Friday, June 30, 2017

The Week that Was.

Well what a week that was since my last post on Monday. There are many types of Flu out there - types A, B, Bird Flu, Asian Flu and I can now add the latest and most deadly of them all .... 'The Timmy Flu'. Jesus Wept.... Its a killer and would be enough to take an army down. Been bed ridden for 3 days straight but managed somehow to get off my deathbed and cycled into the city to meet old mate Crossy Lad for a trot.
Nice run around Darling Harbour dropping behind the Fish Markets, Blackwattle Bay, over the Anzac Bridge and back into the city. Great little run and nice change of scenery as we covered bang on 10ks by the time we returned back just on 45 minutes averaging 4.31s

Yep, its been a tough old week beside the cold, my left hammy was giving me grief all week, shoulder/neck was playing up, and it took a trip to the acupuncture place to help me even see the week out. Shame really as I have put together some pretty solid training over the past 6 weeks or so and was looking forward to giving the Goldie a hit out in the half. I'm not too concerned about the missed week in training as I feel I won't lose much in that time its more how much the 'Timmy Flu' has knocked out of me?
Anyway it is what it is and its not going to stop a good weekend to come up the Coast.  A big team is heading north and as normal we'll have all the ding-dongs going on but I'm looking forward to the following 3.
1, How Marko Branagan will go in his first marathon? Will be a good battle with the Leech.
2. Seeing if Tommy H and C.T can last out later than 7pm before we order them both a taxi?
3. Seeing who is last man/lady standing? My hard earned is on Taffy Lad Jimmy Matthews.

Full report and photos to come early next week.
Until then, have a great weekend,
Stay safe and train/race well

Great to be back out and typical to have Crossy have his trusty camera positioned at various points on the run - this time crossing over Anzac Bridge.

This is the place to be this Sunday - Party central. I've told Birchy and Tom to bring out $15 for the day, that should be enough to seem them through.

I see my old mate - Enda Stankard's many trips to Asia have paid off for him. Got a bit of clout these days it seems?

I have been a bit crook this week - one day you will listen to me.


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