Monday, December 26, 2011

Fat Pudding on the Bike

After the constant eating that has gone on for the past 4 days or so it was a slightly heavier Timmy on the bike this morning as i made my way to the park to catch up with the BRAT tri guys, ( happy to see no RBTs out as well for that matter whilst cycling over)
If i thought last Fridays session was hard with Enda, Conor and Heyden then this really was the 'Creme dela Creme' of Centennial Park - My God, i knew i only had an hour to do with the boys as i had work to do but i was struggling from the off just to stay on the wheel. We did 4 laps hard continuous and i was breaking my ar$e to keep up when Clyde gave out a call (more an order) to wake up and do some 'flipping work'... think he took his angry pills overnight.
Couldn't believe i had nothing left and i still had another 45 minutes before my class was due to start, Did a few hills before thankfully the watch rolled around to 7am and i was never so happy to see my clients :)
Although i struggled badly today, i am pretty happy with my cycling as i don't think i have lost to much, it's just at this time of the year with constantly going out eating and drinking it will always be tough not helped when you are cycling with guys that do 500k + a week and they only have Soda Waters and eat Haloumi salads when they go out for a big night - Soft Lads, they'd never be allowed in at HuRTS  :)

Will try to knock out an easy run tomorrow and even try to swim at some stage.

Friday, December 23, 2011

5k Tempo/Time Trial

Christmas Eve and i was looking forward to a relaxing morning after the past tough two days training , when out of the blue (from a pub) Old Kanser was on the blower/texting me to meet him in the park for a 5k tempo run.
Rolled up and really wasn't in the mood to run any fast efforts today although Kaner looked terrible after a heavy night out on the town so i thought I'd give it a go. Easy 2k warm up over to the park from his house before we were off on our normal 5k route.
Knew the 1st k was going to be honest and we went through at 3.20 side by side, before Kanser drew ahead and i was falling behind on the 2nd as my times were drifting out to 3.30 pace. By the 3rd k it was 'all over red rover'.......just managed to hold 3.40 pace, going through the 3k mark in 10.30 tried to continue but 300mtrs further i decided to pull the pin and that was it for me.
Kanser run well, although he did fall off a bit towards the end 17.48 I think ? (3.36 pace), and you never know i might have caught him had i kept the same pace :)
It was then back over the 'House of Kane' for the cups of tea, and those regular readers will notice slight changes in the blog, (mainly colours) BUT i have already had some disgruntled readers demand it goes back as they don't like the grey writing that is coming through. He has also added a list of up coming races for the new year that i have to update, and i will be loading my new Head to Heads, Flakey will go as will Mike Race, and perhaps Tiger. Charlie Low will now be added as i figure come the end of 2012 he will pull out of more races then he actually beats me :) Tom will remain but on a handicap system, and old foes Palmer, Conway, Walker, and Stankard will again provide plenty of tough competition in 2012.

Have a very Merry Christmas to all of you and your families.

The Year in Review - 2011.

Well what a year its been, probably my most successful running wise of my career, Finally breaking through the sub 35 minute barrier (twice) and managing to dip under 50 mins in the big City to Surf race in August. With some good consistent training throughout the year helped mainly by the HuRTS sessions, and my training partners it really did make a big difference to my overall races and times achieved over the 12 months.
There were many highlights and they were;
Breaking 35 mins over 10ks
Running 49.17 City to Surf
Running 3rd in the Phuket Half in June
Running 3rd in the Striders Equalizer in February
Smashing Tommy H (albeit by about 5 seconds) in the Boy Charlton Biathlon
Smashing Enda in the Gold Coast Half in July
Winning Most Improved at the HuRTS presentation.
Husky Long Course Triathlon in 4.16

Low lights;
Disappointing Phuket Traithlon due to virus/infection that resulted in a DNF.
Sydney Half 79.59, despite running a 10k PB only two weeks prior.
Managing to let Kanser and Stankard to get one over me in the 'Head to Heads' at JP Morgan.

The year actually started in the worst possible way at the Striders 10ks at Homebush with 40 degree heat and me having a bad cold, that resulted in me getting off my sick bed and then struggled to even finish in a time of 45 mins+. It was just carnage out there with people being carted off in ambulances.
 Concentrated on the tris and gave the Husky long course a go for the first time, went well with an overall time of 4hr16.
Saw some of the elite HuRTS guys line up for the final biathlon for the season at the ABC Pool, nerves and tension running high as everyone was out to be 'Top Dog' - Stevie T aka Wildman took the honours and our chairman Tom finished a distant last, even getting 'Chicked' by Greta Truscott :)
Not much running in May as it was a trip back home to watch Stoke City in the FA Cup Final (which we lost) it also meant i missed out on the Half Marathon around the city, but i did manage to run a 35.11 at the Striders before leaving, and in turn giving me the confidence i needed to get under the elusive time.
May time was also the month that certain members of the team brought SHAME to the great name and send the papers into overdrive at the Striders Presentation evening, old pests Thurston, Durante, Kane and Highnam were out of control whilst poor writer Bryce Courtenay never had a chance. It also led to the resignation of Chris Truscott from the committee.
June the 4th will go down as a great day - It finally happened, young Timmy dipped under the 35 mins for 10ks, and wasn't so happy since i scored in the semi Final under 17s for Stoke City in the Sentinal Cup.Crossed the line to be congratulated by Big Sam and the rest of  the team.......Nearly brought tears to my eyes :)
Another successful month , this time putting Enda to the sword up at the Gold Coast Half, after sitting on him for 18ks it was time to turn the burners on and he could only watch the big screen and his fans as i flew by. Meanwhile Old Kanser was tackling the hills in France and again bringing more shame to the squad as he decided he wanted to get his mug on the telly,
Run of the Year though went to chairman Tom who on debut in the Marathon smashed his way to an impressive 2.36
Whilst the biggest Battle of the Month was out at Homebush where Kanser was taking on Mikey Conway - in lightening quick times MC took the title and Kanser's $20 when he crossed the line in 37.30, but Kanser did get his own back when he demolished 17 Lamington Cakes at the end. whilst Conway sat happy in the car park counting his cash.
The good form continued into August and without doubt Sydney's biggest day at the City to Surf, managed to record a PB of 49.17 and take a few scalps along the way in good guys Richie High and Razor Wareham.
The Timmy run of the day though went to J. Fenton storming home in 47.41. A massive afternoon followed with the annual Tom's tent (Allens) hosting the boys and girls before Richie High pulled a few strings to get us into the Pie Face tent where we all went ballistic :)
Started another month with a PB 34.27 at North Head running with Paul Macca Mclarnon and Richie High.  this was possibly the strongest i felt all year at this time, but unfortunately only two weeks later Paul Macca run about a 75 mins and i could barely get home in under 80 mins - the decline for the year was on, i had run my races for the year i thought to myself.
Tommy H, also breaks through for his maiden Striders win taking out the North Head 10ks - many (well Kanser anyway) question the win as his nemesis Tuckey didn't race?
Another season started with the ABC Biathlon with more of the big guns lining up, unfortunately Tom's swimming didn't improve and came in last once again although he didn't get chicked this time around. Charlie 'Ribena' Low takes the crown.
Saw a massive high then a major down, The High coming in Noosa where i knocked out a 2.11 in O.D Triathlon on a day where everything went well and i thought Phuket was looking rosy, sadly a virus curtailed any dreams i had and i was left with my first ever DNF :(
It was also the month Kanser and Enda recorded the first win over Young Timmy at the JP Morgan 5.6k race to give them there one moment of glory in 2011. Another big party followed care of Richie Highs hospitality in the ANZ tent that resulted in me missing my classes the next morning.
Massive night with an even bigger crowd to witness Tucks take out the 'top award of the HuRTS team, and well deserved with Laura an obvious choice for top Female, with Mikey taking out his customary 'Overacheiver' once more. I manage to snag 'Most Improved'

Well that's pretty much it - A very good year for the Young Lindop bloke from Stoke, and hopefully i can keep it going throughout 2012, First race up will be the Striders 10ks in February.

Many thanks to the 3 regular readers of the 'Trash'.... Old Bert in the nursing home, Kanser, and my 7 year old nephew, plus anyone else who suffers from insomniac, i hope after reading it has helped you get some shut eye :)
To any others who may have checked it out anytime, hope you have enjoyed or even got a wry smile ( mostly at the expense of good friends Kanser and Enda) :)

All the best, train well

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Frantic Friday.

