Monday, April 30, 2012

Comeback Trail - part 76

Well after taking an enforced week off due to the Achilles problem i had all last week it was a nervous see if i could even get through a run this morning, if not then i could almost kiss the state and Half Marathon goodbye.
The Achilles didn't feel to bad as i changed to running on the softer inside of the fence down at Centennial and soon settled into a good pace and rhythm. Did a couple of flat loops around then took the middle section of the park and back to the cafe. All up 10ks in 44.12 working at 4.25 pace - very happy with that and even better was the injury stood up to the test. So hopefully i will get some decent training in over the next few weeks.

After lunch i was down to the pool where i wanted to try to keep the swimming up - Decided on doing 2ks straight today, although in truth i didn't even know if i could manage that as i hadn't done that long a swim all year to date. Signs weren't good after 600 metres i felt as if my arms were about to drop off and the pace dropped. Got to 1k in 19.05 and was struggling mentally to go further - Pushed ahead though and it was best described as ugly as i again laboured. I was nearly at a standstill at one stage i reckon and cramps came about 1700 and at one point thought the lifesavers were going to be called into action for a rescue. Never been so relieved in all my life to touch for 2ks in 38.54. Could barely even get out the pool at the end i was that buggered, and i reckon the last 100mtres took me about 2.15 :)

Even though i wasn't running over the weekend i saw a cast of thousands in the park over the weekend that included, Eamo, A very slim looking Kanser (think he's had some liposuction done) - the mans fading away and is need of a good steak i say. Even saw Pete Walker venturing over the bridge and rolling around with the kids.
Had Enda on the blower once again this afternoon shouting how good he is again after racing the BRW Triathlon in the city , apparently the run leg a 4k around the Domain, and you are not going to believe he smashed it in 8.34 ............Super sharp i say, Hang on its a triathlon and was probably about 2.3ks, that may also explain how he did his Melbourne Tri time of 3.07 ?? :)

Will check out and see what the HuRT session is for Tuesday and hopefully get in and have a trot with the lads.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

On the Sidelines

A week of no running for me that has left me very frustrated and down since Tuesday, barely able to walk on the Tuesday but after a few visits to the physio as well as more acupuncture has seen me at least walking without a limp now.
Will just take it easy over the next few days and get out on the bike on Sunday morning for a long ride down to Waterfall and back. Disappointed as well as there is a Novice 10k on tomorrow that i wanted to have a go at. Next Sunday's State 10ks in now in doubt as well....

Well despite being down for a couple of days, I knew i could always rely to Enda to give us a laugh and YET again he hasn't let us down, with him again making front page news (on the blog anyway) of his latest venture that he is looking at. In news just in our Enda has decided to reform his group the 'Village People' and once more don his Policeman's Uniform for his fans and clients out there :)

Enda and how he likes to unwind after a hard day at the office - this man loves to make the front page news everyday. Village People look out ........

Cheers, Have a good weekend and good luck to all the HuRTS boys doing the Novice 10k tomorrow.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Achilles Agony

Just as things were starting to look up i woke up this morning with a very tight Achilles, Went to work but found i was struggling at even 5 min/pace and by the time i got back home was barely able to walk properly. Managed to get in to see my mate and good physio Larry Cohen in Bondi who saw me straight away and diagnosed i had a Achilles Tendon problem. Gave me plenty of boring exercises that i have to do and plan to go back on Friday in the hope to see some improvement?
Don't know where this puts me at the moment, but i do know its bloody sore.

