Friday, August 11, 2017

Park Cycle

Warmest morning of the winter yet and with a barmy 17 degrees at 7am it was a delight to head to the park for a few Ks on the bike.
Caught up with a few old mates and basically chatted away and in no time I had returned home with near on 45ks done in 1hr:40 feeling great.

Massive weekend on the cards in what is my favourite race in the calendar year - The City to Surf 14k run to Bondi. Got to be one of the hardest runs around that tests even the best of them. Even when in good form this race doesn't guarantee you a good time and you are forced to work the whole way. I'm not in good form myself so it will be another battle but I've been doing plenty of work on the course and know it pretty well by now so I'll be giving my best shot as per usual.
The boys have been in great shape so once again I'll be keen to see who takes top spot. Scotty is the #1 at the moment but for this race I'm tipping Barts to turn him over. I just think his experience will be the deciding factor. Keep an eye out for Mikey Lichwark who has been knocking big Ks out (150 plus) and is capable of upsetting many. About time the classy Jerome put some runs on the board as well and I'm predicting a decent run from him.
My Top 3 from the team, 1. Barts, 2. Scotty, 3. Quentin
For my teams I'll go, 1. Barts, 2. Nicky Roberts, 3. Scotty O

If the race itself is good then the post events are even better mostly thanks to Enda's hosting and Tommy H's tent on the beach. Always a great vibe throughout the afternoon and one of my customs is trying to guess what time The Chairman lasts and get carried out to his Uber taxi.
*For the record, I'm predicting he's homeward bound by 7.30pm

Have a good weekend.
Race/train well.
Stay safe and I'll catch  you all in Bondi.


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