Enjoying a relaxing Thursday evening when all of a sudden it was ruined when i got a text from Enda requesting i join him for a Friday cycle at 7am - So it was off for what i thought was going to be a cruise ride for an hour before i realised that Enda had also got a crack team of cyclists for the morning and a tough set was indeed on the cards. With HuRTS man, Jason Heydon, Enda and his good Irish mate Connor in attendance the set was announced as 4 x 10 minute hard efforts with a 5 minute recovery between each.
.....My God, the pace was on from the gun with all of us hanging on for grim death to Connor, with me riding 2nd wheel, Went through a complete lap in 5.37 so i knew i was working hard. Survived the first rep and thought 'no way was i going to get through another 3 of those'. Second was pretty much the same as the 1st...only quicker, completing a lap in 5.30 with us all trying to do our share of the work at the front, except Enda who decided his stint would be at the 9minute 30 mark when he would come by shouting '30 seconds"..Unbelievable:)
3rd was the same and it really was a case of digging deep, and again Enda outdid himself with the 30 second warning. Was actually thinking i would pull the pin after the 3rd rep, but i thought the abuse i would cop wasn't worth it so reluctantly and against doctors orders a 4th rep was completed.
One of the toughest bike sets I've done for a long time i can tell you - certainly the fastest, going around in sub 5.30 laps. Irish boy Connor seemed to take it all in his stride mind you and showed what a very good cyclist he is, poor Enda was gone for all money on the 4th rep and could barely get his 30 second call warning out to us. He was doing his best to try to sit as close to good mate Connor on each rep as witnessed on the photo below:)

Connor helping good friend Enda around on the last rep of the morning.

From here it was on to McKay Oval where we went barefoot to knock out 8 x 400s going of 2 minutes, I felt terrible but luckily the bike took more out of the others then what it did me. Rolled around for each of them in under 76 seconds and even managed to kick the last one down to 72. With Enda doing his  8 in 82s with Connor a further 6 seconds after that.
Bloody tough session all up, knocking out 55ks for the morning, the banter fired up once we had recovered enough with an impartial adjudicator (Connor) deciding that i would get a 5 minute start on handicap over Echinachea Enda in the upcoming long course triathlon at Husky in Feb.
So bet has been laid, just need to get an entry in now :)

That's pretty much it training wise for the year now. So until the New Year have a great Christmas and New Year, Enjoy the break, and for those that race me, please drink and eat plenty to give me a chance in 2012.
Stay safe and see you all out there in the New Year.

* Year in Review will be up later in the day * .....Some of us have work to do you know:)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hickson Road 1.2k Reps

Met Andy Heyden after agreeing that i could park my bike in his office and made our way down to where it all started Hickson Road. 12.25pm came and went and no sign of anyone...???? then Slowly Hamish rocks up, Well at least we have Andy & Hamish i thought ( no not from the radio either) then casually a small crew arrived,with  Mikey Conway deciding to put in an appearance at 12.33pm. A quick slap or two to pull him in line from me ( in Tom's, Tucks, and Richie Highs absence) and we were away:)
Bartles and Razor Wareham were the first to bolt as i tried to tuck in and get through this tough session best i could with the help of no one else around me. Tom then does his best Enda impression and comes out the bushes at 943mtres into the first rep and joins the team.
Hit the line bang on 4.00 mins, and was happy with that, Past experience tells us that the return is quicker and today was no exception as i held 3.18 pace to record 3.55
Times were.4.00, 3.55, 3.59, 3.54, 4.00
Remarked to Tom that despite doing this session many times over the years it never seems to get any easier, but after a lacklustre couple of weeks i am more then happy with those times.

Last night i was out over Bondi at Hurricanes Steak & Rib House with the BRAT tri boys that include some of the HuRTS crew, many awards given out last night and sorry to say many of  the HuRTS boys cleaned up, I say sorry as some of the awards weren't what you would like to win, there was -
The Tarzan Award ( trains like Tarzan, races like Jane) .... went to Clyde
The Hiroshima Award ( biggest Blow up in a race) .....went to PODster ( claim any one of about 8 races)
The Chocolate Award ( if he was chocolate he'd eat himself) ..went to J.C
The Best Excuse Award .............Enda , Really was there anyone else ??

Good old night with J.C holding court for much of the evening, think everyone is scared of him, his banter is pretty spot on and his sledging has Enda shaking. He is known as the Hardman within the circle of friends and he has in fact got his own U- Tube package online that has gone viral. check out the Hardmans latest.

With the BRAT Tri team at Hurricanes, Bondi.

Clyde, aka Dolph Lundgren collects just a few of his awards.

The Hardman J.C holding court and reducing Enda and POD to tears :)

Had intended to give my Year in Review today but will just hold it back till tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Easy Run

After a hard workout yesterday it was a much easier run this morning as i just caught up with Enda and his cronies for a cruise around the park. Nothing spectacular and did 10ks in a touch over 45mins, but good enough for today before its back for the original HuRTS set at Hickson Road tomorrow.
Got a big evening on the cards tonight, hitting Hurricanes for the mammoth 'Ribs' on offer before Enda and the BRAT/Hardmen/Centennial tri team get together for there yearly awards at the Bondi Hotel.

Mentioned  how Enda came out of the bushes yesterday on the 1st rep after about 8 minutes - Well eagle eyed 'Trash' supporters roaming around the Domain snapped our dear friend only moments before he joined the session.
This is what was filed through to me late yesterday :)
Outrageous behaviour - when will it stop?

Tomorrow, i will give the Lindop year in review for 2011 and who will go and who will stay on the 2012 'Head to Head' board............. Flakey, don't wait till tomorrow - you've already gone :)


Monday, December 19, 2011

Double Day - HuRTS Run/Swim

Rolled up to find a big crowd despite it been Xmas week for the HuRTS 4 x 10 minute efforts, although there was no sign of Kane (who i believe has got another injury - Planter, in his 3rd foot now) or Enda who has set a record for 6 days straight drinking, J- Fen was absent as well but i do believe he is back visiting his Uncle Sam?
Set off and run with Tom and Richie High ( they were taking it easy and running at about 63% to be honest), but was still working at a decent gallop when all of a sudden Enda jumps out of the bushes after about 8 mins and precedes to run with us. Managed to get 2.78 ks done at 3.37 per/k pace before returning on the downhill quicker leg averaging 3.31 pace with 27 seconds to spare.
The smell of beer coming of Enda on the way back was nearly knock out material, it was terrible and i don't think Tommy H was to happy to see one of his boys roll up looking like he did. I even think Richie H was slightly disappointed in his mate as well as he refused to talk to him.
Knew the 3rd rep was going to be tough, so decided early to back of and keep it at Half Marathon pace - (well that was the plan), unfortunately i had nothing in the tank and was forced to run on the back of Mikey Conway and top HuRTS girl Laura running at 3.54 pace. Big effort to try to bring it home strong and made it back to the gates in 9.35 averaging 3.45 pace.
Tough old session again and  is tough enough i find even when you are running well - so just happy to get through it.
Backed up and went over to ABC Pool where i agreed to meet Mermaid Emma for a swim set,  probably not my smartest move as i was wrecked even before i got in, and when she called the set i was nearly ready to call for the paramedic there and then.
5   x 200 (15 second break)
10 x 100 (10 second break)
I said to even it up i would do 4 x 200 and 8x 100s, got a very hollow win over Em when i touched the wall first ( all by about 6 seconds) and she did an extra 200 :)
...and she was only working at about 50 % as well.
Managed to knock out a few 100s but it was nowhere near 8 i can tell you , before i exited the pool in a sad and sorry state - Got cramps in places i didn't know even existed.
Like i mentioned yesterday, i can't believe how much fitness i have lost and how much the injury condition has taken out of me, I will just try to get through the next fortnight and hope i can build back up in the New Year.


*Just received ALL the night time photos from the HuRTS presentation evening - All i will say is i hope some of you are leaving the country over Christmas or be prepared to cross my palm with Silver to avoid such photos hitting the news stand :)

HuRTS winners for the night Tuckey, Laura, Lindop and High.

then who let these Muppets in ....Kane and Heyden, With HurTS Number one swimmer Mermaid Emma.

