Monday, September 30, 2013

Ich Liebe Dich?

Day 5 - Sunday 31st September
Travelled down to Munich today with J-Fen in the car for 5 hours on the motorway, unbelievable experience on the famed motorways they have over here. In our little rent a car( Ford Fiesta can you believe)we were sitting on speeds of 175 ks/hour and we looked like we were driving liks 'Miss Daisy' compared to some of the BMWs, and Mercs that flew by.
Stopped of along the way in Nuremberg playing a little Tammy Tourist and saw the scene of where Hitler rallied his 200,0000 allies way back in 1933 ( 1945)?
Hit Muncheon late afternoon and checked out the Beer Festival for tomorrow before heading into town and a night on the town with Enda, J- Fen, Elvis CT & Great and Champagne. corker of a night as the band played and we got very merry as the night wore on, Got to met a few of the locals as the night went on  and was cursing myself as one point in the evening when one young Muncheon lass kept repeating the words Ich Liebe Dich in my direction. I'll have to give my mate Slim Sammy Agnew a call as to what she was asking me?

Tomorrow is the big day and time to get the Lederhosens out as we will the tents of the Oktober fest, Think we are peaking well and i suspect a PB or two may be broken over the course of the 12 hours :)


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Berlin Marathon - 3.09:39

Day 4 - Sunday 29th September. - Well what an amazing day that turned out to be. And one word probably wraps it all up for me ...........FINISHER.
With the more reasonable 8.45am start time to the race it gave me and the team plenty of time first up to sort our gear out and enjoy breakie in the hotel before making the 2k walk over to the start area, Very cold first up but conditions were ideal for running, Had the customary group photo beside the Brandenburg Gate when one Jimmy James (or L.T.O - Less Talented One as he is known in the Highnam household) gives out a loud 'hey Timmy how's it going ' shout out to me.
Alongside Enda, Charlie, C.T, Reno, Barts and J-Fen we made our way into Zone A for the start and couldn't believe we were basically on the front row. With no training due to the injury over the past 4 weeks or so i had a thousand things running through my head as how i was going to get through this or more importantly as what stage kilometre could i even get.
The gun sounds and we were off, fantastic sight and the crowd were unreal, settled nicely and was moving well sitting around the 4.10 mark. Went through the 5k mark in around 20.20 ( will post all my 5k splits later) feeling good but knew there was no way possibly that i was ever going to hold that. 10k come and went and still running holding pace, as did 15 - started to feel the pinch a little around 18-20 mark and at 21 had to make the tough decision to run on or call it quits for the day?
Well this little bunny from Stoke is many things but Quiting isn't one of them so another 21ks it was to be, saw James (Dr Skins) come by at the 22k mark looking good, and then my room mate Robbie 'Elvis the Taxi Man Costello fly by at the 24k mark. Give him some words of encouragement as he runs on only to find some 50 metres up the road he stops and starts looking for Berlins equivalent of Combined and Silver Service Taxis  and the first of many walks were to take place for the Irish lad.
I was struggling at this point and Rob was keeping me company for a couple of ks, Couldn't believe it then at the 32k mark i was to see Champagne Charlie also walking at the side of the road(who up to 24k was running with Enda at 3.50 pace). I stopped for a quick chat here myself with the famed party boy and told him to run the last 10ks with me - Unfortunately his running was done for the day and could only walk home the rest of the way getting there in 3.54
At about 36 ks even putting one front in front of the other was a struggle, tried to convince myself at 38k i was home with only 4k to go basically one lap of Centennial Park that i do all the time - although it didn't help as i saw Greta Truscott also go by looking strong in her debut race.
At 40ks you seem to come of any main roads and run through back streets twisting and turning every 50 mtres. With each turn i took i thought this has to be t he last one before it opens up and i see the Brandenburg Gate and the nearby finishing chute. But oh no this was torture it seemed to go for ever the last 2ks and i was never more relieved then the ' big Piece of Concrete appeared.With the crowds going ballistic i tried (without success) to lift it for the final 200m and was delighted to have completed another marathon in 3,09:39
Although on paper not a great time i am thrilled with it with as at one point i couldn't even see myself on the start line. It's amazing some of the things you thing off and what goes through your mind whilst running for 3 hours - many times throughout i could have easily pulled the pin and called it a day but was stoked that the body held up and that i was able to run the Brandenburg Gates to cross the finishers line.
Some great results from the team for the day with about 8 PBs set (and a NEW world record to chuck in ), Hard to single any specific effort out to be honest as they all worked hard but was delighted for my old mate Enda Stankard who stormed his way around with a 2.44 - brilliant effort,
The Timmy Run of the Day though goes to Charlie Warrior Dalziel who also PBed with a stunning 3,03 (i think his previous was 3.15?) again brilliant effort and just reward for the work he's put in over the past 4 months or so (losing 34 kilos helps mind you :)

