Saturday, June 24, 2017

Park Run St Peters 18.08 - 3rd

A rare Saturday morning off work that gave me a chance of fitting in a Park Run, wanted to head to Curly but Tommy H was not available so I tested myself locally on the 'Worlds Toughest' at nearby St Peters.
Lined up and didn't know anyone put with the gun just about to go Enda appears from out the bushes stinking of booze and looking as if he's just checked out of rehab after a big Friday night watching the Swans.
Bark my orders to him but fear he may not be any help in his condition and as the gun goes I just try to sit in with a decent group of 6. Boys then start to split and luckily Enda comes good as we go through 1k in about 3.25 and its here I was to just latch on for the remainder of the race. Struggled early as usual going up the hill despite putting in some good training recently but found I was able to recover and come down well that pleased me. Pick up a place along the way and then about 3k in we take 5th place guy. Its a bit of a slog after that with another steady climb and the self doubts creep in but know I'm travelling well as we take another scalp with 1k to go. Fair play to old mate Enda who can probably sense I'm battling and offers up plenty of encouragement as we run into the back of the slower runners as we complete the 2nd smaller lap. With less than 500m to go I get within striking distance of the lad in 3rd place who looks like he's carrying a piano on his back so put in one final effort so he can't come with me as both Enda and I go past. 
Coming into the home straight and Enda's work is done, still unsure whether he just collapses under the strain of alcohol  or kindly just steps aside to give me my moment of glory over him as I stop the watch in 18.08 to take 3rd overall with Enda a second back.
Happy enough with that and finally looks like some of the training is paying off, Would have been nice to break 18 but I'll take that on that course.
Splits were.3.25, 3.45, 3.37, 3.47, 3.27

Big afternoon / evening spent watching the Lions get beaten by the classy All Blacks, Happy to go into the break only 5 points down but a few errors that you can't afford to make against the Kiwis and it will always be punished and the game was pretty much gone by the 65th minute.
One down with two to play, its not looking good.
Had planned on a quiet day so I could do my Sunday long run, SADLY that wasn't to be, and when Taffy Jimmy Matthews is around its always dangerous as come midnight like the Lions I was never in the ball game.
Will have to back up now on Monday lunch to fit in a run to make up.


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