Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 - The Year in Review.

January. After a less than impressive 2013 I was keen to start the New Year injury free and looking forward to see what the next 12 months brought me. Started with a Triathlon (my only one of the year) down at Heffron for the Maccabi Sprint finishing 2nd only after one of the guys (who is also a HuRT member) didn’t shout out to me whilst leading  on the final turnaround on the run leg that saw me go too far. Little wonder Mikey isn’t a fan and has since tried to cancel his membership.

February.  The start of the Striders series out at Homebush and it certainly wasn’t the start I was after with a woeful  42.01 , just barely managing to outsprint HuRTS #1 female Renee.  No sign of Enda mind you as his first cold of the year prevents him from running.
Did my first ever Ocean swim out at Bondi, shocker nearly died 12 times over during the course of the 2ks as Ronan beats me by over 5 minutes and Enda even smashes me by over 60 seconds.

March. Missed the 6ft track, although never entered to be honest, great runs from the team across the table with Tucks 5th home, run of the day though went to Taffy James in breaking 4hrs. Tells me his secret was that he concentrated on just chasing the sheep across the fields.

April. Another ordinary run at Striders sees me come home in 39.52, before venturing down to the Nation’s Capital for the first of my 5 Half Marathons for the year. Felt shocking all the way through and had Greta Truscott on my heels at 8k and was gone at this point. Found something on the second half though once the competitive instincts kicked in to stop the clock in 85.20.  Things were looking up in the pool though when I take out my first ever Swimming Trophy – winning the HuRTS 1k Time Trial ‘Golden Duck’ Handicap in 16.55

May. Busy time for the team with the running of the SMH Half marathon, and I start to think that I may have turned things around with a solid 82.58 for the day. On the downside though is the loss of the Churchill / Sands Cup to the Irish boys for the first time. Once more not without controversy, as the Irish tried every trick in the book to win, getting anyone remotely Irish running for them – It’s a disgrace but being the English gentlemen we are, we lose with dignity and hand the trophy over. I think most of their team were that ashamed only team captain Enda and Corky O’Conner even bothered to turn up for the celebrations post race.

June. Started to train well and with consistency but frustrating as it never transpired to any decent times?  37.44 at the Striders and then a fortnight later the HuRTS travelling team hit Launceston for the fast 10k, and I was only good for a 37.30. Cracker of a trip mind you, with some members travelling away for the first time and forced to witness the Chairman throwing a ‘few shapes’ on the dance floor – it was worth the flight over alone to witness it.

July.  Annual trip to the Gold Coast and the 3rd Half of the year, but nearly never made it as was dying of the flu, Still soldiered on and struggled to get the 21ks done finishing in 88.55. I reckon it was worth HuRTS P.O.T.Y alone for the gallant effort to see me even make the start line in such circumstances.
Enda’s fine first 6 months was about to reach a year high when he runs a cracker of a Marathon in 2.38 (although many claimed he should have gone 2.36), Unfortunately this was about as good as it got for the Irishman and his year came crashing down after this.
Celebrated C.Ts 40th Birthday Bash as well with 80s fancy dress, and sorry to have to witness Tommy H’s dancing was back on show for the second time in as many months ……. And NO it didn’t get any better.
Highlight, seeing Fats WITH Hair.

August. Biggest run of the year for the City to Surf, did OK to come home in 53.04  as the HuRTS squad formed teams of 5 that saw Muzza lead his ‘Yule be Alright Mate’ team to outright victory.

September. Striders run of 37.10 was about as good as it was to get for the year as we welcomed back Stevie ‘Wildman’ T back and with it came a respectable 5th overall with the Chairman taking 2nd. Last Half of the year as well and run 82.48 that I was pretty happy with although struggled over the last 4ks going back into the Domain big time. I start to get the regular Sunday long runs going in prep for Melbourne Marathon, never missing from after C2S right the way through Sept and up to race day

October. It didn’t’ take Stevie T long as he takes outright win at the Striders 10k, as I run a similar time to last month in 37.15, The HuRTS travelling army hit south to Melbourne and my first Marathon since Berlin over 12 months ago. Wasn’t in bad form but knew I would struggle over the final 10ks. It proved spot on as at the 30k mark I was goneski, bloody long way home from there but battled and was delighted to break the 3hr barrier once again with a 2.58:07 for the day