Cracker of an afternoon followed by all with Litre Beers been consumed and we even found some new mates when the next table of Japanese also took a liking to us. Had the biggest Pork Knuckle EVER seen and one serve could have easily feed a family of 6.
Would tell you more about the evening but sadly i can't remember much else :)

Moving on to Munich on Monday for more party time heading to the Beer Festival that has everyone excited. Time to get those Lederhosens out.
Between us we have some great photos i will have to post once i get back as i can't download here.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Brandenburg Gate

Day 3 - Saturday 29th September.  Early rise and with the boys Enda, Barts, Reno, Champagne, and Steve we all heading out for a little run down to the start/finish area for the race that is the Brandenburg Gate. Its only about 1.6ks from the hotel in the Western part of the city that is now one of the most well known landmarks in Germany. Posed around with some photos of this impressive piece of concrete that is considered today as a symbol of the tumultuous history of Europe and Germany as well as a sign of unity and peace that it has today become (hey, you don't get that kind of history of any of the other HuRTS blogs do you?)
Easy return jog before heading out for a bit of breakie which encountered another 'moment' that will be remembered when the cafe owner 'lost it' with us and nearly has us shot when we didn't return our dirty cups and plates to the designated area. I thought at one stage we were all going to have to hit the kitchen to do the washing up.
J-Fen. Enda and I did our bit for the economy after that when we decided to play 'The Tammy Tourist' aboard the big Red Bus around the city for a couple of hours to pass a little time. must say it was very entertaining as we listened in with our headphones about the history with some German  guy in commentary with a strong Irish/Scouse/American accent aboard the open top bus.
Watched a little of the footy in the arvo before an early dinner before preparing for the big day that has come around oh so fast.
Lads Latest - Barts is focused but really needs to calm down a little(he's obsessed) someone give that man a beer, Champagne Charlie is on his sunbed in his upgraded suite, Reno has found out there are over 56 clubs to hit once the race is done, Warrior Charlie has cleaned out the breakfast buffet in the hotel (only one who managed to get breakie included in his package i must add), whilst C.T is hanging for a few beers and Enda ..... well surprisingly Enda is all good as he told me that all is well and is struggling to find any excuses (at the time of writing) although he has just started sneezing so all that could change in a few hours. Yes, we are all ready to go and the countdown is on ............It's going to be a good day for the boys i can sense it .

Friday, September 27, 2013

On Tour,

Day 1, 2 Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th September.  A marathon journey home it seemed after leaving Sydney late Wednesday evening then having to stop in Hong Kong for 5 hours before getting back on the plane for the 12 hour leg of the journey to Heathrow. a quick trip across good old London town on the tube to Euston station before the final leg on the train that was to take me up to The Heart of the Country.... Stoke On Trent. Met up with friends for the evening on Thursday chatting away before finally collapsing around midnight wrecked.

Day 3, Friday 27th September. No time to hang around with a 4.30am start to then get to Manchester airport for the 6.45am flight to Berlin. Had the chance to fly with Easy Jet for the first time and what a great experience that was, its basically a no frills airline and cracked up when they come down the plane trying to sell you $1 lottery tickets.
Only a 90 minute journey this one and then hung around the airport waiting for Enda to arrive in town. Once arrived we then made our way to the big Marathon Expo to collect our gear for race day. Absolutely massive with over 190 exhibitors although must say i wasn't that impressed with all the queuing that went on just to collect your race big ............whatever happened to German efficiency?
Met up with all the gang in town late in the arvo before heading out for a Pasta dinner in the evening. Great to catch up and everyone is getting really pumped for this one with Bartles especially keyed up and focused more then anyone. You can tell everyone is pretty serious with this one as come 8pm everyone bar J-Fen and myself were all heading back to retire for the night...soft lads.
So with just J-Fen in tow it was off to see the bright lights of Berlin for the evening, First stop in our search for beer was Potsdamer Platz that is a very unique centre with various tourist attractions. Armed with his trusty phone and maps J-Fen led us all over town and in taxis to find the 'Happening Places' to be, had to laugh when he then demanded to stop the taxi when he saw a gathering surrounding flashing lights that he thought was a decent bar only to find on approach it was Berlins answer to ' Harry's Cafe De Wheels' it was a bloody Pie Shop....oh Dear, back to the phone it was.
Eventually found a decent bar where we settled down for the night and watched some German Footy at the same time with the locals.  turned out to be a good old night in the end.
Tomorrow its out for a early 7am easy trot for about 5ks where we are supposedly heading down to the 'Brandeburg Gate' for a photo opportunity in our NEW HuRTS singlets.
I think the tour will start up proper tomorrow ......bring it on.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Last Call.....before Boarding.

