Sunday, September 17, 2017

Bike and Swim Double

Really been enjoying the recent bike training and it was back to Centennial to end the week with another session. After seeing off Macca last week Geordie boy Tommy H represented the NOTB team although we lost Leech but did have Kroney returning who is looking stronger every week.
Decided on 3 x 7k hill loops with a flat recovery after each and once we'd knocked out a few warm up we were like prized boxers ready to enter the ring.
Ding Ding Round 1. Fast start and Tommy H is the first to turn at the York St gates, Jesus I'm working very hard but I do everything I can to stay with him knowing I'm as strong on the flat sections thereafter. Quick peek coming over the top and see we've dropped Kroney big time, Fly down the hill and with Tom ahead I make a big push as I go past. Bugger reacts and then sits on me for another 1k before I'm happy for him to take a turn. Stays the same until just past Fox Gates and then I push for home with 1k to go and happy to stay ahead until we reach the finishing post in a time of 10.30.
Round 1 - Lindop.

Ding Ding Round 2. Same as one only this time its Kroney who is fast away with Tom and I'm struggling half way up the hill that sees the boys some 15 seconds ahead at the top. Its a long old loop after that and with the boys working together I have no chance of reeling them back and I'm left to battle alone to see it out in 10.58
Round 2 - Highnam.

Ding Ding Round 3. After round 2 I knew I just had to get to the top of the hill with Tom to then be able to finish it off strong. With all 3 of us battling the 700m section I was right in the mix with about 50m to go before the boys gaped me coming around the top, Brendan looked the strongest and had opened up on Tom that I was happy for as it meant I maybe able to work with him if I could just push that extra to get back on. Unfortunately (for me) Tom had other ideas and put a burst in to get back onto Kroney and I was cactus once that was done. Another flat loop solo as I could see the boys working together well and I was unable to do anything about it. Delighted though to keep it more than honest with another 10.58 section although I was absolutely spent once done
Round 3 - Highnam

Cracking session once more, probably the best I've done for ages, the two boys were flying this morning. I always knew it was a matter of time before Kroney got it back and Tom just gets stronger every time I see him on the bike. Once more he had the better of me today especially over the hills but there is nothing in it when it comes to the faster flatter sections and it will be interesting to see who comes out with the fastest bike split come race day?
Enjoyed a coffee with the lads after before returning home with 50ks done for the morning.

Swim at lunch and after the bike training went with only going easy so arrived very early to knock the best part of a K out before joined by Angus and Crossy Lad, A few 200 and 100m efforts after some quicker then I wanted soon got me to another 2k that I was happy with.
Ended with a trip around to Mums Table - the local Vietnamese for some quality Pho Soup that Crossy Lad kindly picked up the tab that went down a treat. Much appreciated.

After the blow out last weekend, it was another good weeks training. Lets hope there is NO repeat of last weekends efforts on the social side.


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