November. Started to get into the busy period , and not just on the running track. Last Striders of the year out at Lane Cove and it wasn’t the finish I was looking for coming home in 38.30 – On the plus side it was still some 20 minutes quicker then Enda could manage . As he grabs the headlines once more with his 58 minute run, going off road and deciding to take a ‘nap’ all in a mornings work. Certainly got the Story of the Year and gave Mikey great entertainment along the way.
Backed up with the opening Biathlon of the season and despite finishing in 19.15 it still wasn’t good enough to beat Tom and his breastroke
Had the popular J.P Morgan 5.6k race in Centennial Park, happy with the run finishing in 19.34 having a great battle with Lady Laura all the way (just beating her by about 5 seconds) and even better evening post race with Tom hosting all the team in the Allen’s tent.
Finally the HuRTS presentation saw its biggest gathering to honor the winners, that saw Quentin take top award for the year with his City to Surf Run, and Erika Ekland take the top female trophy away. Poor Mikey had to endure the Overachiever that he wasn’t happy with and I was sure Jeet was going to get sacked the following day at UBS as a result?

December.  Parties, Eating and Drinking were pretty much the order of the month, with Jeet, Fats turning 40, as well as many other social events to attend.
Finished off the year by taking out my 2nd Golden Duck in the 1k Handicap race for December (16.55)and end the year as Swimming champ of 2014….. Never thought I’d ever say that? J
Have a tried to keep some level of fitness up but its bloody hard, hoping though that I do enter 2015 in better shape than when I started the year and really looking forward to 2015.

Year Highs.
Injury FREE year
Back running a Marathon and breaking 3 hrs
5 Half Marathons for the Year
J.P Morgan run
Camaraderie shown throughout the HuRTS team
The Launceston and Melbourne Tours, with many new faces on it.

Not being able to run sub 37 minutes for 10ks (best 37.10)
Losing the Churchill Cup to the Irish (despite blatant cheating……. Let it go Timmy , I’ve got to let it go …)

Tomorrow , I will look through my crystal ball and see what 2015 holds for me and the rest of the gang.

Happy New Year to all

Last Run for 2014.

Well the last run for the year and after an easy few ks with my clients first up and standing around having a good old chat with Mermaid (Emma) I waited till the HuRTS Eastside boys came around before joining in with them.
With C.T leading the team around, also in attendance were Adrian, Saxon Moseley,  a Pommy guy ?,  Sammy J ( who looked like he run about 400k and been out on the drink for a month) and surprise surprise ….. Barts, who just can’t seem to stay away from the popular Eastside team (twice in as many days now)
Pace was pretty honest from the get go today and went around the outside of the park( 7ks)  before re-entering and basically doing a flat loop. Managed to do 10ks with the lads all up averaging 4.22s
14 for the morning, that sees the end to a satisfactory year. Pretty happy with the way it’s gone overall and even happier to stay injury free throughout the year.

So that wraps up the current year, hope you’ve had a good one and enjoyed the Trash that been written over the past 12 months, whether  you’ve been part of a smile, sledge or any type of slander that’s been written – it’s all done in good humor.

Have a great New Year, and hope all your goals are achieved in 2015
Stay Safe

Timmy’s tip to kick start your New Year in the footy, Stoke take on the big boys of Man Utd in the Premiership at the home of football
Take the draw, Stoke 2 v Man Utd 2

2 x 3ks Centennial Reps

Mikey bailed on me so was just out with Sharonne early doors and after a flat lap warm up it was time for the 3k efforts once more. Knew I was struggling for time to get all 3 done so was looking at 2 decent reps of similar pace for the morning.
After a busy week or so, I was keen not to go out to fast and soon settled going through the first 1k in 3.36, Its around the 2.5k mark that it normally gets tough so had to stay focused coming around near the Fox gates before stopping the watch in 10.50
A 700m float back to the café and it was more of the same for the second, pretty much identical at every split, but somehow lost 3 seconds somewhere as I crossed out in 10.53
Pretty happy with that though all things considered – averaging 3.37s
Jumped on the bike for an easy 20k after as I saw some of HuRTS boys doing a session led out by C.T, and I didn’t miss the opportunity to hurl some abuse Bart’s way J

Last day of the year tomorrow and will be out for an easy 12k or so early doors to finish of a satisfactory year.
Will also post up my Year in Review and how it all panned out over the 12 months, the highs and the lows.