This a bit rushed as flying out very shortly and will probably make less sense then it usually does so apologies first up.
On a peach of day weather wise I managed to sneak in my last swim with the Leech and Taffy James, Great session as well and after a warm up we did 1 x 800, 1 x 400, 1x 300, 1x 200 and 1 x100. Jimmy lead the first 800 and as normal wasn’t hanging around as the Leech and I struggled to stay on, Eoin did the 400, whilst I did the 300, Jimmy returned for the 2s and I tried to bring the final lap home
Times were; 13.19, 6.41, 4.39, 3.11, 1.31

Just about to fly out now so will try to update the blog whenever I can over the next two weeks or so. I’m sure you there will be plenty of photos and messages floating around in this time.
Well two weeks back I had resigned myself to not even going but a few things of changed and I’m glad they have as I am very excited to be heading with the boys (although not the flight).
As mentioned a few times the lads are all in good form so look out for some fast times – Fingers Crossed for everyone

Train well
Catch you back soon

Monday, September 23, 2013

Tuesday Trot with The Kanser

A call from Kanser late last night saying he was off work today and was keen for an easy run around the park early morning. Always keen to get out with him even ifs it just to listen to his views, Just a cruisy 10k loop that we do although he's a bugger for wanting to pick the pace up at certain stages of the run. Was running around the 4.30 pace but then about 8ks into it he kicked it down and i reckon we were running closer to 4.10s for the last 2ks.
43.52 all up averaging 4.26s - Hip felt OK although not sure how much faster i could go if needed.
As mentioned its always fun to get out with Kanser as he is never short on giving his forthright views on everyone and what he expects from them and today was no exception to the rule. Poor old Enda is never far out of Dave's range - I wont divulge what his expected time is as i don't want to play with Enda's head (or upset him before the big day)
Many of the boys start to jet out today, with Charlie D, Kanser, and Enda all booked on afternoon flights and i venture out tomorrow evening and sure the rest wont be far behind. Look forward to catching up with everyone on Friday in Berlin.

Today's two Marathon Heads are the Greta Truscott and Rob Costello

Greta - Wife of C.T and the only female on tour, has put the work in and often seen around the park knocking out her long runs each weekend. Maiden Marathon so should be great experience for her and will be sure to have a smile on her face for pretty much the whole 42ks.
Timmy's Tip - Aiming around the 3.15 mark but i predict a few minutes faster and a debut 3.13 is on the cards if all goes well.

Rob 'De Niro, Taxi Man Costello - Probably logged more ks then anyone on the tour even if half f it has been walking. Flying in from Ireland so nobody knows his form although has raced every week for the past year so should be in pretty good shape. Never one to talk himself down and has more front then David Jones.I said the other day that poor Charlie has the unfortunate task of sharing with me as a room mate in Munich........ Well in Berlin Its ME that has drawn the short straw as I've got the honour to share with Mr Costello in Berlin. On the plus side i shouldn't have any problems getting to sleep :)
Timmy's Tip - Unknown the past year, fear he might try to go to hard and pay the price later in the run. Tip is 3.00:16


Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Right Charlie.

Yet another stunning day to start the working week off and with swim coach Pete Walker on a weeks break it was left to me to call the shots for today's session.Smaller crowd today (must have known Pete was away) as we knocked out 2 x 400, 2 x 300, 2 x 200 and 1 x 100 with Taffy Lad, Leech, MrAce, Julia and I towing the line.
I lead out the first 400 before letting the other guys do some work before coming back towards the end to knock out a 1.27 - 100m towards the end.
Happy with that and its unfortunate that it will all go to waste over the next couple of weeks as that was the last of the swims before i fly out on Wednesday and i can't really see myself swimming anytime over the next fortnight.

Was also out this morning for a run, only a cruisy 8ks first up but have also arranged to run with Kanser for an hour in the morning that will be a bit of a test.

Most of the Berlin Boys are getting ready to fly out this week and today's TWO 'Right Charlie's' are Dalziel and Low.