TB, Kane Enda, Mikey Conway and Travis.

Kanser, telling the guys, 'But did i tell you about my latest injury?", Durante, Tom and Lisa.

And the lowdown - Enda moments before his shirt was off and he was on the bar. :)
More to come:)

Back on the Bike Again

A new week saw me get back on the bike around Centennial Park for the first time since Thailand, mindful of what the doctor told me about 'Not overdoing it' i went out and did 50ks but tried to keep the pace honest on each lap. Can't believe how much i seem to have lost in such a short time - hopefully it won't take me long to get it back.
Was supposed to go swimming at lunch but Richie H had a lunch on , Mermaid Em was still over in W.A, whilst Enda is STILL in the pub on his 6th consecutive day drinking - unreal, And there was no way i was going to go in and swim with Pete Walker solo :)
Did manage an easy 7 ks with a client late this afternoon back in the park so good to turn the legs over, although they did feel heavy after yesterdays longish run.
Will try to get into town for tomorrows 4 x 10 mins with the team, but don't think i will push it to hard.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sunday Longish

Thought I'd better get back out there and do something so tried to call Enda to go for a long cycle, he was still in the pub (from Thursday it sounded like) and said he would go if he could get home in time. In the meantime old Kanser was on the blower asking me to join him on his long Sunday run.
Decided on Kanser's request and hit Centennial for the morning - great morning out there, seeing Benny St, CT, Tiger and a good few others pottering around. Pretty easy pace from the off to be honest as i am still feeling really heavy in the legs. Kanser seemed to be struggling even more though as like Enda he has been supping the Yeast for about 4 days straight now, Those boys drink to much!
 All up 18.5ks in 1hr.26 averaging 4.44 per/k
Was looking forward to my tea and breaky at the end but Kanser had other ideas, and took me over to his friends house Ronan and Niamh's at Queens Park complete with 29 screaming kids, although did have a 'Top Cup of tea.......special make Barry's Tea - Quality, and so much better then the Audi ones Kanser supplies these days:)
From there it was down to the BRAT triathlon where although i wasn't racing i swam in the pool and struggled my way through 500mtrs before jumping out and watching Ireland's number 1, POD take out the win whilst i was munching on a couple of sausage sangers from the BBQ hurling abuse :)
Nice to see POD actually managing to run the WHOLE 5ks without stopping to walk as that seems to have been his race ploy in the last two races he has done?

Easy afternoon planned with no drinks allowed and will be out for the HuRTS Monday swim with Pete, Mermaid Emma and Richie H if they are around.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Presentation Part 2 - The Tilbury

With J.C suitably dressed and Charlie with a half a ton of Brl - Cream in his barnet it was of over to the 'Tilbury Hotel' for the years awards, got there to a full house  in attendance and was surprised how everyone scrubs up out of there sweaty singlets and shorts.
The usual banter was flying around early before the serious and not so serious awards were handed out by chairman Tom. Tucks took out the top honour of the night in best performance, i think possibly for 3rd time since we started. Laura took best female,which was never in doubt and i think she swept the board of votes. All round good guy ( and bloody shark ) Richie High took out the new 'spirit' award for the evening after attending nearly every event on the calendar and making sure all HuRTS members are looked after. Old friend Mikey Conway made it a threepeat in the 'underachiever' stakes - although surely Kane and Stankard must be pressing hard in the coming years:)
And the final award was the 'Most Improved' ..........and your host of the 'Trash' managed to bring home some silverware to add to the collection. Was very surprised to get this to honest as i thought J.C was a standout, and the only thing that went against him was the fact probably not everyone knows the 'Hardman' just yet?
As the night went on the beers flowed, and the 'Perpetual Pests' Wildman and Durante had that look in there eyes that told me they were on for a big one, whilst Richie High was in lovey dovey mode again with Enda, and M.C wasn't happy to be overlooked for the HuRTS year in review booklet given to Tom after he felt he does all the work - I'll have to get him one now as well :)
....whilst both Kane and Stankard kept up there normal drunken behavior, drooling and slobbering over everyone wanting to be in EVERY picture taken throughout the night.
The evening was finished of sitting muling into a Pie & Mash at Harry's - nothing better at that time of night. The boys then tried to coax me to Kings X but i made a quick exit with Kanser when i saw the first taxi come by.
Great evening had by all,
Have a great weekend
Some pics from early in the evening - the late night ones will be posted later
Pete Walker, Tom and Warrior Charlie.
John Bartles, J- Fen and Tucks
Enda, A.N. Other ???, and Rob

Starting to get late, as Charlie, a drunken Kanser and Italian Stallion Durante show.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Presenatation & Biathlon Wrap up. part 1.

Thursday saw the annual HuRTS presentation held at the 'Tilbury Hotel but not before a trusty and hardy few turned up for the unofficial Biathlon down at the A.B.C Pool. No sign of High, Kanser, Italian Stallion Durante( who was already at 'Harry's Cafe on his 5th hot dog) or Tommy H who simply refused to show after been rocked by news that No Armbands were allowed. We did however get a ringer in with Andy Skippy Heyden rocking up and then rorting the handicap to go off scratch, with Charlie having to find 4 and a half minutes somewhere to catch him.
Good hit out for the guys with Heydo's crossing the line first, with Woker (Charlie's mate) 2nd and Enda gettign on the podium with his 3rd spot only to be disqualified for wearing a swimsuit can you believe? Hardman J.C was later D.Qed as well after a Japanese tourist fired in a complaint that he was seen running past the Art Gallery with his ' Town Halls' for all to see.
Times were
Charlie 18.29
Travis   18.55
Enda     18.57 (DQed)
Pete W  19.13
Richie P 19.48
Angus     20.01
John C    20.33
Woker    20.37
Heyden   20.52

We will be having one more race at the end of the race season sometime in March when i suspect Tom will be out for revenge from earlier in the year?

Just getting a few swim tips from our mate Geoff Huegill, with Charlie, Travis, Peter and Richie Palmer.

Enda coming out of the pool, only to be DQed later for the use of an illegal swimsuit.

Not really sure what Richie P was doing here, with Travis and Peter Walker.

Hardman J.C moments before he was to give the local tourists a new sight.

Presentation wrap up to follow later - just getting all the pics of Kanser cleaned up :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tough Times.

D - Day arrived and it was back to the doctors for all the results from the tests that i have done over the past week or so. Unfortunately it wasn't the news i was looking for as i have a condition called Rhabdomyolysis, which is  the breakdown of muscle fibers that leads to the release of muscle fiber contents (myoglobin) into the bloodstream. Myoglobin is harmful to the kidney and often causes kidney damage.For those that want to check out more, the details are here;
Doctor said all the kidneys are OK though and hopefully i should make a FULL recovery, It does mean however i can not do any tough sessions or hard training for up to 6 weeks as they have taken a bit of a battering :( More disturbing news is the fact i can not drink any alcohol until things get back to normal..... What a great time of the year for that hey ?
So its look like i will have to take the quacks advise and take it easy over the coming weeks, bit gutted to be honest .... still we move on, and i will try to stay positive.
Seems like tough times at the moment for a few of us with Tom struggling along, Richie H has a minor back issue, Enda has his usual 27 symptoms,  although on the flip side Old Kanser is flying the HuRTS flag, and he goes from strength to strength, going to call it now...this guy will break Tom's Gold Coast time in his next Marathon :)
If you think i am doing it tough spare a thought for our Corporate King Mikey Conway..... Oh how times have hit this one time high flyer, not only did UBS not have the tent at JP Morgan this year, but MC's Hammy has since decided to twang again and restrict him just as he was starting to find form (for the 739th Time)  Times are that tough at the moment that MC was spotted looking for handouts on the streets of Phuket recently as the picture shows. He didn't want me to publish but i told him us HuRTS guys are a decent mob, so to help him out we will be passing the hat around at the presentation.......So c'mon dig deep for Mikey :)

Tough Times for Mikey Conway, if you look closer you will see he is actually wearing a pair of ladies boobs under his sign :)


HuRTS new session ...but no Conway ???

