Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sunday Long Run 26ks - 1hr:56

Smallest Sunday turnout that I can recall to be honest with only Enda, Jack the Lad, and Nick in attendance for the 6.30am start. Still with the small turnout it gave us footy heads a good chance to  yarn about all the overnight scores from home and I wasn't about to miss the opportunity to remind Arsenal fan Jack about the Stoke result from the previous week.
Easy first 6ks before we were joined by Enda's colleague Gerard who looks a decent runner and the pace seemed to increase a bit. Still comfortable though and we pretty much held for the rest of the morning. Got back to the café and was more then satisfied with 26ks done in 1hr:56 averaging 4.29s all up. Still short on the Ks but at least it was probably the quickest Sunday run I've done for some time and it wasn't killing me.
Rest day tomorrow.
Headed out in the arvo over to the 'Dark Side' Manly to meet up with the lads watching the big fight/circus with the Irish Meat Head. Can't say I get too excited by it but it was a cracker of an afternoon as most of the talk centred on what is fast becoming the race of the year. The Nepean Triathlon has seen the likes of Macca, Kanser, Stankard, Highnam, Gleeson, Lindop, Reville,  Matthews, Heyden and Hannell all agreeing to a 'Head to Head' over the 3 disciplines.
Should be a fun event and the swim leg is worth the admission in itself to watch. Early days yet but if I was to do a trifecta I'd take the 3 Irish lads, Macca, Enda and the Leech. Although I might need to take the Leech out, as I think he's too strong in that company ( on the bases he can actually swim). Tommy H is the dark horse though and we all know about his famous swim leg but its the Bike that has everyone talking. Absolutely smashing it lately and will be a force to be reckoned with. Still can't believe the man has the cheek to want a 7 minute handicap start from ME ? .... He should be embarrassed
October 29th is the big day, its sure to rate higher then the Mayweather/McGregor circus.


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