Monday, January 9, 2017

Centennial Park 3k Reps

Another 30 degree day planned so had already decided to get the session done early doors and when Enda Stankard came calling I was only to happy to help out.
The Irishman had a 4k set down whilst I only had 3k reps to do but worked well as he had to return to the starting line each time whilst I went forward the extra 700m as a floating recovery. After waiting an age only for a no show from 'Larry Let-down' (Kanser) we were joined on a warm up by C.T before getting ready for a start under hot and humid conditions.
Tough session this and from early as the 1k mark I was happy to have Enda as company as we basically just sat on 3.40 pace the whole way. The final 500m is slightly up-hill that makes you work harder but happy enough to cross out in 11.01 with Enda continuing on for a further Kay.
A real easy float back to the start for a repeat 2nd effort and was more than happy to sit on Enda's shoulder pretty much for the best part of 2.5k before I sensed he was dropping a tad. Took the lead and made sure I maintained the 3.40 efforts to stop the clock in 11.02
With messing around at the start it meant I was pushing for time to get a 3rd rep completed so unfortunately I had to call it quits after the 2nd. Although in truth I'm not sure I could have maintained the same effort & time for a 3rd rep and poor Enda looked like he was in the hurt box when I saw him with 1000m to go on his final rep.
Did this same session over the Christmas break with times of 11.46, 11.15, 11.04 so my two at 11.01 and 11.02 shows some improvement that I'll happily take.

Rushed off once done and worked another 6ks with a client at a real easy pace to cover best part of 15 for the morning.
Good session and dare I say it ..... It was good to have Enda by my side to help out.

Hot day tomorrow so I presume I'll be back in the pool, just hope Crossy Lad can join the party otherwise he may be getting the flick as I've heard another 'Trash' fan is waiting in the wings to come to the Lindop swim club? More details tomorrow.


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