Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Pyrmont 1k Reps x 8

Best intentions of joining the HuRTS team but when Crossy Lad put in a call mid morning with the offer to join him for some 1k reps around the back of Pyrmont I was keen for something different.
A lot tougher set than normal as you start on a hill for 200m before getting it back after with a steep downhill for about 60m that gets a faster leg turnover. Its then a flat 500m along the waters edge but made the more difficult today with the heavy headwind coming back at you.
Crossy wanted 10 x reps initially but with over 2.5k warm up just to get there we changed to 8, Was keen not to go out too hard especially with the hill start and was happy to kick things off with a 3.37 A 400m very easy recovery jog that got us back to the start again and we basically just repeated until the 8 were done.
Pleased to report (for once) I actually got stronger as we chipped away at it, Had a 'I can't do this' moment at the beginning of the 6th but found I lost nothing time wise and come the 8th even offered Crossy a challenge with a handicap start. With a healthy 20 seconds buffer I was away and half expected to be caught around the 850m marker but I surprised myself as I was able to see it out with a 3.16, and even with a 3.02 from my training partner he was unable to cover the handicap.
Times were. 3.37, 3.35, 3.34, 3.30, 3.28, 3.27, 3.28, 3.16
Easy return back into the city saw 16k racked up for the set and without doubt the best I've run for a while. Great session and one that isn't the basic 1k flat/straight set and means you have to work in different ways with each rep.
Will be keen to do again next month and perhaps we can do the whole 10?

All photos and info course info care of Crossy Lad and his trusty camera - yet again.

Crossy went to extreme measures to get the correct 1k course - Even Google Maps.

Its not exactly the #1 blog but here is Crossy Lads write up on how he saw it.

Its never pretty, but it was good enough to get me through a tough set.

...and hamming it up once its all complete - Happy Days.

And finally from my recent trip to China, just to prove to Enda how cultured I am and how I love to mix with the locals and even travel with them.


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