Monday, March 27, 2017

Park run and 'Double Up' Day Monday

Saturday. Finished work early and with the option of going home to watch the Ireland v Wales match or run the St Peters Park Run, I decided the worst of the two evils was the 5k.
Little enthusiasm but got a lift after talking to Mikey L fresh from his 6ft and Tokyo marathon runs who was happy to run an easy tempo and agreed to try to pull me through. Crazy start with over 50 teenagers from god knows where all flying and jostling for position over the first 500m. Went through the first 1k in 3.33 and soon after we hit the hill (in reverse these days) and its not easy. Poor Mikey kept pulling away only to look over his shoulder and seeing me about 30 metres back on struggle street.
Start to pass a few at half way and even though the pace wasn't that quick at 3.45s at least its consistent. The usual hassle of getting past the slower runners at 4.2ks and I'm happy enough to get it done as the clock ticks over at 18.44 (ave 3.45) and 8th place overall.
Many thanks to Mikey for his help and without him I reckon I was on for 19 minutes plus. I need to lift my game and start building the Ks over the next couple of weeks as I'm simply not doing enough these days.

Monday. After admitting I'm not doing enough Ks after the Park Run it was then very ironic that I then missed yet again another Sunday long run. I can thank the Two Taffy's for that after a day on the drink watching the Swans take a beating in the opening AFL game of the season.
The spin off from missing the Sundays is that I have to head into town on the Monday to fit a run in. Big crowd out with 'Sweaty' Jerome, Jac's, Hoey, Brendan, Renee, and 'The Mouth' (still gibbering on) on a peach of a day. Enjoyed a good chat especially with Craig who was harping on about going back to Scotland for a 10k event that even Jac had little interest in.
Easy pace around the Quay and Barangaroo and back for 11ks in total in 52 minutes (ave 4.50s)
I cycled into town so on the return journey stopped at the pool for a few easy laps, Did 800m before knocking out some fast 8 x 50m reps. Surprise face at the pool in Taffy2(Craig) and finished with a chat and a cool down before jumping out with 1400m done.

Will be back out tomorrow and head down to the Passenger Terminal for the 3 x 2ks efforts with the team.


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