Still feeling very average i rolled up today with all the excitement that comes with Xmas as a new session was released yesterday by Mikey Conway and i wasn't about to miss out. Big crowd there waiting in anticipation ....But where was MC ? Rumour was he tweaked his Heart...sorry Hammy again :)  So it was left to Tom to tell us we were on for 2 x 20 min efforts with a 3 minutes standing recovery.
Started off with Tom and J- Fen ( who were working about 37 %) but soon felt more comfortable with Enda and Hardman J.C ( although what Enda was telling me about his holiday was making me blush in embarrassment on what he got up to at nighttime  in the town)
Worked at 3.47 pace going out covering 5.27ks feeling OK, the tempo stepped up on the return where i tucked on to Enda who was working around 3.35 pace. Struggled big time coming around Mrs Macs especially the last 7-8 mins up the hills and the head wind. Somehow got back with 20 seconds left on the clock as the ever improving Kanser , flew by with Tom and J- Fen in close attendance.

Back to the doctors in the morning for ALL the results of the tests - fingers crossed all is OK and i can get back into some decent training and get the all clear.

48 hours and counting till the HuRTS night of nights and the Biathlon we are putting on, sent out all the times and handicaps today and you wouldn't believe how much whining went on - Non worse then the chairman who had the audacity to ask me for a 60 second start, this after me beating him on the line by a mere 5 seconds in the last race and the fact i am nearly on deaths door at the moment ........Can you believe the cheek of him:)


Friday, December 9, 2011

Saturday 10k Tempo Run

Busy morning at work that saw me finishing at Centennial Park, There was supposed to be a BRAT 10k race on so i thought i would check it out and see if i could run it as a tempo run. Unfortunately there were no takers with only Brendan Crone showing up. He wanted a hit out so i agreed to run with him for the same 10k distance. The course is 2 x 5k loops in and around the park, Sat with him for the first lap and came through in 19.04 (3.51 pace) before picking it up slightly and pressing ahead on the 2nd loop. It never felt that comfortable to be honest  although it was controlled and completed the 2nd half in 18.52 (3.48 pace)
37.57 all up at an average pace of 3.50 for the morning, Happy enough with that in the fact i can actually get through 10ks at the moment.
Spent the morning yesterday at the doctors doing a series of tests, hopefully get the results back next Tuesday to find out if there are any issues ?  I do have to go to the hospital at RPA next Tuesday for scans etc.. on the kidneys to see if anything shows up there as well.

No sign of anyone in the park this morning, i think everyone is pretty much done for the year now and its hard to find the enthusiasm when there are no races coming up. I was speaking to Master Sweeney who can not understand why us HuRTS guys don't do more of the track in Summer to keep our speed up. He also gave me a few of his words of wisdom to try to aim to knock some of my training partners PBs off in the next few months clues to who he suggested:)

I find it interesting also after i wrote on Thursday that Kanser was running well, You can always tell when he is on fire as his BLOG is up and written even before he returns to Shelley Street and at his desk at work, although when he's struggling you wait a fortnight for any news :)
No sign of anything from Enda either, i do worry and hope he is OK over in Thailand as those new found friends he has can be a little demanding at times, although his latest squeeze did say he would look after him after i left,
Check him out, i think he's harmless :)
Have a great weekend

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

HuRTS 4 x 2k Reps

Armed with my sick note in my pocket i made my way to the start at the Park Hyatt to see a good crowd of the same old faces, Tom, J-Fen, Razor, M.C, Pete W,Clyde, Charlie, Gangster, Bartles, High and Kanser in bright Green Shoes - i had to ask him if he forgot his leprechaun outfit to match ?
Normally a session i do well in this one but i knew today's was going to be a struggle with  doing nothing for the past two weeks. Decided early to go out relatively hard and to see how long i could last (especially after being badgered by Tom and co)
First one was quick and crossed for 2ks in 6.44 and would have been happy to call an end to the session there and then. Return was slightly slower averaging 3.25 pace for a 6.49 but knew it was all over by then.
Worked hard to do the 3rd in 7.05, but had nothing left for the 4th rep and really was just happy to cruise home in a very modest 7.40 whilst the rest of the lads were having a cup of tea by the time i crossed the line.
Battled though today but in all honesty was struggling from the off and only really firing on two cylinders and its a trip to the doctors in the morning to try to resolve this problem. Maybe i should consult Kanser, as he has had every symptom known to  man  over the past 18 months :)
M.C was running well today, even prompted a comment from him about when will i be ready to take him in  a race ???????? Kanser was also flying from the front, Richie High on the other hand looked a broken man...Word filtered through from Thailand that his boyfriend Enda has been spotted roaming the streets with another lady boy and has forgotten the love with poor Richie:)
Next Thursday is the HuRTS presentation evening and a biathlon has been lined up before we go the boozer, same format as normal although we will do the swim first. Think we will do it on handicap from the previous times that we did in October, Although Chairman Tom has already started sulking and demanding times from me or else he is refusing to race...... What's going on there?
On early handicap i am tipping Pete Walker to take it out.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

From Fame to Shame in Phuket

Since returning home i have felt very flat and still not right so missed the HuRTS session with the boys yesterday in the end and ended up doing Sweet F.A.
Will try to get out tomorrow for the 4 x 2ks reps at lunchtime to see how we go , i also have an appointment at the quacks on Friday to get some blood tests to make sure all is OK after what happened at the latest triathlon.
Well i did say and promise some more pictures and have been sent these from the local Phuket Press overnight of HuRTS stars Enda and Charlie Low. Both went from having great races and being stars for the day only to taint the HuRTS name at night and bring shame once more. Don't know how there better half's, the Angel Angela and the Sultry Sonya put up with it to be honest and wonder if they in fact know of the double life's the lads are leading?

Charlie & Enda pre race.

Charlie powers his way to a Kona Spot next year.

How Enda left to begin his bike leg...

and then after losing a few kilo's flying on the run.

not shy of a picture?

The Shame.......Enda at the night time post party

Nights End  ....Enda and a tired Charlie :)


Monday, December 5, 2011

Laguna Phuket Triathlon = D.N.F

At the beginning of the year i wrote 3 goals that i was aiming to do for 2011, The first two were to break  35 mins for 10ks, (done twice), Run a sub 50 mins City to Surf (49.17) and the 3rd was to go one better then last year and win my age group at the Laguna Phuket Traithlon (LPT) over in Thailand.
So with the first two in the bag and with a near perfect preparation i set off with confidence high that i could achieve the trifecta for the year.What was to follow could only be described at the most disappointing race outcome of the year after succumbing down with a mystery virus that gave me  my first ever DNF in a triathlon.
Race morning woke to a scorcher of a day even by 5am as i made my way over for the 1.8k swim, that consists of a 1.2k ocean swim and then a quick transfer to the Lagoon for the 600m freshwater leg, Struggled through that and  could barely walk out the water on the ramp, Got to the bike and really struggled just to get the leg over the frame as i had virtually seized up around the hips, quads and hips, Could not get down on the tri bars and basically just rolled for the first 2ks praying that it would 'come good', Knew then the race was over for me and the 'Dream' will have to wait another year, but thought i would try to cruise around the course for the morning taking in all the sites and sampling the atmosphere, but another 1k down the road i realised that even turning the pedals was proving to be near impossible and then made the call to return to base a sad and broken man :(
Was gutted to be honest after putting in a good training program leading up to this only for this to happen, Still not sure what the problem was and i was still sore and aching even for about 4 days after, Personally i think i had some sort of kidney infection? It was touch and go whether to go to the hospital later in the day after constantly passing red like urine but tried to pump as much water into me as the thought of being in a Thai hospital is about as enthralling as listening to Kanser's injury woes for 12 hours.
So all doom and gloom there for a time - although when your are in the 'Land of Smiles' its hard to be down for to long and with the  good sun, sea, massage, and the nighttime parties Young Timmy soon had the smile back on his dial. Had a great rest of the week and then caught up with Enda who was over there with his wife Angela for the Half Ironman,  He went well as did Charlie Low, and i am sure Enda will give you a full write up on his blog, although i do have many a photo from his night time activities in town that again will be posted over the next day or two that  will bring SHAME to the good HuRTS name that will surely bring more grey hairs for Chairman Tom once he sees what his troups were up to .
As for me i think that pretty much wraps up the year race wise, and i will just try to keep the training going albeit at a less intensity for the remainder of the year,
Enda did this Movember Charity thing with his 'Mo' if you can remember? .........Well i saw him on the last day over there and i think personally he took it a little far, i could hardly recognize him on the start line for his race.

tomorrow i will post ALL the pics from the holiday - but please if you are easily offended then don't log back on for a few days as some of the pics i have of the HuRTS duo Enda and Charlie will leave you shell shocked?


