Friday, February 24, 2017

Bike and Swim Friday

AM. Cycled over to the park for work and once done caught up with a mate and just sat behind him and another girl(Emma) for a few laps before I felt the pace quicken substantially. A little like a tempo pace with running as I was in control but still working hard enough to stay on Emma's wheel throughout. Sure enough 30ks later the pace eased and with an average of 34.2k per/hour it was more than enough to get the heart rate going.
Returned home with 50ks done for the morning and a harder workout then I intended before leaving.

PM. Into the city and the A.B.C pool and joined the lads for the monthly 1k Handicap Golden Duck race to end the month. Handicaps are way out but thought I'd give it a bash all the same and once some of the slower swimmers were away I was set loose. Worked perfectly as I had Marc Ashworth starting 7 seconds ahead so just tried to keep him in sight. Managed to catch him at the 400m marker as he stopped and let me lead out which I did till the 700m before returning the favour. A bit of a traffic jam on completion at the 800m and I took the opportunity to kick on and hope it was going to be good enough.
900m done and with two laps to go I could see the 'Sharks' - zooming in and in particular Belinda who was to swim a 13 min/1k . Lifted again for the final 50m and just managed to hold her out by about 4 seconds to take out the February 'Duck'.  My moment of glory was short lived though as the customary 'Kangaroo Court ' was held poolside and it was declared I was to receive a 45 second penalty adjustment to my time due to me wearing the 'Floaty Pants' that was seen to aid my time of 16.25
Scandalous turn of events to be honest, so to help get over the disappointment it was off to 'Harry's' for the Pie & Mash lunch and was met by the friendly face of the 'Weetbix Kid' Renaud, who was out for an easy trot

Afternoon then complete with a well earned massage to end the week.

Busy weekend ahead, Firstly in the footy the boys head to the capital to take on the Jew Boys in Tottenham. tough game and the best I can find here is a 2-1 defeat I'm afraid to say.
A big party on the Saturday night is on the cards where a mutual friend is one Richard High. Will be great to catch up with one of HuRTS most popular and talented guys around over a few beers.

Best of luck also to old Enda and Birchy in the Land of the Rising Sun for Sundays Tokyo Marathon, both in good form in particular the Galway Flash. Tipping a 2.36 for Enda and a 3.24 for the Birchmaster.

Have a great weekend
Train well, stay safe

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