Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Barangaroo 400m Reps.

Wild and wet weather in Sydney overnight kept my swim squad numbers down to start the day so took the opportunity to jump in to pace some of them out for various reps. That meant a pretty easy session and only picked it up when I knocked out 12 x 50m efforts once they were all done to end with.
2ks in total.

Put an SOS out for numbers to join me for some 400m efforts later in the morning but it was only *Crossy Lad that was to come up trumps for me. Cycled into the city and after a long warm up (again over 3ks) we were down on Barangaroo ready to roll for 10 x 400m reps.
Sussed out on the warm up that the return reps were going to be the tough ones due to the high winds especially on the final 200m and once the set was under way this was to be proved right.
Happy just to tuck in with Crossy who in fairness was running at a reduced pace in order to help me out and felt pretty comfortable running at a controlled pace to tap out a 78 to begin with. True to form the even reps were tougher and was certainly working harder but somehow managed to hold the times consistent.
Saved my best till last and with 150m to go put the hammer down to get up to Crossy Lads shoulders but he found another gear to kick away even though I was happy to end with a 75
Times for the day, 78, 77, 78, 79, 78, 78, 77, 79, 78, 75

A slow return back to the city saw another 10k in the bank.

* Found out two things about Crossy Lad today.
1. Little wonder he was happy to front at lunch today as he confirmed he had a quality nights sleep due to his 'electric blanket' he switches on every night. (told you he doesn't like the cold)
2. He's a magnet for the old dears. Yet again two old ladies were interested in the Shire lad in between reps, it was embarrassing to watch him first hand flirting away.

Decent week again so far, now I've just got to continue on Saturday morning and more importantly back it up with the long run on Sunday.


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