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Phuket D.N.F

Sorry to report a DNF, a full report will be coming once i have got over the dissapointment and the tears have stopped , but basically everything just seized up on me the last 24 hours - Hips, glutes, and quads meant i could barely tun the pedals over and pulled the pin at 4 ksinto the bike after doing the swim :(

 A sad and broken young Timmy


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Final Prep...

With it raining Cats and Dogs all through the night and morning i was kind of glad i was in the comfort of the heat chamber for the final time. Wasn't expecting the 4 hour round trip mind you that comes when Aussie (or more particular Sydney) drivers forget how to drive in a bit of rain...... Fair Dinkum, they must be the worlds worse drivers  and i wonder if they get there licence free with a Mc Happy Meal sometimes ?
Anyway back in the 37 degree heat for a repeat of Mondays session, after an easy day yesterday i immediately felt a lot better and this reflected in the fact my heart rate never got above 136 bpm. Still sweated buckets mind you and lost another half a kilo in the 45 minute set.
Well that pretty much wraps the training up now, with only a swim planned for Thursday to go before i fly out on the Friday. Happy with the way it's come together in truth so we'll just have to see how it plays out come Sunday.
Still been receiving texts/emails from Enda every half and hour  about trying to get me to do the Half Ironman a week later as well - I might have to take out a restraining order to keep him away from me in Thailand as i dont want him and his ladyboy friends cramping my style over there ?

Just had the official voting card from Tommy H for the HuRTS awards this year, and have already submitted my votes........Very tough this year and all we be known on the 15th December, Should be a good old night(Please God, don't let me get stuck in a corner with Kanser listening to his injury woes again :) )


Monday, November 21, 2011

Leprechauns on Tour 2011........ More Shame.

Well after sending out an SOS to find out where our Davie Kane aka Kanser has been hiding since his sorry walk out of Centennial Park after JPM it was left to the Trash spies to track our HuRTS Legend down.
We are pleased to announce today that all is well with our little Irish friend and in fact along with fellow countryman Eamo has been touring around the country doing a 'Leprechauns on Tour' to all the schools on the east coast trying his best to sell 'Fairy Dust'.
'With times tough Timmy in the corporate world and nobody taking me seriously ,not to mention nobody wanting to listen to my injuries i thought it best to take time out'  he told the Trash. 'But i will be back' he went on....

The Boys on Tour, Kanser and Eamo Elf :)

No training today after Enda pulled the pin this morning i decided to have a rest day and just run with clients for the morning, remembering it is a taper week and i have to return to the Heat Chamber for the final 45 minutes of torture in the morning.

**** Is there NO SHAME in that Kane bloke, I think HuRTS chairman should look at his membership status for next year - and give him the Red Card :)

Acclimatization Time

After a busy social Sunday spent at the Opera Bar and then an evening in Newtown enjoying a few beers it was decided to give Enda a wide berth this morning so skipped the bike session despite him phoning me every 45 seconds.
Also run out of time to get to the Monday swim squad that has been a great session over the past 5 weeks or so with Rich H, Mermaid Em, Pete Walker and Sonya.
I did however get the chance to get out to Lidcombe for the heat chamber and the chance to acclimatize to the hot and humid conditions that will be on show come Sunday. With the chamber set at 37 degrees and 65% humidity i decided to do 45 minutes at 4 mins/per k. As soon as it started i knew this was going to be tough and the sweat was pouring out after the first 5 mins (although i do think it may have been the Carlton Draught Beer leaving rather then how hard i was working). The thing about the treadmills i find is it is very boring and every minute seems like 10, i had the breathing OK but felt so heavy legged, Heart rate was good and only ever maxed out at 143, consumed 750 ml of liquid and still lost half a kilo in weight after 45 minutes workout.
Was stuffed by the end, but glad i did it and will return one more time on Wednesday for a final hit out,

Saturday, November 19, 2011

All Aboard the 6.17 Express to Waterfall.

I needed one more long ride before next weeks race so i lined up Enda and a few others for the long ride south to Waterfall. Meet at the park and caught up with Enda, Eoin, Jock Milson (Scott), Evan, and one other guy who i actually thought was mute,(didn't get two words out of him all morning) and i was even  doing sign language at one stage.
Pretty much from the off the boys weren't hanging around, With Ironman, and Half's coming up within the next two weeks the boys were in top form and i was barely hanging on for the first 15ks and was thankful for the lights to be on Red as different stages just to get a brief breather. Soon reached half way at Waterfall some 50ks later in record time and beat the 6.17 train out of Central Station there by about 30 mins i reckon. If only City Rail were as slick as this team of cyclists this morning :)
Now if i thought going out was tough the return is where the boys really  'Put the Hammer Down' and it's every man for himself. With speeds hitting close on 70ks per hour at some points it wasn't long before we hit Sutherland Petrol Station for a sugar fix of Coke and Chocolate and another breather whilst Enda was given a shot of toughen up medicine(and a bit of abuse) to get him back to Bondi.
Things settled a bit for the last 20ks home with Enda and Eoing happy to sit at the front but tucked in behind two girls ahead admiring the views and basically doing sod all :)
Quick coffee back at the park before finishing off cycling back home for a 110ks for the morning.
That is the longest ride I've done since about March time when i was training for Husky Long course, so happy to get through that and felt OK.
Will have an easy week now before i fly out on Friday, when i will make  a few phone calls O/S to the locals in Thailand to arrange a nice warm welcome for Enda when he arrives :)

Out now for a few well earned beers in a beer garden around Newtown, and I'll be turning my phone OFF around 8.30 tonight so Enda can't get me to do his 40ks time trial in the morning.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Saturday Swim At Cloey

Perfect Sydney morning so down to Cloey for a swim, water was as flat as a tack, and even clearer then it has been over the past couple of weeks. Just did out and back to the buoy 5 times today it was that good of conditions. Saw C.T and Greta down there as well who joined us on the 4th and 5th rep. Even saw a gangly stick man standing on the edge of the water (that was about as far as he got) that was Sean Williams - I think C.T was hoping he would get in and challenge him to a race.
Very good and tough weeks training just gone, very happy with that and have now earned myself a taper week before i fly out on Friday to Thailand. Will try to get to the heat and humidity chamber sometime as well to try to acclimatise to the hot conditions that will greet me for Phuket.

Still no sign of our Kanser since JPM race last Wednesday and the fans are getting worried - and have put out a 'Where's Kanser' Sign around town - If you do see him tell him Timmy is looking for a breaky and a cuppa tea before i depart will you :)

Have a good weekend
'Where's Kanser???? ..........He's in there somewhere?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cat & Mouse Brick Session

The definition of Redemption, The act of redeeming or the condition of having been redeemed....
and so it was with Enda returning to the park after Monday's shellacking on the bike, With rain teaming down in the park it made for a tough conditions on the bike that made up our brick session for the morning.
Session decided was 3 x laps bike (12k) + 4 flagpole run loops (2ks)
                                 2 x bike (8ks) + 3 flagpole (1.5k)
                                 1 x bike (4ks) +  2 flagpole (1k)