Friday, December 26, 2014

He's Back... The Kanser Return (AGAIN)

The man they couldn’t root, shoot or electrocute is back …….. Yes Dave Ignatius Kane or Kanser to many has returned to training.

Got the call last night to join and help him out for his first (or was it second?) session back and boy with Kanser there is no such thing as ‘gently easing back into it’.  Went down to Moore Park just outside Fox Studio Gates at Centennial and did the Sean Williams 1k course on the grass x 2 for each rep
Set was 10 x 2k reps, now before you get all excited and scream out ‘lunatic’  it wasn’t 10 speed reps but more easy controlled pace. There was never any chance I’d do 10 after what I’d eat and drunk the past two days but promised Kanser I’d be good for 6 so joined in after his 2nd. Was told to do them all around 4.07 pace (8.15) but even after the first rep Kanser was never going to let me lead any rep so I was happy just to roll around at 4 min/ks for each one.
A strict 30 second recovery after each kept  it honest and we were keeping a steady time, I got to 6 and although felt fine I called time and let him continue with the last 2 by himself.
A slight difference on our GPS watches, with Kanser measuring longer than mine, but the times for each rep were:
8.01, 7.59, 7.57, 7.55, 7.53, 7.50

Good session and hate to say it but Kanser looked pretty comfortable throughout, He even had a pop at me when I previously said that he will be back firing come MAY…… tells me know that he will be back in roughly 3-4 weeks ?? The alarm bells have already begun over in the Stankard household as Enda who was top Irishman for HALF of the year in 2014 will now struggle to be in the top 3 come the first race of the Striders with the likes of McClarnon, Kanser and Super Kev all ranked higher ?

I went down to knock a few ks out at Cloey Beach swimming  after with some in/outs followed by returning to the ‘House of Kanes’ for breakfast and numerous amounts of tea.
 Ohhhhhhhh, it’s great to have him back ……………. Now, if he could just find some sugar in the house it would be spot on J

Sunday run tomorrow, although have a mate back in town who wants beers tonight so I won’t promise that I will be seen anywhere near the park at 7am in the morning, but I will make an effort….. promise.

Proof that Kanser is back, doing the hard yards in an effort to regain his top spot... Fair play to him i say.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas to All.

An Easy 7k first up before Mikey joined me for the 3rd time this week (Geez, people will start talking?) along with T.B, Sonya, Emma Brown and one lad named Luca(?), Cruised around for the first 4ks at approx 4.50 pace picking up Renee along the way who was also out for a mornings trot.
Decent chat the whole way before I had to peel off at the conclusion of the 10k loop as worked called.
Another 17ks logged pre Xmas and a decent week before the mad food and drink takes over for the next 4 days straight.

Saw the elusive Dave ‘Kanser’ Kane out having a run so joined him once I was finished work.  He’s back full of enthusiasm and keen to get back into action in a BIG way come the new year. Just back from running the Hawaiian Marathon ( I told him I won’t embarrass him by telling everyone his time) but he did tell me he has a NEW trainer on the go and has already had all the fitness tests etc… and even sorted his diet out ( Obviously looking at him he hasn’t started it as yet?)
He must be serious as he mentioned that it will be around May before he gets to claim Irelands #1 Runner ….. Stay tuned, I say.

Talking the Irish, HuRTS ‘Human Headline’ Enda has been at it again, all these trips to China has now  come crashing down around him  (Literally ) with his latest antics bringing more shame on him.

Also take a look out for the world Championship Darts that has begun at the ‘Ally Pally’ in England, Stoke well represented once more with 4 of the big guns in the hunt for the title. Two in particular Phil ‘the Power’ Taylor & Adrian ‘Jackpot’ Lewis are the big hopes , although The Power is getting on a bit and the younger boys are coming through, I still expect him to be there or there about?
A quick wrap up of the first few days is here – check it out, brilliant.