Looks like I'll be back in the pool and on the bike over the next week

Will be out tomorrow to have a drink with the old Diggers to honour the Anzac Day, not to mention losing my shirt in the once a year game of Two Up :)


Swimming in the Rain

The Big wet continued in Sydney overnight and into the morning and i had a swim set planned that i was not looking forward to, Still forced myself down to the Vic on the Park Pool  and decided on a 1k rep , and then 2 x 300s. Not doing anywhere near the amount of swimming i should be and this is reflected in my slow times - 18.35 for the k.......... Longest 18 minutes of my life i can tell you, it felt like about 2 hours in truth and almost jumped out the pool there and then. Managed to drag myself through the 300s as well but it wasn't pretty as i barely held 1.50s per 100 finishing in 5.30 and 5.38 - Shocking
2ks all up after warm up and cool down
In the afternoon went back to the park and copied the session i did on Saturday, 1 x 6k Woollarha Hill loop and then the 3k tempo flat.
26.35 for the 6ks 4.25 Pace (Saturday was 27.18)
11.06 for the 3k tempo 3.41 pace (Saturday was 11.36)
10ks all up , then did a further 6ks with a client easy pace

Another tough session tomorrow with the HuRTS boys, its the old 45 minute tempo (seems to come around every 2nd week this one). Will be made even tougher if those Irish Muppet's are around :)

Huge Congratulations to my mate Slim Sammy Agnew, who smashed his PB (and mine) over in London overnight with a great run to come home in 2.46:59 - Means i need to get the head down and go quicker sometime this year :) - Great effort mate.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Running - Mixed Bag

Busy morning work again in the park so it meant it was a mixed old bag - Knocked out a very easy 10ks with clients first then did the 6k Woolahra Hill rep in 27.18 (4.32 pace) and decided on a 3k tempo on the flat to finish off. Worked at about 3.51 pace to return with 11.36, A one k cool down to make 20 for the morning and that was about all.
Loads of people in and the park today, felt i said hello to every 2nd person i saw, A Fit looking Sonya flew past as she puts in final preparations for her Port Ironman in two weeks. Also saw the 'most serious man in Centennial' ... One Paul O'Doherty'... Jeez this guy has lost his sense of humour since given the task of looking after his Irish team for the Sydney Half Challenge, Think he needs to chill out abit, He seemed to be stalking me this morning, popping up all over the park every 2 mins on his pushbike.

Well that's about if for the week, as i won't be out in the morning as i have a big party to attend this afternoon/ evening that will put paid to any running as such on Sunday :)
Have a great weekend

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NOT the Hickson Road 1.2k Reps.

With Sydney getting another downpour overnight and with our bizarre weather i decided against the two hour round trip into the city for the Hickson Road 1.2k reps today and decided to do my own version in the park that i could do in 30 minutes.
5 x 1.2ks reps was the call and i just extended my original 1k reps i do to a further 200metres to get the extra distance. Just before i was due to start my old 205 GPS battery died so was forced to wear the unreliable 610 once more.
From the off the watch was all over the shop, telling me i was running at 3.46 pace that i knew was way out as i was moving OK. Just kept pressing the lap split after each rep without having a clue what the pace was for each. Got through the 5 OK, and then set about finding all the history and stats for the session: Times were; 4.20, 4.11, 4.19, 4.11, 4.18
Looks slow times but then checked the distance and it shows i was running 1.26ks in total that meant i was running about 3.25 pace and under.
As you can see the return legs were about 8 seconds faster then going out - didn't seem that much wind about but i guess there must have been something there as i felt i wasn't working any harder?

Tough session this one, and Tom has already been on to me about being a 'Pussy' and not testing myself with the rest of the lads, but i find it just as hard trying to push the pace doing it solo?

London Marathon this week , so best of luck to Big Sammy from the team, he's in good form and i can see a big PB for sure............ just hope its a PB and its one second slower then mine that i did there in 2008:)
Also good luck to HuRTS number 1, Tucks who is doing one of his off road trail runs for 45ks in the mountains. Jeez, it nearly the end of April and he still hasn't got the HuRTS 'Performance of the Year' Award wrapped up YET, whats going on ? ...........Expect a big race from him :)


FOR SALE, 1 x GPS 610 Garmin Watch as NEW, no fast times recorded on it as yet. Only had about 4 weeks - will sell $250. , please email or give us a call if interested.

