Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Swimming in the Rain

Put the call out for Crossy Lad to help in the pool but word out the 'Shire' that he was unable to leave the comfort of his telly and his love for 'Kochie' and snubbed me once more.
Still not to be deterred I ventured down to PAP to turn the arms over and knocked out a small set by myself.
A series of 400s, 200s and a bunch load of 50 metres and I was done and even with the rain it made for a pleasant morning.
1800m in total.

Interesting to see good mate Sammy Aggers has come out of hiding and posted a message on my blog? (you can always tell when Palace get a win).  The lad loves his footy almost as much as I do but I do find it strange that he goes all coy unless his boys are winning.
Come May it may be along time before I hear from him as its not looking good for the 'Tin Pot' outfit and almost look a certainty for relegation to the Championship.


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