Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thursday PAP Pain.

Worked then stayed at the pool for the tough Thursday swim set. Been going well and building the strength and distances up over the weeks, Started with 20 x 100s, then 25 and last week 30, and now starting back at 20x we do the same only this time of a rolling time that is 5 seconds quicker per/100m.
Once again just tapped them out sitting on feet throughout and despite it being quicker mentally it was far easier knowing I only had 20 reps to get through.
Struggled a little on the 13th but once I managed to get to 15 I knew I was pretty much home.
1k warm up with the 2k rep set and a 200m cool down got me to 3.2ks for the morning and my work was done.

A few beers late afternoon /early evening before heading up to Enmore to check out the touring 80s Brit Band - The Specials. Quality evening and a right blast from the past as we were throwing all kinds of shapes on the dance floor that took us back to our youth. The black bloke on the guitar is still brilliant and unfortunately the lead singer is still a weirdo.
Younger (and Aussie) readers probably wont remember them ,but check out the link for one of the more popular tunes in Ghost Town.

Big weekend up again, sadly NO footy for the boys as its the FA Cup round, so no Stoke prediction this week but we'll go with the Chelsea v Man Utd game.
Timmy's Tip, Chelsea 2 v Man Utd 1

In the Mountains its the BIG off road walking event of the year for the 6ft Track. A couple of the gang are heading west for it.
Two that I will keep an eye out for are good mates Taffy James Matthews and 'Corky' Jacqueline O'Connor. Taffy has lost 20 kilo and is now below 100kg so should be OK, whilst  Jac is in good form and if she doesn't take the compulsory 25 minute aid station break & nap that they usual do will run well.
Predicted Times
Taffy  4.17:54
Jacqueline  4.43:39

Have a great weekend.
Train well and stay safe.

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