Thursday, June 1, 2017

Rushcutters 400 ON / 200 recovery

Met the team at the Art Gallery for the short jog to Rushcutters for the 5k that consists of 400m efforts with a 200 float. After two tough days prior I was feeling it in the legs even before the start and as soon as the first rep came and went I knew I was struggling. Tucked in with Brendan and a few others to begin but even on the float they soon got away from me. The Leech was next to join me by the time the 4th rep came along and I did my best to try to sit in with him but once again struggled.
I got to 6 then saw Brendan standing in under the tree and thought he needed company so joined him for a quick spell. Saw Jack (the lad) coming around for his final 400m soon after and joined in for one last lap to keep him honest to see out the set.
Shocking session by me in all honesty, started the 400s in 80 but was struggling to hold 90s come the 6th rep.
Easy jog back into town with the Leech and Hoey.
Well earned rest day tomorrow although will head to the pool for an easy 2ks before I head for a massage and prepare for the weekends running with 25ks planned for Sunday.


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