Saturday, March 4, 2017

Mardi Gras Long Run

Saturday.  Missed the Striders race due to work and despite it hammering it down with rain I stayed in the park and decided to do some tempo. Had done 6k very easy prior as a warm up so then went with 2x flat loops of a waterlogged park.
Would have been happy at 4 minute per/k pace but found I was moving OK as I went through the 1k marker and basically just tried to hold for the remainder.
A 14.15 full loop (3.7ks) at 3.52 average before repeating once again. Felt I was working far harder on the 2nd especially around the tougher Fox Studio section therefore I was happy to stop the watch on 14.05 averaging 3.50s
28.20 all up averaging a decent 3.51 for the morning before catching up with Birchy for breakfast who spilled the beans on Enda about all there Tokyo adventures.

Sunday. Somewhat small and disappointing turnout for the S.O.T.B Sunday run, obviously Taffy, Birchy. Jac, Ho, Jeet, Champ, Leech, Super Kev were unable to back up from the big night at the nearby Hordern?
Nice to have Enda back from his Tokyo (failure), Sweaty Craig, Marko Branagan and the old TAXI man himself 'Elvis' aka Robert Costello over for a brief stay. Easy pace for the first 6ks before we kicked it down a little for the 10k loop, It was during this 10k section that Sweaty (Craig) got all excited about his Jock boys in the 6 Nations(Rugby) and he demanded a $20 bet against England next week that I was more than happy to accept. Honestly thought it was Xmas again and it certainly made the remainder of the loop far easier.
Back to the cafe and only a flat loop remained for me to bring up the required 20ks for the morning.
90.20 all up averaging 4.38s
With numbers down I had to go for coffee solo as I sat a happy man reading all the overnight scores from back home that included the promised Stoke win ..... and I even gave you the 2-0 scoreline.

Rest day tomorrow, that is unless Crossy Lad mans up and decides to venture out for a swim?
BTW, So glad I bypassed the 'Gong' Tri this morning with conditions shocking, Official word in from Crossy was "Torrential rain, flooded roads and windy as fark, and to compound the pain your Irish mate PLOD smacked my @rSe"
For the record PLOD got 2nd , Crossy Lad 3rd :)


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