Canberra Half, with 1st Girl Flannery just ahead, Kanser was way ahead before he blew a gasket:)

Kanser with Timmy on the Finish Line, Looks like Kanser had run 100ks.... he could hardly stand :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

14 x 3 minute Efforts - HuRTS

Who would be a trainer..... ? Out this morning in the pouring rain and got soaked for about 3 hours :( Still no time for the faint hearted these days and it was into town for the HuRTS 14 x 3 min session. Good turnout despite the miserable weather and the banter was hitting fever pitch with all the Irish team out in force in an effort to take us out in the Half in 5 weeks.
At the front was Tom, J-Fen, Scott, Macca and Kanser, with me sitting slightly behind on the first few with Enda tormenting me for the first 4 or so. Was working well and the pace was kept pretty honest with the initial goal to run them ALL sub 3.30 pace. Still feeling good on rep 7, and pleased to see Richie High back from his travels floating around Farm Cove, A quick handshake from everyone to him just proved what a popular member Mr High is, although again Enda was to take it a little too far by romping on the ground with him and then preceded to start 'Gumming' him he was that happy to see his return.
The Heavens opened on rep 8 and that was the time for the Irish boys to pull up stumps and run for cover and that was pretty much them done, except for Paul Macca who saw the full 14 out (will have to check his passport as he again proved he does have a good ticker)
Stayed strong throughout today and even when Chairman Tom came up to me on the last rep i tried to kick it down - succeeded for about 30 seconds (didn't realise i was only 1.13 into the rep) but still was happy with a 3.14 average last lap.
Again a good few start this session but only about 25% actually finish, despite this being a tough session (not to mention the longest) its one i normally go OK on - strange?
Average pace on each rep was as follows:
3.28, 3.27, 3.27, 3.21, 3.26, 3.20, 3.28, 3.22, 3.27, 3.26, 3.27, 3.26, 3.28, 3.14
All up 12.8ks in the session.
Happy with that, and plenty more to come over the next 4 weeks :)

Like i say the Banter was at fever pitch today in regards to our little challenge with the Irish lads, over the next week or so i will give a brief rundown on ALL the players involved in the teams. First up is Paul O'Doherty AKA POD (Ireland) the only one with a shred of credibility in the team with some solid races over the years, mostly in triathlons mind you. Has a big job on his hands trying to carry his good buddy Enda over 21ks and has been known to 'blow up' a few times as proved inthe photo below (walking) Still he will need to be at his best to get his team aggregate down and may need a few extra sessions with the team shrink Sparksy if they are to get the victory they are after:)

Tomorrow - find out who "The Leech ' is in the Irish team?


England Vs Ireland Half Marathon Challenge.

Well after a full weekend of pestering from Kanser down in Canberra it has now come to a crunch that there will be an England vs Ireland Half Marathon Challenge to be run at the Sydney Half in May. This will work by taking your Top 5 runners from either Ireland or England with the lowest aggregate time deemed the winners. All runners must be or have run with the current HuRTS team over the past 6 months or so to qualify.
The losers will be forced to buy drinks at the post race celebrations for a duration of 90 minutes. you can have as many members in the team but only the top 5 will count.
Already the Irish boys are up to there old tricks, team captain Enda has already tried to get in John Bartles on the bases he owns a Irish Wolfhound Dog , as well as J.Fenton who has the whole collection of 'The Nolans' CDs:)
To cap it all i then get a phone call from Kanser who tells me he wants to fly in 'BeerMat' from Ireland, and might ask Robbie Neal as well.... ???? Next I'll be asked if Brendan Foster can be included..... Bloody hell,  :)
Us Brits on the other hand, have no selection issues - with ALL frequent HuRT trainers, and can boast, Half Marathon winners, Striders winners, 6ft Track Winners and even a Biathlon winner within the ranks so i think we should be OK :)

Look forward to the lead up now for the big day, stay tuned as i am sure there will be some dirty underhand tactics from the 'Green Men'
There will also be prestigious trophy up for grabs as well - we will be running for the "Churchill/Bobby Sands" trophy awarded to the victors :)

Some of the Irish Team Members.

