Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tuesday Tempo Run 10ks - 39.16

Tuesday, After sitting and reflecting on Sunday's effort I realized that once you feel as if you have hit the bottom then something needs to change. With this in mind I clearly need to reassess my training regime because obviously its certainly not working.
Rest day on the Monday and with legs still a little tender I thought the HuRTS broken One Milers was madness and decided to join #1 Barts for a change.  Now before I get too carried away Barts was on his easy recovery set that was 60 minutes at 4 min/Ks that I thought either 10ks or 45 minutes would be doable?
Also making a late appearance was Andy 'Skippy' Heyden who has also found some fine form of late.
Set off at the required pace and despite it being a tad faster then I thought I was able to hold pretty comfortably (even if Barts and Heyden were doing the bulk of the talking), Through the Domain, Quay and Passenger Terminal area to Barangaroo  and back to the Quay saw me rack up the 10ks in 39.16 averaging 3.56s
Run with the boys till they departed and carried on up Hickson that meant running the final 2.5ks on my own but happy to maintain the pace throughout and actually run it faster then I could manage on Sunday.
Still had my watch set up from Sunday that had my Ks splits and they were.
3.56, 3.52, 3.56, 4.04, 3.55
3.54, 3.49, 3.53, 4.01, 3.50

Wednesday, Very easy 10ks  with clients as they were on 1k reps ranging from a 4.10 pace through to 5 min/ks for 6ks then 4k even slower.

Will be back out for some speed work Thursday but need to get the swim set done first up that's going to hurt even more.


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