Wednesday, February 1, 2017

More Running and Swimming

Tuesday. 4th successive early Tuesday morning run as Enda, Birchy and I were joined by POD, Marko Branagon and Nick M for some 10 minutes efforts on another sweltering day.
Usual couple of Ks warm up then away and I found myself sitting in with Enda through the first half before Marko breezed past. Decent clip working just behind the boys at 3.36 pace to complete the first of the 10 minutes.
Harder start for the 2nd rep and straight away was behind Marko, Felt the pace drop slightly and in turn then could hear PLOD breathing down my shoulder at 7 minutes only to hear a louder explosion on 8 minutes as he was to blow up and out the ball game.
Pretty much from the start of the 3rd rep I was struggling especially coming towards the Fox Gates and at the 2.5 min mark I was just reduced to a shuffle. Carried on for another 2.5 minutes before trying to blast the last 5 out at a reasonable pace. Got down to only 3.48s but that was about all I had in the tank before a 2k cool down with the younger Branagon to end.
Pace for the reps. 3.36, 3.39, 3.48 (5 mins)
A further 6k cool down with a client brought up 16 for the morning.

Thursday, A much welcome drop in the temps as I hit the pool for the Thursday swim set. A good warm up and a set of drills included banded legs before trying to get my head around a set that included 20 x 100m efforts off a set time. Luckily for me all I had to do was sit on feet throughout that made it much easier as I worked my way through.
Broke it down as much as I could and was happy to jump out with another 3.2ks done.

Forgot to post a few pics from Sundays long run

The Tokyo Twins Birch and Stankard, Boys in good form for the marathon in 4 weeks, especially the Irish Flash and anything over 2.35 will be a poor run from him.
Eoin the Leech post Sunday long run, sell out to anyone this lad, on every app going.


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