Charlie 'The Warrior' Daziel. Seen a massive improvement in Charlie over the past 3 months - so much so he was even 'talking large ones' about smashing me only 4 weeks ago. Put in all the hard work and helped with him shredding at least 37 kilos in weight.Really focused for this race so look out for a certain PB from the big bloke. Has the unfortunate grace to be lumbered with me as room mate once we hit the streets of Munich, which is sure to test the 'Warrior' out more then the 42ks of running.
Timmy's Tip. Tough one but if everything goes well a 3.07 is on the cards.

Charlie 'Champagne' Low.  A proven performer over the years although not really done much since leaving 'Our Pony Club' days and still recovery from injury and surgery earlier in the year.  Been putting the runs and time in over the past 4 weeks with partner in crime Rene 'Allo Allo' so could be on for something we don't know.
 A certainty on the party scene once we hit the festival and sure to be one of the last men around come the early hours.
Timmy's Tip - Could be anything from 2.40 to 3.30 to be honest, and there has been more money come for him on what kilometre he will pull the pin at -(favorite being 15ks at 4/1)  If  i had to tip a time i suspect he will just break the 3 hour mark.

The Warrior - who has since lost 37kgs since this photo was taken at J.P last November.

And the 'Warrior' at work (on right)

Champagne Charlie with his last winning trophy during his 'Pony Club' Days.

...and as he stands today - lets hope he doesn't bring the family.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Long Taper? Or Just Starting Again?

The last weekend before the big dance and it was like a "Who's Who' in the park this morning with everyone putting there finishing touch to there final preparations. Saw Enda flying (not sure if that's wise doing speed work mind? What is his coach thinking?), Allo Allo, and even Champagne Charlie floating around.
I decided to test the hip out with my first run in over 3 weeks and just knocked out a relatively easy 10k around the usual loop in and around the park. Surprised as even though i could feel the hip pulling i was running OK and ended up running on average 4.21s to stop the clock in 43.35.
Nice to be back out, lets hope the hip is on the mend

Berlin Boys, today's tourists are Enda Stankard and Renaud Herington - In what is shaping up for me to be the really 'Battle of Berlin' this is how the boys have been travelling.

Echinachea Enda, In the form of his life and finally broke the 35 minutes for 10k last week, as well as a good recent Half up the Central Coast. With a NEW mentor coach in his corner this surely must be his race and a sub 2.40 is on the cards for our little Irish Buddy. Still won't be good enough to beat Irish girl Lizzie Lee (or even be the number one in the family but.... ) Has the form ( and the excuses) will carry the Nations hopes.
If all goes Pear shaped he'll certainly have the excuses ready by the time we hit Munich where he'll be a big hit at the Oktoberfest and a good man to have at any party.
Timmy Tips - 2.43.13

Renaud 'Allo Allo', In contrast to Enda Rena has struggled along over the past month or so but has still managed to get all his long runs and training done. And unlike Enda has the runs on the board when it comes to the big races so will be sure to feature in Berlin, Another party man and seems to attract the right kind of people when out on the town - and little wonder i want to be his 'Right hand man' come Munich.
Will be a great battle between the two and could go down to the wire.
Timmy's Tip - 2.44:29 (See I'm not spiteful Enda, Money is on you :) )

Tomorrow - Battle of the Charlie's

Don't forget to tune in tonight for all EXPERT Footy views and tips for all the English Premiership Games starting at 9pm
Have a good weekend

Thursday, September 19, 2013

1k Time Trial - 17.00 Minutes

With School holidays coming up and a few of us away next week, this months 1k Time Trial was brought forward a week so it was back to the pool for the 3rd day on the spin.  No sign of Brendan, Julia, MrAce or Cialis today so it meant I was starting first on the handicap clock – Felt like a bloody hare setting off and it wasn’t long before QLDer Dave caught me – we played a bit of Cat n Mouse for the next 300 as he didn’t want to come past me and when he did he only managed to stay there for a further 100m.  Managed to put a slight gap on him at the 650 only for Angus to fly past me, did my best to stay with him but only succeeded in doing so for another 100m or so. Saw Eoin the Leech reduce the gap early but he must have faded over the final stages as looking at his finish time it was very close between the two us.  Luckily enough nobody else managed to overtake me in the latter part as I touched out in 17.00 on the dot.
About 16 seconds slower then last month, but most people were down on the previous and I was happy enough as I was made to swim without my pool Buoy for the first time J
Congrats to Angus Boyd who took out the September ‘White Duck on handicap and in doing so becomes the first dual winner after also taking out the June T/T. Fastest swim of the day went surprise surprise Elan with a sharpish 13.38 ( we really need to get the Mermaid back )

Times for everyone were:
MrAce        17.20
Timmy        17.00
QLDer Dave 16.50
Leech          17.02
Taffy Lad      17.00
Angus          15.30 ‘White Duck’ WINNER
Pete             14.58
Catfish Chris 14.24
Elan              13.38 Fastest Swim of the Day

Have a great weekend

Presentation Time with White Duck winner for September Angus Boyd - a full write up and more photos will be found in News Limited publications tomorrow (Angus employers)
Congrats Mate :)

In the Drink with V.B and Taffy James.