That’s all about for now pre Xmas, so have a great  Xmas day whatever you may be doing. Eat, drink and be Merry.
Take it easy and try not to overdo it on the beers or the Ham, although that’s exactly what I will be doing myself

Stay safe
Merry Xmas

Monday, December 22, 2014

More running with Mikey - 3 x 3k Reps

Met up with Sharonne and Mikey for the second morning on the spin and decided on the 3 x 3k reps as a session, but I knew it wasn’t going to be as easy as yesterdays cruise.
A flat lap warm up first,  then starting at the café followed the path around to the Fox Gates at the 3k marker, Worked from the front with Mikey struggling at first but after 1k I felt him right on my shoulder, stayed this way until the 2.5k and then he seemed to hold the pace whilst I dropped off slightly as he crossed out in 10.46 to my 10.49
For the 2nd rep we went back on ourselves, and straight away found it so much harder (with the wind and hills), felt I was gone from about the 1k point and basically labored for the remaining coming home in 11.42 with Mikey some 35 seconds ahead.
Struggled then to even find the strength for the 3rd but went out hard and led out the first 1000m before the old ‘shoelace ‘ came undone was to hamper me. Actually stopped the watch and fixed up as Mikey continued away, re gathered and despite feeling shocking tried to lift to finish the last 800 strong.
Times were 10.49, 11.42, 11.40. Mikey was 10.46, 11.05, 11.31 ??
Not the best session in truth time wise, apart from the first rep. Still good to be able to knock out some resemblance of speed at this time of the year that I wouldn’t normally do.
13ks all up.

Think Mikey is coming back for the hat trick in the morning – back to an easy 15ks though that will be easier.


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Running with the C.E.O and another swim title.

A few weeks back it was the Chairman, and today I got the call from the C.E.O ‘Militant’ Mikey Conway to go for a run early in the park to kick start the final week before Xmas. Also joined by Old ‘Chesty Bonds ‘Dolph Lundgren Terence Bell fresh from another 3 year around the world holiday.
 Mikey’s first run all year he was telling in the A.M as we knocked out the normal 10k Sunday loop to start. Pretty much ‘chewed the fat’ over all things. Got talking how well everyone was going in the team and that certain people have really stood up over the past 12 months, But I was all ears when he mentioned that others WILL NEED TO LIFT THEIR  GAME MORE IN 2015 or they will have their cards marked ????
After the 10k loop we knocked out a flat 4ks and finished up with 14k for the morning in 63 minutes averaging 4.34s
Cracking morning and made a nice change to run with Mikey easy instead of smashing ourselves when we usually meet for the speed workouts throughout the week.
Will do the same with him again on Wednesday morning.

Into town at lunch for the final swim set before the Xmas break, some have already stopped work for 2014 so it was a smaller team today with only Todd, Leech, Sonya, Zoe, Liam around. Basically the Leech and I just sat on ‘Machine’ Todd’s feet for the first 5 x 200s coming in around the 3 minute mark for each ( I was around 3.02 – 3.07s)
Added a bit of fun after that with the team relays pairing up and each doing 5 x 100s alternating  for 1k in total
Seeds went 1 & 6 (Todd, Liam), 2 & 5(Leech, Sonya)  and 3 & 4(Zoe and I)
Jesus, here I was thinking it was going to be an easy set but had Todd homing in on me each 100 so was keen to hold the advantage that Zoe was giving me each time. A big effort from the token English lass on her final 100m meant I had about a 8 seconds lead and was lucky just to hold out as we took line honours.
Good session was knackered at the end, although feel my swimming is slowly on the up (….at last)

Will be back in the park early doors tomorrow and will do the speed work then instead of heading into town for the lunchtime set as I’m not sure who will be running or even around?

Had a cracker of a weekend, caught up with Pommy Paul Birch on Friday for beers, who has his parents over for holidays. Lovely people and Birchy is the spitting image of his old man (although his old man doesn’t have the fancy haircut like Paul), Mummy Birch was regaling old stories of a youthful Birchy and came out with a story of him getting arrested in years gone by and refused entry into Villa Park home of Aston Villa (I said the fans should try that every week),  Arrested for Drunk & Disorderly??  Mmmmmm, some things haven’t changed much over the years.

Down in the Shire yesterday, for lunch and drinks …… never saw Laura, Damo or even Eloise around, although I did get out early before the locals started getting messy and causing mayhem into the evening J