Surely this motley crew has to be joking ???????????


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rest Day - Bike/ Swim

Cycled over to the park first up for half a dozen easy laps just to spin the legs over, before returning home for 40ks round trip.
Then into the city and the Boy Charlton Pool at lunch to meet Pete Walker and Angus, a series of 1 and 200s with Pete going every 1.45. did the first 3 OK but was forced to miss the 4th rep as well as the 7th as i needed more break. Was all going well then who should grace us......... Mr Ironman Himself.... Enda Stankard fresh from two weeks of Pie eating, God this boy has improved his swimming, even sitting on Walkers feet these days (OK Pete was taking it easy after racing yesterday , but still )
2ks all up - felt OK, but i really do need to keep two swims a week on the program and not let it drop just because its getting colder.
14 x 3 minute efforts tomorrow at the HuRTS session, tough one but will be out there.

Just seen all the results come through from Canberra, and can you believe they have left me off the official list of finishers ........Whats going on there? If they need any confirmation they only need to ask Kanser, who had the fright of his life when he looked over his shoulder with 1200 metres to go and nearly 'pooped his pants' :)
For the record i finished 16th with a time of 1.19:52

Big news just coming in about an Irish challenge, Will be a special blog to tell all.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Canberra Half Marathon 79.52

And so it was down to the Nations Capital for the Canberra Half Marathon, ventured down yesterday after picking Kanser up and all i basically heard all day was how 'crook he'd been the past two days. Anyway once down there and after checking in - A big smile returned to his face when he knew he was out for dinner with Uncle Dave Criniti. It was embarrassing, it was like meeting Santa Claus for the first time and he even moved Uncles girlfriend from the seat next to him so he could get closer to his idol :)
Well after a few hours of good food and chat, Kanser was ready to take on the world and was pencilling in Marathons from Berlin to New York to Macleay River and on top of that  he made a bet that he would smash me by 2mins20 over the 21ks on Sunday?
Up early and a short jog over to the start, saw a few friendly faces, Elvis (Costello), HuRTS #1 Girl Laura, Tongue, and a seeded Flaky , who was puffing his chest out even more so i would see his printed name on his bib:)
Had a race plan today not to smash myself but give it a good workout (with Sydney 5 weeks away the main goal), settled behind Kanser for the first couple of ks before he put 50 mtrs into me, David Tongue then caught me at 5ks and we run together rather easy as he was doing the Full, probably took it too easy here in fact as was chatting as we ticked the ks off (still keeping an eye on Old Kanser mind) , bid farewell at 16ks to Tongue as i hit the turnaround for home still felling good. Kanser was ahead in a pack of 4 that included the first female but i could see he was struggling to hang on, with about 2.5ks to go the 2nd girl came up to me and issued a challenge, it was then i decided to race and in the process got within striking distance of our little Irishman, Its a long stretch that last 1.2ks but i was moving well and only about 7-8 seconds behind now and a nervous Kanser looked over his shoulder and had one final kick to hold me off with 14 seconds to spare.
I hit the line in 79.52, not sure of the overall position yet and was very happy with the run overall and is a great confidence booster now with the State 10k 3 weeks away and the Half in 5. Looking back i perhaps shouldn't have taken it so easy chatting.... but that's fine.
Some very good runs out there today in perfect conditions i must add, non better then Laura (3 girl) in 81.00, and David Tongue 2.38 (must have put the foot down after he left me)
It was back then for a swim, spa and steam followed by a top breaky at the hotel, with Kanser phoning and face booking all of Sydney (not to mention aunt Mary in Ireland) telling everyone how he beat 'Young Timmy'................. Jeez, I worry about that bloke, here i am running at 50%, half fit on the comeback trail and Kanser is 'Pumping up his Own Tyres' on what a great victory its been - and he only run 79.38, at that rate even Enda would have beat him :)

Anyway great weekend, and happy that i made the effort to go down for the weekend, will be back into it straight away now on Tuesday for the 14 x 3 minute efforts.

