Monday, February 13, 2017

3 x 2k Reps Centennial Park

A busy week and time just got away from me with no posts to blog for over a week now, although in truth not a lot to report in the way of training as the heatwave continued.
Thursday - Easy Swim 2ks
Friday - Back on the bike for 45ks knocking out some loops of the park
Saturday - Turned the arms over in the pool for 1500m , more as a way to stay cool as temps hit way over 40 degrees.
Sunday - Massive hangover but ventured down for a ocean swim at Bondi.
Monday - Rest.

Tuesday - Carried on the regular morning run session with Birchy although 'Larry Let-Down' Enda was a no show. Apparently his nanny didn't rock up for work and he had to make his own dinner and even missed his morning coffee that resulted in him texting me at 5.30am to say he was 'Too Tired' - Bless Him.
A couple of Ks warm up then 3 x 2k reps was the go and even with the much cooler weather I was struggling to find any sort or rhythm and had to battle all the way. The first K is always harder and then you get the slightly easier one to bring it home on each rep.
Best thing to report about the set was that I got it done.
Times: 7.18 (3.39s), 7.12 (3.36s), 7.13(3.37s)
Usual 6ks warm down with a client before a 20k bike set with another client to end the morning.

Can not finish without giving my report from the weekends footy. The Timmy Tip this week was for the big Stoke v Palace game. I had it down as a comfortable 2-0 win for the lads and although it was only 1-0 the score line was even more comfortable than it suggests. Stoke up to 9th now and I think its safe to collect my $50 from the lads (Birch, Stankard, Gleeson) who all made bonkers statements at the start of the season that will now cost them. As for the 'Tin Pot' Palace its embarrassing. A fan said he's been watching for 45 years and its the worst he's seen (*that's saying something) and its little wonder Sammy Aggers has gone into hiding.

Will be back in the pool tomorrow for a midweek swim.


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