Back down to the pool (yet again) this time to catch up with regular Thursday partner Taffy Lad James and we were privileged to have the ‘Sultry’ Sonya Van Beek join us as well on a stunner of a spring morning.
No fear of an easy session when Taffy gives you the call and when he called 3 x 100s, 2 x 200s repeated THREE times progressing getting quicker with less breaks then I knew I was in for a tough 40 minutes or so.
Jimmy took of on the first 100 at a million miles an hour and I thought there were no way I could keep that up and told him so in no uncertain terms – He slowed slightly but was still working sub 1.40s with Sonya hanging on for dear life behind me. Managed to get through the first TWO sets in one piece as I saw a hint that Jimmy was struggling and in the ‘Hurt Box’ I agreed to help out and do the first 200 on the final set if he could then bring us home on the last. Happy with my 3.13 effort with him just having enough left in the tank with a final 3.18 finish. Good to see Sonya (V.B)  complete the set as well even if she did just fall off us slightly as we picked the pace up on the 2nd and 3rd reps.
Great session with 2.4ks done for the day, still find the swimming tough but at least I seem to be moving through the pool OK these days as my times indicate.

Back tomorrow for the monthly 1k Time Trial where we fight to see who takes out the ‘Golden Duck’ Trophy, still rorted on the handicap but once more will just have to give it all I have J

Berlin Boys Latest:
As mentioned the journey to get to Berlin hasn’t been without its ups and downs for the touring boys. Today we look at the 2 boys who will be at the pointy end of the race – John Bartles and Chris Truscott.

Bartles. Been the HuRTS #1 all year and has had a perfect run up to the big day, His training has been spot on, never missed any sessions and has done his regular long runs like clockwork. Warmed up with a win two weeks back in the Striders 10k at North Head and is keen to keep his number 1 place in Berlin. No Tommy H to keep him company though over the 42ks but will be keeping a close eye on C.T who will be ahead for most of the race.
Timmy’s Tip – 2.30:12

C.T – Yet another who just never stops training and been in good form leading in. Never one to die wondering and puts it all on the line in every race. Love the way he races and will be sure to go out hard and try to hang on. He’s done Berlin a few times before so knows the course; can he hold the fast finishing Barts off and hold bragging rights???? Also one of the favorites once we head to Munich as well at the Oktoberfest.
Timmy’s Tip – 2.29.54 and in turn be HuRTS number 1 on tour.

I have decided to have a quick trip home back to Stoke for a few days after Munich, Already got some tickets to see the boys in action and also get up to Anfield to see Liverpool take on Slim Sammy Agnews Crystal Palace boys. Remarkable really as my final game I saw before coming to Oz in 89 was that very same match with Liverpool winning 9 – 0, Lets hope for Sam’s sake that is not repeated J

Well another weekend is upon us, and Stoke take on Master Sweeney’s Arsenal, It doesn’t come any tougher although we said that last week and got a draw against Man City so fingers crossed,
Timmy’s Tip Arsenal 2 v Stoke 0

Got another gig on the radio once more tomorrow night for two hours discussing all the footy in the premiership, Good fun as we give our EXPERT views on the matches, and I might even give a little banter to our Palace, Toon and Villa supporters? Organized to catch up with Stoke Legend and one of England’s most gifted midfielders of all time Alan Hudson when I’m back in Stoke for a chat – looking forward to that and will be played on the radio when I get back. Still can’t believe that a player of his caliber only wins ONE England cap and the likes of Geoff Thomas and Carlton Palmer (18 caps) win more yet wouldn’t lace his boots.


First stop Berlin , Munich then home - already got the sign out, lets hope i don't get lost :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sticking with the Leech in the Pool.

Still no running so it was down to the pool once again and teamed up with my new Wednesday partner in crime Eoin the Leech for an extra swim session.
Nothing major really, just a longer easier warm up then decided to do some 200s, Made the Leech take out the first one, before he returned the favour for the 2nd, swapped again but then he made me do the final two for the day. Times were pretty much kept even throughout the 5 although it did feel tougher on the final two.
Rep times: 3.13, 3.15, 3.16, 3.10, 3.13
Will be back out in the morning with the Taffy Lad Jimmy James Matthews and he certainly doesn't hang around so will be happy just to sit on his feet for the whole set.

