Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Med-Long Run , 18ks Heartbreak Hill Return

Out for what is now becoming the regular midweek run with the Chairman Tommy H, but this the first week on our City to Surf course training that takes us along New South Road to the top of Heartbreak and back.
Joined as well at the start by all round good lad 'Weetbix Kid' Renaud Herington and the banter was on pretty much from the start. Showed my silky skills upon departing the Domain that nearly saw me get the footy boots back out and left Tommy H gobsmacked as I fired the ball back on the volley to the locals on the nearby pitch.
Easy pace for the first 5ks before Renaud was getting out of his comfort zone and returned back whilst Tom and I prepared for the tougher hill section starting at O'Sullivan Street.
Picked the pace up straight away with Tom preferring to go slightly easier as I held a steady 3.50 pace but as soon as the harder section came leaving Rose Bay I was struggling. Just as I got past the school near the end I could hear Tommy and with 50 metres to reach the summit he was to cruise past me. Hill section for the day (just over 2ks) done at 4.10 pace and with 9ks done it was an easier return back into the city. Wind seem to have picked up by then and with the dreaded Edgecliff Hill to come once leaving Double Bay I was starting to fade.
Back to the start covering 18ks all up averaging 4.51 for the day that I was happy with.
Will try to lock this session in each Wednesday now leading up to the big day in August.

Tomorrow back out with the team down at Rushcutters for the shorter 400m sets that seem to suit me better.


One of my favourite pics from the Great Wall

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