Friday, December 19, 2014

1k T/T at A.B.C - 16.55, 1st place

Time for the HuRTS 1k swim handicap time trial again and with the Xmas holidays coming up  we went a week earlier for the month of December.  Good crew though with the likes of Walker, Leech, November duck winner Mickey Gee, MrAce, Taffy (sans Santa Hat), Champagne, Angus, J.C, and nice to see Paulie Hannell joining us for the first time.
Was 2nd away after Mickey Gee some 90 seconds ahead and went out hard in order to try to reduce the gap, Happy with the first 200m and saw J.C standing at the end of the pool not even started. Got to the 500m mark in around 8.22 and had Pete Walker fly past but knew he would have to find another 100m in order to beat me. Each 100m seemed to get harder as I tried to get to the 1k mark, and with 900m done I could see Todd fast homing in, I could barely get the arms out of the water at this stage but hung in there to touch out in 16.55 and take the prized ‘golden duck’ for December.
Todd was on fire swimming around the 15.00 mark to be about 2-3 after me and another 25m he would have certainly got me.
So another ‘Duck’ sits pride of place on the mantelpiece and I end the year as the HuRTS swimming Champion (that’s something I thought I’d ever say J ) – and I must make sure I put a call into old mate Enda to let him know.
Other times for the day were:

J.C  14.05
Pete 14.30
Todd  15.03
Leech 16.02
Taffy   16.47
Timmy 16.55  - golden duck
Angus  17.19
Paul Hannell 18.20
Mickey Gee 18.25
Champagne   9.00 (did his customary 600m before departing)

Many thanks to Pete Walker for all the help and sorting the handicaps out throughout the year (even if he does still try to rort me)

Next T/T is the Friday 30th January

Can’t believe another weekend has come around yet again – and still plenty on, when will it end?
In the premiership footy, Stoke take on the Drug Barons Chelski in a tough one at the Brit, will be close but think they might just edge it 0-1

I may not even get in the top 50 at the moment in my running BUT I can claim to be HuRTS #1 in the swimming team to end a successful year, after taking out the December 1k time trial and the Golden Duck.

Paul, Duck Winner, Taffy, Leech, Pete and Todd  - poolside after December T/T

Have a great weekend
Stay safe and train well

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

HuRTS 3 x 2k Reps .....Well 2 x 2ks.

Into town and down to the Passenger Terminal to meet the guys for the start on the 3 x 2ks reps. Smaller team out but some strong runners amongst the group with ‘Muscles ‘Jono, Barts, Fats, Bruce, Rich Mull, Angus, Razor, Irelands # 1 & 2 runners Macca & Super Kev, J.W  and a few others.
Once again wasn’t feeling great before the start but went out hard from the off sitting just behind Macca and Rich Mullaney with Angus pretty much sitting on my shoulder the whole way. Turned at the 1k mark at Wharf 5 outside the Theatre company and held the pace back to the start line coming home in 6.45. Knew it was far too fast (especially at this time of the year) and was keen to drop the pace on the second but had Angus yell out to me coming under the bridge at the 300m mark to hang on to him. Managed to do so but it was tough and didn’t lose too much time coming in on 6.49.
Tried to bring the heart rate down as quick as I could before the 3rd rep – but the 2 minute recovery seemed to fly and by the time the boys were off I felt I was still up over the 200 beats/min.  This added to the ‘can’t be bothered’ attitude and I was done for the day …. Retiring after just 2 reps.  Normally would be upset with my actions but happy enough with my time for the first 2 and I’ll take those times. Angus toughed it out for the 3rd and came home in 6.55 so had I battled I would have probably struggled to break 7 mins?

The front guys were flying and even Fats was working the last rep around 6.16s, with Barts and Jono even faster.

Long cool down running back through the city and back to the Art Gallery for about 10ks all up

Swim 1k Handicap T/T tomorrow down at the A.B.C Pool.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Very easy 11k plod all up, Met up with Sonya first for a flat single lap before going even easier for a further 7ks.
Will run tomorrow with the HuRTS for the 2ks reps.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Tough Tempo Tuesday

After a massive weekend the last place I really wanted to be this morning was in Centennial Park knocking out 2 x 3ks tempo sets, still after a loop warm up (3.7ks) and meeting a friendly face for a chat on the warm up  in HuRTS #1 female Renee along the way I just had to get on with it.
Didn’t want to smash these (don’t think I could anyway ) and decided to work more tempo pace for each rep, with a 700m floating recovery back to the café after the first rep.
Just felt tired from the start today and was counting the ks down from the first step to be honest.  Pace was OK though and came around near Fox Gates at 3ks in 11.06 (3.42s), really needed to get my head right to go around again and took off slightly faster on the 2nd as I knew I’d be doing well to hold the pace over the later stages. Happy enough to actually go a few seconds quicker to stop the clock in 11.01 (3.40s)
A 2k cool down for just over 13ks in total  - and boy these sessions feel so hard at this time of the year.
Will try to knock out an easy 12ks tomorrow and will make the effort to head into town on Thursday to join the boys for the 3  x 2ks reps that is scheduled.

