Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Centennial 6 x 1k Reps - In the Rain

Woke up to the sound of rain and it was bliss. Cooler morning and with a slight drizzle it was such a relief to run in. Met up with Enda and the Brothers Branagon (Super Kev & Marko) joining although was a man down when Birchy cried off with a little sniffle of a cold - soft lad he is.
2k warm up then away we were, didn't look at the watch for the whole first rep but it felt pretty fast and I was worried I'd blown the set early as I sat in with Enda and Super Kev. Very surprised then to see it was only a 3.33 and I was slightly worried. The boys picked the return up (wanting 3.20s) but I knew I was never going to hold so tried to keep my own pace under 3.30s. Felt I was working reasonably and holding well and managed to get the 6 done in control.
Times for the 6 were, 3.33, 3.27, 3.28, 3.27, 3.30, 3.27
The lads were on fire again knocking out between 3.13s - 3.20 for the 6 and Marko is some talent, seems to really have improved and the scary part is he's not actually training for anything just doing ad-hock sessions.
A 6k cool down with a client at the end gave me 14 for the morning, feeling the best I have at the end of a set since the start of summer I reckon.


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