Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tuesday 3 x 2k Reps

A good 3k warm with Crossy Lad to meet the team down at Passenger Terminal for the tough 3 x 2k reps and after a nice chat with 'Queenlander' Muzza who informs me that he's recently moved to 'Banana Land' we were off.
Found myself in a great group that included The Branagan Brothers, Rich Large, Boyd, Mikey L, and new coach Simon Wozniacki as well as few others who I still don't know.
Happy with the first and rolled around with a 6.54 and the focus for the day was to try to get all 3 done under the 7 mins,  Really conscious to hold Rich on the return, which I managed although was working hard for the final 250m coming around the Park Hyatt Hotel.
The 3rd rep is usually where it comes crashing down but was still feeling OK and for the first time for many a while I was able to hold sub 3.30 pace
Times for the day 6.54, 6.55, 6.53
Happy with that, strange session mind as I felt I was moving well at times, not so later on but still able to hold a consistent pace that I usually struggle to do.
Who knows..... maybe just maybe I'm getting stronger ?

3ks warm down with Crossy, and a fit looking Kanser who was seen banging out his 800m reps (all done in 2.30s he tells me)  and 12k banked for the day.

Back out tomorrow on the hills of 'Heartbreak' for the midweek medium/long run.


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