Thursday, January 19, 2017

Swimming and Cycling.

Wednesday. ..... And it just keeps gets hotter. Late 30s again today so took the opportunity of a double swim set. Down for the lunchtime session and had to return in the evening for work so managed a 2nd one to bring the days total to 3.8ks

Thursday. My regular swim partner/mentor was back after the Xmas break so teamed up for a tough set. Shoulders were already sore but worked my way through to 3.5ks in total. Was ready to get out upon hitting the 3k but then told I was still to do another 2 x 200 & 4 x 50m hard that just about broke me.
* I missed the first 100m of the 2nd 200m rep.

Friday. A nice and welcome change in the weather and got my bike.. Obama (Its Black & Powerful) back out for a few laps around the park. I love my bike but its been a while. A few real easy laps and then decided on some fast (single) laps to see what I could knock out. Managed to hold under the 6 min per/lap but was working hard enough to do so.
Returned home with over 40ks done.

Weekend is here again, and will try to fit in the St Peters Park Run in the morning.
 In the English footy the big game of the week comes from the 'Brit' where Stoke entertain big boys Man Utd. They don't come no tougher, but I really do fancy the boys to lift this week in what could be a banana skin game for the Manc lads.
Timmy's Tip. Stoke 1 v Man Utd 0 .... and I may be dreaming but get on Peter Crouch to bag his 100th premiership goal that will send the crowd bonkers and see everyone doing the 'Robot Dance' in celebration.

Have a good weekend
Train Well, Stay safe

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