Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Swim Struggle

Back for the regular Thursday swim set and after a hard set yesterday I found backing up again this morning 'oh so tough'.  Even the 1k warm up seemed like a battle and when a set was called that involved the old banded legs together I was nearly ready to cry.
Basically 800m of banded legs, followed by shorter 100s and 50 metre reps and once I saw 3ks done I was already cooked despite my coach/mate then calling for one more round (1k), which I politely declined.
Managed an even slower 300m cool down that got me to 3.3ks for the morning before I dragged myself away for a much needed large coffee.
Didn't think two back to back hard swim sessions would affect me as much as it does running but after today its made me think twice?

Suppose to be the 1k swim time trial tomorrow, but I think I'll give it a swerve and rest up.

Did plan on heading down to Rushcutters at lunch for some 400m efforts but once I saw the heavy weather set in it made me soon change my mind.

Ps, Note for Crossy, No Italians in the pool today mate - sorry.

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