Saturday, June 3, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

Saturday. Had every intention of doing a 10k tempo but when good mate Paul 'Pommy' Birch rocked up after passing his first Standardized Field Sobriety Test in about 3 months who was I to deny him his chosen session of 6 x 800s that he preferred?
Over to McKay Oval it was then and after a gentle starter to get going I found I worked the rest pretty well without either killing myself or trying to force each rep.
Times for the 6 were; 2.50, 2.46, 2.44, 2.42, 2.42, 2.39.
A decent cool down along with my 6k slow warm up with a client made for a solid session before enjoying coffee and brekkie with Birchy.

Sunday. Extra early start to begin the day watching the Champions League Final between Real and Juventus and quality footy we see akin to that played at the Brit each Saturday afternoon.
Decent team out for the morning but no sign of Stankard, Birch or Jeet anywhere ? Usual first 6k at reasonable pace but once again disappointed with the break up even before we left the park as the group split.  Happy enough though to find a chatty group that saw Renee, Rich Large and the Sweaty Craig Wiseman tap out the Ks. Enjoyed the banter along the way and once back at the cafĂ© was joined by Lady Laura who then had the misfortune to listen to my trash for one final flat lap alone.
24ks all up in 1hr:51 mins averaging 4.38s. Happy enough with that although I really do need to start adding in a few Ks going forward, and getting to 28-30s
Spoke to Tommy H yesterday and he was saying that I need 10 consistent Sunday long runs in order to start getting the benefits in races  - So that will be the goal leading to this years City to Surf in August.
Enjoyed the morning coffee and recovery with Laura, Leech and the NEW Undisputed Irish #1 Marko Barangan who goes from strength to strength each week who knocked out an impressive 40ks. Look out for him in the Gold Coast Marathon this year.

Returned home to news about the tragic events in hometown London. Like many it makes my blood boil and I really do think we need tougher action on these bastards. Wishing that all my mates back home are safe and well and I know that the people of London are a tough breed and will be carrying on as normal come tomorrow.


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