Saturday, June 17, 2017

Long Run - City to Surf 27ks

Decent team out at 6.30 with the Branagan Brothers, Rich Large, Enda back, Kanser, Neil, Laura, Jac and a few others as we cruised around for the first warm up 6k loop collecting Hoey along the way.
Once back at the café for 7am we picked up Leech and Jerome and decided prior that we would leave the park and head out onto the hills of City to Surf on a beaut of a morning. Enjoyed a good chat with Hoey (not before he nearly had me killed by a motorist) and then had to get the head down for the climb up Heartbreak. Once again tough enough but got over the top OK as we continued our way to our turnaround at Dover Heights.  Bid farewell to Enda and Large and with Hoey, Leech & Jerome already turning earlier it only left Jac, Neil and the Branagan Brothers for the long slog back.
Enjoyed the run back down the hills but had forgotten my gels and was feeling the effects by the time we had a water break at 'Redleaf'.
Dreaded the climb coming out of Double Bay , made even worse by then turning into Ocean Street and with 25ks already under my belt I was in the hurt box once more. Nice relief on re-entering the park and getting the downhill and I was pretty happy to get back to the café just as 27ks ticked over.
27ks in 2hr:06 minutes averaging 4.41s for the mornings work.
Happy with that especially with all the hills involved.

Enjoyed a post run coffee with Laura and the other girls who had hung around after waiting for us, and those Sunday afternoon beers will be a nice reward for another solid weeks training.

Rest day tomorrow, with only a swim to come, that's if I can coax Crossy Lad out from his warm office at lunch?


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