Berlin News. Well after much deliberation i have decided that i will GO to Berlin next week after all, Had a good chat with many over the past few days including of all people Champagne Charlie Low who was keen to see me on that plane.  Won't be racing that's for sure, but i reckon a few days watching and supporting the boys not to mention the Oktoberfest in Munich is just what i need at the moment.  Really sorry to see Tommy H and Slim Sammy Agnew not there but there will be plenty more races and tours to come for them, Still a great team heading over and now I've locked it in i am really excited to be heading out next week.
There has certainly been a lot of ups and downs on the whole for the team but those that have made the start line are all looking good and i will give a brief rundown and assess the latest predictions over the course of this week.


Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Party Wrap Up.

Well i did promise it was going to be a big one and last nights party to celebrate the Chairman Tommy H's 40th didn't disappoint.
Had to get a lift over with Enda after Stevie T aka Wildman, Norman Cook, D Cup not only took my spot at the Kane breakfast table but now also gets my seat in the car.Arrived to fine a huge gathering at the Highnam manor with a great turnout from the HuRTS crew to honour our leaders big day. Had a great chat with many over the course of a few hours and i nearly didn't recognize some without there sweaty singlet and shorts on - I've never seen Razor Wareham without his Beau Geste French Style hat on. Also good to catch up with Richie High who we don't see as much these days. As expected a lot of talk surrounded Berlin and the boys are all set now with most of the training done and everyone is looking in fine form. The food and drink was top notch for the day , with the beers in full flow - i reckon i had a beer from pretty much all over the world with a constant supply of Corona's, Heineken and (Jimmy) Boags keeping me well lubricated. Tom's cake was pretty appropriate as well, a massive Voltaren in line with him taking about a dozen a day of late to help him with his niggles. Had the customary chat with mate Slim Sammy Agnew about all things footy and gave him little hope of getting a result at Manchester Utd later that evening.
Daytime soon turned into night and with many departing (including the 750 kids that were present) it was left to the diehards to continue the party, step up to the plate Warrior Charlie ( and wife Ali) , Slim Sammy, Barts, and Tom & Kirsten. The night started to get a bit blurry from this stage but not before i remember seeing Warrior Charlie starting to throw a few shapes on the dance floor ( makes a better dancer then runner i think) , unfortunately the same can't be said about the Chairman.
Cracker of an afternoon/evening spent and many thanks to Tom and Kirsten for hosting and supplying all the food and drinks throughout.
Thanks as well to Enda for the lift over, and also to Stevie Wildman for taking me seat in the Kanemobile :)

A few things i did find out after chatting to everyone yesterday that you may find interesting.
Top 10 Facts about the HuRTS boys/girls

1. Richie 'Ee, by Gum' Green, is not a Yorkshire man at all - he's actually from ESSEX can you believe. Tells me he never misses T.V show 'The only Way to Essex' every week
2.Slim Sammy Agnew's 4 Boys - actually do dislike Stoke City (they kept telling me every time they passed me) Will have to sort that out.
3. Richie High & Enda still have that Man Love that started way back in Singapore
4.C.T and Greta already have a 5k run lined up for young Jaden despite him being only 18 months old.
5. Cylde (Angry Boy) doesn't do Canapes that well - instead of taking a serve he takes the whole tray
6. Host Tom can run well but he'll never win 'Come Dancing'
7. Razor Wareham actually owns a pair of jeans and scrubs up pretty good outside the training paddock
8. Fats and Skippy Heyden have now taken to wearing the tablecloth as shirts.
9. Champagne Charlie Low - is not a Southerner at all ... He's actually a Scouser (yep, i couldn't believe it either) better watch my wallet next time we go out.
10. Timmy might be going to the Ukraine to live in the very near future :)

With Tom H - Happy 40th .

Stevie T and Slim Sammy Agnew.

Enda with his latest supply of Dodgy Chinese Drugs that will see him smash a 2.40 in Berlin.

'The Shining Star' Kirsten.

Razor Wareham minus the HAT.

Fats, Skippy Heyden (complete with tablecloths) alongside Richie High.

The Two Mikey's MrAce and Conway with Mrs Ace

The crew - including C.T, J-Fen Kanser, Tom Greta, Stevie T, Barts. Mikey and Ben.

Tom with Cake.

The Dancers - Ali, Charlie, Tommy H and Kirst.