After a very heavy weeks training i knew i was going to struggle along today, and with Enda doing bugger all for the past 4 days, except for his lame 2 efforts the other day at HuRTS as well as getting some motivation from his Ireland team making the European Championships overnight he was bound to fire up and get some sort of redemption.
Started the first 3 loops and it was very cagey from the off with Enda happy to sit on my wheel, we changed places a couple of times coming in of the bike together in 18 mins, A terrible transition saw him get the jump on me and i never got it back although happy to cover the 2ks in 7.00 mins (3.30 pace), with Enda a few seconds ahead.
Second round was pretty much same same.... Only the 'Wily Old Coyote' sat on my wheel for one and half laps this time before 'putting the hammer down' with a strong break, He tried everything - Even cut the corner at one point and was nearly knocking over the walkers on the path as he attempted to break me. Had to dig in BIG time not to lose him and again came off  the bike at the same time in 12.06. Out on the run with none of us giving an inch although with his fresher legs he got the better of me once again for Round 2 to Enda. As i crossed the line in 5.30 (3.32 pace)
Knew it was going to be on for young and old for the final effort so decided early i would sit on his wheel this time and bide my time and make the break 800 out from home. Sat in well and when the time came..... It was Cheerio Enda, only this time he couldn't come with me and the only thing that  bulked me was a car that nearly bloody killed me. Got in transition and was away, now with cement legs i was hanging on for dear life but with 280 mtrs to go 'The Younger Generation" with his fresh legs just proved one hurdle to much for me as i covered the last k in 3.26.
Great Honest tough session for the morning in conditions more suited to back home, and Enda can again show face to his legion of Irish fans and even post about it, He was telling me his Internet/computer were NOT working the past 4 days..............well i bet he gets it back online today, and i suspect a full report will be not to far away. I am actually surprised he didn't stop in at a Internet cafe on the way home he was that happy with the outcome :)

Old Coyote Stankard tried everything in the book to get one over Young Timmy at training this morning :)


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wednesday Medium/Long Run - With the Hardmen.

With no class this morning it gave me the opportunity to run with Sydney's 'Hardmen' that go around on Wednesday mornings in the park, Only problem was there were NO hardmen there with J.C, POD, and Enda staying away, although Eoin and Clyde joined at various points, as did Enda's good mate 'Potatoe Picker Paul... although i couldn't understand a word he said( think he needs to bring an interpreter next run ). Clyde came running out the bushes all patched up after his recent fall from his bike complaining how much skin he lost on his backside - We told him he had plenty to lose and perhaps he should fall on his stomach the next time around.
Decided early to do 18ks for the morning and do the 3 x 6k loops the gang do, the pace is kept pretty honest in these sessions with a few peoples ego's getting in the way of there ability for the first couple of ks, Completed the first lap in 25.22 at 4.15 pace, and then picked it up on the 2nd loop again for a 24.14 (ave 4.04s). The 3rd lap was a bit slower as i took time out to chat with Clyde and tried to coheres him into a bet at the next BRAT tri, but he wasn't biting and decided against such a wager? Did the 3rd lap in 25.51  averaging 4.21per k
Overall 1hr 15 mins for the 18ks  for 4.14 average, probably the longest run I've managed over the past 2 months i would say.
Returned home to watch the footy and Ireland in action.... boy are they bad, if that's the best they have to offer then they will get murdered in Poland at the European Championships next year, I might even pull the boots back out and try to get my game for them.

Tomorrow is the tough brick session back in the park with Enda, lets hope he improves on his Monday effort.This is a picture taken of him as he crossed the finishing line at the end of the 40k time trial the other day.  :)


Call a Psychiatrist...

Rolled up today in what seemed like the first time in ages for the 4 x 10 minute HuRT session, big crowd there with a glorious Sydney day on show, although no sign of Tom, Tucks, Charlie or Kanser ( don't tell me he's injured again?)
Good group at the front end and i sat in just behind J-Fen, Richie H, 'B Grade' and Heydon on the first rep running with TB and 'The Gangster' Jason (who seemed to talk the whole way about Sundays race). Short of the stone gates by about 180m, covering 2.8ks averaging 3.36 per/k and already felt heavy legged. Its always a quicker return, and got back in 9.28 working at 3.26 pace.
The dreaded 3rd rep is the killer one for me - I think its a mental thing to be honest as every 3rd rep i do whether its with  HuRTS, J- Fen or even by myself i ALWAYS struggle. Maybe i need to go see someone about it and book myself for a spell on the psychiatrists couch for a solution ??
On the 3rd rep i managed to get around to Mrs Macs Chair (4 mins) when i couldn't even manage to get up the hill that then reduced me to a walk :( as everyone flew past, not without a few comments and abuse. Even Mermaid Em hurled abuse.........whats going on there ??? :)
Got going again and covered 2.4ks at 4.10 pace , continued to walk further in the recovery up to meet Laura and her little entourage. somehow found enough from somewhere to make it back home in a little over 9 mins at 3.37 pace but it wasn't pretty.
Found today very tough, not sure it was the heat (hope not), just heavy legs from Sundays race, or even that maybe all the bike is killing any sharpness i had.
Interesting talking to J - Fen as well who made a good point, it may be we are lacking a bit of enthusiasm at this time of the year with all the racing done for 2011?
Talking of which, the planned Biathlon on the HuRTS presentation night has been postponed as there is not one scheduled on that date - So it looks like all the Head to Heads are now complete for the year.
Next year there will be some NEW names added, and some dropped from the list :)

Interesting to see Enda make an appearance today - Appearance was about the only word to describe his effort. He does have problems with the count, getting up to the 10s, 12s and 14s but today he couldn't even get past TWO........... what a fall from grace this bloke has had :)  He was last seen getting the 380 bus back to Bondi on the phone to his coach and mentor 'Hardman J.C' asking where did it all go wrong ?


Sunday, November 13, 2011

40k T/T Bike and Lunchtime Swim

Sitting back having a few well earned beers in Newtown last night reflecting on the tough day, I all of a sudden get a text at 8.42pm from our Irish friend Enda saying the following ' Lindop, 40k time trial in the park in the morning meet at 6.30am, i know you have raced today feeling tired and perhaps had about 9 beers, but i need to redeem myself after you put me to the sword last week. I've been in training camp with Ireland's number 1..POD, and HuRTS Hardman JC and i am ready to overcome last weeks lowdown' (Long text i know but that's Enda for you:) ). So with that i had another 5 scoops before getting my Chicken Tikka on the way home and thought well here we go :)
Rolled up and basically it was the same set as last week, 40ks that consisted of 6 x nearly 7k loops working by yourself. Last weeks effort was 1.06:48 and despite been in good form on the bike wasn't sure how I'd go after racing yesterday.
Started off very strong, and was surprised when i completed the 1st lap in a quick 10.45, and even more so to see the 2nd only a second slower. No sign of Enda at this stage and i' thought he'd already gone to order the coffees at the local takeaway. The 3rd and 4th were much harder as the legs were starting to get heavy, but somehow was managing to keep each lap under the magic 11 minute mark.
Completed the set in over 90 seconds quicker then last week with a 1.05:06 with the laps as follows;
10.45, 10.46, 10.52, 10.55, 10.54, 10.50
Delighted with that, and it looks like all the work done on the bike has paid off in time for the BIG ONE in a fortnights time.
Enda came through some 6 mins later (i think) in 1.11:?? - And a broken man he looked, Don't know what his coach POD will make of that one.He did state last week that he had hit 'rock bottom' but he was actaully 3 mins quicker then he did today??????  I knew he was struggling when i noticed a little old lady in one of those motorised disability cars pass by him on the 3rd lap.
Take a look :)
This little old lady recorded a faster 3rd lap then Enda?

Enda going about the pace he was finishing his T/T this morning.