As mentioned had a big weekend, and a special shout out to both Jeet and Fats who both celebrated turning 40, Had the pleasure in joining them to mark the occasion on Saturday evening and then backing up on Sunday at Petersham Bowling Club with Tony. Many thanks to both, not only for the invite but the generous supply of food and beers.  Great to see some of the team out at both with Sammy J & Olivia, C.T , Lovely Lisa, Sonya, Craig Wiseman at Jeets bash , and the likes of Johnny Bowe & Worsick, C.T  and HuRTS # 1 Tucks all turning out to help Fats celebrate.

Fats turned 40 on the weekend and John Bowe and I welcomed him to the club.

#1 Tucks, wife Mei, J.W, his partner, C.T and Fats. Nice of C.T to take time out from the bouncy castle to join us for the photo.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

A.B (Angus Boyd) rules at the A.B.C Biathlon.

Not the best of nights for the HuRTS Biathlon that was organized with the showers persisting right the way throughout the day and evening. Shocking turnout from the boys though and very disappointed with all those NO SHOWS who let me down (they know who they are).
Decided to do the swim leg first and we basically had a lane each with the pool pretty much empty, went out hard but was already behind  Angus and Adrian who were either side of me after the first 100m.  Tried to hold the pace and was happy enough to touch out in 4.57 (1.39s per/100), Angus had left the pool and Adrian had his shoes on and was about 30 seconds ahead at this stage of the race. It’s a longer transition this way around as you have to walk up the stairs and out the main entrance that adds about a minute to the overall time.
Found I was struggling from the get-go as I knew I couldn’t chase down any of the two lads ahead of me, seemed to go through the motions but did reduce the gap on Adrian just before half way.
One final effort over the last 600m saw me get close but in truth I think he was cruising as well at this stage and I’m sure he had plenty left had I put in a challenge at anytime?
Crossed the line in 3rd place overall in 20.44, As I say I think 60 seconds on the normal Bi times and that would be about right.
Angus took line honours with a  solid 19.43 (he would normally do around 18.40s) , with Adrian McGarva 2nd in 20.29 (and he’s normally good for 19.10)

On the plus side of the evening, with all the NO shows it means I cleaned up on the betting stakes - $60 to be precise, 3 x $20s after Tom. Ronnie Biggs and the Sweaty Sock (Craig) were not on the starters blocks?
They know the HuRTS rule…..

Big weekend once more , with parties on both Saturday and Sunday this week that I will head out to, and a big head to head with good mate Slim Sammy Agnew when his ‘Tin Pot’ team Crystal Palace take on Stoke in London in the Premier league.
I think I’ll have to settle for 2 points DROPPED on this one as I can see Palace getting a lucky draw.
Timmy’s Tip – C. Palace 1 v Stoke 1

Have a great weekend
Stay safe

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Midweek 5k Tempo.

Easy 10k all up this morning and actually worked with one of my faster clients to pace him for a 5k time trial. Went well and came home in 19.48 before just cruising then for the last 5ks .
Saw the BRAT Hardmen out as well including Cement Hanley hurling abuse (although I never understand him so it’s OK), PLOD, Shire #12 Damo, Evan and a few others but still no sign of Enda anywhere ??

HuRTS biathlon tomorrow evening, not sure of the starting lineup as yet, Tommy H is staying stum….. let’s hope he’s not getting cold feet, Craig Wisemen is still counting his winnings from last week, so I hope he shows so I can get some $$$ back, Confirmed are Taffy, Angus Boyd (favorite), Sharonne and Adrian Mc at the moment.
6.30pm start for anyone that is keen.


Monday, December 8, 2014

More 1k Reps in the Park.

Stayed in the park again after work and caught up with Sharonne and punched out 6 x 1k reps, Bit windy and after another busy weekend just gone it was yet another tough one to get through.
Flat lap to warm up with then it was into the wind on the way out for the first rep coming in on 3.26, then got the tailwind which was to mean all the even laps were about 4-5 seconds quicker. Felt as it I was battling away but the times were all pretty honest for the day.
Times were: 3.26, 3.22, 3.25, 3.22, 3.26, 3.19
2ks cool down and 12 for the morning overall.