The Famous 'Uncle Dave' Criniti  with Kanser hanging off every word at dinner, Think he even had the same meal as what Uncle did :)

BTW, Also took a nice little $50 from Enda as well , who had no faith in me and suggested i couldn't break 80 mins for the Half............. Nice one Enda :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Canberra Bound

Out on the bike this morning for a gentle 26ks around the park to spin the legs over, then jumped off and run a single lap of the white fence (4ks). Trying to freshen up today and tomorrow before its the Canberra Half on Sunday.
I know I'm not in tip top shape at the moment but still hoping to run somewhere around the 79 minute mark, on a hopefully flattish track? I also realise Kanser will break 77.40 so it looks like I'll be shelling out once again to him in the betting stakes. He is a happy little camper though at the moment with his mate Uncle Dave granting him a dinner request :)

Also guys forgot to mention yesterday after talking about our Irish mate Enda - He was straight on the phone to me, asking me if i can please extend the invite to ALL HuRTS members and friends to his new housewarming party he is hosting at North Bondi in a couple of weeks. He is putting on a BBQ and all drinks for the evening - Give him a call to get his exact address :)'

Anyway best go and dig out the headphones and earplugs - As i am giving Kanser a lift ALL the way to Canberra in the morning, all 2.5 hours of pure trash talk. Should run a book on how many injuries he can tell me he's had in that time :)
On Sunday it is the Dextro Triathlon in Sydney as well, no sign of the Brownlee Brothers out here for that one as they fine tune for the Olympics - although some of the HuRTS boys will be giving it a good go.Look out for Pete Walker flying around out there , Certain winner in his age group.

Have a good weekend

FairyTale of New York time.

Limited time today and knew i wouldn't make the HuRTS session at lunch so i managed to squeeze my own session in early this morning at Centennial Park. Decided to do 8 x 1k reps with a 60 second recovery between each rep.With doing 8 i was aiming to slow them all down a little and try to replicate my 10ks race pace (although i am nowhere near it at the moment ) of 35 mins.
Started out and knew straight away it was going to be tougher then i imagined as i hit the line in 3.33 for the first and 3.29 on the return and already had a good sweat on:)
Settled a little after that and just concentrated on getting through each rep. Was working hard to maintain the pace on the last few but happy to get the 8 done and kept the times all honest.
Reps were:
3.33, 3.29, 3.29, 3.27, 3.28, 3.28, 3.31, 3.29
Stuffed at the end and wondered how the hell i ever managed to run sub 35 mins last year - think i am miles off it at the moment (and wondering if it will ever return?)

Was out last night at a concert at the Hordern, and no i didn't go with Enda and Kanser to see boy bad 'One Direction' Although i did see Enda's twin brother many of you didn't know he had , good old Shane MacGowan and his Pogues were in town. Last time i saw them was 22 years ago at Selina's (Coogee Bay Hotel) and we waited ALL night for him to come on only for him to slur his way through one song then get carried off 'Pi$$ed :)
Well last night he was a disgrace....... Came on hammered again, with bottle in one hand fag in the other and forgot the words to one song , and left the stage about 4 times?????????
Anyway great night overall, as the songs stand the test of time and the rest of the band carry it through, All the old favorites were out, Dirty ol Town, Sally Mac Lenanne, as the best Fairytale of New York, Have a listen if you don't know the song

That was from 1988 - man this guy should have been dead 25 years ago.
Can you spot the difference in the TWINS below????

Shane And Enda...... Who is Who??????????