Don't give up the day job.... or the running.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Its Party Time ...Bring It On

Headed into town once more for the 4th swim of the week, and despite NO Coach Walker or any of the speedsters there was still a good turnout that included MrAce, Cialis, Champ, Julia, QLDer Dave, The Leech and Brendan all set for the 5 x 200s and 10 x 100s that Pete had left for us.
Any thoughts of an easier session were soon put to bed as MrAce was on police duty with our recovery times. Everyone was forced to work from the front at various stages today and 'The Champ' continues to improve - I think his 200 rep was done in about 3.18? Not bad for a guy who used to struggle to hold 4 minutes 12 months back.
Good session again and was more then happy with my 3.08 turn on the 200s (although had every floatation aid available to me bar a little motor)
2.4ks done for day and brings it to approx 8.5ks for the week since Monday.

Well i seem to be saying it every week of late BUT this weekend is a BIG ONE and not just on the English Footy. More important is the celebration of our Chairman Tommy H who turned 40 earlier in the week. Going over to help mark the occasion where I'm sure a good showing from the HuRTS boys will also be in attendance.
Looking forward to it and i will post a full report with photos sometime next week.

Just on the footy - Stoke are up against it this week against Man City, could be a bit of a 'Banana skin' game for Man C but you would still have to think they have enough firepower up front to turn the locals over.
Timmy's Tip Stoke 1 v Man City 2

Over at Old Trafford it could be a cricket score with Slim Sammy Agnew's Palace up against Man Utd ...Oh dear. I best be nice to Sammy and I'll only predict a 3 - 0 scoreline :)
In the battle of the Mediocre Cup that we have Enda'sVilla take on Tom's Toon (Newcastle) in the first head to head for the season.
Enda will have bragging rights in this one i predict - Aston Villa to win 1 - 0

Have a great weekend,
Train well

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Swimming and Speed Dating Taffy James Style.

Wednesday. Saw the BRAT/Hardmen running around the park that included Enda, PLOD and Mr Grecian 2000 himself Ronan, Bit of a chat before taking myself down to the pool for a bit of a dip. Struggled along and after a warm up decided on knocking out a straight 1k rep. Pretty busy and was held up at various stages and only touched out in 18.01 A few drills to finish with for 1600m all up.

Thursday - Met up with Taffy James at the pool for an extra session and after a warm up worked out a set that was 3 x 300, 3 x 200, and 3 x 100s. With him the stronger swimmer i thought I'd let him lead the whole lot (bar one of hte 100s) Great set as well as i tried my best to hang on to him throughout. Solid enough on the times, that were:
4.58, 4.53, 4.55, 3.12, 3.13, 3.13, 1.33, 1.33, 135
Good chat with the Taffy lad after over coffee chatting away about the English footy and also about this evening he wants me to attend with him that has proved so popular in his hometown back in Cardiff, Wales. Its basically a speed dating evening and all sounded good and nearly had me hooked until he got out some photos of the previous night..... now I'm not so sure :)
Managed to pinch one of his photos for the readers to check out - Please don't look no further is you are easily offended or under the age of 18 :)

Also was back to see physio Nick yesterday and after a lot of prodding and needles stuck everywhere the hip does feel a lot easier today - So fingers crossed.

Taffy James 4th from the right at his last Speed Dating night (Welsh style) that he is trying to get me to this weekend, I'm not so sure, BUT i hear Clyde has already got his ticket.


Monday, September 9, 2013

Cycle and Happy Birthday to the Chairman.

Hottest day of the year and it was ugly, had the bike back out this morning for a cruisy ride around the park. Just did an hour or so and it was a nightmare with that high wind and dust blowing everywhere. Its amazing the hip feels fine when I’m on the bike but I struggle to even walk when off it.
Back to see Physio Nick again in the morning at Bondi hopefully he can weave more of his magic to help get me back on the road, sooner rather then later.

Also couldn’t let the post go by without special mention to the Chairman Tommy Highnam who celebrates the big 4 Zero today – Happy birthday mate. Yet another one who gets to joins the HuRTS Pensioners Club for the team events we put in for. Getting a good club together these days with the likes of Razor Wareham, Richie High & Palmer, Macca McClarnon, Mikey Conway, Pete Walker, Tony (Fats) Fattorini…well I’m not sure if he is actually over 40 but seeing as he looks it I’ll add him in, and now the Chairman.
Still only turned 40 today and it seems as if his body is already falling apart, heard last week his Achilles goes and then this morning he mistakes his Zimmer frame for his bike and then takes a tumble cycling into work coming along the Wakehurst Parkway. Of course the TRASH was there to bring the photos.