He was that broken i had to take him up to 'Crave' for a his coffee and breakfast where he pleaded and begged me to race in Thailand in the Half Ironman that he is doing - he even offered to pay for my entry. I kindly refused his offer as i will be resting and sampling the delights on offer to worry about minor issues like racing Enda at this time of the year :)

Lunchtime saw a massive turnout at the Boy Charlton Pool for the HuRTS Hasseloff Swim squad led by team leader Mermaid Emma, T.B, High, Walker, Christian, Enda, and Sonya. I think everyone came in anticipation after hearing word that Kanser was going to attend in his Phoenix Celtic Trunks, but he sadly let the fans down - AGAIN. With Terrance and Sonya making there 1st start of the year it was again a tough old session. Did all up 2.3ks for the day trying to stay on either Enda's or Christian's feet for the whole set. Was buggered at the finish and couldn't get out the water quick enough.

tomorrow it is back for the 4 x 10 minutes effort - haven't done a session now for a while so i know a tough  set is on the cards , especially that dreaded 3rd rep :)


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nepean Triathlon - 1.45:23

Early start today with the alarm set for a 4.30am call for the trip out West to 'The Riff' for the Nepean Triathlon, Not saying its rough out there but even the Rottweilers go around in pairs out in this neck of the woods.
Rock up in the car park and who is next to me - none other then Peter Walker with family in tow, told him that's about as close as i would get to him all day.(and so it proved), Notice went up that it would again be a NON WETSUIT swim, Geez these wetsuits are being made redundant these days with the waters getting warmer. C.T again broke down in tears especially as it was made harder in the fact we were in freshwater.
As i never got my entry in on time it meant i was racing under a friends name in the over 35 age group that saw me start with C.T, 'Gangster'Ibrahim, and Christian E from the HuRTS group.
Swim Leg, Went OK and pretty much non eventful, not the best waters to swim in and like i say the freshwater with no wetsuit makes it slower. Stood up out the water in 19 minutes, and thought that was about right, 19 minutes in the water to me seems like being locked in a room with Kanser listening to his injuries for about 4 hours i can tell you .
It's a fairly long run to the bike and i just tried to bring the heart rate back down before it was out for the 30ks. Been feeling really strong on the bike of late so decided early i was going to push the pace a little and sure enough i went past the 'Gangster' early, and was lucky enough not to see him again.
Off the bike in 49.20 after messing around again in transition before getting out for the final leg of the day the 10k two lap run. Couldn't believe how good i felt for the first two ks, and thought if i could hold 3.40 pace that would give me a competitive time. Caught Christian at the 4ks mark and put an effort in so he wouldn't hang on to me - Sorry mate, but no more Mr Nice guy :)
Held the pace OK and managed a 36.17 run for the day with k splits recorded at;
3.32, 3.41, 3.36, 3.40, 3.42, 3.39, 3.41, 3.39, 3.38, 3.36
Finished the day with a time of 1.45:23 - delighted with that and gives me a bit of confidence leading to Thailand in a fortnights time. Swim was average (when isn't it ? ) , bike was good (even beat Peter Walker's time) , and my run was very steady, especially after the 30ks on the bike. Held out to beat C.T again despite him running a very quick 33mins on the run  :)
Chris had turned down the offer of a bet even though i was happy to go off scratch today :)
Other HuRTS boys were.
Pete Walker   1.41:48
Timmy            1.45:23
Gangster Ib     1.46:17
Christian          1.46:49
Chris T            1.48:21

All results can be checked here -
*** Young Timmy was Danny Moore for the day by the way ****

Will return to the water tomorrow lunchtime for the HuRTS swim team, rumour around the traps is Kanser might even join us (to make Enda look good )


Friday, November 11, 2011

Taper Time in the Water

Done nothing since Wednesday's J.P Morgan run, like to think of it more a taper for this Sundays race then the fact I've been buggered :)
So it was off down to the clear waters of Clovelly this morning for a refreshing dip in the ocean, just did 3 ins and out to the buoy and back. Beautiful morning down there and was just the thing i needed before i try the 1k effort out at Nepean tomorrow.
Nor really sure what to expect tomorrow, its a 1k swim/30 bike/10k run - Will be out to keep the record intact over C.T although it very much is a runners race and with 500m shorter in the swim and 10k on the bike it will be much closer then it was up in Noosa recently.
Will aim to keep HuRTS boy Jason Ibrahim in sights, he's smashing me at the moment in the run but hopefully my bike will see me get a bit of a buffer on him although not sure how he swims ?
Saw C.T down at the beach chilling out reading his newspaper - had no chance of getting him in the water, although he did cough up $20 care of the Tom Highnam bet from last week to me - Thanks very much Tom that will be going to the Thai holiday fund in a few weeks :)

Need a big couple of weeks now, so will be at every HuRTS session i can between now and when i go away as well as the swim set on Mondays, then  the brick sets on the bike with Enda just to keep my confidence up :)

Posting a couple more pics from Wednesday evening - this will be the last of them ( i do have many more that i will send out via email in the week, but are not deemed appropriate for the blog - sorry)

Group pic, notice Enda not in - he had long gone home and was drinking his Milo at this stage of the evening.

Olivia, Richie, J- Fen, Sonya, and L.L - still early into the evening.
The HuRTS girls, Olivia, Sonya. Mermaid Em, Lisa, and 1st girl home Laura. BTW - what have they in common?.......They all chicked Warrior Charlie D :)

Have a great weekend

Thursday, November 10, 2011

J.P Morgan - Pain in the Park for 19.39

After a pretty relaxed day sitting on the deck at Icebergs after a swim it was down to Centennial Park with the bigwigs from the mighty Corporate World for the J.P Morgan 5.6k race.
Literally a cast of thousands down there and had a warm up with Richie High and Enda before making our way over to the start line. The area was a buzz, with some nervous energy and high fives all around, although Old Kanser was in no mood for pleasantries and kept us at arms length with his 'Don't talk to me - I'm here for business' head on :)
Gun soon sends us on the way for the tough first ks, although nobody seems to think so with everyone flying out the traps (none quicker then Kane who went through in about 2.58 pace?), Sat in with Richie H and J-Fen but even by the 1.7k just before the turn at Woollarha Gates i knew i was struggling. Richie opened up down the hill and that was it, worse was to follow when Enda then came past, and to compound the pain another Irish Head Eoin went by.
By the showground gates i nearly gave it all away, i felt i was going backwards and it was a struggle just to make the line. Crossed in 19.39 nearly 40 seconds that i would have loved to do, but knew it was never on the way i have been (or lack of ) training.
Some pretty good solid times last night, nobody really stood out though with J- Fen again running another consistent race. It was left to the HuRTS girls to show the boys how its done with Laura taking out the ladies race and the Mermaid Em running a great 22 mins to show that she is not just a fish in the water,
Kanser got his much needed and first victory over me for the year, Congrats to him with his 19.11, But it comes with his latest injury saga - He cut a very sorry site as he was leaving and i pity poor Richie Palmer who left with him as he no doubt got the full version of the injury :)

With the night still young it was into the ANZ tent care of Richie H and a great evening was set up, all the Singapore crew were in attendance , even with the Lovely Lisa putting in an appearance despite not running (not one to miss a party this girl ). Rich H and Enda continued on there holiday romance and were seen locking lips throughout the night - it was embarrassing. Talking of Enda, He's decided to draw something under his nose, he says it got to do with Movember or something like that, Looks ridiculous to be honest and Sonya even remarked to him to go over and let the cat lick it off at one stage.
Left the park about 10ish, when the drinks had run out and headed to the Centennial Hotel where the party was just firing up, think the Comm Bank girls were telling the DJ what to play at one stage there. We lost Enda about this time as his 3 schooner allocation was up and he slipped away before the team made it down to the Light Brigade and the pool players came to the fore on the Green Baize with Richie H finding a new partner in Olivia in Toms absence ( think she's better then Tom BTW)
..........At this point of the evening things started to get a bit blurry for me, but i do remember seeing Richie making his way up Oxford Street and into the night to meet his mates in the Taxi club :)
A big thanks to Richie for the invite into the ANZ tent and the hospitality for the evening, Like i say good old night had despite the ordinary run - Even if it did mean i forgot to set the alarm and missed my first class of the day at work...........oh Dear :)
With Pride of the HuRTS group - Laura celebrates her ladies win

The Irish boys take a rare win over me, Although team G.B still claim a win with CharlieLow' and my time beating the boys on combined  times.
It's sickening, don't know what the wife's make of it all ?

Enda with his 'Merv Hughes Mo'.......Look more like hes drawn a marker under his nose.

Old Kanser cuts a long sorry walk home with his stockings on after his latest injury woes.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Icebergs Swim and Prepare for J.P Race

Started the day meeting Enda and over to Bondi and the Icebergs for the swim session, Enda called a 3k set but there was never a chance of me going that far. Think he has been in cahoots with Kaner trying to kill me off before tonight's J.P Morgan run .
Again Armed with Wetsuit it was two relatively slowish 500m warm ups then 5 x 200 reps going on 3.45 and i managed to survive 4 x 100 coming in on 1.45.
Much to Enda's disgust i swam in the suit for all bar the 100s, and he took the physiological advantage by getting rid of his and still kept up with me ????
Times went, 8.40, 8.26 (for the 500s)
3.07, 3.12, 3.14, 3.14, 3.13, (for the 200s)  and then
1.45, 1.42, 1.44, 1.45 for the remaining 100s
Had a endure a tough 3 hours that followed sitting on the deck drinking coffee talking trash , and listening to Enda whining on how he'll even get through the 5.6ks tonight...........Still it could of been worse, it could have Kanser :)
My spies tell me Ribena may not be 100% fit now, and with Tommy H away, the door is open (surely Kane can't win it can he ???? ), Maybe C.T can shred his bridesmaid mantle? But thinking the name Crasti... could be the first to break the tape if i was laying odds.
A full round up of events will be posted tomorrow of everyone times and shenanigans for the evening.