Will take an easy day tomorrow before heading to Canberra on Saturday, although had Kanser texting all afternoon , as he has got himself a dinner date with Dave Criniti on Sat evening , Even talking himself up on the race and agreed to give 'Struggling Timmy' (his words) 2.20 start over the half????
I don't think its enough , but I'll take the bet:)


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easy Wednesday

Easy day today after Roger pulled the pin on our brick session again, so i just did 15ks cruising around the park just to keep the legs ticking over.
Saw a fit looking Sonya flying by a couple of times as well on her 34k run for the morning (averaging 5 min/ks) as she prepares for her big Ironman race at Port in 3 weeks time - watch out for a quick time from her as i hear she is also flying on the bike and her swimming is coming along nicely.
Not sure if I'll be able to get to the HuRTS session tomorrow (Thursday) due to work so may have to do a session by myself in the morning as a final hit out before Canberra on Sunday

Monday, April 9, 2012

HuRTS 4 x 10 minute Efforts

With no sign of Mikey, Tucks, Kanser and with Tom away thinking he's 'Indiana Jones' up the coast i was again called on to issue instructions on today's session (after J-Fen went all shy and refused ).
Today's call was 4 x 10 minute efforts with a 2 min recovery, despite a few away there was a good crowd in tow today in cold and very blustery conditions. (Ref: Flakey for rain and high/low temps for the day)
Tough going out in the wind so settled behind Macca, with J-Fen, Fats, and the return of Scott just ahead, think Macca was struggling a little today after a few heavy weeks as i managed to stay with him as we reached the "Burns' statue in the 10 mins (2.8ks) 3.34 pace, Always a lot quicker on the return and with the help of the breeze i got back in 9.36 (3.26 pace).
Always seem to struggle on the 3rd set and with 100k winds around Farm Cove that saw the lightly framed MrAce, and Laura dragged from the harbour i had to work hard just to stay on track, again stayed with Macca ,and a now struggling Scott  and was 50 metres shy of the previous effort working at 3.38 pace. Almost took off coming past the Art Gallery on the return at a lightening quick pace and managed to hold the pace pretty well even coming back into the wind around Mrs Macs getting back to the gates with 40 seconds to spare running at 3.26 pace.
Happy with that, just need to keep it going for the next 4 weeks now.
Had the old trusty 205 Garmin on today with no issues, so may stick to that for the time being - If anyone wants to buy an Irish made 610 Garmin GPS please email me :)


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Centennial Just got Shorter

Out for an easy 10ks this morning around Centennial Park, and with the new GPS watch on i found that the park has all of a sudden lost 185 metres around Grand Drive. This Watch is bloody useless - Like on Saturday it only measures the 1st k at about 850 metres......Very Strange. Don't know what Tuckey & Slim Sammy Agnew have done to this watch but the settings seem all over the place :)
Think i will revert back to my old antique one for all training runs from now on
Back with the HuRTs boys for the session at lunch tomorrow, although will check whats on the calendar.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Striders Lane Cove - 37.02

Another cracker of a morning to see in the Easter weekend for the Striders 10ks at Lane Cove, bit light on again at the top end with no Tom or Tucks (once again), although Slim Sam, Richie P, Walker, Hamish, Ben, Eoin, Dicky were all in attendance as well as a revitalised Johnny 'B' Grade with his new coach Tiger Howard also having a run out.
Warmed up with Sam, Dicky and Eoin before the gun going off - Had plans today to go out easier and then try to pick it up in the 2nd half, so was determined to stick with Sam for the morning.
Worked well for the 1st k, and saw the marker and everyone else around me watches go beep at 3.27 - BUT my new devise said i had only done 870 metres ????? and by the time it ticked over the first k said i was on 3.57 pace....WTF is going on there. Said to Sam if that's the case 'i'm in big trouble'
I know its a poxy excuse but it then seemed to throw me and when Sam and Dicky and even Walker gaped me i fell into that cruisy trap and couldn't push it to hurt myself. Watch was all over the place, i was at the 5k marker in 18.40 with still the hill to climb. Bit of controversy then on the way down as the official had moved places and was now in 'Front' of the hut ........Some then took the shorter route (no names, but they know who they were) whilst i went the long way around:)
Went passed a fading badly Tiger Howard on the way down, and a k further down the road i went past his 'Boy Binfield' who looked a distraught figure at 7ks after being in 2nd spot. I held the same pace pretty much in an uneventful last couple of ks as i was running by myself and crossed the line in a disappointing 37.02
Loads of work to be done, although i did say April will be a big month and i will be looking for massive improvements over the next few weeks or so. Solid runs from the boys with Macca 35.18s(?), Sam 36.10, Dicky 36.20, and Walker 36.30 (times are unofficial)

