Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Logging the Ks ..... In the Pool.

Warm once more but it wasn't a worry this morning as I headed to the pool for what turned out to be (for me) a monster of a session.
800m warm up to begin before a set was called for 25 x 100m working from a set time. Mentally tough and just tried to break it down the best I could. Once again helped by just sitting on feet and getting dragged along.
Started to feel the pinch at numbers 17-18 and was hanging on for pretty much the final 5 as I just had enough in the tank to reach the required 25.
100m cool down was about all I could manage for 3.4ks all up before heading for a well earned coffee and toasted Turkish bread at one of Erko's finest.

Rest day tomorrow as I head south to Husky for the Sprint Triathlon on Saturday morning. Not done one for a long time and although the swimming is going well and running is steady, I'm a little concerned about my lack of bike and hope that my general fitness will see me get through the 20ks?


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