How we spent the morning relaxing leading up to J.P Morgan - Bondi Icebergs :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

... and More ks on the Bike

With another really busy morning with work i cycled into the park this morning from home and did my classes from the bike. One guy i have though is a triathlete in the making so i had to do a 20k t/t with him ....and man is he fast, ( he goes quicker then Enda did yesterday) i was struggling to keep up with him after working hard yesterday.
All up another 65ks banked on top of the 60+ from Monday with Enda
Will just go for a swim in the morning now down to the Icebergs before the J.P Morgan 5.6k race, or the Battle of Britain as it is being billed by Kanser since his superb effort on Sunday. I think him and Enda are out to smash us for this one and to be honest i think they will do, i just don't seem to have the zip i had 2 months back:(
Anyway all the Corporate big guns will be out in force and i don't know who is the favorite at the top end of list but more importantly the 'PRIDE OF HuRTS' is at stake. No surprises to see Ribena Head Charlie top of the betting, with Tucks not far behind, Further down the field Old Kanser has firmed big time and is odds on to take out Young Timmy.
The list as i see it ( those i know anyway)
Charlie    17.59     odds 4/7
Tucks      18.04             2/1
J-Fenton  18.16             6/1
Rich High 18.43             8/1
Enda        18.45             12/1 , covering the 5.6ks without a sneeze 100/1
Kanser     18.47             15/1
Lindop      19.21            40/1
Eoin          19.30            33/1
 PeteWalker 19.38         50/1
Rich Palmer  19.57        80/1
Tom H to return to Aust with the lady shown yesterday .........2/1
Rest of the field - Write your own ticket, and just get the beers ready :)

Head to Head
Kanser/Lindop   Kanser 2/5, Lindop 3/1
High/Stankard     High 6/4, Enda 5/2
Lindop/Walker     Even money bet both ways

See you all down there, look forward to the post race drinks and banter (or excuses from certain quarters)

BTW. Today is Enda's Birthday everyone - so be sure to go up to him and congratulate him on his 40th when you see him - but be careful he's still a bit fragile after yesterday :)

40k T/T Bike and Lunchtime Swim

Struggled to get up early today after the normal Sunday drinks but it was over to the park to meet Enda for a 40k time trial session he had planned that consisted of 6 loops of nearly 7k that included going up Woolahra hill each time around. Never done this session before so wasn't sure what to expect or times to do.
Started off strong and tried to do the set riding solo, Enda kept cycling past only to drop again for about the first 3 laps. Despite working hard and feeling ordinary i took a leaf out of a fellow Irishman's book ( and number 1 triathlete..POD) and decided to 'Put the Hammer Down', and managed to get the break on Echinacea Enda.
The last 2 laps were tough especially going up the hills, but i somehow kept each lap pretty consistent with the times. Did the 40ks in 1.06:48  with each lap as follows;
11.22, 11.10, 10.56, 11.05, 11.07, 11.06
Enda coming in some 2 mins behind and proving that his 59 minute run yesterday was too much to have to back up today.
He looked a broken man at the end of it so i took him up for breaky, and it was here it all got to much for our 'One time Irish Boy Band Singer' as he sank into his Bircher Muesli and finally broke down..... 'Timmy what a year I've had, Been released from my job, getting shooed out of town in Stoke whilst on the bike tour, you beating me at Gold Coast and even Chrissy Truscott beating me in a tri, and now you smash me in the bike, i just want the year to be over"
Oh my God, i felt so bad...........especially when i started to eat his Muesli :)
Starting to feel good on the bike now and looking forward to the Thailand race on the 26th of this month, lets just hope it's not TO HOT.
Finally managed to secure a spot at Nepean as well for this weekend tri race that i will use as a final hit out before the big one.

Lunchtime saw me go into the ABC Pool to meet P.Walker, Mermaid Emma, and a welcome return for Richie Palmer, all were flying and i was never really in it today - think i only managed about half the set in truth, did about 1.8ks in total
The Lane 3 bench sitter was taking his normal spot up as well . Andy Heydon was there, this guys unreal, must spend 45 minutes on the bench and about 4 swimming ? Personally i think that this used to be his regular position when he used to play footy back home.

All focus on the JP now, and i will be giving my tips and thoughts on proceedings in tomorrows run down - although the major news is our fearful leader and 3rd overall last year Tommy H is OUT, apparently he has flown the nest and gone over to either Singapore or H.K to see his sweetheart (hope 'er indoors Kirst doesn't read my blog :) )............. for those not in the know and please keep this quiet. Here is a photo of such lady.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Comeback King.

Out early for a 45ks round trip cycle on the bike this morning to Homebush and back, but today is not the day to be discussing my mere tame training regime. As there was something far more important to unfold throughout the morning on the comeback track.
Forget Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Torville & Dean or even Ian Thorpe there was only one man that could keep Enda's 59 minute run today from being front page news on Blogsville, and that is the return of HuRTS favorite son.............Drum roll please, ... David Kane, your time has come....
Yes after a record 26 months on the sidelines and injuries yet to be invented, Kanser was back mixing it with the big Boys.
On a beautiful Sydney morning with blue skies and no wind it looked perfect conditions to run although the boys were whining about it being to hot? Caught up with Tucks, High, Kanser, J- Fen, Stevie 'StickMan' T, Enda, and HuRTS girl Laura at the start for some pre race photo's, before the starter set the masses off.
Positioned myself at the 3k mark to see everyone through, and everyone seemed OK at that point, then it was off to the 7.5 mark and not much had changed positionally except Richie High was in the 'Hurt Box' and going backwards. The surprise was when Kanser came through soon after J- Fen and i missed him ( i was chatting the the lovely police officer on duty) - Quickly jumped back on the bike to the 9k mark and it was as if someone had turned the lights out as most seem to be doing it tough.
Saw the boys finish, and it appears everyone times were down by an estimated 45 seconds?? .........But not our Kanser who stormed to break the tape in 34.45 sending  the 100'000 crowd ballistic as they broke into song;
♫♪♫ Kanser is back, Kanser is back....Hello, Hello, Kanser is back ♫  ♫♪♫... And so it went on :)

The others.
Tucks 34.09 - Thought he would have gone quicker without having to carry Tom around in his pocket for 10ks but his tri training at Port Mac must have proved to much for him?
J-Fen 34.12 - never seems to run a bad race, and tried to be Tom for the day sitting in Tucks pocket?
Kanser 34.44 - what more can be said?
Rich High 35.22 - first time I've ever seen him struggle, and SO nearly got chicked for the day :)
Laura 38.28 - Good effort after having the Enda cold all week.
Flakey  41.29 - Despite getting close to Stevie T in training will now loss his preferred start and be back in with the masses I'm afraid ?
Enda 59.05 - oh dear, tried to tell me he was pacing his Mrs, but she ended up with 54.37 ?? Work that out?

So we move on to Wednesdays' Big JP Morgan race, and it's all set up for the 'BATTLE OF BRITAIN, with the in form Kanser, taking on a broken Young Timmy. Most of the smart money is on Kanser and surely after today's evidence i should be getting a 30 second start in the handicap betting?

Took a few snaps as well today, there are many more i will send out in due time.

The HuRTS elite team Tucks and Stevie T.

...and the NOT so elite, The Irish duo Kanser and Enda - men in black :)

The 'Special Ones. with own name tag, Richie, Laura and J- Fen, and A.N.Other who wanted a photo???

Tucks in action.........But where's Tommy H ?

J-Fen moments after crossing the line

Perfect conditions for the boys, even getting a spray at the end, only thing missing was a 'bouncy castle'?

Top Tri guy, with another dude who won a big race 3 times ????????? They all want a photo with young Timmy :)