Well have a great Easter break, and good training, I'm just out now to watch the Sydney Swans in action in the AFL followed by a good few beers in the Clovelly Hotel for the evening .

Just had someone knock at my door.... (true) - Two Jehovahs Witnesses, Seeing as its Easter and i am a good bloke i invited them in and gave them a cup of my English Tea, i then sat them down and said 'Well, this is nice - what would you care to chat about'
They both looked at each other stunned and replied 'Don't know to be honest.... We've never got this far' :)


For the record B'Grade - will be known again as D Grade - as in Did not Finish?

For Sale - One 610 GPS Watch s New , if anyone is looking to buy one. Might even have to put it on the HuRTS web page this week:)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rushcutters 8 x 800s

Out on the bike this morning and even ventured away from the park headed to Clovelly, Tama, Bronte and down to Bondi before heading out the back into Watsons Bay  and then back - hills galore for the morning and was shattered by the time i got back into the comforts of the park.
60ks for the morning.
Headed out down to Rushcutters Oval at lunch for the HuRTs session that was 8 x 800s rolling every 4 minutes, bit light on at the top end today with no Highnam, Tuckey, Bartles, Maccca, or even Kane, but still a nice little crowd on a bloody hot day in Sydney that included J-Fen, Slim Sam, Spike and a return for Razor Wareham.
With all the top guns away it was left to me to rally the troops (oooohhhh  the pressure) and i even found myself in the very unusual position of leading from the front on the first couple of reps (think J-Fen was taking it easy today). Held the first 4 reps OK , but then the legs started to get heavy (not to mention the heat) and Slim Sam's marathon training kicked in and he was soon leaving me behind on each rep.
Toughed it out and managed to get through the 8 reps only losing a few seconds in the later stages.
Reps were. 2.34, 2.31, 2.32, 2.33, 2.33, 2.37, 2.37, 2.35
J- Fen was knocking them all out sub 2.30s i think, and Slim Sam is looking good as he nears his London Marathon in 2 weeks, not far behind him.
Tough old cycle home at the end of it that meant i had done 75ks for the day and will rest up now before attempting the Striders 10ks on Saturday at Lane Cove

For all those insomniacs out there, i have a great solution for you - Check out the HuRTs web page and you will find a race report from Enda who recently did the Melbourne Ironman....... Yawwwwwwnnnnn :)
God, first Mikey Conway, now Enda, Old Charlie will be asking Kanser for a report on his injury and his Strassburg sock next, When will it stop ? :)


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Brick Day

Backing up from yesterdays HuRTs tempo session i was back in the park this morning to meet training partner Roger for our usual brick session. Another tough one with single and double laps on the bike with the 2nd lap taking in Paddington Hill and over to Woollahra Hill.
Perfect morning with no wind (you'll have to check Crumbles blog for the temps:) ) that meant no excuses on the bike today and i feel as i am slowly getting stronger managing to nearly get the laps back under 6 mins each working solo. Happy to then jump off the bike and hold sub 3.30 pace on the run even if it is for only 1k reps.
Stuffed by the end of the session though, and really keen to try to get some good biking and swimming done this winter and not let it ALL go to waste.
Back again for HuRTs session tomorrow , not sure what it is - think there could be 2 sessions going on, If so i will head down to Rushcutters for the 800s.
Striders race is on Saturday over in Lane Cove, will be out to try to break 36 mins for the first time in the year.

