Thursday, June 15, 2017

Rushcutters Pyramid Set

Down to the pool early but like last Thursday just jumped in beside clients turned the arms over pretty easy that ended with a cruisy 1800m all up.

Over to Rushcutters for lunch but with oval #1 closed due to the weather we transferred over to #2 with a makeshift set up.
Pyramid set that is 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 laps that worked out at roughly 450 metres per lap and I find this set tough mentally as well as physically with the end of each lap on a slight rise.
Rolled out the first lap in 1.31 that worked out at 3.22 pace and thought I maybe able to get through all running sub 3.30 pace. Tucked in behind Irish trio Enda, Leech and Super Kev for pretty much the set but found I was starting to lag especially on the 4th and 3rd laps. Once the 2nd 3 lapper is done you are home and despite being in the hurt box I knew I could then get it done and come the last single lap I was able to push through to end with a strong 78.
1 x 93 @ 3.22 pace
2x 3.06 @ 3.27
3x 4.45 @ 4.45
4x 6.30 @ 3.35
3x 4.46 @ 3.29
2x 3.08 @ 3.30
1x 78  @  2.55

As tough as it was I really enjoyed the session especially as I really wasn't looking forward to it before I went. Helps though when I see old favorites Tommy H, Enda, Laura, Leech Jerome, and the Branagan Brothers all in attendance offering support and help not only to me but to the rest of the team and enjoying the banter that goes with it.
A good cool down after and another 12ks banked for the day.

Earned myself a rest day tomorrow after 3 straight days of running, and may just hit the pool for a couple of Ks to end the week.


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