Tom on his way to work celebrating turning 40 - Unfortunately travelling at 6ks per/hour proved to much for his now frail body and stacked it coming down the Wakehurst Parkway.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Swimming with the Birthday Girl

A return to the pool to begin the week and a smaller then usual crowd with only Pete, Champ, Cialis, the return of QLDer Dave and young birthday girl herself Julia. Coach Walker had perhaps his easiest swim ever with no other hotshot on show, although the rest of us were working as hard as ever.
Set was 1 x 400, 5 x 200, and 5 x 100
Tried to sit with Pete on the first rep (told you he was taking it easy) and surprised when we touched out with a quick 6.40, we then shared the 200s with the Leech who was a late arrival all done between 3.14 – 3.17.
Worked hard for the final 100s and got Pete to help us on the last as we stopped the clock with a 1.29
Tipping along OK in the swimming and hopefully all the sessions done throughout the winter months will help when I get back into any triathlons over the summer months, not to mention the Biathlons that are always a lot of fun at the A.B.C Pool against fellow HuRTS members.


Back on the Bike, The Three Gorges - 128ks

With no running for the past week or so I decided to get back on the bike today and after putting a call into Irish ace POD I arranged to met up with the BRAT/Hardmen/Sparks Elite boys for the lovely and  spectacular ride north for the Three Gorges that takes in Galston, Berowra Waters and Bobbin Head.  Early start catching up with Irish boys Evan, Paul Hanley, POD, The Laughing Policemen (Samsy), Angry Man Clyde, and Kroney.
It’s a long ride this one and certainly not the easiest for my first ride in months so was a little nervous at the start especially cycling alongside Clyde, whose not known for his patience and small talk on such mornings.
Travelled well out of town and it wasn’t long till we hit Galston and the first big downhill of the morning that we flew down and in turn meant a good 4ks of climbing on the other side, pretty much managed to stay with POD on this one, before heading out to Berowra. Again flew down the winding bends to the awaiting ferry then another 4ks of torture that saw the Laughing Policeman carry me to the top for this section. Happy to sit with POD on the freeway over to Bobbing Head before the team had its own ‘King of the Mountain’ race for the final hit out of the day. Managed to survive that before the final 30k or so cruise back home along the Pacific Highway. Was feeling pretty good in general although once we hit Chatswood I was starting to struggle and was more then happy to get back into town still with the boys. Made our way back into the park for a much deserved coffee and Bacon & Egg Roll before adding the extra 6.5k back to home solo.
128ks all up for me and certainly the longest ride I’ve done for months – Very happy to get through it and realize that my overall fitness can’t be as bad as I first thought.
Angry Boy Clyde sent me the stats for today’s ride (I know Master Sweeney loves stuff like this) – I have to add an extra 13ks on to the total for getting to/from the park as well.

Thanks to the boys for the ride, really enjoyed and 3 things of interest to come from the 4 hours plus of riding as a result:
  1. Think I managed to understand a record 6 words that come out of Paul Hanley’s mouth with his broad Cork Accent he has J
  2. Irish Evan has the weakest bladder in history with a record 17 pee stops for the morning (4 before we even crossed the Harbour Bridge) J
  3. 128ks for the day and Angry Boy Clyde didn’t shout at me once ( I must have rode OK) J

Out for the much deserved arvo beers then up in Newtown – ahhhh bliss.

Well as I briefly touched on the subject last week, I have unfortunately had to pull the pin on my Berlin Dream due to injury. Very disappointed to be honest, but injury has got the better of me with a hip injury that seems to have come from nowhere?  Haven’t posted all week as trying to get my head around it, but hopefully all OK now and there will always be more races to come in the future but in the more immediate future I need to get myself fixed up.
As for still going ‘On Tour’ …. I’m still undecided on that as well, Don’t want to make a drama out of it but there are one to two things I want to sort out before making my mind up come the end of the week. I know the boys will still have a great time even in my absence and with Enda leading the charges around I will hopefully be kept in the loop of all the shenanigans of what goes on in Berlin and Munich.

Although no running last week I still managed to keep up the Monday and Friday swim sessions and will be back for more tomorrow to start the week with.

Had a cracker of an evening last night – Got a gig on the radio talking all things English Football for 2 hours, Talked everything from Champions, Transfers, Stoke in the early days and teams I’ve tipped for relegation (yes Crystal Palace even got a mention) Was paranoid at one point that someone I knew maybe was listening and attempted to phone in ………..But happy to report that all went well, and I will be making a return again in the not so distant future.


Back in the Park after 120 odd ks on the bike with (left of table) POD, Evan and Cork Paul Hanley, (right side) Laughing Policeman Samsy, Kroney, and Angry Man Clyde.... Cheers Boys.