Monday, March 27, 2017

Tuesday HuRTS 3 x 2k Reps

Cycled into the city then jogged across the 2k to the meeting spot at the passenger terminal and met a big team out again. Great to see #1 female Erika, Scotty O'Connor,  Fats (still coming to terms with his 6Ft failure), Sweaty and his twin 'The Mouth' was back for more (although not sure what he was doing?), Jerome, and a rare visit from the 'Sculpture' himself Phil Dove.
Always a tough session this one and once Barts had given his orders we were away. The front boys were well clear but I found myself running in a good 2nd group that actually included Crossy Lad, Rich Large, Steve P and Jerome. Far too fast as I stop the watch near the 'Cove' on 2ks in 6.53 and was still in recovery mode after the 2 mins was up and tried to stick with Crossy again for the return leg. Happy to get through that one without to much damage but when I wanted Crossy for help on the dreaded 3rd rep he was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard and was nowhere to be seen?Struggled from the get-go and found myself forcing it too much and my hamstring pulling. Forced to stop at the 1k marker as the troops carried on A quick 30 seconds stretch and decided to see the session out and came in the 3rd rep as the lads were heading for home on the 4th in 7.19
Times for the day; 6.53, 6.55, 7.19
Always say I'm running OK when I can knock all 3 out in under 7s, but I was miles out today especially on the 3rd and again its shows the effect of the missing the long runs.
A good warm down with Erika at the end and it seems we are going Head to Head in Canberra, I wasn't keen for a wager as I know she has the form to smash me (especially over 21ks ), I did however take Stevie Perry for a friendly $20 on this Saturdays Striders 10k at Lane Cove - Kindly offered me a 2 minute buffer. He's a gentleman that lad. Still, I'll have my work cut out as I know he will run around the 35 min marker?
12ks all up before the cycle home.


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