Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Morning Swim - P.A.P.

After a week missed it was back for the regular big Thursday set at PAP and after an easy 1k warm up (very slow), the set was called for 25 x 100m rolling off a set time that worked out 5 seconds per/100m faster then when we last did them around.
Knew it was going to be a tough one and once I got my head around it I was all set just to sit on feet for the next 50 laps and chip away best I could. Can't ever say I felt great at anytime but was getting about 5 seconds break after each rep that was consistent throughout.
Very much a mind thing as once I hit 20 I knew I was home and dry and was happy to tick another solid set from the list.
100 metre cool down was about as much as I could manage and with 3.6ks done it was time for a well earned coffee.

Rest day tomorrow but will try to fit a run in before massage time and hopefully get some work done on this neck/shoulder issue that is causing me grief.


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