 2.30 handicap start but also failed to beat me on the day.

Photo from the handover.

Also agreed (as a fair bloke) to go Double of nothing on the next Biathlon with his no show from last night.

Cheers 'H' - $20 in the Lindop 'Kitty' care of our Striders 10k runs at North Head.


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

3k Swimming Milestone.

Worked at P.A.P first up this morning and took the opportunity of a near empty pool once done to log some more ks,

A 300m warm up followed by 1000m pretty cruisy, and then 10 x 50 metres hard. Then did 800m followed by another 8 x 50m hard that I barely got through.

Tough enough session for me but happy to finally be able to say that I managed a 3k set all up. Must be one of my longest I’ve ever done?

The coffee and toasted blueberry bread went down a treat after.


Buggered now though and tonight it’s the first of the Biathlons down at A.B.C Pool, always tough these are at the best of times and with no speed work in the legs tonight’s could be one hell of a shock to the system?

Not sure who’s attending? Normally get a big turnout but some have already wimped out – soft c@ck$. Reigning champ ‘Ronnie’ Biggs has cried off wanting to see some boy band on at the Enmore, Stankard’s still busy eating his way through China, and both Birchy & Taffy are arguing who now has the best barber?

Still old Biathlon foe Highnam will no doubt be on the start line, just hope I can get within that ‘Magic’ 60 second distance of his run to have any sort of chance for ‘bragging rights’ ?

My tip for the outright win is Angus Boyd, unbackable at the moment, running and swimming really well and I certainly won’t get anywhere near him.


Report and Pics to come tomorrow




Tuesday, October 6, 2015

McKay 800s and Ted Rogers Dusty Bin Swimming

With a 37 degree day set for Sydney the only option was to get the run done as early as possible that meant an S.O.S call to Kanser last night for help to get me through some 800s before the heat came.

Arranged a time and then waited, and waited, and waited more  until I was cursing him and started the first rep without the lad. Rolled around for the double lapper in 2.42 just as Kanser decided to make an appearance blaming the ‘Nanny’ (as you do) for his usual late arrival.

Kanser was feeling a little under the weather and said he was good for 6 reps that suited me as I was already one ahead and after the weekend I had, then I’d be happy to be able to get through 7.

We tried to keep the pace slightly easier but even then we were both blowing pretty hard as early as the 3rd & 4th reps, Kanser was right on my shoulder for about 400m throughout but I was simply holding the pace second time around whereas I think he was dropping off by a second or two?

Pace for each was solid and consistent at least and was then happy enough to record my fastest on the 7th to finish.

Times were 2.42, 2.43, 2.45, 2.44, 2.43, 2.42, 2.38

Glad to get that all out the way by 8am as you could feel heat already.


Lunchtime, and with missing the Monday swim I put out the call to see if Crossy Lad wanted to join me at P.A.P for what was supposed to be an easy swim? After a warm up we went with the Old Ted Rogers & Dusty Bin set .... 3, 2, 1 (you may need to be English to understand?) x 3 sets for 1800m all up .

Crossy agreed to lead the first one and I was working pretty hard just to stay on, I was forced to take out the second rep, and pushed the pace so much Cross snapped a ‘Heartstring’ .... sorry snapped his goggles on my 200 rep and was then forced to finish off without.

With two sets done we then decided just to finish off with 2 x 100m efforts for the day.

Times 300/200/100m -  4.49, 3.19, 1.38 & 4.45, 3.13, 1.38

2 x 100s 1.32, 1.29


Only 1500m all up but the swim was a mighty relief in the heat

Good day all around, especially after the long weekend we just had.




The Pests together for one final time causing mayhem. Stevie T and the Stallion Durante.