Back Again.... HuRTs Tempo 45mins.

Well after a rather lengthy lay off from the HuRTs lunchtime sessions i was back again, and what a session to return to. On a hot day it was the dreaded 45 minute tempo session that i detest so much. Huge turnout today, i think many heard Enda was returning as well. With the front runners Tom, Tucks and J-fen off in the distance i settled in the 2nd pack with Slim Sam, Spike (Milligan) and a few others felt OK early and kept the pace relatively easy, although Sammy gaped me around C.Q area and must have put 100 mtres into me. Turned at the 22.5 minute mark just as Toddy and another group were just about to overtake me as i was running at 3.51 pace.  Felt pretty strong here and just tried to work off Spike in and around C.Q.  Caught a nice little group that included Laura around the Opera House and tried to keep it together for a final 10 minute effort. Normally struggle big time around Mrs Macs, and the A.B.C Pool area and that little hill part but was really committed to staying strong today. Picked up another group that included Walker and Taffy Jones (Matthews?) and then would you believe saw Enda ahead who i think had done nothing but sit at Mrs Macs for the previous 42 minutes..... Gave him a little tap as i flew by, then he woke up and put in a 2 minute burst... Bugger. Tom and J-Fen also came by at this point but with Enda kicking i kicked as well and went with him and got home in 44..36  and 24 seconds remaining.
11.75 ks done averaging 3.48 for the day - Happy with that as i always consider tempo being about 15 seconds per/k slower then your 10k race pace, so i think i am in sub 36 pace on that calculation?
K Splits were.3.58, 3.54, 3.50, 3.58, 3.40, 3.48, 3.40, 3.45, 3.34, 3.50,3.50 700mtes 2.37

Amazing we have a cast of thousands start this session but i reckon we lose half out there somewhere, Not sure what happens? Maybe they sit at Circular Quay watching the buskers :)

Back out tomorrow as i have the tough brick session with Roger

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Long Run with Tea Galore

Extra hours sleep in this morning then it was out to meet Kanser for our long run, Even with the extra hour - true to form he was late. Did a loop around the park before heading out down to Coogee, Cloey and then Bronte, then the hill back up to Queens Park before returning to the park. 18ks all up in 90 mins, not a fast pace by any means although to be fair it was pretty hilly and there was big crowds around the beaches especially on the steps.
Once back to the park i had to cut short a little with Kanser as i had to take a client out for a run, did another 7 ks so all up 25k for the day.
Saw J- Fen flying around all morning working on about 4.02 pace for his 20 odd ks before he was keen for a feed at the 'House of Kane's' - Unfortunately Kanser couldn't come up with the goods and we were more then happy when Chris (Big Bear) gave us the invite around to his 19 million dollar pad in Centennial for his daughters 3rd birthday bash. Great hosts and thanks to Chris and Gillian for that, big back yard and Kanser couldn't contain himself as we arrived and saw the 'Bouncy Castle ' all ready to go. First things first though and tea was the order of the day - all 6 cups in 15 mins.
The Fenton clan arrived next, wife Bonnie and daughter Caroline, and another batch of tea was on the boil and J-Fen was keen to take Timmy on at 'Ping Pong" but saved myself from a possible slaughter by getting more tea on the go. Big Bear might be the perfect host...but GOD , those Yanks make the worst cups of tea going - with Kanser even making a remark it looked like 'Fortnight tea'  (too weak) :)

A few other good folk there and after the recent success of Enda at Melbourne i have decided to follow in his lead and get myself a Life Coach........ so i will be on the couch next week. Might have to double check with Enda as to whats expected:)

Bit of a recovery day tomorrow and shall try for a swim, before getting back into it on Tuesday

On Tea duties(with Red teapot) with Bonnie Lass Bonnie, J-Fen and daughter Caroline 6 months

Kanser, J- Fen and Timmy, moments before Kanser hit the 'Bouncy Castle'