Congrats once again to HuRTS #1 Andrew ‘Tucks’ Tuckey on his fine achievement on the weekend in the 240ks run/walk/sleep event to Kosciusko, not only winning but smashing the course record by nearly 2 hours to finish in 24hr.33 mins – Unbelievable.  Happy to report that his travel pillow came in handy as well…………. Not for him, but his crew member James ‘Taffy’ Matthews, who used it for about 17 hours of the 24
Closer to home (and far more important) was the Beer Mile down at Rushcutters, Race favorites let the punters down big time with Quentin, C.T. Macca and Tom not even on the podium. Well done to ‘Muscles’ Jono on taking out the title, with Champagne and ‘Allo Allo’ Renaud 2nd & 3rd. Tommy  Highnam had to produce a stunning 60 second final 400m lap to save face and avoided being ‘Chicked by Zoe, and rumor was that his final beer had gone warm by the time he had finally emptied the contents of it ……….Shameful.

Tucks after his race with travel pillow , and reflects on another successful year and was keen to point out to Barts, Tom and C.T just who is #1


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Friday Swim Set at the A.B.C Pool

Stunning day once again in town with another swim at lunch with the team that included all the fast lads today – Pete Walker, Crossy, Todd, The Leech, Karim and the return of Champagne Charlie Low.  5 x 200s were first up and it was fast (for me anyway) coming in on 3 minutes for the first, and the next 4 were only marginally slower in 3.04, 3.04. 3.05, 3.03
A bit of technique coaching from Pete to help out before I was called upon to lead out the first 100m set. With paddles, pool buoy, and just about every other swimming aid on the market I led out and was happy to keep the boys honest with a 1.28 touch out time. The lads then took it in turn for another 5 reps all done around the same mark.
Best part of 2ks done in total – happy with that and starting to feel some improvement at long last.

Well done to Tom in last night’s Zatopek 10k race in Melbourne , didn’t get the time he was looking for but 32.28 is still pretty good in most people’s eyes.  Good luck to Tucks as well who is running the stupid 240ks event that will see him run/walk/sleep for the next 24 hours (and yet still WIN the race). He has his travel pillow with him so hopefully that can come in useful throughout the evening.
Tonight some of the boys take on the Beer Mile down at Rushcutters, 1600m and 4 beers along the way. Small but select team are out for this and my money is on Quentin , although have sent along a mate Ben Lowe who could be the surprise packet.

Massive weekend planned, with parties, drinks and even a spot of deep sea fishing taking place on Sunday morning. Big weekend in the footy with Wenger and his Moaning Gunners team the latest to travel to the ‘Home of Football’.  Stoke have a good record over Arsenal in recent years and I’m tipping that to continue despite our poor home form so far.
Timmy’s Tip – Stoke 2 v Arsenal 1

Have a great weekend
Train well and stay safe

A.B.C Biathlon 2nd in 19.15

With Tommy H away on Zatopek 10k duties in Melbourne there was a new challenge for the A.B.C Biathlon last night in the shape of one Craig ‘the Sweaty Sock’ Wiseman and so an ‘Anglo- Scottish’ Battle was always going to be on the cards.
Somehow got rorted into giving him a 65 seconds start (in a 4k run and 300m swim can you believe?), and knew I’d been done when he snapped my hand off when given the start.
Rolled up and it was hot and humid again, sweating even on the warm up and knew it was going to be a tough 20 minutes that lay ahead. The start was fast with the winner (Mike) and about 7 others including Craig going out like a bullet, reeled them in around the 600m mark and coming back around the pool heading out at the 1k found myself in 3rd spot.  Sat behind the lad in 2nd by about 50m getting to the turnaround point  a shade under 7 minutes in 6.58. Always try to push it then coming home on the easier section of the course and could see I was gaining although was working it hard. Managed to come in by the steps in a creditable 13.45 right with the 2nd place runner.
Knew I’d worked hard as I was struggling to get the heart rate back down, and seemed to stand on the pool side for ages as did the 2nd place runner. I wanted him to jump in first as I could sit on his feet and he was probably feeling the same way about me. Think we just dived in together in the end and to my surprise he was a worse swimmer then me and was dropped within the first 50m.  The next 250 was a drag and seemed to go for ever, really seemed to struggle and was forced to take a second or two break at the end of each 50 (this was to prove the difference). Despite a poor swim I was NEVER passed for perhaps the first time ever in this type of race and touched out in 19.15 . Absolutely spent as I watched the clock tick over before Craig came in bang on 60 seconds after I did.
So bet lost to Rab C. Nesbitt (the Aussies may need to Google him) , but I was pretty happy to record that time especially for this time of the year. Still think there is at least 15 seconds I can knock off within the swim and transition and if so then it will be game on with the Chairman the next time we meet.
I am organizing our own HuRTS Biathlon on the same course next Thursday for the team, but will do the swim leg first so hopefully that may help as I’ll be out on the run leg before some of the stronger runners & weaker swimmers?

Congrats to Rab C Nesbitt, taking out the Anglo- Scottish bet when he got within the 65 second handicap start by a mere 5 seconds coming home in 20.15 to my 19.15 (geez, i must have been drunk at the presentation when this bet was made?)


Monday, December 1, 2014

HuRTS 12 x 3 minute efforts

Only the 2nd day of summer officially and with temps nudging over 30 degrees again I think it’s a good indicator that it could be a long HOT summer ahead.
Rolled into town today for the 14 x 3 minute efforts (60 sec break after each) and after the 400s yesterday I was only ever going to do 12 of them despite the heat. Big crowd again and was just happy to try to see the session out working around the 3. 40 per/k mark for each, Sat not far off Mikey on the first few around the 3.37 mark and felt comfortable in doing so. Nice tail wind heading out, making the return that little bit tougher but was still making it back to the start time quicker.
Was holding the pace well but the heat was starting to tell and once I got to 10 I was pretty much done, decided then to do the last 2 at a reduced pace and sat in just behind Warrior Charlie around the 4.15 pace, and then went slightly faster for a 4.05 to finish the day.

Good set and there were some tired people upon completion of the session with a few of the boys jumping in the Harbour to cool down once all done.
A couple of ks cool down with Sharonne who I invited to the session, back up to the Art Gallery and I was toast.

May take a rest day tomorrow and even hit the pool again if these temps stay the way they are.

Many Happy returns of the day to another one of HuRTS favorites, Won’t name him – see if you can pick who it is from his early days. The clue could be in his sweater? As he has the matching beanie to with it that he still wears today even when it’s over 30 degrees J

Happy birthday mate, is that a Stoke Hat and Scarf you have on?

Who is this young man, look for the clue in the jumper, he has the matching beanie to go with it ?


Life as a Journalist with some 400s

It’s a Monday, It was bloody HOT(29 degrees) and I had a belly full of beer from the usual Sunday session over at Bondi ….every reason therefore not to train today but received the call up from the Chairman Tommy H mid morning and was asked to join him and help out with the 10 x 400m session that he had planned over at Rushcutters Oval.
Met up in the city for the jog over and pretty much just did the full laps of the oval that we did last Thursday with the boys (about 440m), started off OK with a 75 second lap and was keen to hold them at that pace, Started to struggle as early as the 4th though and was flat out just trying to maintain as I saw a few 76s go by.
78 for the 5th, and only just snuck in under 80 (79) on the 6th and was basically cooked, dehydrated as buggery and badly in need of water that meant I had to miss the 7th rep as we were rolling every 2 mins as I nearly drunk the nearby fountain dry.
Came back in for the final 3 feeling (only) slightly better getting back to 76s for the 8 & 9th and just about had enough left in the tank on the final rep to finish what we started with a 75.

Tough set but happy with that overall , the return jog back to the city was almost as tough mind – not used to these speed sessions on a Monday.

Got chatting away about the ‘Life of a Journalist’ and blogging in particular, Seems a tough gig these days with certain people getting upset over comments made and written over the past few weeks? Not going to dwell on anything in particular but I can say in all honestly that the purpose of my blog is to let all the readers (all 6 of them) know about training sessions done and hopefully give an insight into one or two of the team that attend with the odd bit of banter thrown in for good measure. No nastiness is intended and I certainly don’t bad mouth people with any comments made.
If though you don’t like what you read……….. DON’T READ, it’s that easy, go back to reading ‘The Dandy or the Beano’

Will be back out tomorrow with the team for one of my favored sessions – the 14 x 3 minute efforts, not sure how I’ll go though especially after today’s efforts.
Will aim for 12 at a slightly slower pace I think and see how that pans out?